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Last Island : Survival and Craft

Last Island : Survival and Craft for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by AirBT located at Волгоград, ул.Фадеева 49. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Pay to play game. You need to make an axe to cut down trees and get fibre which makes rope. But you need rope to make an axe. Hence, pay to play.
I did LOVE this game until the update, not it won't do ANYTHING!!!!!! I sent an email to have it fixed, but no one has responded back!! I have uninstalled it, then reinstalled, that didn't work either!!! I have a lot of TIME invested in this game that I enjoyed playing!! Please fix this, or respond to my email. Thanks, DNB
This game has potential to become a good game if only there wasnt so many bugs and it was actually completed. I was able to gather food but there is no way to start a fire to cook the meat. I made a house with a crooked roof with great difficulty and I have no idea what the UFO is about, even though I went straight up to it and nothing happened. Finish the game and its mechanics and it might actually be a good game. But right now, I'm bored with it so it's being uninstalled.
this game is so good but the its hard to find cars make it not hard to find cars thx love the game 😎😎
This is a work in progress the map is very small and the mechanics are wonky. but it is not bad I got about 12 hours in got the sniper rifle and then it is pretty much game over but it takes 4 hits to kill a bear 3 for boar and 2 to 3 for deer the guns are really under powered.
Hard controls, almost immediately ran into a bear hard to gather resources generally not easy to gain traction at thd start.
awesome game but plz do something about the energy replenish,it rlly sucks to jst play for few minutes then wait for the energy to replenish,we want a good experience in the game so do something bout it.thnx
Its a realy good game but can u make the foundatoins a little less 3 craft(40 wood) otjer than that itz good
Broken i lost all my items when i saved and qll my stuff was replaced by wood. I couldnt use anything at all.
It's so fun but I'm playing one I'm 8 idk why it said teens it's not impropriet somethin probably because teens know survival better I think ; (
You don't get much energy. Keep dying a lot faster than in other survival games. Save and exit keeps freezing up.
First thing is controls are very bad,graphics sucks ,dont tell you what on earth you need to do ,dont know how or why is there a car and the most smallest city ever on a lost and unkown island ,where are the people,lost of phyics and logic ,WARNING DONT PLAY THIS GAME IF YOU WANT FUN,AMAZEMENT,LOGIC,GOOD GRAPHICS cause this will disapoint you .I garantee it
Enjoyed the game at first,but the save and exit function freezes up,i hit save an have to minimize the screen and swipe it away,when i return my crafted items,fire,furnace,rain barrel have dissaperad.any help,,? I dont want to delete it but i will if i cant resolve these issues
Not to much needed items once the csr is in the water it can never be respon unless i create new game it needs to be bigger more islands more responing resources more cars and boats
Can someone please tell me why I can't save this game to the cloud I press the button but nothing happens
It wouldn't even let me play! I was in the game and my screen just stayed black! Wast of time. Don't install
No tutorial, challenging to find fiber and storage, campfire is hard to open its function. The energy drains faster and you won't allow to control your character after its empty. Other than make bed and tent, there's no way to recover your energy, as tent and bed need few days to colect their materials to made.
I think there should be story line for example there was a plane crash and you are trapped on the island or there is a ship disaster and everyone does apart from the character but that i think would boost the game and more people would play the game
It's a fun game it's honestly one of the best ones I have played on the phone but there are way to many bugs. The worste is every time you log off all your buildings despawn with all of your gear I spent 4 plus hours grinding saved and exited came back half an hour later and it was all gone did this several times same thing. Devs pls fix this bug
The game is misleading the graphics are bad and there's no guns for a quite a bit while and just a really bad game in general
im looking for a crafting and survival game like minecraft but in a high graphic.. i thout i found it with this game.. but having a real money energy is a very bad idea for free gamers like me, and i dont see an open world.. but i just found out im stack on an island :(
This game is awesome. It is really a good hard-core survival game. I like the fact that the main character starts with nothing. I also like the rareness of the resources. One can craft everything including the sniper rifle if one collects the materials patiently. Everything is all right, but there are certain items missing - please add a proper intro cutscene, add some quests to get coins, other NPC players and a loyal companion and if possible, expand the map, as it comprises only 3 islands.
Just to ask are there sharks in the game and the its hard to turn in the car at least for me but everything else is great
garbage, I've played another game by the same company and I had even spent money on that other game and what did they do they shut the game write down. this game is not worth your while and believe me when I say do not spend money on these thieves too many ads
Good but plenty of bugs like for example when i tried to exit the game and play again all the things that i made has gone like my furnace i just put it in the ground and it disapears and also the save and exit button it won't save and exit.
very good though it can use some improvements. for one it needs more content or more stuff to do. another big thing is fix the driving controls because its suoer hard ti control the car
Hey this game is good but a lot of things need to work.... the physics not realistic jumping for about 2 meters deep your going to get hurt ... and can't get anything from killed animals... andd some suggestion can you update it for third person view? I have more suggestion can you make a game just like PUBG but also like the game The Forest... I mean you need to get the way how pubg move and you need to get the way how The forest craft and survive .... you just need to improve this game actually .... what I'm saying is the real survival game.... please make it for us thats all thank you.
