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Last Explorer for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by museo located at 福岡県福岡市中央区春吉2丁目9番16. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Simplistic dungeon grinder with a fast enough pace to maintain to your interest for extended periods of time.
You can only go through any area 3 times IN TOTAL. Would rate 0/5 if I could. Quadruple the prep time, and it would be better, a 2/5, possibly. Also, the bosses are far stronger at the end day. Making it horrible design.
So, I truly love this game. The concept and idea of urgency is just so good implemented. I only wish they added 2 days more to buy coz I'd like to play all the stages on a single run.
This game is like mini chocobo dungeon, with multiple character to use. However this game seems too short. I know that we can collect the characters, but too repetitive. You can improve more. By the way the music is great 😁
Needs to fix end game so you can continue after beating all boss. But it makes u restart after you survived without continuing the game. It's impossible to get stronger if you keeps restarting the game.
Wasting your mana throughout the map proves you too can be BUTT SCREWED, save the mana until the end of the map? Please change the stats of bosses, and maybe a button to use potions easier, boss fight is a rush but when you CAN compare dps makes it sorta.. eh
It's a rougelike dungeon crawler. Gets kind of repetitive after a while but it manages to be interesting enough to keep you play at the same time. Best part, you're not bombarded by ads like in most games of its kind. Just has an ad at the top of the screen that can easily be ignored. Doesn't bring anything new to the genre but doesn't ruin it either. Good game in general. I definately enjoy it even with the repetitive combat. Keep up the great work dev.
The game is fun and addictive and it deserves every star it got. Good job devs! Now, I gave it 5 stars, but there are few thing that I would like to see in the future. 1. add sandbox mode or something to allow player to play for as long as he wants. I think that would improve game greatly. 2. I managed to beat the game and get "true end" with fighter and with 4 days (after 1. level) time limit.. Maybe you should make fighter a bit weaker? Anyway, it's a great game but too easy to complete with fighter.
old school grinder. If you played rpgs and found that spot to level on for days this is your game!! be sure to use points to extend "end" for better lewts.
ADS! Ads everywhere... While idea is awesome, gameplay gets repetitive very fast. No description what benefits do classes offer makes the grind pointless - you never know whether a new class is an upgrade or not. E.g. wizard is more expensive, than a warrior, however he is definitely weaker.
Different. Rpg of sorts. Slow to start You het days you need to finish the world by. Slowly upgrading untill you win enough ppints to get all the good classes
At first this seems silly. You play easy random dungeons which can be sped up because they're no challenge and you must die at the end. Then you realise you're unlocking classes and more dungeons so your next character survives longer. However, to buy decent items you have to watch a minute video ad EVERY TIME. That plus the grinding gameplay made me realise this is basically a rogue-lite idle clicker. Meh.
It's actually really fun and stands out from the other dungeon crawlers out there. One small issue I have with it, though, is that sometimes you don't move anywhere until you tap the space a time or two more.
When I got the Reaper I felt unstoppable, and it only took me three more lives after that then I got the Frog Knight - but I do hope that there will be some sort of storage space added in the future. I like the challenge of starting from scratch but if I could store items even if only ten, that would be a great thing to add later on. I can't wait to see what the future holds for this game.
The gameplay is really quite enjoyable. I like rogue likes so this one is up my alley.the skill descriptions however are atrocious. It literally says their name, type of activation, and how much they cost. That doesn't explain much at all so I'm left having to wait until I get other skills again to compare. Actual numbers would be nice.
I love how this game is turning out so far, pretty good concept! But I think there should be more upgrades to prepare for the end
At first i though it a little too simple, but i came to realize i just didnt understand or see it all. Very reachable for anyone and has some nice features like a time speed up. Nice job with the game!
This is a nice little procedurally generated dungeon path crawler. It's easy to play, just tap to move/fight and collect the loot. Buy and equip the best gear between levels to help you get a far as you can. You earn currency to unlock more characters and lengthen the game time. It's fun and easy to pick up, I recommend it!
A stripped-down, streamlined, no frills dungeon-crawler, all of which is in the best of ways. Well executed, solid mechanics that put a nice spin on the classic rogue-like kill-n'-loot dungeon adventure. A new spin on classics like Pathos/NetHack (which I also recommend VERY highly if you like this one; same concept, same spirit, different execution). Great job, devs.
great game but really needs a guide or something online to explain what the different stats do and how they work. I'm still not sure why some of the abilities have affect ranges and which SP and HP regeneration skills are better or worse, very hard to tell.
This is a fun and fairly streamlined roguelike, made just like Nethack. Once I see more, I'll review it again.
