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Last Valiant

Last Valiant for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Runewaker Entertainment located at 15F-1 No.201 Sec.1 Taichung Port Road Taichung City, Taiwan, 40360. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

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You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A neat little [idle] tactical RPG gacha with a huge cast of refreshingly diverse characters depicted in a uniquely adorable art style. In-game explanations are severely lacking (though largely not needed). 3D graphics & gameplay are honestly completely unnecessary and hurt cohesion (and performance). Playerbase/community is pretty much dead, and there are some small bugs. Everything else is gold tbh. This studio has a LOT of potential in terms of aesthetics, gameplay, and game economics.
highly recommended for those love chibi type heroes. graphics, rewards are ok. hopefully developer will include tower siege, equipment dungeons, camera angle adjustment.. but overall fantastic game
Extremely f2p friendly! Really amazed by this fact. Good graphics, fun skills, lots of characters, plenty of story. Also has auto play and other features. Loads of content to keep you busy. I recommend trying it out, I don't say that about many games.
This game is better than I thought, different RPG playstyle and controlling of Heros. This game is better then you think peoples, do give it a try and give your support. Overall, it's pretty much free you'll receive your own SSR Unit quickly and getting the best gear quick for free.
simple game. good art. art reminds me of etrians odyssey for the ds. music is relaxing and story it's somewhat engaging. it's relatively clean of fan service, though has a few black sheep. overall, good game. I will say though, some of the UI needs some work in the menus as things can hey clunky at times, but I will give grace there. keep up the good work.
The grinding isn't an issue, because the developers knew you would have to grind and put in a grind-free solution: off-line grinding (thank you!). Get all three stars in a level, you can grind offline. I spend maybe in game four minutes (sending friends energy, selling extra gear, buy crystal equipment, and i pick the last level i three stared, offline grinding) and im moved on to the next game. Do I miss out Daily quest? Yes, but 4 minutes is nothing when you have multiple games, lol.
Really enjoying the game. Just one thought. How about an option in the game for the player to start all over again
The game does have potiental, but their are so many things that need to be corrected, or the little playerbase will diminish. For starters the lag is terrible. The UI is very dated, the characters and spells are not polished and the powerwall is prevalant...Early. Their is no help guides on anything and the evolve system needs to be reworked completly. All of which are simple fixes, its just up to the devs to do so in a timely manner.
One of the best games i played so far but one they should make like a thing where they drop certain gear in certain lvl cause getting the gear u want n for the hero is hard pls do put a system like that
I loved this game when I last played, I don't even care if I have to start over. I just missed it and found it today!
Very generous in terms of items and heroes. You don't need to spend a dollar to keep up (You should tho to keep the game running). Content is easy to digest but I wish there were more game guides. Just a few improvements and this could be a top tier idle game.
So far it's really good, Still learning everything but it's been fun to play and I like the art style a lot.
It's a super cute game with good graphics, but honestly there are too many bad things for me to recommend playing it. For one, as others have said, the power jump between levels is insane. You have to grind a lot to be able to progress.. Grind or pay for premium currency for upgrades. There isn't much of a tutorial that I've found so it's a lot of trial and error. Plus I've had a lot of problems with the game lagging and crashing randomly. At this point, it's being uninstalled.
Pro : For anyone who busy and casual gamers, actually this game is really for you. You didn't need to always check your phone, You can enjoy the gameplay and building character process. The gacha rate not so bad. Cons : Graphic Niche. Not so bad and not bad either. Really long term building character and your squad. Not many english speaker player active right now but who's care? If you busy person Tips For Me : Learn how efficiently leveling from veteran on forum
Pleasing aesthetics. Actual story. Menus and graphics aren't the overbaked mess you can get with some gacha games. Looks like there's tons to do. Like so many apps out there, team setup and gearing is what this is about. Combat is watching your dudes fight and you can manually trigger their special attacks if you want. 3/6 Update 3/24: Like most gachas, Too much near worthless busywork on the daily scedule. 3.5/5 stars.
Good so far. The rate seem decent the graphics are okay the Chibis a little weird.you never have to see their weird dead eyes during combat and that helps a lot, since out of combat you have the 2D. The heroes of attain so far have interesting kits. As for the cons.. there is boss modes (with obnoxious power rating and so unaccessible for the foreseeable future) skill upgrades need a rework. The game needs more content, its basically only adventure mode until you hit very high br. Still decent
Cute angel, mermaid, fox, and ninja girls. Cool angel, fox, wolf, and samurai dudes. All it needs now is a marriage system and this game has it all.
