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Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Kefir! located at 102 Lenina Prosp., Office 311 Volgograd, 400078 Russia. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

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You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game was fun at the start. Even spent a bit of money on it against my usual play style. I'm usually strictly F2P, but I was having fun. I regret it now. I find that once you get higher level there are crafts you can't even make. You need items that are not even in the game. Tungsten was supposed to be in the game 3 years ago, still waiting. If you want a quick fix and quit, play. If you want a long fun time, forget it. Screw discord and other social sites. I just want to play a game like it's su
Frequently the game shows network failure and one suggestion from the player's side is character travel from one place to another requires a lot of energy I recommended this game to my freinds and I heard most of them don't have patience may be that's also one of the reason this game is not reachable it'll be helpful if u make it less to count of energy requirement and If the network is stable and make the gameplay frequent it would be the best in this class of survival game forever
Game randomly stopped loading. It use to load very quickly now it slow inches to end of load bar but always stops with tiny but left. I've cleared cash cleared data unistalled reinstall. Reset phone made sure everything was up to date. Not s phone issue either all my other games work perfectly. I have an s10E so not hardware issue either. Moving on to similar game called prey day.
Love this game. The story is so interesting and every update it develops more. At first it's hard to gather all resources but that is what makes it real and it is supposed to be a zombie apocalypse in real life it would not be easy to find everything we need that is why we have to grind for it! Favorite game in my opinion. And love the multiplayer it is great to know other survivors!
Fantastic game, definitely a step in the right direction for mobile games. The only thing is, I will never get on with this in any game, is the energy system that can take hours to replenish when traveling the map. I also don't like that it can take 30 minutes or to get somewhere if you don't use the "energy" If you want more stars, and a better review, get rid of it. The same thing applies to all your similar games.
Three years in and half the game is still not out yet. All kinds of recipes that you cannot get the resources for. Resources that would allow you to make your own guns, which would be bad for them because they want you to buy the stuff instead. As far as the Crater area, going shopping for that one item you need to level up your shop, can take days. Hour after hour after hour, with no way to search for it. I've spent a lot of money on this game so far, and that's stopping now. It's highly pay to win, and I would not recommend people pick it up unless they are actually going to work towards finishing the game rather than adding more things to buy in the store.
Used to be a pretty cool game, though I'd still not give it 5 stars. (Progression hits a hard wall pretty early in the game without spending a lot of money on in-app purchases). All that being said, this game is now unplayable. Not sure what was done in the most recent update but the game will no longer even load. And devs blaming it on poor internet connections. I'm 100% sure that's not the problem. I've done testing at several locations with solid internet connections, and via LTE.
Hello. I've been playing this game since last year and I admit that I'm enjoying playing this awesome game. But there's something I want to point out. Most of the The bike skins I like required white paint and it's bugging me that I can't obtain one. May I suggest that pls increase the chance that players can obtain white paints. Most of all casual players, like me. Anyway awesome game I give 5 stars. More blessings to the developers.
Thank god my problem just solved. I played this game is fantastic and best. Everything is best. I just loved graphics the concept of the game you have really worked hard on it. I would have given more stars if there were more. I really appreciate your work the game is best so full rating 5 out of 5😊😉so keep it up and thanks for giving response to my review other games developers usually donot response to every single review but you gave the response so you are the best. 😊
Very frustrating game. Never enough energy or time to do everything necessary. When you die you lose everything gathered. Games should be fun, not annoying. I'm not a free to play player. I enjoy spending money on fun games, but this was just a headache.
Some of my friends who play this game and I always lose connection trying to play. Most of the time wall we are fighting and it kills us. I am fed up with always being disconnected and getting killed and not being able to get any of my stuff back even when I go back to the exact place I died at. Can we have immunity if connection starts to be an issue or at least be able to go back to our dead body to get our stuff back?
You don't get for what u pay for, bought like 97 boxes at current season (spend a total of 450 usd wich i am regreting) could not get the purple bp for motorcycle, but others could get with less amount of boxes (5 or 10). Also the others boxes i bought are the same, you don't get what the content say but just a random item... wich is a nonsense since you re paying for.
love the game , although the beta has been going a very long time and not in prod yet, its clearly pay to win though. The support team can take ages to respond and look for excuses to not provide you with good follow up support. They had an event recently where you if you logged in during halloween you got a gift, i never got it, they took so long to respond by the time they did respond the event was over and they said sorry too late. considering the amount of money i have put in, thats terrible
The game is very good but it's very difficult to reach a new level and when you need to craft something you need to search to the materials if you don't have them. The graphics are good and you can craft weapons. And another point it's that to assemble a chopper you need parts that it's very difficult to get them. Finally, the energy system is very awful because you spend them very fast if you don't have your chopper. The game is good, install it and you will enjoy the game like me.
