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Is a Simulation game developed by 42 Arts located at Av. Tupis, 207, Belo Horizonte.. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, War Themes, Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I managed to get all 8 endings but not all the achievements. Struggled to get the 2nd. Overall it is great chatting/mystery game though it is short.
Great concept for a game, though it's tragically short and none of the endings are that different. The game hints that you can save the various other victims but this isn't actually possible, and some of outcomes make no sense.
This game is really interesting, but I wish it wouldn't have you read the same beginning every single time you start over. Then there is the problem deciding whether or not the person messaging you is a girl or a boy.
The game was very scaring enough till my adrenaline nonstop pumping.. Hope there was a slower and more relaxing song... It's creepy tho...now still looking solution for 1st and 2nd end b4 getting ninth end... It was a bit hard although short because the repetitive scene can't be remembered to catch on it back... Just only save the scene after he got through a tunnel whether choosing right or left... Nice game btw
Shortest text simulation I've ever played. Wasn't long enough or interesting enough to get into the story, which could have been interesting if it'd been more drawn out. Took literally 10 mins or less. Wasn't even interesting enough for me to bother to find the other endings. Very boring, but could have been good if longer. Maybe.
Some of the choices get cut out but I still love the game. I didn't unlock ending 2 and secret ending since it get repetitive and I get bored easily, so… I'm uninstalling. Thanks for a great game btw :D
Rather upset it doesn't seem to auto save i played for a while the previous day and I would assume it would of been a feature. Can't be bothered to replay the game
Short game but pretty fun with several different endings. The English version has bad grammar but tbh, because it's in text format, you don't really notice til you reach the endings and have to read the newspaper summaries. But still, it's 100% free which is hard to find for text chat games. Definitely worth the download.
Honestly, the story is pretty boring. There was no character development, so I don't feel attached to any of the characters. And the story gets repetitive when you're trying to get all the endings. But I like that you can get different endings and achievements, by your choices. There are 8-9 endings in total, I only bothered to get 4 of them. I also liked that they included pictures.
I thought it was quite fun to go through all the options and unlock all achievements and endings, but maybe include a walkthrough in the future? At least for the endings, I struggled with #5. As someone that speaks both portuguese and english I can say the translation is very well done! Even if you don't know portuguese, you can finish the whole game (yes I played it in english.) It's just as promised, short and H. P. Lovecraft all over. I'd only have liked if there were more horror elements.
This game is ok. I found it enjoyable and I liked the suspense, but I get bored easily when playing games especially when nothing is happening for far too long. The story is exciting, but it's too tedious and repititive. All in all, it needs more - otherwise, great game.
Brilliant!! Regardless of game play being seemingly short, which I enjoy, fact's are, you had several endings to contend with. Considering the many various and intriguing achievements and particularly the, 'END' ing, Plott's, it became inherently more interesting and certainly more exciting. The game play was enhanced, especially after your comments in the description. You are ither incredibly inept, unintentionally providing a keen interest in participating or you genuinely realized the brilliance in your Narrative, dropping the hook so as to catch those fish. I enjoyed it, really! It became more thought provoking, needless to say, as I had to bear in mind what route and what responses I provided previously. Nevertheless, finding one ending upon another, along with the many achievements available. Thanks for a good time.
Just finished playing the updated version. It was so fascinating that it only took me two hours to finish everything. Yes there are a few grammatical errors but nothing that can't be overlooked.
Wow. I got all the 9 endings in few hours. It's just 2 achievements more to discover but oh well I'm sick of replying this xD but nvm about that, this game is awesome. THANK YOU. I'LL GIVE 5 STARS ❤
Amazing game, would definitely advise anyone to play through it at least a couple times. Only note for creator would be to go over it one more time with spell check, the errors can be a bit cringy.
Interesting way of making a text based adventure, I really liked the idea. Other than that, it is pretty short, replayability makes it repetitive, and some dialogs are somewhat lacking something. Its strange is its mood, since you come to dispair a bit when the guy doesnt reply inmediatly.
