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Last Hero: Zombie State Survival Game

Last Hero: Zombie State Survival Game for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Click.18 Mobile located at Wah May Building Block A, 520 Shanghai Street, Mong Kok, HK. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Trash. This game seems pretty garbage so far. Can't even get past a level without a "free trial" character that they try to get you to buy afterwards. All they want is your money
It freezes for a few seconds occasionally & very offer heavy (popups/indicators)... Not sure how much depth there is yet (leaders, tribes, etc.)
Game freezes at lvl 40. Once you unlock "Endless Battle". They make you choose the mission and the screen glitches once you're about to start. I've had zero issues up until this point.
Very good game. Well put together and so far, very f2p friendly. Just work on the story mechanic,(seems like theres more story, but it doesn't scroll, just continues) and spelling, grammar, etc. You guys have a gem on your hands, just a tweek here and there, and KEEP IT F2P FRIENDLY! 😎😎😎😎😎🙂
I d purchased beginner pack at start the game . Cut my money never get heros and item in 7 day. Now screen display load error again and again. What good for this game.
Severely pay to win. The packages are priced ridiculously! You will never advance if you wont use cash, and add more insult, their packages are toooo expensive! 5$ for a rare hero?! Yeah right!
This is just a reskin of an older game (Age of Magic). The LH unit abilities are identical to their AoM counterparts. The levels drop the exact same hero shards, items, etc... to me this days the developers may know how to program and skin a game, but they have no idea how to balance it and will just continue to copy updates.
One of the worst hero collectors ever man in a long time. Most games at least give ya a 10 pull or somthing to get ya started this game is so money hungry it's sad. Save ya time money dont play this game till they understand how to make the customer happy and lower their outrageous prices for summons.
Definitely needed an rpg like this. Zombie turn based game. With hero collection. It's very unique and worth it to try.
Bribed for 5-Star Review. Game is standard HA HA style game. Early levels are quick and fun. Get ready for a grind afterwards, or shell out some cash. Your choice.
Had to drop a star. The endless battlefield doesn't lode properly 80% of the time making it nearly impossible to complete dailies
Game has no hero gacha roll even though it is gacha game. You can only obtain via farming (a lot) or cash. Game is lag sometimes and it is really annoying. You will get stuck very early and have to grind a lot. Exp portion is very limit
It's a good game, could be better. needs a summoning/recruiting place were u can get better/different survivors. Ur basically stuck with the same survivors unless u pay for em
Overall the game is fun and entertaining should be easier ways to get characters though other than that not really a pay to play game and Graphics are awesome
A well built idle rpg w incredible art and a decent story... so far its ad free but that only means needing to sink $$$ into it to keep it flowing as im sure the progression will ramp up the difficulty to force spending or waiting crazy amts of time to either level up or gain sumthing vitally needed- but im only assuming.... so far its great and def worth a try!!!
So far so awesome.Digging the characters, although I have seen a few on other games. Gameplay is great so far.
At least a game that you can actually control the characters. Not those automatic player's character battle control which you don't even do anything! Thanks guys!
This is a gacha game that seems to be heavily p2w in the end. However I'm not sure how it is mid game, but I've heard reports of f2p having issues as early as 2.2 mission. Other than that this game is above par with other gacha games by a lil bit.
I love it, its just like Age of Magic, like exactly just instead of high fantasy its zombies. Pretty dam cool
Pay to play from the beginning. Not even past the 5th storyline on "easy" and charactors are not strong enough to past it. Since you have to repeatedly play certain boards to level up, gonna take weeks to level up charactors if your not using money to do it. If you've got the money and don't mind wasting it, good game. If not, skip it.
Absolutely horrible game all around. Low-grade knockoff of many others, and horrible english so the story is terrible also.
It's aight seems kinda pay too win at the moment. *Edit* It is 100% p2w . On to the next game.🤷🏽‍♂️
Amazing game. Cant say much right now just started to play it. But so far I love it. Easy to get use to. Very well done on the graphics and game play. I have a good feeling I won't get bored with this game. as find myself getting bored with the allot of games out there fast. So far not with this one lol great job yall
It's a decent game with lots of glitches.....keeps freezing & crashing every now and then!!! I hope they fix it
So far so good. Nothing fancy. Simple game, easy to enjoy & nothing complicated. Try to keep your products cheap. Cheap stuff sells well. There's alot of improvement to be made to the game, such as camera angles & movement.
Todays update reset my daily login progress, not good at all now I have to start from scratch (bet you it will happen again) seen lots of games like this.
EDIT: sorry but I can't play this. The buttons on the home page stop working and I can't set my name or pfp but everytime I go back to the home page they've changed! I'm enjoying the game so far only lvl 5 but it keeps locking up.
Love the graphics of the game and the game play the storyline is good so far...just started the game and I like it
Loving the characters, especially the fun enemy clowns. Great graphics and animations. Slightly dodgy translation in the text though.
When you're trying to get a feel for the game but keep getting prompted to buy everything. That's the experience of this game!