Great game, would love the ability to move the screen to look around. But it currently does not take away from the enjoyment. Also, would love it if the characters could keep their levels.
The game is a mix of dungeon crawling and rougelite RPG, making it a great time killer. The gameplay is just a tad above average, but the RPG system makes it more enjoyable. Controls are so-so, could be improved and the same can be said about the graphics.However, the music is great. Blends in with the "doomsday" themed background. All in all, a solid game.
Love this game. It generates a weird and powerful nostalgia that i can't quite understand. The music is top notch aswell. There are ads, but they are fairly placed and never in the way.
Really fun. Despite the pixel graphics. Really good game. Though I am unable to beat the bosses every time. I feel like there's too much RNG sometimes. I've gone through 3 days with no rare chest. Sometimes when there is rare chest there is no orange item inside. The shop doesn't help that much either that game. I banked over 6k hoping to buy something but nothing was better than what I had. I would pay to play this with better graphics BTW. This is the kind of stuff I'm looking for. XD
Good game, but it needs descriptions of characters. Like Idk why some characters are worth buying, as they're far worse than others. The reaper is terrible compared to the war bear. Item descriptions will also help. Idk what any ability does...
This is a nice little gem of a game, easy to play and an enjoyable way to pass the time, people that leave bad reviews are clearly just too stupid and should maybe download a 'Peppa Pig' game, as that is maybe closer to what they need from a game. Can enjoy this game without spending real money and gives you a 'quick fix' when you have 10 minutes spare and want to hunt some loot. Would like to see an update with some more stuff to do soon :)
A simple but fun game that runs on a roguelite system of sorts. You have a limited number of dungeon runs or "days" to level up and arm yourself before the final dungeon boss rush where you'll be graded on the amount of bosses you defeat. The points accumulated can be used to purchase more dungeon runs for your next playthroughs or new classes. The game is easy enough to complete with a bit of luck but it's definitely fun and the lack of microtransactions is a plus.
Nothing special here - just a bog-standard crawler, basic bit-graphic effect and no surprises or innovation. Still, it's free and no annoying ad breaks or in-app purchase huckstering. A nice little time waster, but I agree that it needs a sandbox mode.
Played a game like this, with an ending like the game inflation so i already know the concept. Just one thing, things in shop is pretty boring,i hope you can add more content like, permanent skill for each job, permanent items not just points to add mo days and unlock other class. Other than than its a great game.
If you didn't have to restart after you died the game would be a keeper. I'll keep the game on my phone for the next few updates but if the "world end" crap is still around ill be eracing and dropping my stars down to 2 maybe even 1. Take this opportunity to grow, I'm not the only one saying this.
Found bug, but the help in the game doesn't work, enemies don't move so very little challenge, can't see battle action, no option to take health/mana, shop is limited ... it's like they didn't try very hard.
Kinda boring. Enemy is not moving. Just stand still, blocking the way. So it's not challenging enough. It will be better if enemy moving at every turn we took..
Cool game with nice art and a fun premise. Having a slider for game speed is great since it helps the "grindiness" in the early game. Some things I'd like to see: the ability to pan the camera or zoom out so you don't always have to click around multiple times to get to the tile you want; an "autosell all nonequipped items" button (selling many items between screens can be tedious, even with the multi select); more smoothly looping music; and even less grindiness.
Everything is very general. Class E+ or SS seem to be on par. Should I take the 5 less dmg for 3 defense? Descriptions of skills and effects could use a lot of work. Put some hard numbers or percentages on the skills.
One game crash = and see all the time loading... game doesn't start anymore. If you install agan this game = lost all data... FAIL! But game have fun
The game is easy to pick up after a few tries. The music is great. Smooth play on all maps. It's addicting to rank your character up from 0 and see how high you can get before the bosses. Great great stuff.
Nice little game. I emphasize on little because it is very short to beat the last boss. I was expecting there to be at least another lvl of bosses. As it stands there is no need to buy more days or characters, since i already beat the last boss
Good mod, not a bad game. Simple and straight forward, makes you take chances. Quick little bubblees of fun. If you got money buy stuff .
You can't scroll the view which makes it impossible to know if you've cleared the level and also makes it impossible to find your way around the level. That brings the game from 4 or 5 stars down to 2 stars. This is a huge oversight in my opinion. It also gets very repetitive after only playing 10 times. You may love it but I'm uninstalling it.
I spent points on end days +2 and +10. I have no idea what they do. I understand the rest, pretty basic rpg grinder. I just don't understand what this is. also the bear is strong but it takes forever to attack.