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Is a Role Playing game developed by AIDIS located at 東京都渋谷区渋谷1-7-7 住友不動産青山通ビル6F. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

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Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I appreciate the devs for being friendly and responsive in helping me recover my account. My deepest thanks devs! The game is just so much fun despite being laggy on my potato phone (not game's fault) but i dont really care lol. The collab events are fun and i really wish there will be more. The game never runs out of things to look forward to. This is a -must play- for any gacha style rpg fans 😁
So far, i really enjoy playing this game, the story is alright and the gameplay is amazing, i love everything about the gameplay. I think a great addition to the game would be if they added evolutions to characters or at least SOME characters, for example they could do something alone the lines for evolving rei and he gets his other wing back, etc. Just an idea i thought would be cool, keep up the good work!
I love this game! Vaguely reminds me of the older Final Fantasy games, but with a little more free range when it comes to attacks/skills/characters & more. Plus they have some Devil May Cry cry characters for limited time! I would certainly recommend this game to everyone!
Has been subpar. This gave lacks truly engaging content. I feel as though my investment will be wasted on a game shutting down due to its refusal to appeal better to those who do not spend on the game. I havent had a new friend request in almost three months and that is very foreshadowing to me. Aidas you need to respect the no spending player. Of course I do not know your budget but what I do know is that no increased rated for limited UR Arks is out of line and shows disconnect with your base.
It's an ok game tho arks and heros shouldn't be in the same summon. When you do a summon 99% of the time you will get arks not a hero so you will be stuck with the starter heros for awhile unless you are planning on spending time of money to get one unit and even then good luck. I will rate higher if the summons are sperated into Hero and ark spawns till then it stays like this.
really good gacha game, but like other reviews say it IS a pay to win game. The least they could do is raise the rates of a unit or ssr dropping after every 9k crystal 10 pulls. This last collab the rates were so bad for me i spent over 30k free crystals and over 9k paid at least. Its good if you are a free 2 play player but dont waste your money on this. its not worth it, i certainly am not spending a dime anymore.
Star Ocean Second Story reincarnated. Dropped in during an event and got tons of characters/gear, with minimal grind (though there is like all JRPGs). Story is, uh, bland, and there's no exploration. But combat is fun and art is 10/5. Some of the best pixel art and animations ever produced. Heard about this from pixel art circles and have not been disappointed.
Fantastic story and characters with fun gameplay! If you loved the classic RPGs from the Super Nintendo days, you'll find yourself at home here. The Gacha is fair (aside from the pity system), and the developers listen to the community and make changes accordingly. The art is great and the character building/customization is among the best I've encountered in a game like this. Thanks Aidis!
Very good game. Good gameplay, no energy. Heavy grinder, so if you don't like those stay away. Some people complain about the gacha but I got Rimuru with about 30k worth of free crystals. Only thing that really sucks is equipment being locked behind the paywall. You dont absolutely have to have it but paywall items definitely are a whole lot better. Other than that, no real complaints.
Waifu are important even with the most difficult quests there are. Grinding is great but the 'pause download' everytime you open the game annoys me. Sometimes you need to press back to advance to game start screen. Overall great game. #2 in my list next to プリコネR
Love the game but its telling me I have no crystal for my Gacha even though I have over 8000 will give better rating when I can summon....
*Edit: 1 year later.... I'm still in love! I suggest that the people who feel like getting more from LC visit our Subreddit and discord server! * Great game with in depth character customization and a fair distribution of skillsets for you to utilize on any toon! The story is cute and there is a good chunk of content to enjoy if you play at a comfortable pace. Late game content is lacking right now, but I'm excited to see what the March update provides. We need more players! Install today!
The game it self is fun but the slot machines are a joke and the gems are way to expensive! 80 dollars for 7000 gem thats insane not to mention the event slot machines cost 3000 gems just for 1 go and they make it to were you only get 1event unit on the 5 try 15000 gems to get 1 event unit is highway robbery on your wallet! Its not worth it
Monetization is horrendous. $775 to pity a character. f2p you say? At 90k gems for pity you'll still need a good half year to save after beating the game. And after that one pity gg for life. If you just want to play long enough to beat the game and not waste money it's pretty fun/unique.
You can tell a lot of love was put into this game. It also has one of the best energy systems for a gacha game. It's grindy but that's fine because you can spend the whole day with the game running and not run out of energy. It's amazing. I hope it continues to grow and gain more popularity, it's a great game.
Took back my 5 star. I disappointed with the paywall blocking full access to the game. Yes, i can complete most of game content without them. However, missing some exclusive equip for that unit really bug me coz I'm a collector type player and I'm sad if I can't collect them all, not to mention I don't have THAT much money to buy all exclusive equip. Oh yeah, one more thing, your step up system SUCKS
I dont care what other people say. Depending on the way you play, this isnt a pay to win game. Although spending money will probably give you an advantage, it isnt required. Just got to be open to grinding... which you can do! I enjoy this game very much!
Honestly I really lIke the game and the story and animation is much better than anticapated, but the Level scaling can be downright awful I can have characters twenty levels higher than the requriments but still lose, this is most common in the story, wear the requirment is level 60 my characters are level 80 and even with a level 100 helper I still lose, not to mention the terrible drop rates of characters the dispropotinate grinding and the inability to level up characters.