While playing in one of the crater locations the game suddenly disconnected from the server and quit. When I restarted the game I discovered that I had lost all the supplies that I had worked so hard to get. I'm extremely disappointed! I would like my supplies back and/or a full refund of the premium season pass that I purchased. If the game just crashes after one spends money on it, I'd rather not play it.
The game has become basically unplayable. You can no longer loot things or even look in containers without it crashing. I've spent over $100 on this game, so it is highly disappointing that it no longer works. Please fix this, or I will expect a full refund. Also, do not blame my RAM as you have been everyone else because I know I have enough RAM to run the game.
This game WAS a lot of fun until I found out that all it takes is one glitch to cause you to lose everything. I actually paid money to obtain items that would've otherwise taken forever to get. All was going great until a random glitch while fighting a group of zombies led to me getting killed. I LOST EVERYTHING!! No chance of ever getting it back now. I'm seriously considering just removing this game all together. It's just not worth my time and aggravation at this point.
This game leave a really bad first impression for me, loading stuck in infinite time, apparently this bug has been there since the first launch, it shows how the devs treated this game. Edit : Change my review to 5 stars, solved my connection issue by changing my network, so far so good no lag, controls are good, gameplay are great and thanks for the devs to actually responded!
This game is awesome and different than any zombies game I ever had. But there thing I hate in this game because all of stuff to expensive. It takes too long to farm all the loot to assemble things. Then, there too many things that I need to fix before it such as turret and generator. But the adventure is really amazing and very a hardcore difficulty. Lastly, I hoping that player energy can last long and pay to play is not expensive as before.
Very fun and addicting. Im slow to learn but getting it!! ***update**** Sad to say it freezes my phone when an ad is run for the free box... Or if i go to watch an ad to get more stamina to run somplace instead of walk. I have to power off my whole phone to get out of an ad on the game. Today i just tried to play it and it froze while in one of my storage boxes. 😞
I've had to uninstall and reinstall this game 3 times now. It's very frustrating, because it's time consuming and I lost all my loot, my base, everything! The game itself is fantastic, but I've changed my review because they have been having trouble with this glitch since 2017 and haven't bothered to fix it. When you've spent money on a game, you shouldn't lose everything and have to start again like this.
This game is GREAT. It has great ideas, great gameplay, and you could go the entire game without watching a single ad. It is challenging, which makes it more rewarding when you complete goals. I also like how theres a horde thst comes so you don't just do the same thing. My only bit of critique is that i feel it takes way too long for walking to places compared to running. Running to a place will take like 9 seconds but walking takes like 12 minutes.
I already play this game a few years already and making a streaming. But I got problem now. It's hard to me enter the game. Always appear network issues or some problems issue with games. Before this I got no problems with that network. Still can play or streaming for others survival games. Please fix it's.
I lost my data even tho i linked with my email in Google play....recently i uninstalled this game and installed it again...when i connect with my email....it just stays like that ...usually it asks"do you want to load the previous data (something like this) and type 4 digits code and go back to my email linked account...
So reading through the comments the main complaint i see is that its slow or that you die. This game is so realistic. It does take time to build a stockpile but i mean it will be hard on the real world to build a stockpile in the end. I spend money on the game but you can buy the premium packs during the seasons and get a lot of rewards! 100% recommend this game!
The game is good. It was getting stale but they have been improving it. The game is almost too big with the crater ( multiplayer) and the main game with different characters. The clan sizes are too small and it is difficult to find clan members. The events that they do have they need to put some sort of notifications on when they will end.
The amount of rare resources you have to use to get other rare resources is a complete waste. Its takes a lot of weapons to complete the harder areas and the stuff you get for completing the areas doesn't add up to the amount you used. Game is great but its definitely a pay to win.
the events of the game was good grapgics are good ,its fun and very open game but one thing i need you to fix. if you are reading this one ..the uknown box we would love to know if the box gives us useful items like range or melee weapon because everytime i try it always stops at rocks and some other sh*ts like its automatically stops at non useful item.
Last time I play this game it have some server and lost connection issues, but now I think that's not the case anymore. The game developers are done a great work, really appreciated and now I am enjoying this game... And I think I never uninstall this game, but please the seasonal updates are taking so much time doesn't with that,.. and also the Winchester gun it's just garbage do something with that also... Once again great work and love this game...🖤
I'm so addicted to this game... I absolutely love it!!! The only thing that I have trouble with is when I buy something it will kick me off but whatever i bought is always in my inbox. Just wish it would'nt kick me like that... Keep up the good work tho...