I come across this game Today & I'm not Disappointed by it,Great To Play,Great Graphics,Good For a Zombie game,Not Many Zombie games I Don't Like but this one is Really Good.
So far I'm not a fan of this game. You reach level 2-2 and all of the sudden you can't win, but after every attempt, they try to sell you character upgrades to help win. Imagine that...send very pay to win to me.
It's difficult to enjoy any game when it freezes & buffers every time. Bummer. I like the art/graphics & the few brief moments I've been allowed to play it, but I can't even get past the home screen most of the time.
Fun start to the game. Nice graphics and easy interface. Bonuses for 5 star rating for nice beginners boost. We will see how game progresses
What? Theres active dialogue in every stage of chapter 1 following a storyline, but from chapter 2 on THERES NO MORE DIALOGUE OR STORYLINE? devs got lazy and crapped out already right at the beginning of the game? Or is it a bug and the dialogue just no longer displays and after weeks the devs are too lazy to fix it? Either way, its a bad sign. Especially since the constant money grabbing pop ups seem to be the only thing they make sure work 100% of the time when other parts stay broken.
This app is pretty cool. I like the characters here very different from other PvP apps. Keep up the great development.
Rip off and redone version of Undead Nation Last Shelter. They stole characters and re designed their outfits, They took voices from that game, also they copied elements from another game. The devs here are uninspired and greedy SOBs
Gameplay is interesting. However, game is very stingy. Similar games have seven day carnivals, a free ten card pull and/or a free SSR. This game has a two star giveaway over seven days. No black Friday sales. Limited currency giveaway for quest completion, etc. I do tend to spend money in a game, but other games have much better value for my dollars.
Fun game but im deleting your game because for the last week the different pages are over laping each other until the game freezes. Bye bye
Free chest garbag. I got all free weapons from 5 free chests. No new heros. If you want get hero, then you need to pay. Never play this game. Trash game.
Overal, this game is well made and entertaining. Developers did a really nice job with this game. Here are some pros and cons, in my opinion, for this game. Pros: game is diverse, lots of content, gameplay modes and heores to chose from, it's free to play friendly and game has various events that you can participate in. Cons: some minor bugs occur from time to time (not displaying reward from sweeping battles, game won't start for short period of time), lower heroe shards drop rates.
Boredom in the highest. Typical slow stingy overdone rpg. Only this one has no skips and no auto. The only thing good about this is the art.
This game punishes you right off the bat. If you want people to spend money you need them to get invested before asking for money, but this game wants it right away, which makes me not want to play.
Boring just repeating the same processfor the whole game.. Plus take years for all the loading of the game.. So slow too much loading.. Kind of disappointed..
Played this on the apple centre. The development team abandoned it. Full of bugs and no support even though we kept asking on their discord page Quinn Z. Totally ignored. Even the moderator they asked to be Players rep threw the towel in.we are the 3rd strongest alliance with inactives growing and no new blood to replace them. Players all leaving. Join at your own risk,and spend nothing .p
Needs alot of work. Can't have 2 of same people on team for battles but you have to battle levels that use the same people multiple times. Power of teams needs to be fixed to show correct strength....you can be over 3k stronger than someone you fight but still lose because actual strength is not shown..needs alot of tweeking to actually become a game to enjoy. Alot of bugs still. You mark a player to attack and your team doesn't respond..work your bugs out!
Much like many other games of this style. Odd translation at times, but overall story is new and different.
This game is incredibly terrible. It constantly lags and glitches. Literally makes my entire phone glitch after exiting this game. Would not recomend.
Update: I gave it another try after freeing up a ton of space on my hard drive in case it was an issue on my end, but still the same problem except now it happens as soon as I start the game.... It's difficult to enjoy any game when it freezes & buffers every time. Bummer. I like the art/graphics & the few brief moments I've been allowed to play it, but I can't even get past the home screen most of the time.
Pretty good game so far. I'm used to this style of mobile game. This one is familiar enough to jump right into. While being different enough to grab my attention. Characters are fun and unique.
Really pay to win. Everyone has the same hero. It's ridiculous that without paying, you won't get any heros. You have to pay to start the 7 day event. Uninstalling it right now.
I like this game I'm a fan of fun games this plays like many click idle games but the characters aren't all hand to hand many shooters to choose from so for now its a lot of fun
Early days but seems good graphics and animation are nice. Story is OK but translation is a bit iffy update. Pay to play or face zzzzz grind. Gets boring fast.
Game is okay at first. Very money hungry!! Everything you try to accomplish is blocked by a money hungry development team. Buy this, buy that. There is a pop up for purchasing heroes, every time you level one up. Rediculous.
Love the graphics just think the wording in the story could be written better. Like I reread some things trying to understand what it meant but it is just worded funny
I like the game a lot but selecting menus from the home page doesn't work half the time. I have to open and close the app and then I can choose a menu. Probably wont be playing long.
So I went to open this app today and it says that it was updated, and to install the updated version. So I hit the ok button but it doesn't give you the option to install the updated version.