Game was fun, but new content is really just repeat style events. Gacha rates are horrible, as even if you get a unit, it will likely not be the rate up banner unit.
Game has improved a lot in the last year or two. Had to start a new account after support neglected to respond to my requests about restoring my old account. All is well now. Support still slow at responding, however. Aside from constantly being out of crysts and gold, I love this game. They need to add social media syncing to save people from losing accounts. They also REALLY NEED to optimize the game properly for Android devices (yes, even the newest devices), FPS in combat is horrible.
This game is absolutely beautiful. You can tell that relative to other phone games, a massive amount of love and work went into this. It has a lot of cool ways to keep growing characters, too. It does have a couple flaws. Positioning characters to attack can get clunky in corners of the field, and, more severely, this app has frozen up and needed restarts very often, in the menus.
Please add female dragons. Like dragons in this game are non existent. Please fix that. I want dragon units on my team. Will rate 5 star when fixed.
I came back to this game after not playing for 6 months and it has improved a lot. So many QoL stuff has been implemented that what was a fine but clumsy game is now very enjoyable, even when it comes to the endless grind. Still has absurd levels of p2w stuff, like so many stuff you can only get by spending money, but I don't really care about pvp and at least for pve it's not mandatory to buy all the op equipment. Anyway give the game a shot, it's worth it, especially if you forget it's a gacha
Extremely fun game nice gameplay soo many characters to summon for alot of free premium currency, visual effects are out of this world!!🔥🔥 this game deserves a 5 star rating
well... the gacha rates is sucks. no free unit or ark in collabs. aside from that game play good. but mostly all main char unit (free unit) is sucks / weak.
The main story has your super ordinary run of the mill characters and "Journey to defeat the evil" story. Lilebette, Zekus, Theria and Kyle are strangely almost identical to certain characters from another mobile game (cough cough brave exvius)...The graphics are pretty amazing but dont expect crisp framerate unless you have a "powerful" device. The gacha rates are...horrendous, to be honest, but the Ark and character tree systems left me satisfied with just a few characters.
This game has really nice 2D pixel sprite, so colourful and detailed The game also has improved so much after 1.5 years, love the battle system and the skill build, one of the best 2D pixel art game in android
So if I'm being honest the whole reason I downloaded this game was for the DMC event but I ended up falling in love with it even after the event ended! I love how the creators keep you up to date on what's going on and the known issues. Overall, the game is super fun and I'm constantly playing to unlock new characters!
Great story and game but if you want more players your gonna have to do something about those summon rates. At least have one red orb per multi cause it's not fun where you grinded 3000 crystals only to not get anything worthwhile.
While the graphics are fantastic, that's really all this game has going for it. The p2w model is very nearly unbearable, the gameplay is full of game breaking bugs, the only good characters are melee physical dps (just as well since that's almost the only thing they release) and they make promises only to break them. In spite of that, not being able to trust the company is the sole reason I strongly recommend you avoid this game. The company matters a lot with live service games like this.
I'm hooked! I love this game! Most games in this genre, I've tried and given the benefit of the doubt, but after a certain point, they tend to go stagnant or just become repetitive. This one though.... I've yet to lose interest in. The developers are always putting in new additions to keep the game interesting and addictive. I'm hard on phones and since I've started playing I've gone through 4. This game is the first app I've downloaded on each of them. Keep up the good work and thank you!
I absolutely love it I played this game back when it first came out and even though I uninstalled it for a little bit coming back to it and seeing all the new options and things they've added is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. Also the devil May cry 5 collaboration is on point. Already got my favorite character from the series on my first draw. LETS GO.
LC has come a long way since its release on Global and is only getting better! I hope the fair decisions continue so the game and its community grows!
Meh the cross overs pulled me in but the gameplay itself is not all that interesting graphics are ok I guess for some weird 8 bit thing they might be going for but idk man it's just not very involving. Can't even bring myself to play past the first 3 areas but I got Dante so cool 🤘
Superb! DMC colabs and new story added. Whole game is impressive. Lively characters all of them have story that link to world of Last cloudia. Used to mentioned about this is memory of Star ocean 2nd story and valkyrie profile.
This game is prob closer to a 5 star, good content, hidden things to do, great gacha system where once you pull a hero you can pretty much max them no problem. Some annoying things in the game but not too much. The reason for the 3 star and me quitting is simple, dropped about 70-80k gems on the new hero chrome and didn't get him. That's an auto uninstall for me no matter what game it is. If you've been to their store that's 1-2k real money if I bought them. Unreasonable in any game...
This game used to be fun and ftp friendly. But since the first time limited collab, they've started rigging the gacha so time limited units do not drop unless you shell out THOUSANDS if not more. Sure they give lots of ways to do pulls now, but it doesn't help if time limited units are locked behind paywalls. They took a good game and ran it into the ground. It's sad really. If they keep being greedy and alienating their ftp players, I give this game less than 6 months before servers go down.
