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Last Resistance - Idle zombie survival RPG

Last Resistance - Idle zombie survival RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by AnotherTrick located at Karekiet 1, 3435CK Nieuwegein, The Netherlands. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
You can craft and loot items, kill zombies and create squads with your friends. Fun game and keeps me coming back every day.
The game seems really cool and has a ton of potential. And it seems the devs really care about feedback and the game in general. Developers that care for their creations are rare. So I hope you keep it up!
Love this game, I usually hate idle games but this one you have to actually pay attention to. I have to say it's crashed a few times but it boots right back in fast.
Yeah this game is fun and not just fun its a fun shooting game the grapics are good but is one problem can you put a new version and make it open world if you do that ill reset my rate and make it 5 stars and in the new version make it offline!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ€˜πŸ€˜πŸ€˜πŸ€˜
This game is really fun,combining gun parts, upgrading equipment, multiplayer and other stuff. The ads is really balance. For the game Is a bit laggy for my phone and some times the skill triggeres them selves. But It didnt stop me for playing for it, its really fun and time killer. Thank You for devS for creating this fun game
Very cool, unique game. The endgame is a bit awkward, you spent most of the time waiting for event/boss/pvp tickets. Reforge, reroll tokens are too scarce imo.
This game is outstanding for being mobile. Love the graphic style and POV changing feature. The customizations are non stop fun and limitless. I put a rifle barrel on a pistol ! No need for p2p as it's easy to play free. The market needs more devs like this. Never change guys, only improve!
The "Loading..." page quietly does not do what it claims for ten minutes, over multiple reloads. Not the "Idle" game I was expecting.
If I was able aim and shoot myself the game would be a thousand times better having the computer do it makes me get shot more than I should and take damage that's why I rated it a one
It's fun, but one system is kind of weird. Having to completely level a skill to get to the next one kinda stinks. I like to be able to put a couple points into everything, not be forced to focus on only a couple to completion. Other than that it's a fun game with lots of loot and daily quests and they hand out plenty of currency.
Game is good so far after initial, like to see more content and new maps. Its still early access so its okay.
Ok i checked it out still dont like it. You took away the firt person view that makes the game feel more immersive. Also i dont like how you gotta click on a spot to move around. You should set up a d pad and a joy stick for the controls. I would like the ability to aim at my targets manually. I dont like the auto aim. There is no way to get a tacticle advantage over your targets. If im getting shot at im not gonna stand still and take damage. Im gonna find cover and fire from there. Thumbs down
5 stars without hesitation! I was skeptical about trying it because of the game being "idle", but it blew my expectations out of the water!! The game is pretty f2p friendly, the whole gear system is a snack; definitely a must try. :) Anyways, this is the first android game that I'm this hooked to lol and I'm eager to see what future updates look like! Devs are hella cool, as well as the community that's super chill! - Eiscue
really fake game and really not see any things good 😁 also with play 10 minute. lossers 😁unstaland report becouse of band
The game has potential but seems like nobody is interested to fix it. There are a maximum of 30-50 active players but nobody talks in chat. A lot of skills, talents and game features are not working as intended. Overall not worth wasting time or money on it.
It's a fun game, however there is a massive issue. The reperk function does not work!!! It will take your tokens but leave you with the same perk you tried to change!!! Even the value of it stays the same!! Please check on the broken reperk function, thank you!!!
Major memory problem. Keep losing guns and gear. Craft stuff. Uninstalling. I wouldn't buy anything. Might not be there when you log back in.
Great game. Had a problem with my account and contacted the developers on discord and it was fixed within the hour. Game play is fun and the builds are unique for and idle/incremental game. Highly recommend!!
Doesn't feel finished. The UI is messy and movement controls are stiff. Feels kinda thrown together and put out to make some quick cash.
Good game overall, 3 stars for now coz the UI irritating my eyes. Edit: try to re-install the game to see the improvement, but hit with other immediate problem, I can't pass the login screen. I choose the google login, but nothing happened and it just kick me out to home screen.
Awesome Post-Apocalyptic RPG! Full of all kinds items, specs and a skill tree with a decent storyline. Quests & Events make it worthwhile, would love to see clans, territories claimed and modified for greater afk rewards, better customizations not just premade characters and maybe some way to visually connect with other players for more purpose
Great devs, often working in real time to fix issues players run into should they arise. No pay walls, no time walls, and premium currency isn't difficult to get. You realistically can play this game for free without sacrificing hours to wait between play times.