The amount of time I've spent in this game is unbelievable but that's because at one point I had fun and got addicted on the concept. I've spent more than at least $150 if not more since I downloaded it but as time went on it became obvious that Kefir was milking the cash cow after they introduced "seasons". Nothing you pay for is guaranteed only a "possibility". So if I spent 50 plus on a bunch of weapon blueprints only to get a bunch of stuff I already have then is it even worth it? F*** no
Crater lags WAY too much, Bandages are forever slow to apply in a map area in Crater. Just dump the Crater and work on only one part of the game. I'm done putting in over $500 a month for a game I'm hating more and more each day. Check my spending to verify my truth. THERE NEVER IS ANYONE WHO RESPONDS OR LISTEN! Let alone a game master who can fixs in game item loses due do their (LDoE) glitches and game freeze in crater. Not my internet. Running T1 optic fiber lines. Always blame the player
It's a great game but i am really frustrated right now because I'm literally stuck.i was supposed to get information from these raiders at this forest place and when i went there they killed me, now everytime i go back with a new weapon but they keep killing me the moment i enter, i don't get the chance to move or attack or do anything at all, I'm literally stuck and keep losing weapons. Please someone help me.
Have been playing this game for a while.please make the contract thing in the crater permanent. Rewards for the season progress is good;but it would be better if they were more frequent. So many premium rewards ;give something to people like us also who can't buy it. The business thing you've done is awesome. You've done a really great job. I was hoping for some updates in those army bunkers like more floors. Think you'll figure out something about that 4th and 5th floors.
I like the game but it could be better. Unlocking the second character serve no purpose. Having friends is also pointless. You can't go hunting together or send each other gifts. Before you use to be able to go back to your dead body and get your items, but now if you die you're screwed. The zombies raiding your house is pointless because you don't even have to be there; they're going to destroy your walls no matter what.
This game is great, but there are a few issues. On my device, I have lots of free space, and it still crashes sometimes when I try to enter an area. I've uninstalled several apps that took up space and still can't get the game to work as its supposed to. Other than how long it takes to load, its a great game and I reccomend it.
Definitely worth it!! It is not as good as PUBG on giving me goosebumps while fights but it does kinda feel good playing this game. I do recommend this game if you are into survival games. Note : This is not FPP game and it kind of resembles Rust (a PC game). To devs : I noticed that on the bottom right corner, the version of the game is written and there it is written as Beta so will my current account be lost when it gets out of Beta version? I really wish it doesn't happen. Good luck.
I am noting this game 2 star so that the creators can see this, i really enjoyed the game but as of lately i cannot play anymore, each time i launch the game i get a message telling me to go to the playstore and update the game but i cannot update as there is no updates to install. All in all the game is very good and i enjoy it but i cannot play it anymore. I would like for you to fix or tell me how to fix this glitch so i can go back to playing. Edit:i reinstalled the game and it doesn't work
Heaps of people complain about the game but don't put much effort into the game itself. This game is about commitment and management and the support team have helped me multiple times with the issues ive encountered, either in the in game support or discord, go ahead and give this game a try
I used to love this game even if I'm just a beginner and even if there is no proper instructions on how can I survive.I started purchasing some stuff.I thot when I die and revived and go back immediately, I can still see my body at the same location where I died just like what happened in the bunker.But this is not the case in the forest.Cant find my dead body so the things that I purchased were all gone. As a beginner, that is very traumatic and unfair. I felt that I was fooled by the rules.
The Dev's have doen a great job but there are some problems I would like to discuss. First loading time every time you exit from home to the map or vice versa it takes about 50-40 seconds. Second please make a space where we keep things which we would not loose if we die. Third please make the beginning portion so that we get some guns. Guns are really rare for beginners. Fourth is the energy. Please reduce the recharge rate from 5 min to 2 min please it's very difficult to play otherwise.
Great game , love the fact that you must scavenge to get parts early on , i only think that when you reach lvl 30 , certain weapons and tools and even traps that you NEED , is to hard to get, or is too expensive to craft. The reason you need is because the zombie horde gets harder to defend off that attacks you every day , and spike traps dont work always.(spikes are in any why to expensive). Otherwise, its a fantastic game
Everything is fun and games. Until you die and lose everything. But I actually love this game. You can actually make it better, continue the great work! You can add a chance to get your loot back with watching a video every week maybe. It would be cool.
I love the game overall, everything is great, except for it being so difficult to find parts, even in the most dangerous of spots like the red forest, or the red rocks. But the only thing I really have a problem with is everytime I spin my hourly unknown box, it always lands on the worst reward. ALWAYS. It doesn't even land on the second worst thing I could get. I've been playing this game since it's been out and it's always been like that. If you could fix that, that would be great.
Great game, been playing for awhile now. But one thing that does my head in is when my character (from crater side) is half way into a fight and she needs to pee all of a sudden! Cant do anything except watch your character die as she takes a pee?!?! Ridiculous, needs to be fixed. I lost heaps of decent items too. Stupid.
The game has a cool concept and good mechanics of how everything works, but the game is looking for all sorts of ways to make you spend money. The worst thing is that I lost all of my progress and I waited for half an hour and never got to talk to someone on the support team, the support team is terrible, they just ignore lost progress complaints.