I love this game! It's super fun. The only problem I've noticed is that skill icons are repetitive and the skill itself from most of the characters seem to resemble each other. Also, I'd like to see more diversity towards skill effects. I think it could go better if you can assign more uniqueness towards each character. Also, if we can upgrade the heroes tier from R to SR and not just the stars, with the underlying benefits from that. Love you devs!
I love the game and I have some requests:can you add more summer skins and Halloween and Christmas skins and can you make and easier way to get Gems because after a while I get to a high level and it gets hard to level up
Game has a lot of potential. Gameplay is simple with a very nice quality of life features. Auto play and offline farming dispatcher. The hero art styles and the 3D chibi animation is cute and unique. There's quite a limited source to obtain the best gear sets ingame, but the game is quite f2p friendly. Hoping to see some adjustments ingame such as new heroes power creepers and the atrocious enemy power gap from ch8 900k to ch9 8mil easy mode. I recommend to try out and play!
This is a time killer, the graphics are in line with a decent anime, it's actually pretty in the way it's made. the gameplay has been incredibly smooth with no real lag to speak of. the game itself isnt overly complicated, play levels to earn gold and gear and increase your character's strength. lather rinse repeat with difficulty increases as you progress. you can spend money, but i havent found it necessary in the least. everything you need including characters can be acquired by playing.
It's a decent game but great to play. Also, it' f2p for all. Upgrading characters take a short time and good content too. Hope the developers will keep updating this game and give more good content especially event time.
Good game so far, lacks in tutorial but it is a relatively simple game. Lots of early rewards, and there is a rating reward.
I just recently play this game and pretty much enjoying it. The game is idly and grinding is easy, especially with the offline repeat mode. Though, there are some stuffs that I barely understand yet and still could not figured out. Things like the Power Sprite, or what is the usage of Astral Shard. The are too little information regarding those stuffs. So I think it would be better if the dev gives us more detailed info about them.
Very good game, but the internet speed of the server is very slow, I play a few games and they are very fast, this one have a delay who are very annoying, try to fix that.
Edit: stopped playing because it gets dull after a while when you realize you can't compete with most other players because it's just one server, so all the old players are all unbeatable Lot of depth to the game, battles look good, some heroes have very interesting abilities, I think my favorite part is being lucky with a few unique heroes that make it more fun. Some cons: no real point in strengthening more than four main heroes, could use more battle modes that involve more heroes
Game is simple and fun, i work 7 days a week 8-12 hours a day so the game is great with the offline auto stage clearing
Lovely game with extremely reasonable rates! It's refreshing to play a gacha with great ssr rates and no ads shoved in your face. Easy recommend!
Improvements on other jrpg games along with very nice offline farming when you need to take a break! Can't wait to see what they implement next.
Crashes and freezes alot. Character models bug out and just turn completely black. Honestly needs to be optimized. Feels like the developers gave up on the game. Other than that though, it's an alright game.
The characters are awsome. But the game play is very limited. It needs more game modes and more rewards. It's a PAYtoWin game. This game is not very good at giving rewards.
Very underrated, yes it has simple gameplay and mechanics but what's appealing in this game is the graphics and file size, for such a low size game, this is very worth playing, haven't really tried summoning that much but as far as I can tell gacha rates are pretty normal
Very good game. The combat is pretty straightforward, but with the ability to customize when ablities activate, there's a whole layer of strategy that keeps the gameplay fresh. For example, I'm constantly choosing when my healer should use her abilities and when my dps should dash forward so she's in healing range. The summoning materials (blue diamonds) are frequent enough, but could be increased a bit. the gear summon is also kind of expensive. Other than that, this game is worth it!
This is a good game. The story is quite mediocre, the animations good enough, the gacha is actually good, you also have a chance of getting an ssr by combining 2 lvl 30 sr units, specific gears for specific units are kinda hard to get, there are also lots of places where you can get diamonds. The only thing this game lacks is more content.
Requests: -be able to read debuff/buff while in battle -skin -item glow for "uuuuuuR" weapons - "slimes" for geae/hero exp -instant repeat -Hero list side scroll -class upgrade -automatic next when "next" is pressed after battle *fingers crossed .
The game is great, the graphics look chunky but I really like the graphics like that. So far the only issue is the Christmas background in the game, it's February... It would be great if they fix the background to it's normal background after events end.