- Awesome character splash arts. - Pixel arts. - Lots of skill. - Dynamic gameplay. - Generous developer. - Lots of Collab event. - REM, BEST WAIFU. ♥
I personally think this is one of the most addictive game... The storyline is toptier, along with the collab events, jist hoping that the gacha rate would be up a little higher tho Edit: been playing for a month and a few weeks now, still addicted to it, its worth a try
Game has some of the most beautiful sprites and animations but its monetization is some of the worst out there. For example the newest unit released is paired with a UR ark which is important for learning abilities but the ark is missing on one of the banners without any explanation. Nowhere does it clarify this and like me you could be spending money on a banner not knowing it isnt available on that banner. It's a scummy tactic they use frequently.
The graphics are amazing, the gameplay fun and the music is great. However, the drop rate for new units is really bad. Not Grand Summoners bad, but bad. If you don't get good units on your first couple of summons after staring the game, you'll most likely have to restart to get them, cause you won't get them from the gacha pull. I really like this game though.
Having major connections issues all the time, since Dr Stone update. Several areas where go to claim and it still shows claimable and then errors out...
Great game, only thing keeping it from a five star rating is how hard it is to get top tier units. Otherwise, it's a solid game.
Ive been playing for many months already. I would've payed for microtransactions to advance if they weren't so IMMENSELY overpriced. either way it would be momentary progression if I payed and playing for free is SUPER grindy. only time ive payed is when Im trying to pull strong characters and I didnt even get them. Progression is slow but interesting enough the art is amazing. Tier lists are a joke, some characters are just straight up more powerful than others.
It's a fun gacha game however I feel the summons could be better in RNG. In regards to gameplay it's a fun game story is cool I just wish there was a better explanation in regards to certain missions/quests. I found myself going through YouTube and Reddit links to figure out certain things that I would not know unless I actually researched it and I feel that a game should give you hints or point you in the right direction as to progress further and story or in the game.
This is like the epitome of mobile games. As somewhat of a visionary myself, it seems like my life is tied to this game. May be my view on the subject, but it's proof that at least the rough concept of idea was among the accepted. As if.. chosen.
So far, so good. The art style is amazing and the event for a gacha DmC protagonist was genius. Especially whenever the BGM is from the series. The only complaint I would have is to not having a chat system. Chatting with fellow players is what makes multiplayer games feel multiplayer. Other than that, I'm thoroughly enjoying the game!
Edit: (months later) Used to have an amazing time playing, now there is nothing to do to get pulls and they've nerfed F2P and ruined any fun in playing. Edit (1.5) new update seems promising
this is my 90th day on lastcloudia..the gacha is so-so (you'll get some and you'll NOT get some), devs giving gems and free pulls for you to pull gacha but you have to really choose which char you're gonna spend it on (i'm saving around 30-50k gems for 1char)..other than that, this is THE MOST COMPLETE rpg experience on mobile rpg the store has to offer.
2 stars due to bloody palace threshold. I stopped for a bit and returned to a dps race... QoL changes have been amazing, though. To address problems... You can remove arks and grind, genius. To beg for free DMC characters? They are top tier characters, morons. Cred Equips? Only whales buy. SSR ark equips are far better. Rates are horrible, but crystal supply is only bad if you can't save. To pity is 90k crystals, 90 10draws. Dupe arks need a new system, though. Dupe prisms on those, please?
I rate it 1 star due to the incompetence of the devs and the atrocious pull rates. These devs have screwed up far more, and far worse, within their 1st year than other games that have been around for 3 years plus. The pull rates of this game is trash, other games when they do a step-up banner usually increase the rates; but not Last Cloudia. No if you want a unit you either need to save up for months in advance or shell out roughly $720 dollars.
A damn good game, but there's just too many things that were locked behind a paywall (paid crystals only) like the step up gacha, some item packs, double souls, paid only equipments, and etc. Why can't you guys follow epic 7 as an example of a good monitization practices, there's no such thing as paid crystals, nothing is locked behind a pay wall, you can buy everything if you grind enough. people should've buys crystals when they don't want to grind instead of locking it behind a damn pay wall
Encounted a bug where in I charged 2 Large Crystal Packs with my paypal and it reflected here on googleplay and paypal as well yet only ONE pack was credited ingame and after thorough investigation their customer service deemed that only one was charged. Disappointed, I have been a fan of this game since it was in beta.
Story not full voiced, insta skip. Makes you sleepy because it's 8-bit style. It's current year +10,get it with the times!
I do not suggest this game, there is no f2p pity to guarantee a collab unit even after 50 eleven pulls. Only got 4 SSRs out of 550 pulls plus tickets I bought. This is one of those games that DO NOT nor ever will care for their f2p players which is exactly why I still havent spent on it. It stinks too because at the core this game is good, but management is not. Let the low ratings speak for themselves.
Do not spend money on this game. Whenever there is a character banner for a new character in the rates are double anything else you still get Off banner characters A lot before getting the banner character.