Only played for a couple of hours. seemed like it could be a new obsession for me. Until I died. I had no idea you lost all your clothes, weapons and backpack inventory upon death. I could live with losing my backpack inventory, but the clothes dont grow on trees. On top of the fact that it takes FOREVER to load. Might come back and try another few hours of gameplay when I have a bit more patience but honestly, I think Ill get pretty annoyed by losing everything evrytime I die.
Overall great game, even while offline! I've spent hours crafting, building up my base, and shooting hundreds of zombies! HOWEVER, my only complaint is that no matter how many times I've tried the free box where you must watch an ad before you can open it; no matter how many times, I always getting the lowest quality item...I would like to see an increase in a chance for a better item from time to time. But a great game! I hope to see even more improvements in the future!
The game keeps crashing, after two years of playing this game on my phone the game now tell me. "Unfortunately, this device does not meet the recommended system requirements". It also says "We cannot guarantee the game will run stable on this device". Why is my device not meeting the requirements, 2 years ago it did, last year it did, 4 months ago it did, but not now. IT NEEDS TO GET FIX ASAP!!
I don't know what happened to my game,it was running just fine yesterday and today when i open the game it stuck at loading in the final stages of loading bar and keep stucking for like 30 minutes and still being stuck , please kefir fix this issue I don't want to lose my data because i have so much in it and i love this game so much and i willing to give 5 but then this happens and i would give 5 stars when this issue is resolved Please solve this
After 1 year, i finnally recovered from my account getting deleted with an expensive purchase, i played it again and it seems as if i wasn't disappointed, a little sad tho that i missed a lot of seasons but atleast i am having the fun this game made me have a year ago but even better, There is something that will be really good to add in the game, ranged weapon as melee, when an enemy is in front of your face attacking will play an animation for each gun that leads to damaging the enemy,thas all
Hey I have been a big fan of the game for the past 3-4 years, I odor the game and wish the best for it, I gave the game a four star review cause of the constant grind, back in the day it was fun to go into a zone and get the loot but now it just a grind now I have to do the bunker to get aluminium, snow forest to get copper and iron ore and charcole, which I don't like I know the game will change when it is fully released but till now everything is meh thanks for hearing me out kefir .from 🇱🇧
Good game I guess. Can you make the game so that the resources at your bunker, camp, house, thing, grow back? It would make me lvl up much faster. The reason I didnt rate this game 5 stars, is because it's kind of boring once you have everything you need.. EDIT: Can you make it possible to sleep in a bed, sit in a chair, and set stuff down?
I absolutely love the game its so cool and stuff but not realistic. Like you gotta waste a tons of guns to get gas cylinders in bunker bravo and there is four gas cylinders laying on a truck in a motel and you cant pick it up. Another thing that if you kill a player or a raider with a gun or a good weapon and an armor they drop only a backpack and a hachet even if they had way better loot in their hand.
The game is great, smooth graphics and have a nice gameplay but it takes 5 minutes to regenerate 1 stamina and that's insane. There is a perk called walker to increase walking speed but its not helpful at all. I wish it could be adjusted to 3 minutes for 1 stamina and make the 200 energy pernament it will make the game fun.
Random enemy encounters have no scaling, you can easily find a random NPC with guns in a continuous string even on the lowest levels that destroy even a very heavily armored player and end up losing everything you've built. The same applies to your camp. You can easily lose your entire camp to a random NPC with insane weapons and untouchable health.
It's a good premise, but you guys fall really short in more than a few areas. One big one being the rarity and durability of firearms. I've hit level 48, went to a 2-star area with an undamaged M16. I didn't even manage to get through half the zombies on that level before it broke. That is a massive issue. A firearm should not break that quickly- especially considering they're really not even that strong. I would write a longer review on areas to improve, but I'm already out of space to write.
The game was fun at first. But the idea of having to upgrade your base from other players is kinda dumb, it's also super hard to even upgrade them cause it takes forever to find the items. You can't make good clothes until your a high level, and having to wait to get to your destination if you don't have enough energy is obscure. 2 stars because I liked the game but got tired of it real fast
I really like the game. I lost my account because of a gmail account glitch so I had to restart. I didn't care as I could get the progress back. But I really wish that the legendary survival pack would be more frequent because i've waited months and still haven't seen it. Anyways great game.
Okay so, its a good game. Well made, fun to mess around with. But, as other players complain, you only get the absolute lowest quality item from the free box. I had a box with almost all gold, excluding a blue engine part and 5 rocks. The pointer did a full revolution at the same speed until it hit the stone. I can "guess" anything I'll get from the box. Also I wish the in game coins had a use beyond refilling energy. I cant give it 5/5 unless the devs fix those things unfortunately.
