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Larva Heroes: Lavengers

Larva Heroes: Lavengers for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Mr.Games located at 서울시 금천구 가산동 60-19 SJ테크노빌 1210호. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Nice!!! I love it But there's a problem with your replies. "I'll repay you with better updates.Thank you"😅
I really really like this game ill playing anytime anywhere when i have online class and i finish i play larva heroes...Who create this game he is so smart and cool. 😎😎😎😎
there something crazy glitching if i tap super yellow and i tap the shop and i see friend hero and is glitch iron man red name hes viking red this is crazy need fix what happened why glithes
Game is gud, and it's hard to collect candy and that captain jack is worse we will never get gem or other item rather than coins,choose any of them u will always get coin which is so irritating.So please kindly do something bout that
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I have trouble getting world 3. Its cost 15 keys, but you get 12 when you complete world 2 s its takes most of the game away
I really loved this game ive been playing it since 2017 and ive never stopped.The game graphics are amazing,battle system is fun,levels are challenging and hard (but not hard enough to irritate you),and the reward system for victories are balanced.And the best part i really enjoyed is the larvengers itself and the different troop collections are amazing.I cant believe that this game is still left behind the top games list.For the devs of the game i salute you for making such perfect game.
Dude it restart the game please fix that and I need to do it again!!! I work hard and the skill didn't work fix that!! And the skill is to expensive you should sell it for 1000 it's not fair and the skill are to weak fix that!!
Best game ever!The heroes I would tell that if you like fighting games download this game!the best game for timepass!NO Online ,but sometimes I did not understand the language sometimes if the language is in english l like it very much from me 10,000 stars😀😀❤❤🙏download this game only 🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐 whoever seeing my comment download this game only
heck is in the game even though the game is e for everyone but the word heck/the h word that i can't say is in the game
Its a very nice game and ads are not very annoying all the throgh its a offline game nice game you have made 😎😎
Aljay The game Don't restart just pick you previous hero and the progress of your same hero woulD save
👍 I had a pretty good time starting off but later I realized that the unlockables that required 50 or 100 ads watched and I think that's really annoying to know since it is the only way to unlock it, maybe an alternative way of unlocking it like in app purchases but with 100 ads as an alternative. For the gameplay I like thinking on how to tackle different kinds of enemies. One problem i had is with super yellow as a side kick and how he has no downsides, too strong, replaces other options
This app is very amazing and awesome thank you for this game I remember my childhood days when me and my friends watching larva cartoons thank you for this app.♥️
Fun game. love the cartoons. What are the are boxes marked "Mission" & "G" after completing a mission? Sometimes they are filled in but not most of the time. Please fix the grammar and spelling and I'll give you five stars.
I don't know why but when i play for like 2h and the game crash and i reopen and the game don't save my game all my process is gone if you can fix it i rate it 5 star
It's alright but I hate it first of all when it's says get a free reward for magic candy it gives to me but after I can't do it again and when u finish a level it normally gives u bonus for more candy but it disappears please fix this or else NO MORE ADVERTS YOUR JUST SCAMMING🖕😈👿😡😠😤🖕🖕
this is very super cool game I have ever played in my life but it is so harder than pubg lite this so awesome game I have ever played in my whole life using super yellow I can do any level very easily I love this game very much my father also play with super yellow and my brother pals with red I tell my brother to play with super yellow my father also told my brother to play with super yellow
This game kinda spiced up what it is an actual RpG, and I have to say it's a very good approach! It would be cool to add more features like more hero friends or something, kinda like 2018/9's updates with the Boss arena.
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All the animation are great but there is sum bugs to fix the skill of black knight ultimate skill is sucks sometimes are targeting behind of on the enemy and targeting on there back it's wasting MP And time to attack fix it please I love the character of black knight. And I love the graphics thanks...