I came back and its worth it they improved the game a lot and became more enjoyable now that rates are pretty ok , compare to my previous acc which barely have units my new acc is going well and i get alot of units, as for me the paywall is understandable.The game art and music is quite impressive and so enjoyable and the begging story is just ok but as you go on the story becomes better and better. The devs really did a good job in improving this beautiful games, long live last cloudia
This game is really expensive. You'd get more for your money just buying a game console. A new game for my xbox is $60 and I have something that will last me a while. $60 in last cloudia for twenty summons, and the chance is so high that you will get nothing for it. In 7knights they sell packages with new units, so if I'm willing to spend $50 I get that unit along with some stuff to level it up, instead of a chance to get that unit. This game is predatory, they know what they're doing.
I don't like how I just spent 9000 diamonds and still didn't get one unit. Not one. That really really sucks.
I play a lot of gatcha games and this one is still by far my favorite. Yes its heavy grinding but the auto feature helps a bunch. This game has so much to do, great characters, story and events. Yes its rough around patch updates with bug fixes etc, but the developers are quick with patches and in game compensation that I dont mind so much cause its still one of the best games on the market right now.
Whenever I play for a long period of time it always crashes and kicks me out. Other than that I love the combat, upgrading layout and the gacha is pretty nice too. Just a bummer that it kicks me out so I cant even put 1 hr into the game. Will edit when I get a response back or if bug is fixxed. I cannot really send a screen shot since It kicks me out to home page on my phone so I have no clue what to do. sincerely, a confused gamer
They seem to listen to the player base, the collabs are cool, constant events keep the game fresh. If you want any collab weapons, be prepared to shell out at least $50.
I don't think this game deserves the low rating it currently has. Sure it does has some problems, like the summon rates and crystal prices. But you can get a large number of free crystals from the story and you don't *need* specific units for the game. And there are so many other awesome things to like about this game. Like the artwork/spritework for characters and arks, or the large amount of lore for the arks and characters when you level them up. The game play and diversity is amazing too.
$30 a multi. Not f2p friendly at all.. Happy 1.5 anniversary, here is your new hero with his 0.078% draw rate! Good luck. Such abysmal draw rates for heroes. Its a shame too since the game is fun, has lots of side quests. Lots of ways to build a hero. Even has a built in auto farm function which is amazing. I don't see this game lasting long when it keeps pissing off it's dwindling fan base. It's a shame too since the art and story are really good and a lot of fun.
Lost cloudia would be a more fitting title. Rates are beyond terrible. Collabs might be the only saving grace...if you're lucky anyway. Progress is gone if you uninstall because your account isn't linked to Google play or any other medium besides a link code so don't forget to write that down.
Great game, and the utilization of 'secrets" on the world map and some other stuff is very unique and sets it apart. The majour complaint is the rigged RNG. Rates are advertised as 8% total to get an SSR (3% character. 5% ark). Statistically speaking, this should yield you ATLEAST 1 SSR per 2 multis (20 pulls), but this is not the case. I have so far for the last 20 days pulled 7 times, only to get one single SSR, not counting the multipulls before this collob which is way worse. This would be okay, if there was a renewable source of currency for pulling. BUT there is none. Every month, the calendar gives you 3k crystals for a single multi. Other than that, this Dr. Stone collab for example has a two-part calendar reward that runs for 4 weeks, giving a total of 2,200 gems, not even enough for one multi. This is not counting also the shite optimization, and the lazy fixing of typographical errors on mechanics. They keep releasing new characters/collabs, but not fixing simple typos and the rigged gacha RNG is pure shite. Would've been great, had it not been for the scummy management.
The game is hands done of the best rpgs you can get on the app store. Draw rates are hit or miss but any unit in the game can be used (some just need more work than others). Its a grind fest but that means its always something too do its always a reason too play. Spend for gacha when its a unit you really want or for a class you are missing that you need other than that stack diamonds grind your units and you will soon have a great team even if you play free.
One star. Forever. Ranking events mean nothing if you shadowban people who want to save their phone's battery. This is from the same company that wanted to make auto-repeat a paid function. On top of the immense powercreeping that they somehow do, there's even lock-outs. Want Attack IV? Limited! It's really hard to like this game these days. Scum move after scum move, can't even miss more than 2 days for a log in sheet. Some people have lives, the same people punished for having a life.
So the game itself is great, you've got character building and varied character designs, fantastic pixel art (which you don't see much in gachas nowadays), and an interesting story. My problem is with the low unit rates and the grind. I'm no stranger to grind; I play Granblue Fantasy. GBF lets you grind however much you need to. The whole orb energy system limits how much you can farm materials to build your characters, which artificially lengthens how much time it takes to make a unit feasible.
Controls are slightly funky, game is feels like a deep loop. Extra missions are stupid since they are all basically the same or require you to use a certain skill which is dumb. I do love finding random items on the map. By far the treasure hunting is so much fun. Units seem to be unbalance so far it would seem you would need to get your hands on a certain unit of the current event in order to deal great damage. Collecting rare gacha items from the arks is insanly annoying.
It's a very fun game . Interesting characters and skills. Just wish there was a easier way to gain gems to do summons sometimes it feels like it's forcing you to pay to get some. Besides that a very enjoyable game. Edit point. Top comment was placed when game 1st launched it is now 12/17/20 still a great game only wish we could still summon heros if you had enough shards like we use to be able to do.