Amazing game! It makes me Rage but I love it so much! there are a few things I wish were different but it's still overall an amazing game! The one thing I would change is that you don't have to be a certain level to make friends in the game and have the male character look just as awesome as the female character. but overall this game is amazing I give it five stars and the amount of hours I put into this game is outstanding and I'm going to have this game for a long time!
I like the game, the graphics and everything even the tasks, its just its hard to seperate the things you need to use and the things you want to stock, the option is always "take all" or "put away" or something, and its kind of frustrating. Please fix it, thats all im asking for.
... this game was amazing back in old days But Im just disappointed the game becomes boring because its too grindy but still its a good game also there's a bug which doesn't let me play the game it's like this when I start the game the loading becomes slow and when its at the end it stops please fix this Edit: i do have over 10 GB of space and no internet problem im gonna try fix the ram i guess?
Actually I love this game. All over the game is fine but some things are not right. 1. In order to raid others base you should reach 150 level. So it is so hard for us to reach 150 level. So I think 100 level will be enough to raid others base. I humbly request you to improve this. 2. To craft guns are so much hard because we can not find enough elements for them. Which I think is totally waste of time. Other than these I think the game is fine. I have been playing this game since 2018.
The game is awesome and addictive too.. but why does im always stock on the loading screen when im always trying to log in or play the app. Sometimes it take ages to get on the because of the loading section, but now i have totally stock on the loading section that's why i can't play it again. Can you fix this problem? I really want to go back on that game.
This is not F2P w/o fun, The game would be addicting, It will be fun if you just remove the energy thing so we can move whenever and wherever we want. You should keep the Margine between f2p and p2w through resource access. Through the energy, The fun is being cut. No one will play a game where you need to wait for about 30Min? 50Min? With nothing to do. Games who limit players by putting energy sucks. Maybe developers should seek more way to gain profit than putting/limiting players by energy.
Been playing this game for a while and it's been really fun. The one thing that kinda stops me from doing some things like Bunker A., is the lack of space. I have a decent amount of trunks and not a single lvl 1 box, and I just don't have enough storage. Very good game in general. If only copper would be easier to come around...
I have been playing this game for a year now and I really love it. But I kept on installing and deleting it sometimes. Just 2 mos ago I installed the game again and all of a sudden my account disappeared? I was level 122 on that and spent quite a lot of money trying to level it up. Then I comeback just to find out that it's been lost? Good thing I screenshot-ted the data and those numbers at the bottom on the settings. I really love this game but I want my account back. Please help me fix it.
It takes ages to find good stuff it would be more fun if you could up the spawn rate of important items like all the things you need to build machines,vehicles, or guns, it's just no fun losing all of your stuff then starting all over again, plus I get that it's like real life and everything but make the waiting time for planks and stone and energy way less its boring to have everything you need to make you base but you gotta wait an hour for all your stuff to be done, make a difficulty setting.
This game is really amazing, everything is realistic and it has fun adventures. Sure you may die alot from time to time but sometimes a good challenge is pretty fun because I dont like easy games because then id get bored easily. Ive also been reading the reviews and I saw that the devs were trying to reply to every review regarding bugs. Thats really amazing, ive downloaded this game on another device and im going to download it again on this one. I 100% recommend this game
Brilliant game but the servers suck so bad been playing when ever im in a town etc loot loads of stuff then as im about to go back to bass it kicks me off the game and I lose everything I had in my backpack. The past few weeks iv not been able to do anything to move on in the game as it keeps kicking me off. As if the game knows when to do it. Also you have to put hrs and hrs days and days to even get anywhere unless you rich then no problem
Please optimise the loading screens since it takes very long to load, fix the amount of energy consumed while traveling, more bike parts in the first bunker, could you make the cloud save feature more user friendly? Like a save/restore button? That would make my progress feel safe, and loot from crashed planes should give you atleast rare guns, bike parts or armour daily.
I will only give this game a 4 star. The game is good however, I am very disappointed with logging in my amazon prime account because after claiming the Backpack punk model when i checked my inventory. It's not there. There's no changes in my backpack style as well. I can only give this game a 5 star if that bug is fixed. Thanks and more power.
I love the game.... BUT, lately I've encountered a lot of bugs and some I've heard to be old, like from season 9... Some examples would be when you go to special location or go to other districts, the game would instead bring you outside the crater (wastes a lot of energy). Another is if you try to enter a location, you would lose connection (which can be solved by going to support and back but still troublesome). The second one might be a connection issue but the first one should be fixed...pls
I like this game a lot. Only thing I don't like is the two characters part. Having to focus on two characters and doing individual missons for both is a bit too much. I don't have that much time to do both characters and then both characters get affected as as result. It would be much better if we could just use one character and be able to go back and forth between them. Being able to share stuff, should be a option. Some stuff I have with my home character, I don't even use,such a waste tbh.