I feel no joy playing this game, and there is no stone any where if you dont make a pick first thing then its almost game over till you find a pick in a box or finding the one or two stones lieing on the map. Also really with the RUST item models wow, and aliens dont make it better, the car is cool but i dove it into a tree then after geting out it drove its self into the sea never to be seen again.
I love the game but the "invites friends" button doesn't work. Neither does the "connect to facebook" or "save and exit" buttons. it needs to be fixed.
i sort of liked it other than the fact that EVERY TIME I DIE AND RESPAWN I LOSE EVERYTHING MY INVENTORY,MY CREATIONS,BUILDINGS,RESOURCES,ETC.Also is so boring i mean at least put in other people we can v.c. with,uk,npc's,or add smooth working 2player co-op mode online with mic chat capability,also needs more weapons,tools, buildings,vehicles,maybe even at least a way off the island and back to the normal way of life (back to civilization) or a plane maybe,maybe diving gear like from subnautica!
the game is awesome but I hate the fact that sleeping doesn't replenish your energy please put that in the next update please and I'll give a 5 star rating
I saved and exist game , but all the saved building and inventory box are missing when again logging in , hate this game
Not to much needed items once the car is in the water it can never be respon unless i create new game it needs to be bigger more islands more responing resources more cars and boats
I don't like this game because I thought there was creative, but no there is not and I only play creative thats just me.
I played this game for hours and already beat all aliens, then the UFO stucked up in the sky 😂😂 and on the first game , it's hard to find some fiber then i found out something about it, i adjust the graphics to the lower quality and all grass and plants that contains fiber showed up and they're everywhere 😂
liked it till it took my $4.99 for a starter pack i saved my progress and logged out when i logged back in it was gone like i had never made a purchase dont waste your time and money no support through the game app
It is a very good game I have ever seen. Just download the game and start playing. it's graphics are awesome and it's controls is amazing. You have to build your house on the foundation
You guys want to order version of the game just go on Aptoide it is way better than Google Play played this game all the time in my childhood it's a pretty good game I just got this game yesterday I already have a sniper rifle but thing is there's a bug in the game that looks like the it's actually two bugs and one of them is why is it delete your progress like that that does not make sense like I'm going to make a remake of this game guys so if you want to see it just I'll tell you when you guy
Good concept liking it but add more features like more guns and expand the island fix some bugs and more trees please lower the required resources for building a base and more
Not a bad game , only trouble is buying things in the game .. used PayPal for two Fighter Kits at $2.66 each and a Builder Kit at $5.33 and did not get anything.. You guys got the money, I got zip.
This game is really, really good. But the controls are kinda hard, and it is overly harsh. I think a game that is truly awesome must have a balance of difficulty... This lacks that aspect. Also it does glitch a little, but otherwise 5 star
to start off with no tutorial or any idea what to do is a massive problem, also every animal in the game can kill you with 4 hits. I played thru, even crafted a handgun and 6 bullets and went against a hog, 6 bullets didnt kill him yet 4 hits killed me. game is horrible and not worth the time.
I love the game but there is two bugs if you drop something out of your inventory tap it and touch the finger it will duplicate and if you touch the 10 000coins and the free one the same time you're gonna get to watch an ad and gut 10 000coins lol please dont fix these bugs :)
It is quite good but it crashed on me xd needs more work on the 3d business but apart from that it's pretty good but it takes a long time to load so aurthor please change that and it will be better so yeh :-)
Game is awsum. But every time i save and exit stuff despawns. All the progress i make is gone. It saves my location but base and other stuff despawns. Plz fix it. And keep this as it is. It is really fun game
This game is a freakingly awesome piece of entertainment. It gives me a feeling of real survival. It really lets me remind myself of all that I have learned in Physics and Chemistry. One can survive if survival rules are been followed. Will be more better if you add survivor, more loot locations, more vehicles
Game is to glitchy, keeps freezing and shutting down, and the control of the game sucks, uninstalling
*sigh* where do i even begin. predatory animals are apparently ninjas, textures suck, the map is way too small, no tutorial, stats go down like an anchor, there's only one car for the whole game, item images are stolen from rust, most resources are missing, controls are clunky (especially the car), weapons are weak and the vending machine robs you of all of your money. seriously, why is this a thing with survival games not living up to expectations. anyone who likes this game clearly needs help.