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Last Outlaws

Last Outlaws for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by seal Media located at Sophienblatt 21 24103 Kiel. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Explicit Language) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
fun game I wish that you could have more control over the battles like choose where you want to shoot or whatever but yeah it's okay
Addicted already! Love the game and love the customising you can do. Easy to learn and master. Bought the starter pack talk about value for money. In app purchases are fairly priced. It's not pay to win either basically all purchased coin can do is speed up levelling, healing, buildings and buying cosmetics for your avatar. Only thing i would suggest is to make music and SFX two different buttons as i would like to watch TV with the music off but have SFX still going.
Instead of using style points you should let us use the cash in our bank that we make off the income of properties to purchase things like clothes jewelry haircuts tattoos and be able to customize the bikes with that cash as well so it can have them over realistic aspect
REreview...my last one wasn't fair. I am week old now I can't expect to have the best yet but I am getting better rifles and have 5 level 10 toons.The main reason I love it is because no one can raid you...i get sick of those games. It's done right and looking forward to more. Keep what you work for with some PvP that doesn't affect you...more games like this people crave.Please add a speed up button or something..getting redundant and slow
Unplayable. Game never comp!etly loads. Crashes at around 90% and just after logging into google play.
I originally gave this game 4 stars but I retracted that because it keeps taking my money every time I leave the game and it keeps saying my email address is already in use.
need more style like Viking beard and more items clothes..and very personal bike to look good going around.
Haven't really gotten into it much at all, but the concept is a great idea. To have a customizable biker is a great feature. Customization is something I crave as a open world gamer. And to have it on a phone is beautiful. Continue to grow your artist game and enjoy it as you go.
Its boring if there is no clan war. Also, i want to mark guys with heart as favorite, to find them easily and mostly to use in battle. Graphic is nice. And music aswell very good
Great game. Keep it up! This game has the potential to be awesome. Please make characters more customizable.
I can't keep staying without a praise any longer! This game give me hell of a entertainment that i haven't been felt for a long time in mobile games! Damn my urge to reset the progress! I've to Kudos to the devs/whoever created this game for mobile, not becuz it is such a huge game like Eve and whatnot or have bigasss community, just becuz it has this unique mechanic that drive you keep wanting to play the game, yet will still be entertaining without spending a penny. Great job seals media!
I just lost my account from a update 😡.. spent a lot of $$ would really like to recover it !! Keeps kicking me out too😩
love this game it's cool shooting enemys would of been better and custom the motorcycles to just a thought keep up the good work
It's new so I know you guys are still working on it. It's great so far just needs a few more updates on the profiles and the MCs vests and pictures mine aren't working or showing up all I see is gray and gray ont he vests I hope for more customization for your vests like more logo designs. The characters could use more clothes,shoes,better weapons, and tattoos to purchase and or unlock. There should also be an easier way to get the points for clothes and tattoos overall 4 stars for now.
I know it says it fixed the bugs and everything but it's still glitching and slow and other than that I like it so far, pretty cool game.
Absolutely amazing. But I'd appreciate an I'm sure alot of other people that play this game would love more options to customize your character. There's alot more in your other biker game. You can even customize your bike in that game. It be amazing to see go to this one. An I knoe alot of other people would want that too
Ran out of money and coins then noting happened good idea bad exacution. If your places kept making instead of then reling on you leveling up it would be a good game.
Visually looks good, gameplay is repetitive as are the battles. In game upgrades are expensive and reliant on e coin in app purchases as the rewards from actual gameplay is meagre and therefore overly time consuming without much progress or character development. Weapons are slow coming and building upgrades $$ Yawn.
This really is a awesome game but. The game keeps kicking me out in the middle of fighting then when I go back I lost all my experience points. I would be so much higher Level.
Where does my money keep going!!?? I wrote a review already but this keeps happening have 25k exit game come back and it says i only have 3k WTH!!! this has happened a few times already.. Starting to become ridiculous!!! And pissing me off
Great game, having an issue with chat bar, no keyboard. My MC is gonna boot me soon if I don't speak to them!!
there's an issue with the game it keeps popping up saying there's a unstable internet but my WiFi is fine?? & Would be good if we could customise our choppers & more choices of vests etc
The game is cool so far. I think it would be better if we were able to customize our choppers and make our own unique club patch. Also, even though we are able to choose who we want in the fight at pro level, it would be better i think if we were able to control which characters we want to shoot at. One last thing. Can you make it so that you can log in/out. My little brother likes the game as well and want to play but don't own his own phone yet so I let him use mine but he can't make his own.
Stops at the end of grey bar, then get kicked out. Got a Samsung Galaxy A10 (2019) should that be a problem ?
Awesome game but wish it didn't cost a rediculous amount to customize your character and I'd like to be able to invite people to my MC
Your game sucks ass can't get on a server says can't find a a stable connecttion I have network serves
Being playing for a few days now and getting really bored game play very repetitive no control of your army ie when you're troops fire game play always the same.
Personally I like the game had no problems yet there's work to be done I know but you guys keep up the hard work and I'll keep coming back much love
I love this game, mostly customization but I feel that more customization could help this game alot more, like customizing your guys instead of just you avatar as well as names for your men and helmets, hats and overalls more types of accessories, and I know this game is relatively new but still in my opinion customization could get better as the updates come.