This game is good. Of course it takes time to find materials for what you need but it's better to venture the world while your advancing your base. I like the events and diffrent places you can go. This game is a bit suspenseful in the sense that you never know what you'll get and what type of zombies or people there will be. I only have a few minor issues. The free box that you have to watch an add for rarely gives you anything decent and entering the basement its unfair to not let us leave.
It has improved a lot since I first played it, and it wasn't that bad before. The graphics are awesome a can have them set to the highest setting and still the game runs smoothly, the gameplay is amazing, theirs a bunch of little side quests and people that wonder into you're base and help you or need help. And to top it off theirs so many puppy's! Their everywere and adorable. The control on mobile are about as good as you can get, but I don't know about other platforms.
Overall a good game. The biggest issue is the multiplayer mode needs a lot of work and needs to be revamped. The crater in my opinion pretty much seems pointless as you are just trying to help your business and make an apartment which drifts from the survival element of the game and gets boring and repetitive fast. The sector 7 idea was brilliant in my opinion and I think you ruined the multiplayer side by adding in businesses and apartment. Completely unnecessary. Better content needed in co-op
I wish there was no star rating because this game deserves it. It took me like 1 month to get a motercycle. I think it will take a year to get atv and it is impossible. 200 engine parts is almost impossible. I also think doing police station and mainly bunker alpha is boring. I know u get a lot of guns but there is no point in them. I think u need to make big updates like the helicopter. I know u r working hard but I haven't played the game for 6 months now I didn't uninstall it.
Too many glitches and connection issues in the crater side of the game still. So many friends having same issue. Not just me and my device. I know you are in "beta" still supposedly but come on please. If so many people are having issues, might be time to quit saying it is their device, and make changes to whatever is needed to fix the issue on your end. Other games don't have the same issues on such a large scale. You guys can resolve it. You can do better Kefir games. I love this game.
this game has an amazing concept and ive really enjoyed playing it in the past few weeks. however, i feel like there's still things to be added for this game to be at it's full potential. i.e more points of interest, more online player contact, and maybe even the ability to visit your friends base freely. but besides all of that, this game is a decent 4 out of 5 stars, with the potential of 5 with maybe some new content and less repetitive gameplay.
I would give it a 4 star ratings as i really liked the adventures and survivalist challenges. But there is an serious problem going on in this game cause its showing update notice everytime i open it but there's no new update in playstore, its pretty strange and i request the developer to look into it and solve this issue ASAP or else I'll have to uninstall it!!🙁
The app is great but the only reason of its disliking is that I am not able to pick things in the game, it is happening from some days continuously whenever I try to open something so it's becomes black and I came to the home screen and I have also tried to clear the cache but nothing happened! Please help! Otherwise great app!
I love this game. But one thing frustrates me it's energy recharge. I took 5 minutes for 1 energy recharge I think? Im not sure but please make it higher but if u don't agree it's ok. Anyways this game is cool and this is the game I want for a long time I was looking for games to play survival and this game is perfect, for 400mb only this is so good thank you. Thx for a response! I love how sneaking behind the zombies is so useful I can one shot it with my weapon! Again thx for a quick response
This game is really hard. Like most people say, it is very difficult without spending money. Other players attack you immediately making it difficult to find and keep resources. Travel is slow without using energy and energy is even slower replenishing. I actually love the game, but I will stop playing soon enough because I know I will tire of not being able to protect my base or myself.
These game is great but also please change the loading screen picture it's been a long time since the loading screen pic didn't change. Every time a new season appear, the loading screen should also change too. For example the season is about a crater season with new character then the picture is also crater revealing the people or new scary monster about to be encounter. I promise this would be fun and have great day.😘😘 And also sorry im not good at speaking English.
Game is a blast to play. Unfortunately, it's extremely grindy and late game is absolutely pay to win. Doing alfa bunker for the 100th time IS NOT FUN. I have played this game since 2018 on and off. How is this still in beta? It's seems like a excuse to use the "accelerate your gaming by purchasing cuz it's still in beta [and will be for the next 10 years]"
Concept is great. Graphics are really nice and run surprisingly smoothly. But the game crashes every two minutes and just closes. I can't do a single thing in game other than run around without the game crashing or "losing connection to the server" when I have good service and wifi.
played this game for many years and it is a very hard game to play. i am disappointed in the fact that if you die in a spot you can no longer go back after revival and retrieve your things.. i have lost allot of good items and backpacks. You also can never get what you need to finish making tools at your base. Filters are non existent as well as wrenches and other items. I have spent allot of money on this game thinking id get ahead but know i feel im being ripped off. Getteing disappointed.