Both characters are bland with no distinguishing characteristics. Their attitudes towards the situation are nearly non-existent (James died and the player character just shrugs it off). Story is short and rushed, with little conflict. I did appreciate the pictures, but that's about it. Other games of its type are far more compelling and thought out.
/*I GOT ALL 9 ENDINGS*/ Whoa, I am totally impressed! I gotta say the gameplay definitely covers the grammar errors that I often found in the game! I love the different endings you get (although some of them are similar to each other). However, some of the endings (only 2, I think) are somewhat cliff-hanging, leaving you wondering what is happening with the stranger you are chatting to (I guess you can assume he is murdered). There is a solid 30+ achievements and I am only left with 2! It also makes this game more interesting. Although the UI looks somewhat under-developed, get this game. Some pictures did shiver me a little bit. Overall, this game deserves 5 stars!
Brilliant game. For people who are complaining about the game being too short, did you find all the endings? I really like the gameplay, because you can find a lot of plot twists. *Spoiler* My favorite ending is the ending #1, because you're actually the bad guy and in the other ending 'James' joined the bad guys. I didn't expect those twists. Interesting.
I can't even read any of it I feel bad for giving this one star but it's in a different language I can not read when the pictures show English sry
Very short but it has multiple endings so you can just play again. And again. And again, lol. So far I got ending number three and ending number seven, so there are at least seven different endings, possibly more. I like the 'report' it gives at the end! I just wish the report were longer. That wd make it seem a bit more realistic, like an actual news story .
I really enjoyed it. It's fast paced so it keeps your interest. I like that there's more than 1 ending so you can play it on we if you want. The only thing is I wish it was longer. It was too quick to end.
What a nice game....with all 8 different endings and 31 achievements to unlock i think that is challenging for those who are playing 🤗
An interesting storyline! I think a walkthrough would be helpful though, as some of the endings are a bit hard to get.
The grammar errors and typos make it a bit more believable imo because autocorrect can do that sometimes irl. Love this game. Have only gone through 3 endings so far but enjoying it a lot :)
Just plain sucked. No point in playing. Literally was one of the worst games I've played if not the worst. This is all opinion of course. What i dont like doesn't mean you will dislike as well.
Love the various choices and endings! My only critique is the English translations are a bit off in some parts, but it's still understandable. Awesome game.
🆒"Last Massage" entertain you by giving you some differents authorities for changing the story line and achieve 8 different endings, also unlocke some dimensions of the characters by changing some parts of your conversations.. 🔘I am not a professional gamer, but I usually enjoy from playing "Special Games" with new ideas. .. ✔️Game Theme, Story lines, Characters and part of the achievements were new to me. I enjoyed the game and liked some dimensions of the other involved characters. They designed brilliantly and the affection of Choices to the complexity of the game was good.. ✖️Game and Unlocking the achievements was enough to keep me playing for hours and feel good in a wierd world, but not for days.. ❌It will be more attractive, if the number of Achievements were added up and enhanced a little more with complexity. ❌Finally the lack of options for competing others and accessing the scoreboard was felt strongly. 💭I prefer to play games started with few characters with out complicated abilities, but everything grows rationally, even the players authorities level by level..
So at first I deleted it because I couldn't figure out how to put it in English. But I really love it but I wish there were more endings. Still great game. 💜💜💜
I LOVE THE GAME... i got all the endings and achievements including the secret one..it took me 1hour to finish this game WORTH IT💙💙plz make more like this
It's short and get boring on 4th/5th. The achievements worth the boredom though. I don't even read the narration anymore.
That's awesome... Feels like actually I'm chatting with someone who needs me but I regret that I can't be in the game to help that guy.... I think that would be awesome if we could change the background of the chats And that was my first time and I have got 2 endings... Playing this game to get all the endings
The achievements range from hilarious to disturbing hint of the story. Nonetheless, a fine simulation to introduce player to the Lovecraft's universe of monstrosity!