I cannot recommend this game! The game is not for f2p. This game has some of the worst rng on its gacha pulls. Expect to blow hundreds of $ on this game to keep collecting new characters. The grind sucks. The devs are slow to respond and uncaring. It's a brawler style gacha instead of a command battle type. The characters are fun and creative. The game's arch system allows all characters to learn all spells. This means your favorite character will always be relevant.
The game has improved significantly and they appear to be listening. I would read multiple reviews before committing if you're interested in playing, that said, the stories and sprites are great, but the game requires a lot of effort. The AI and PVP aren't great.
This game has become one of the most f2p friendly gachas that I have played.The art, story, characters, and gameplay are all nice, and though the grind is there, and it is a "no energy system" kind of grind, the devs have been working to make it much nicer (you can now grind unit souls, among other things). The devs do seem to do some weird things at times, and they do make mistakes, but they seem to be trying to do better, and there is still much that they do well. The game is well worth a go.
I'm only giving 4 stars because I've just started the game, but I do enjoy it. The dialogue and story telling us actually good compared to other Gatcha games I've played, I really like how you do crossover events. I had a good laugh when I saw the Dr. Stone event was being released on my birthday, so hopefully luck is on my side, I enjoy that anime.
Has been subpar. This game lacks truly engaging content. I feel as though my investment will be wasted on a game shutting down due to its refusal to appeal better to those who do not spend on the game. I havent had a new friend request in almost three months and that is very foreshadowing to me. Aidas you need to respect the no spending player. Of course I do not know your budget but what I do know is that no increased rated for limited UR Arks is out of line and shows disconnect with your base.
Until they fix the summon rates or add some sort of pity system then I cannot give them anything higher than a 1 star. I am highly disappointed with the Descent of Heroes banners and summoning in general. I won't be giving this game or developer anymore of my time or money. Edit 10/29: I will admit that they have fixed somewhat fixed my previous issue. HOWEVER $800-900 pity is WAY too excessive. PLEASE lower pity!
This game is best, animation is best, and also Crossover another world is best, I'm love it I'm hope you rerun event, and add more quest for my Gem arigatou
The game seems to lack consistent direction. It wants you to pull and use units but good luck using them for the events that focus on the units. The game is fun once you have units that are fun to play but with events that have low very low currency drop rates you are punished for not buying the level skips to jump to the actual content. The game obviously wants wales, but you can't get wales without having dolphins and minnows. The devs either don't understand this or are not allowed to adjust
I love the game, the game is great honestly one of the best rpg's out there. But, progressing is a bit too time consuming, like getting materials for enhancement, leveling up character, awakening them, the skill tree ehancement, all of it is very grindy (too much of a grind). It would literally take you probably months before you can even 100 a character unless you use real money on the game. Drops for dungeons are really low increasing them would greatly improve the game.
It's nice when they do collab events but this game's summon rate is GARBAGE! You will more likely get garbage rather than a useful stuff. Stay away from this game!
Edit: the game now works as intended the game is overall great ill give more info once i some experience in the game I cannot get pass the TOS screen without the tos text blocking the check mark and enter button. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. This is on a s10+. At the time I'm giving it one star until this is worked out.
I really love this game but the rates are too low and the paid crystals are way too expensive. Yes, I've spent a little here and there to support the game but still the game is getting stale and is not that generous. The game started off with unit building through skills from arks which is fun but now the limited units are powercreeping everyone else.
Game play and story is really enjoyable. Gacha rates are trash. The few ssr units I do get usually end up being dupes. Thats across 4 different banners. I'll end up take a 3-4 month break because of that
Play this since its released, still enjoy it. Gacha rate is pretty good for me, the only down thing is they remove the soul to get the unit after we get 1 soul from every summon. And the rainbow crystal, it will be better if it just need 1 or 2 orbs to go, just like the other colored crystals, need a lot of them. Oh and i hope u add fuse from crystal to cluster. Other thing is gold, please add a higher dungeon so we could get more money to upgrade.
I really enjoy playing this game, nice gameplay, story. But recently that combat animation become very lag expecially when the screen full of skills animation. the device I am using is Samsung Galaxy A50s. If this is my phone's performance problem, I hope there is a setting to further lower the graphic or turn of the damage indicator to make the animation smoother.
As much as I've enjoyed this game and the collab that is going on, the gacha rates are abysmal. Used 54k crystals to try and get one of the collab units and nothing. The tickets from the events didn't help either. I must have extremely bad luck or something, I don't know. As soon as the collab event ends, I'm just gonna quit the game for a couple months and hope it gets better.
Love this game. I played on release but quickly became bored because of lack on content early on. That has changed because it's easier than ever to grow your units. Nero's pixel art is a little weird but I'm still loving this event. I don't know if there is a solution to this but there is weird static in the background of the music.
Its a good game as far as a gacha game should be, but its got barriers that deter people from continuing, an example being this latest collab, its a cool collab, but you shouldn't have to spend $80 to get 3 weapons that go with their designated characters. I think(this is just an opinion i know nothing about marketing and running an app, but)you should ad a way to earn trading tickets! Other than that great game hope it progresses better in the future.