Hello, this game is totally amazing, the amount of hours I've put in this game in incredible and I'm totally amazed by it's concept. However, I would like to make a suggestion, since this game is multiplayer, make players show up more often. By that I mean, we don't want to meet players only in sectors. But like, if I expanded the map and made the communication tower, I would see my brother it would be a cool Feature. Other than that, Thank you for this amazing game, kefir.
This is a fantastic game, the mechanics and UI are easy to understand, and overall it gets a 9/10. However, there are some things that could be changed or/and improve (i.e. When my character dies, I basically lose all my loot with no way of getting it back, it'd be great if at least I could get back SOME of it, not all, esp the backpack. Another thing is the time it takes to walk from place to place, not everyone has the time to wait for that long since we have thins to do irl) Can I send email?
I suggest making coins more useful other than buying gas or energy. Coin packs sound great, and currently only being able to buy packs with money isnt good. Another thing. Once I died in bunker A. I went back and found everything... except my saw mace. Glitch? Otherwise, great game. The horde is too anoying though
I've paid for the full version and it was never applied. Requesting refund. Update, I was granted a refund from Google and I went back and repurchased the same package, again. That purchase did go through and was applied. The refund will get applied back from the first purchase, no worries. It is rather frustrating to have purchased the full version and then having to repurchase when I switched phones and had to download, then repurchase and starting from the beginning all over again.
I absolutely love the game. I had one problem. The kidnappers that take you to the Old Mansion, that's bugged. I picked up ALL of the berries I could find and give every last one to them, but I couldn't get my stuff and leave. The iron hatchet I picked off a corpse broke before I could break the level 2 door in the courtyard. And when I figured out I could reopen the game to fast travel home, the old Mansion was deleted, including my inventory and my reinforced cloth armor. Furious as all hell.
This game is not working on Android. You can load the game the first time but once you close out, it won't connect to the server. Game makers say it's an internet connection on users' end but it is NOT. And they refuse to fix it. Works fine on iPad.
Its ridiculous how you lose everything if you die several times I've upgraded my gear even had paid items on my person just to die and can't get none of it back ...when I first started playing this game it atleast gave u a indication where your body was u can respawn go back to your body and get your stuff and if doesn't even do that anymore now its to the point I don't even want to play this game ...my only major complaint good game tho
I love the game, i really enjoy playing it, maybe i suggest that, the developer would lessen the energy consumption if my character would run, so that the player would play longer than usual, and i suggest that the developer would make the engine parts to be found easier than the present one. I hope the developer could read and consider this suggestions 😇😇😇
Im sorry for my poor English. I don't know what to say, i know i have bad connection, but please Kefir remove the "quit" massage, it's annoying, sometimes i tried to login and boom i can enter map/place but the "quit" massage keep appearing not the "restart the game" massage when i lost connection for a bit, so i should quit and try login again it's so annoying(and it takes so long to login), i hope Kefir can remove it in the future
The new season is Epicc. The new system of contracts are very helpful for any player. As for now, gameplay is good but can be better in Sector 7. The guns for the Sector 7 are really strong, but the clothes are still weak (in terms of durability). Making melee weapons is hard in Sector 7, but we can instead buy them. And the loot in Red Zone is kinda bad. The chance of getting weapons in red zone is like 1/5 (I did some calculations for this). More or less it can be better but it's still Epicc.
So frustrated and disappointed. I've wasted too many hours and too much money on this game for it to be so unreliable and support to be nonexistent when you need it. I made a purchase and played for a bit on my phone. I switched to my laptop and the gameplay and purchases disappeared. I've had syncing issues before but this one involved real money. If you can't really progress without paying real money and you lose items purchased with real money due to syncing issues, there is ZERO incentive.
Tbh this game is really challenging and entertaining no doubt in that. But once I uninstalled the game since my phone had low memory and then I installed the game again hoping it would continue from where I left but it started from the beginning. Now my concern is if I change my device when my current device doesn't work is there any way to restore my progress in the game.
It's so fun, engaging and addicting! I love the fact that you can be online with other real players but also play at your own base. There is so much freedom and you can get really creative when building houses and stuff. I love that there are barely any ads and there isn't anything that sort of repeats itself. There's ALWAYS new things to find & explore!
I honestly underestimate this game. I was overwhelmed how much features this game provides. It makes it very addictive. However, the negative part of it is that the amount of challenge can be extreme without proper guidance and how much effort will be wasted when you die, it is very degrading. Personally, the "Switch Character" is a good but mostly bad perspective. Hopefully, there will be update on this. Its unnecessary to have two characters when they can just combine both features.
Update: it's fixed and I'm still in love with this game! 5 s I absolutely love this game but I'm giving it 2 stars... Because now after the update it keeps telling me every single time... That I've lost connection to game servers.. please restart to reconnect & it doesn't matter if it's using hotspot or just my regular phone service! I updated 7/22... every other game I have still works so it's not my wifi or service... Must be the new update. I'll give 5 stars when this issue is resolved.