Spend more time waiting than anything. Play for a few seconds then wait. Guns and money don't come fast enough. Hard to get new characters leveled up. Its an ok game but doesn't take up very much time for a time waster.
~ DON'T DOWNLOAD ~Just like everyone else I too constantly get kicked out after the loading bar gets to the end straight after google play connects and will taken back to my home screen!! I've tried deleting game and reinstalled it but still same problem! I even tried installing it to my spare pH same fkn problem. Very annoying .
its cool but it could be better its missing something and the way to purchase clothing and accessories are too difficult.
DON'T DOWNLOAD the game crashes and dumps me back on the home screen after it loads totally not worth it
Fun game but why the hell have us build storage for money? Eveytime i log out and in later all of my money i have earned and collected is completely gone. Im deleteing this cause there is no point.
It's ok, I guess. Yeah, for an idle clicker it's par for the genre, in graphics and story. If you want to make these kind of games more interesting, try working more on the story and characters rather than the technical aspect. That's why games like this don't last long on people's phones.
Enjoyable game. Developers seem to be quite active. Can get a little tedious getting together the amount of coins to upgrade characters and only thing you actually do is battle. Would be cool if there were other features such as playing poker in your club to earn money whilst your characters heal from battle.
It's a good game but think xp & cash should be higher & better paY outs on tikes when you spend 30 to have your guy recove for each person Think we should be able to drive not push buttons all day Need a big map & make bikes able to drive & customize
Its a fun and addictive game the only thing that annoys me is that you cant upgrade the builds for cash only and you cant build a bike to suite your character
Been alot of fun but just got into siren call in story mode and when you click on it the screen goes multi colored but doesn't load. What's with the gray vest you have patches to choose from but can't actually select any of them
Wont open it says it keeps stoping ??? Please inform me when you haver resolved the problem. I'm dyeing to try this out.
THUMBS UP! I hope there is gear Your Characters Can equip & upgrade...also money does not instantly DEDUCT when I spend it but still instantly ACCUMULATES when I earn more
First of all this is a good game but has the potential to be a great game. Love the concept, missions and sim section of the game but after nearly a month of play I'm starting to lose interest. I know this game is relatively new but more depth is needed, strategic battle system and where are the custom bikes (come on, I hate riding into battle on a bright blue bike). I love the weapon arsenal you can get. You have a garage why not upgrade a custom bike. Please, more is needed.
Vests turn entirely grey and glitch everytime, can't see patches at all ruins the whole customization
Just started playing this today and really enjoying it so far. The only thing that bugs me though is the graphics. If yall improve the graphics then this will definitely be a 5 star. :D
I love the game it is VERY ADDICTIVE I can't stop playing it I even dream about playing it I have one problem with it though u loss any money u have when trying to save money and u get a phone call or txt and u leave to go answer the phone or the txt I lost about 250,000 it gets a little annoying
Way to just make up a duplicate to roads. Thos game already exist! Even the home base is the same! How about adding Holiday events to vikings or adding kool new features to the game still making you money insted of neglecting it like you have for 2+ years
So far it's pretty horrible. Can't upgrade or sell weapons, can't always heal with cash even if you have more than enough, no armor. Overall sad
Liking it (past tense now) I got to a point where I just couldn't win on any mode of game play, unless I pay money for e-coins. Not cool, cause I did really like it. Just can't afford to go any further.
Love the game you guys I only have a few suggestions when doing the next upgrade how about you guys add a table chat this special chat that will be forehead members to decide different types of stuff I love church but a table would fit write in also newer clothing like leather jackets different types also when it comes down to the table me and my friends want a little diversity only head members may take part in this because when you take in the competitive nature of everything
AWESOME!! Only one problem. Meds and cash show up but the 2nd currency ie coins/tokens don't so I don't know how many I have.
Good graphics.I have played bloody roads. Tried last outlaws . Much more enjoyable. Only problem I have is enter my email to save my progress .when I close out game and reopen lose all my money
so far its good. Hopefully the developers don't get lazy. keep improving and don't turn into pay to play
Great game. But can you add places to go inside. This is a generation that's looking for more creative games like the old west gta games👍
Very basic game. It would be good for people too dumb to play Bloody Roads. If I found out anyone I know was into this game I'd definitely end the friendship due to their obvious low IQ.
The game has a really good concept and has its own uniqueness compared to other games but tbh other than that there is no thrill or what so ever in its combat system. The "combat system" of this game really bothers me, you just sit there on your couch and watch until the so called "automatic combat" ended. I hope the developers would put much more effort in giving this game a good combat experience because that what makes a good strategy game. Allow the players to control the crew during combat.
This is a great game, just needs some things added to make it perfect. I would like to be able to build a bike. Maybe add more to the fighting. I have spent some real cash to lend my support to build on the game.
interesting review gimmick! but solid game so far. would like to customize my own chopper though. Except my Tico has a bug where it says hes healing still even at full health so i cant use him. Kinda sux. Ill give it a day then send a report. He started working again. Not sure what happened.
Been playing the game for a few days all was good til I noticed I had a 12 pistol used it for the few days. Wen I swaped out the pistol for rifle go back for the pistol and it's not a 12 8ts a 10 less powerful for this reason I am installing the game how you gonna take my powerful guns and expect to progress in the game. I would of gave it 4 or maybe 5 stars but now just lump coal never install your games again