A decent game from what I was able to play. A bit confusing at first but doesn't take to long to figure out. Not so much P2W as more pay to have an easier time. Unfortunately, they are updating their system requirements in March so I won't be able to play after that. I'm not willing to go and buy yet another new phone to play 1 game. Fun while it lasted.
The gacha rates are on the riskier side but that's neither here nor there. This game is pretty damn fleshed out as it is. Each unit plays pretty unique and it's easy to learn and get into. It's a great time consumer if you need one
Good game and story and gameplay. You must play it for 2D RPG lovers. I dont know why people give 1/2 star but this game deserve better.
I am livid i spent a lot of money on this game. I got a new phone and forgot my account password. I go to account recovery and give them everything but the account password. Yes I also have purchase history screenshot and sent as well to receive no response or care . I just wanted to continue to play this game but obviously they don't care . I'll change the review to 5 star of they respond ever
I love this game. I just hope someday , when we choose ark for specific hero, we can see that ark we already max learn skill or not. So we don't have to tap every ark :)
Ok so the price to buy stuff is way over priced. Literally all of it. Also how bout instead of focusing on monotomous events adding new characters, and a couple lv 100 bosses, we maybe finish the storyline. Theres room on the map and multiple points to create portals to other lands. Ive been playing for over a year and you guys push out events like crazy, but drag your feet on the main story line? I originally gave this 5 stars but your lack of new story required editing the review.
Great game. Grinding is fun. Great ultimate animation. It is grindy but not punishing. Short bursts of grinding when you feel like you have time to chill. The customisation is the best. No heroes are the same. That is the highest selling point. Regarding Gacha. You ll get something. If not units, then arks, then the arks once 100 percent you'll get a special weapon or armor. It is not a unit collection game. If you want that, other games has hundreds of heroes. This game excels in customisation
If your looking for a gacha game with 3D pixel art skill games..i recommended this game for ya..its like FFBE and BF vibes..i see the reviews of the game and see the comment..after experieced it myself..im into it lol..thumbs up moderators..please do more collab for upcoming month!!
So got a ticket for the drstone event that say I can get one of the four units and in the gache screen says I have nothing, emailed the dev team so response and that was four days ago! Screw this horrible game.
The crossover is awesome and I love the music and event! But the gacha rating still is pretty scummy...
Reduce from 5 to 2. Good game in every portions of RPG should have. But poor to manage user backup data. The game can't bind player to any social account even the AIDIS server still difficult to retrive your data in case that you accident to uninstall the game. People play your game for fun not for fear. Inquiry ticket was issued but comunication were useless as i can't answer your questions.
It's a great game regardless of it's gacha issues. If you want a f2p game with a deep story and a excellent battle and unit building system this IS the game for you.
It's a great game the art is beautiful and the game play is smooth and fun. Really feels like your doing and the story is decent. But not a bit fan of how much the MC is bullied in almost every cut scene. And the amounts of cool units to get are few. And the chances of even getting a new unit is lower. And personally wish there was more personal units that can be added to a party instead of just 3. Besides that the game is great and have lots to do!
Very fun game addicting. Some say it's pay 2 win, but i'm f2p and have some good chars feom evwnts u can win wothout paying.
One of the worst Gacha Games you can spend money on. Abysmally low rates for units and yes UNITS matter in this game. Save your money and play something else.the game play is fun when the AI functions properly but that's less than half the time. I play tons of gacha games. Genshin impact, grand summoner, bleach brave souls, FGO, and this one I CAN'T recommend after months of intense playing. Worst farming-leveling system. 200 total Hours of play and later I say STAY AWAY play something else.
The game is fun but the gacha system is absolutely awful... Majority of these games at least have what they call is a "pity" system.. this game doesn't want you to summon anything. The graphics are amazing, game play is fun and story is really good but this games gacha system is horrendous.
Really fun character building centered game. The artwork, which isn't usually something I notice, is mind blowing. The downside is that even for a Gacha game, the rates are TERRIBLE. And the premium currency is over priced.
Solid gameplay , great storyline, beautiful graphics . Really love this game but strongly dislike the paid vs free crystals gacha feature. Just a psa for any players looking to jump in on the slime event or any event. As of rn You will b receiving lots of collab character unit souls but they are useless unless you summon the unit directly from the gacha. You can ONLY use unit souls to power up characters. So if the evnt ends an u have 100 souls oh well. Besides this is great game 👏
In 1.5 years this game has improved a ton. I still play this game daily. The game feels young and new things are being added all the time. The best character line up of any mobile game. Lots of events and collaborations. Pvp, multi-player, super bosses, and a deep story line. Devs do weekly updates. The game is still growing. And it's a ton of fun.
Game is great, drop rates and cost of gems is horrible. The one thing every gatcha needs to do that LS does right is have a reroll built into the game. So brilliant. After that drop rates are so so so bad.
I was excited ater playing the first scenario and then after getting murdered by Hentai tentacled god or something, i finished the additional data download but still got stuck in the freaking loading screen. what a shame because i thought the game was wonderful heck i downloaded it twice and end up getting disappointed.
Always remember your link code so you can come back to this game if you lose your data! Thankfully this game is kind to new comers.