During this new update I have been having a ton of issues with bugs like somtimes when I'm trying to load into any location it just be a black screen, and I have to close the game and reopen it. Other one is if I go into the crafting menu the game will freeze and crash. Another one is when I am to try to take on a quest it will. Ya guessed it freeze and crash. Please help me with these problems.
I really love this game so much, I've been playing this game for 3 years and yet this game is amazing. But I really hope you guys make multiplayer, not the crater but multiplayer just like frostborn. I really hope it will happen someday soon because that's is the thing that I really want for 3 years. But the game is still enjoyable. Thanks Kefir.
Great game the only thing I would like changed is more free weapons like say a gun every 3-4 days or something like that. Not everyone can afford to buy weapon packs all the time . I can usually get 3 a month but that's it . But yeah great game especially for a phone. 👍✊👊✌
2 years ago since I found out about this game and now I'm still playing. This game helps me to overcome my problems. It's challenging but it's fun, I really really love this game and I love the new updates, new places, events on the map to see everyday. The crater is so amazing I love it, you have your own business and you have to work hard to clear the places on the crater map so that you have something to put in your store. To all of what I have said I just want to say I love it. Keep it up.
Great game! I love every single aspect of this game and just can't stop playing it. There is just one problem though. I did not connect to my google play account and got pretty far as well as making some in game purchases like the full version of the survival guide but I accidentally deleted the game and now all my progress as well as my ingame purchases are now gone. I do not care about the progress but I do care about the in game purchase. I don't have it when I start a new world. Help?
I want to rant about your crater. Your crater is sh**. It lags a lot and it delays a lot than the single player. I can't count the times I've been killed by one or two Fast Biter just because of delays and connection lost. 😡 Please fix it. And also your healing points is a disaster. Kefir forgot that their game is fast-paced. So we need the bandage to heal us faster too. 😡 What a disgrace.
Its already 3 years, did the devs ever tried their own game? There are so many problems here, are those weapon made of plastic? Those durability is terrible, and those grinding and wait, resources processing entering higher level place will most likely end up losing all your stuff, getting oak plank is harder than stealing money from your dad's wallet,Those essential stuff require SO MUCH time to complete, loved the concept of this game, but you can't go further without slapping some moneys
I really do like this game I have been playing for a long time and spent around 50 bucks on it I am almost complete with my ATV but still having a hard time getting enough stuff to finish it. I have a an idea that I hope the developers will think about. What if instead of a season there was a an ATV or helicopter event, I time span where you would get 70% of what you need to finish the bigger items. Also I really want the rest of the items added to the game. Thanks for a great game.
Hey hello Kefir, this game is awesome. I am playing this from about a month. I want something to be done. While coming to the 'rations', the only problem is we can't get them for free why can't we get them by doing some quests or something..., and an otherly I can't understand how to make money in the game. Can you put some suggestions or something like that. Please consider my request. And in all this is the most innovative game I saw. Kefir, please reply. I am trying to make 500 words...done.
It's a very awesome game it has everything literally everything hats off to the creators...I like all the stuff in it and it's also good that takes little bit time to reach different destinations as this would make the user less addictive to the game...the reason for two stars is that I'm disappointed with the free box...I've been a player for over an year....and ever since the free box came in I always take it for watching an ad but then out of all the things you get the most useless things ..
It's a very entertaining game. The story is intriguing, the characters are cool. I have one piece of advice for you guys which is add some fighting skills to the main characters especially when fighting with abnormal zombies like the big one and thr floater bloaters. Skills like avoiding the hits from zombie that would be great
I absolutely love this game, have been playing from the very beginning, but every update seem to be gearing just for P2P players, now you die you loose everything including your backpack! And as soon as you go back to where you died, your stuff has gone anyway! If you make a high capacity backpack you should be able to keep it!!! Esp as it takes so long to get, every Item you need is so hard to get! Some items are now just available to those who PAY!! Game is getting increasingly annoying!!!!
This game is more than good . I'm giving it 2 stars because of its connectivity issue. Its shows connection lost 15 times in 3 minutes. Its very annoying. I can't play it nicely even for 5 minutes. I got frustrated. Solve this issue. I have high speed internet connection, still the network issue occurs :( I'm increasing 2 stars just because of your nice customer support. :)
Really disappointed with this game. Loved the game but really poor service. Spent a load of money playing this game and lost items due instability of game play. Developers refused to compensate the items. Update: I logged in again after having a break from the game and all the items stored in my inbox that have been paid for have disappeared. I doubt I'll get the items back because of past experience of poor service.
It's a good game the bosses I think are the best but the thing is I played since 2017 or 2018 and loved the healing system. Butttt it has the most trashy healing system with food now, the other one was less annoying and more unique. This is my complaint if you read this thank you for your time! (I can't do 4 stars and a half so make it count!)