I love the cartoon but not the game its very bad Thankyou for your reply i will wait for next update and i will rate you 5 stars i promise Wish you good luck
I love the game very much I recement to play this game it have many characters many skills I love the yellow one but it is hard to get candy that's my weak point I can't upgrade cuz I no have candy
I realy hate this game beacause why there is a lot of adds when i play it😡😡😡and this game if i get tickets to fight a boss using adds to watch it always stop😡😡😡i hope this game will be better😡😡😡
I like the game and the ads are not very annoying but if they add endless mode and can get exp that can be good
Please, can you make a system online on this game to log in to save the progress pls because I playing it before, I have farther in level I already finish the max level but, from update time to time I play it restarting so we suggest to make online setting to log in to save the progress in offline mode playing the game. And also can you extend more level to this game pls and make some game mode like, endless, dungeon, Battle league, then extend more level thanks a lot🥰
This is Gina's son, well I'm using different characters but earning coins and magic candies in the same pocket, and earning magic candy is realy hard but buying with magic candy is harder and my little brother buyed coins using magic candies which i don't wanted to do and it's all gone in the same pocket... Anyway, should i consider Hell as "world 10"? "Devil's revenge" seems to be better. "THANKS"
I love this game soooooo much thank you for potting this game thank you mr.games love your game very very very much thanks im playing right now but thanks for your awesome game i love it so much i hate the ads it keep pooping in my tablet screen thanks for this game mr.games love you thank
I wish red has more skills like kung fu kicks red is my favorite character because he sometimes care for yellow and every time red gets mad he do his kung fu kicks and can you change the characteristics of red I like the hero friend kung fu red I want him to be a hero not a hero friend plsssss can you do that for me I really really love the kung fu red character ppplllllssss!!!!! THIS IS MY ULTIMATE REQUEST!!! PLS!! This is my only request if I can give you a hundred stars I will do that for you
Bad things, full of ads right after launching, BAM! in your face, ads after each stage, ads upon clicking a button, ads everywhere. Good thing its ADS not AIDS. Edit: add 1 star because after 10months of review, only then developer reply.
This App Is Good I Play This Game For 10 Years And I'm Getting Older Now But It's Getting Little Bored Because All Boss Are 3 Only Can You Make More Than Enough Pls. I Will Give This A Good Star. Thank You☺️☺️
AWESOME game, but I lost all my progress because there wasn't an option to login with Google play account, facebook, etc.
Very awsome app at this larva im the great becouse there strong unit is violet and blue. And the special red but need a lollipop. But there very hard dificulty and powerfull enemy and boss.
I have completed the 9 level with all 4 difficulties(easy, normal, hard, master),bought every unit with max power and friend unit with max power, all 4 special skill with max power.I have all diamond jewellery with the 3rd level enchantment.I have purchased a pet also. i have finished all boss level with tier 1,2 and 3 i have completed the hell level. I am on the 110th level .I just don't have red fly as pet do something for it pls make it easy to get it pls pls...
This is the only game that I like,,, i love this game very much,,,,, i play with super yellow and rainbow warrior,,,i thank the the person who made this game 👍👍👍😀😀😁😁👌,,,,,, new bosses,,,, hell mode ,, many types of world,,, i love this game ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
This game is so awesome no need internet I love this game because the skills is so cool I play this because this is so cool I love the color all I like rate this now please larva is so awesome game if you sure to download this pls don't rate 2 Star don't hate this ok😃😃😃
This games is very fun and entertaining..the graphics and characters are totally awesome,specially my favorite hero black knight who'se much stronger than super yellow..very very good game.
It is good and past time game. it's not really bad at all, but why it didn't save my past progress I always back to first.
Graphics are bad, controls are downright terrible, I nearly fell asleep while playing. Overall, the game is bad. So is the show, but that's a story for another day.
this game is dope and amazing i just started and it is already fun. i really wish for more characters. but keep up the great work.
I really loved this game bcaues its so fun and you can pick your own opponent and skills this game is so fun thx to the owner
I Give this Game 3.8 Stars. 👍 Larva Heroes: Lavengers Game Pros: 💖Awesome Game Ideas 💖Good Game Tutorial 💖Good Game Smoothness 💖an Amusing Game. 👏 Thanks to Mr.Games ❤️ My Youtube Channel 👉 bettypvp
i can't change google play account for paying method, i hope you guys could give the feature to change google play account.. it makes auto choose of the account i dont want to play to. give the "change" button for google play account on option page, and then i will give 5.
Why the hero friend is ststus😂 but the hero bag is status😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Good i have a good suggestion can you add more friendly unit like bee mouse frog etc and add more place s like newyork
This app is super awesome and cool. Endless fun and great graphics. This is my fifth favorite game on appstore. It is fun because the larvae and other bugs are funny and it makes me laugh.
How did anytime rate this more than 3 starts. Not that great. Far too complicated to start the first level. Too many clicks through ads and junk.
i like this game alot and with cheats its just amazing some bosses are hard but overall its a fun game just remove ads
I HATE ADS. I cant summon units because its blocking by ads. Edit: I have been waiting for good updates but nothing happens this game forcing me to watch ads. My phone freeze at the start and now i cant play again why not to remove the ads or replace it properly not to force us for our convinience. If theres a 0 star rate i will rate it because this game deserves it. What happen devs this game has few ads before.
This game is sooooo fun! I can't stop playing this thank you for creating this game this is the one that i've been looking for thanks!!
I have gave four stars because this game is a little laggy and I was playing it few years ago it was not laggy at that time but now it's too much laggy, please fix the lag.