Overall it's a very fun and enjoyable game. It even has some of the best mechanics I've seen in a hero collector. The game is very good although it isn't very good at explaining things as in items that will help yoy advance your heroes. One last thing that should be improved is the frame rate/ performance. My phone is burning like crazy.
I'm really enjoying the game but there is a few hic ups. Not very user friendly. Needs auto equipment, side swiping to few the heros faster. I havent found a wiki about the game. I just heard of it and it looks like I'm late to the game. Hope it keeps getting updates. Still not sure what I'm doing or how to get stronger heros. Whats the best use of my gems.
Thanks to the ability to idle attack quests, I haven't run into a need for grinding or using cash... yet. Throw in a decent, if cliché, storyline and cute graphics, and I'll be playing this a bit. Rating subject to change, but its at least worth playing once.
played it for a long time but had to reinstall my games at some point and never realised that this game doesn't connect with any accounts to save your progress. It asks you for a User ID if you want to continue an old account so everything is lost if you forget to write down your UID. I don't think the game ever tells you to write it down to save your account information.
I love the game. Not much of log very challenging. Hope that you give UR GENEROSELY. The game is not full of ads and is not money game where u have to top up to get strong
Came for the art, stayed cuz it's a great game, and most importantly, great, great customer service. I can't stress this enough. I have played plenty of online games and my experience with CS have been frustrating. The game is idle, minimum lagging and bug, and most characters are the same when they reach late game, quite balanced tbh. Great for busy people. The chat system can be improved, but overall, I'm really enjoying this.
I don't really like the characters animations. It looks like they were turned into clay. The game can be buggy. I also don't like how some SSR characters are like way stronger than other SSR characters despite them being the same rating (SSR). The story is okay and the music is good. The gameplay is also okay but the huge difference in power of characters with the same rating makes me lose interest. Makes it lack variety of what optimal team setup to get.
Why is it a daily quest to "login once" and it doesn't even work the first time you login. This quest should always be cleared on its own. How can you even play the game without login in?
if this game was released 5 years ago, it would be amazing. Now it just misses alot of things that make any good mobile game good. most of it is content, but also a UI that seems to be nice but after some time just makes sigh in frustration. Only saving grace is the offline mode, which is perfect. please, other games, copy that, leave the rest.
I am Absolutely blown away by this game. I dont like idle games, I prefer tactical RPGs, but their is something about this title...it is fluid and dynamic with many accessible mission types from the word go. 5/5
Lighthearted gacha clone that isn't bringing something new to the table, but is surprinsing with rather well done art design - if you're into 'Chibi' that is. Currently lacking many QoL features you would expect, but it's running rather smoothly on a technical level. Getting in-game currency for gacha pulls seems to be more on the f2p side.
In PvP, you can't control your own team and mostly done by AI. The AI made your team like a noob while the enemy's team like a pro.
I love this game! If you can add a help section then that would be superb! Also, if possible, if you can add more game modes than the current one! A world chat too is nice so players can ask guide from other players. More power to you guys! Thank you for bringing us a wonderful game! The generosity is killing me! Love lots!
Enjoying the game. The free stamina is missing though, breakfast lunch and dinner would be nice to continue grinding for exp all day long. Also there should be auto-sell of normal and rare gear in offline battles, so as the normal heroes. More room for improvement including explanation what those adventures are for...
To preface, i dont rate based on music or story as i dont care for either on mobile apps. Now, its a basic rpg, the same one youve seen everywhere. You roll for toons and watch them go through a level while activating skills or have it on auto. The only reason you would play this one over others is for the animations and art work, which is absolutly adorable and the only reason im giving 3 stars. The game is average, its not bad, but it doesnt do anything special.
This game is a pretty relaxed gacha game. I especially enjoy this game because of the character bios. If there is one thing I have learned about this sort of game is that a little characterization goes a long way. This game makes you make a team of four and level them up quickly through story missions and battles in general. I may have been lucky, but the rarest characters seem to come up more often than any other gacha game ive ever played. Summoning is also pretty painless too.
Overall, great game. While it is kind of dead in the chats, that's mainly due to the small player base. This game is worth play, by the feel of it it's not pay-to-win. Though, as a small complaint, there should be more animation involved in the screens to make it more lively, even just have the character art move up and down slowly works too.
Generous development team and excellent customer service. Unfortunately there's not a lot of importance being in a guild. Not much to do together. The main bulk of the game is to collect and level-up heroes. It's fun but after a while there's not much to do. Becomes extremely repetitive and few heroes skills have yet to be balanced.