Iove it. The first person camera the gun combinations and the idle nature of the game it's great. I only wonder if down the road or near future if you could add having ai squad mates. They health bar and perks can sit above yours I think having a squad aspect especially one you can customize would really make this game a solid 5 outta 5
Game is extremely slow and buggy. Tried signing in with Google at first and gave it the permissions and it got hung up after that. Then tried Guest and it took 15 seconds for the game to load the nickname screen from clicking the Guest button. Then I typed a name and hit submit and it hung there for a while until I gave up. My phone isn't old, it's new. It can handle any other games but this one apparently.
Great game and community. It has a great gameplay loop that doesn't make me feel bad when I can't play, but when I am playing it's hard to stop. The devs are very active and you can usually find them in the chat.
Fun game, it feels a little unfinished still, but that doesn't stop me from playing frequently. *EDIT: The new updates have really made the game feel more complete, there are a bug here and there, but nothing game breaking. If you're into low poly iso zombie games, I strongly recommend checking this title out.
Enjoy this game, I will say the level, power level system is a bit confusing even to a veteraned mmorpg player. Doing content way above your level without really understanding where you should be can be difficult to understand.
Let me preface this by saying, any game where the devs actively communicate with the players is a game worth playing. On top of this, they push content out as soon as they can while maintaining the healthiness of the game (fewest bugs possible, ect). The helpfulness of the devs cannot be undermined. They seek out any bugs/problems people have and attempt to help them fix it to the best of their abilities. There was super weekly content before the virus, however with the virus production of the game has slowed massively. I cannot respect a developer enough, as they are still trying to product content for us while protecting their family and friends. That's above and beyond for a 2-man team on an idler. Another big aspect of this game is builds. There are quite a few builds to go with that really make the game stand out from other idlers. PvP always feels fresh, there will always be builds stronger than others, but that's just how loot-skilltree based games are. Balancing is something this team constantly works on, another beautiful aspect of this 2-man team. Overall, will recommend more than most other current idlers. It's hard to find a gem in this time. - Aenllador
Devs are always online in chat and helping people. The game itself is an idle loot RPG with lots of gun parts to collect and unique item effects
Don't generally do reviews but its a decent game from the visual aspects as well as being one that you build up over time. The dev's are responsive to feedback and want to make an excellent game. Eventual end game material will help the longevity. It'll take a bit of time to get to the current endgame of zone 100 content, but its not months currently
Fairly fun, but gets very tedious and doesn't have enough to keep you entertained doing new things. It's always just idle until you get a slightly better lot drop to go idle at the next stage for a while.
Its a good game graphics,gameplay, its good but i wish i can play this offline coz sometimes i dont have internet connection...Anyways its good game 4/5
Nice graphics and sounds,the gear and upgrading is nicely done, the global chat indicates the game is dead already, arena needs to be unlocked way sooner to give the feeling of some kind of multiplayer.
Weapon and armor system is different than most or all mobile games like this. Combat is semi tedious, but fun, story is okay. Game has 4 different skilltrees, one of them being for a higher *tier* of skill points, nicely laid out. Weapons can be upgraded, but they dont get much extra dmg, and it costs a decent amount. I would love a added 2x or 1.5x timespeed boost while in combat after you reach a certain story mission. The combat is fun, but nothing is fun when you watch it 100 times.
Just beyond Legendary! Can't believe a epic game like this is available on Android the thing i like the most is that it's completely f2p and you guys always listen to players and fix their issues i highly recommend this to everyone it's worth every minute don't listen to the players who says this game is terrible devs I'll always support you!
Extremely laggy, causes my device to be almost inoperable. Almost had to remove the battery just to get to my home screen because I couldn't even close the app. And I even have it on the lowest quality setting.
Really like the game so far, did quit a bit but I remember enjoying this. Also the dev is quite active
This could a great little game. However, the inability to send or receive friends requests, combined with the fact that the character is locked to the device (forget about logging off, so you're M8 can log on etc). A separate volume control for the background music would be nice.
Great active idle game This game deserves a better rating. This just might be where the new generation of idle games is heading to. Great job devs πŸ‘ Not a game for everyone but for someone like me looking for a ln idle game thats also RPG this takes the cake.
It's a great game you can talk to the devs as well is pretty cool do you know the future update and events It can be funny about what the people talk about
Good start to a new idle game with good RPG elements. Has a great loot system implemented that allows a variety of different builds. Along with talent trees to complement them. Also global chat, arena and a crafting system. Devs are very active with the community and are very open with plans and future game content. Recommend trying it out, beware good chance you won't put the phone down for hours.