So far, I love the game. The DMC crossover got me into it. But there are some things that make this kinda underwhelming. Like the event ended a bit too soon. And linking your account to make sure you don't lose your units and progress is important. Otherwise, your going to lose players involved in the community. And signature items for your limited crossover units. Like Dante's Ebony and Ivory. Is there going to be a chance to get them again? I know I'm new. But hoping you listen to the fans. TY
Im not gonna lie the graphic in this game was amazing the mixture of 3D background and Detailed pixel art and rich effect making this game a high tier game.But it such a shame since this game was one of money eater game, the pull rate was insane there was no rank for unit but there was rank for arc (basically trash).Imagine the unit pull rate was 3% and SSR Arc was 5% its already lucky if you get SSR Arc but for unit it almost impossible to get.I will play this game until i found paywall & stop.
Love the story and characters. And absolutely adore the art style. The UI hs improved from before. Looking forward for future updates!
Love the game no money required to get good characters , I would like the option to do autorun on the events quest, it's get annoying having to do it manually. That's why I gave it 4stars
I rated it 3-stars because not only is it hard to get some things unless you pay money (obviously, because it's a gacha game), after a while it becomes a repetitive task to get in the game, realize you're falling behind, and slog your way to catch up. Many items of power are locked behind paywall incentive, some unable to be gotten unless you pay for gems, which are priced a bit higher than comfortable. I still can't get Dilmordo, even after spending multiple different summons to get him.
So close to being a decent game, but the rates are god awful, you can spend several thousand gems on summoning, get one red orb, and it turn out to be an ark I've been playing for about a week now, and only have three non-free characters, and countless arks. No point in having a bunch of arks if I don't have characters to equip with the arks. That combined with the massive grind element behind getting free gems, is not a good combo Other than that, fun gameplay, and decent story.
It's a fun game in general, but the new players get hugely shafted, and a lot of events are pretty hard unless you have a really good team, in some cases, is hard for the beginners, so I say it deserves a 4 cause of gameplay being a cool thing.
I haven't found a game that ticks SO many of my boxes as this on. Wonderful combat system, meaningful grinding, can't max out everything without work, and the end game is harder to reach than you think. There is a great community with information on almost every nook and cranny this game has. You will never run out of things to do in this game. Only thing it needs is a guild system :D
Great stuff! The world is interesting, the characters are fun and the sprite art is lovely. The story is as good as many actual games! The only thing to watch out for is really bad rates in the gacha. Other then that, great game.
Nice story, great graphics, great battle system, and nice characters. The only problem to this game is getting units from gacha. Other than that, it's a great game. Heavy grinding to get a lot of things, but still can be satisfying. The new system gets rid of all other options to gain a unit besides gacha. The events only slightly help. The game is still good, even with the very low unit gain.
It's a time consuming game that makes u really grind to make your units great and the devs always seem to add good little events that keep you hooked on the game
Its fun, but the rates for units is garbage even with a 5% chance to get them and add more events and put the whole event in not just one part, its really hard to get drops of life, the game is fun and hard, but need more characters and better rates! WHERE THE HELL IS SAINTLY THERIA!!!!!
**Updated. Play this game for some time, now changed my review. The developers really listen.. they do improve on the whole game in terms of gameplay, stories and the overall experience. Can see that they really put in efforts, can feel their hardwoek! Bravo! And with nice colabs~ truly enjoying it
Overall it feel like you have to pay to win this game of devote an ungodly amount or hours. The auto function proves that this game isn't intented to be physically played rather to leave your phone on for hours in hopes that you get some random material to push your unit to the "next level". The passing really put me off on this game and the summon rate are pretty bad too with practically no pitty system for free to play players, I think I'm going to say goodbye to the game.
I'm still in trauma with regards to how they gouged players with the surprise bttsx limited character banner. Then they mistranslated the marquee $200 paid equipment in said banner which was actually trash tier, and mimed to the folks who bought it to take a hike, lol. Would be 1 star if not for the actual good game hidden underneath the terrible management decisions..
Last update broke the game? Pause download pop up and no game? Yes I did reinstalled it! It was fun while it lasted. I guess you don't tested your games before you release them?
Fun game with stellar art and graphics!!! Very deceiving looks give the game a try worth it in my opinion!
I really enjoy the story of this game. It makes the grinding a lot more bearable when you care about why you're doing it.
While the combat is fun, there some flaws I discovered over time that made me have to subtract 2 stars. First, the rates are AWFUL! Even paid rates are extremely bad. Units and Arks coming from the same pull is far more annoying than the devs might realize. Next, the time and dedication required to max units and arks out is downright disgusting. Gacha's need to stop thinking they're good enough to demand so much of your time. Still kinda fun though.
Generous. I tried playing the Japan version of this game before its global release and I was disappointed. But surprisingly, when I started the Global version, surely they are generous unlike the Japan version. The rates are a bit higher here than JP I guess, because I never had an SSR unit in JP. So Global is a lot more welcoming for me. It's a good thing that the developers in Global somewhat listens to their fans and players.