Polished gacha that plays easy, combat is chibi style 3d scroller with up to 4 units each with several skills. PvP, boss, excursions, etc., all there. No world map. The story is interesting enough, funny, cute. There's an advanced skill queue / logic editor (if x cast y) which I've never seen in a gacha before. I haven't bought anything and already have 5 SSR in like 3 days. The game doesn't flood you with resources and tutorials, so it's kind of a gacha for gacha gamers.
Can you fix the home screen of the game and make the character moving add more things to make it more lively and vibrant. And make a better battle model for each character rather than those bland u know. And add more gear evolver in the shop my units artifact is stack on 3 star there aren't even any event with 3 to 5 gear evolvers. Make the screen more vibrant and a better chibi model i will be waiting btw im still playing. Good luck
Great game. easy to play. character designs are cute and great. however i do wish we have more dungeon events to earn exp and gold as it seems up till chapter 5, the only way to get massive exp is to buy them at the shop with real money. hope to have new releases
It has offline grind which makes leveling up easier. Pretty much f2p you get a lot summons Cute chara although my phone lags when I use multiple skills at once specially flashy ones.
This excellent game is deeply gratifying, and rewarding, but most of all, the aesthetic is ~PHENOMENAL~! In both its 2D, and 3D elements, this game is an absolute masterwork of design. Oh, and it's super fun, to boot!!! :)
Developers, the offline grind function is awesome. But, you should introduce something similar for trials, arena, advent and world boss too. Please introduce "skip mission" function or introduce "clear at once" function. The grind takes way longer than desired if you have to go through all of these manually. Another thing, please improve the game loading time. Waiting for 4-5s after completing every mission, then waiting for another 2-3s after selecting an opponent is not funny.
After having spent a fair amount of time with this game, I cannot feasibly recommend it. It's certainly not wrong to say that it is, at first, generous with premium currencies, however, the difficulty spikes between each world gets absurd as you progress. Going from the last stage of one world to the first stage of the next is often a rating spike of 100k or so Power and there's only one way to reasonably bypass this: Buy more gems. I cannot condone that level of greed in a game.
Great game for people who doesn't have time. Very free to play friendly game 4* because the 3d graphics is a little outdated but its not a big problem if your not into high graphics kind of game.
customer service support is fantastic and fast. neat concepts like conditional lists for skills. great offline battle setup. fairly liberal in giving resources. graphics don't seem super optimized and bog down with lots of skills going off. end game content sparse, advent can be grindy, 3d sprites can look a bit goofy, base stats and damage coefficients seem more important than anything else for skills, power creep of stats and skills in the newer characters overshadows older characters.
It is kinda fun, and it helps that im relatively lucky (all the limited summer chars and more, with over 5000 gems leftover f2p). However after just 4 days of playing, its starting to wear off. It becomes a daily log in just to clear some content just to log off and auto farm characters. It runs like an idle game to a large extent. There needs to be a wow factor, probably more uses for the energy.
This is a great game! The conversation between the characters are funny enough, enough to let you want more of their ridiculous talk. The game is generous to give you SSR and diamonds too. The one thing I'd like to be updated is the graphics of the characters, like more resolution! Overall, I'd recommend this game to anyone! Give it a shot guys! Thanks dev!!!
Love this game so far! It is like a combo of KR, VC & 7K all into one neat lil package. More descriptions of how to do stuff in the game would be nice though.
Overall its a good game plus you can easily get top-tier which almost all of the character can be a better choice than the Top rank heroes ...... welp the only problem is the game feels like its dead no hooman to chat with
Pretty decent time killer with offline leveling option which is great. Doesnt require too much time. Has lots of characters to mix and match. Hero balance is meh as there are a few who can wipe out your entire team on arena by themselves (edit. Game really has hero balance issue. Minus 1 star). May change rating depending on future development. Edit, f2p friendly. Plus star.
A great gatcha game! Decent pull rates. Idle grinding. A massive amount of free summons to get you started and a consistent drop rate after that. The cash shop can be quite pricey but it's not forced upon you. The events are great and the new ssr heros have been amazing! Highly recommend especially if you need a side game or just a break from a less forgiving gatcha.
Great game but why did they add in a paid currency?. I don't mind paying but you will lose a lot of potential players. Free to play players build the community while the pay to play players help the devs. Trust me I'm a veteran on these games I've seen good games lose everyone and everything over bad marketing decisions. Don't be that game please it's such a beautiful looking game I don't want it ruined before I suggest it to my fanbase.