Been playing this game since release. Really good game drop rate suck but all units are worth anways. I hope they increase the arks Drop rate becuase it all about Arks this game. Getting ark is more important than unit bcuz of the skill that you can learn for it. But still pretty solid game.
It's still a good game but honestly for people who spend money on the game, they need a discount... like 85 dollars gets you 20 summons on the paid summons, the step up guaranteed unit is like... 350 dollars .-. You get maybe enough for 30 summons all together because you get "free gems" instead of all "paid" gems so 👌 anyway genshin impact is a great game and will probs replace this game 100% you can spend 100 for the first time and get 80 summons like... they are doing it right unlike "aids"
Great, but struggling due to the amount of lag that I suffer while playing even at the lowest setting. I'm not sure If it's my phone or something else.
The game has been very well executed aidis has done a very good job in the past year and a half I almost gave up on it... but I knew they would get it together great job aidis!!!
Game is great nothing more nothing less, but..... It's the gacha that's sucks because for paid to be able to get the character for events it's about $200-$300 dollars "(IS IT REALLY WORTH IT)" just to get a character. And for players who don't spend money to summon is utter "TRASH" WHAT ABOUT A UNIT WHY IS IT SO HARD TO GET A GOD DAMN UNIT IN THIS GAME!!! I DON'T WANT A CHARACTER FROM THE CAMPAIGN!! I WANT FROM EVENTS ONLY.
An ok game with decent potential lacking in things to do but still fun worth it if you just wanna kill some time every now and again
After the last update/maintenance debacle and continuing the game, I have decided to forgive LC/Aidis. Honestly this game is the best game currently. I've played grand summoner, 7 deadly sins, fire emblem, etc and got bored of those games but this game is fun. The pixel art is the best, combat, skill tree and content. I am going to give it a 5/5 and it doesn't take long to understand gameplay. After I get to endgame content, I will revisit the store line. Great game.
i love opening song of this game and base story line its good like novel. and this game have so much event. my advice its please more bonus crystall to uppgrade. because its need so much
Caters to players who spend money, ticket rates for specialty banners are 3% to get a unit and then if you manage to get a unit you'd have to 3% again for that unit on a specialty ticket banner, the only time rate is up is for crystals. Another issue is step up banners are Paid Crystal only so F2P get screwed there. Also it takes 300 tokens/medals to get a guaranteed unit which is 90000 crystals, thats roughly 774US dollars for a guarenteed unit,thats a house payment.soo no. Budget Wisely.
It was fun at first but the game eventually became not only grindy and also unrewarding. PvP is definitely p2w and the sprite for this game is a mix of good and horrible to look at (like the dmc sprites). The game also forces new player to rush to lv 100 if they dont want to be left behind in game, (collab units and such). This game has amazing 2D animation, I really like it. The gameplay would also be a lot better without victory poses per waves. Let that be at the end only. It was fun.
The game is getting harder especially the nerfs on mages that can no longer spam magic that has time stop. The some bosses has melee reflect and the AI's are stupid like how a mage would walk to the enemy just go melee autoattack... I'm gonna quit after this anniversary because of the recent nerfs and don't have Rei or Dilmordo during my recent pulls...if you're gonna nerf the mages/units at least nerf the subquest bosses since the AI's are stupid
I like this game a lot. I really want to love it but I cant. To spend so much money and still not event come close to getting what you want out of these banners is predatory. I honestly might quit after DMC5 banner. This feels like gambling and I hate gambling it's frustrating. Over $500 for a guaranteed chance at one of the units I want, until then you get duplicates of old things you already have that shouldn't be part of the banner anyways. I'm sorry it's not worth it.
This game is amazing but when i first played the tutorial it was packing. When upgrading the hero, i did the worng thing and had to lose the soul hero and it was only once and hard to get back, and for gacha, why do i have to top up so many times? A lot of money that must be spent to get the hero you want and follow the gacha. But thos game is still cooler than final fantasy in the same version.
I love this game, but, since the most recent update with the "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime collab, the game crashes and resets CONSTANTLY! I don't know if the game has finally been updated beyond the capabilities of my old Samsung Galaxy 5S or if this is an issue players with newer devices are experiencing as well, but it's very frustrating and disappointing from a game that I have invested so much time into and loved playing. Now I cannot even harvest my soul spheres!
Game is very good. Problem is the 3% chance to get a Hero. The grind is there, but they have done somethings to help medigat the grind. The character customization in terms of skills and passives is great. Almost any character can fit the role required with the proper passives and skills thanks to the Arks. It is not as pay to win as it was when the game first started. Just save gems and get the heros you want.
Best free to play ever, edit your servers are horrible. Great game, but because of servers, can barely play. Still nothing. If the situation does not improve, I'm deleting this app. Glad I did not spend any money(EDIT) SERVERS STILL JUNK. HOW DO YOU EXPECT PEOPLE TO SPEND MONEY WHEN THEY CAN'T ACCESS THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really enjoy the game and ever though I don't pay for the extra stuff, it is still quite enjoyable and so far I don't feel like i have to pay anything just to be able to beat it.
I never bored playing this game. I like how complex you can customize your character by learning skill from arks. Its really fun like you can make healer out of dps character. And the challenge is also really hard. Really recommend this game.