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Lapse: A Forgotten Future

Lapse: A Forgotten Future for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Cornago Stefano located at Via Galileo Galilei 17. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, War Themes) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is a fresh take on a choose your own adventure! It uses swipe left or swipe right mechanics and allows the player to make choices that determine the outcome. It's been really fun and interesting so far.
This game is so addicting and well put together. The story is not too cryptic, but just cryptic enough to keep you interested. So far I've reached 1 of the endings and I'm trying to reach 100%. Love their content, would 10/10 recommend.
I really enjoyed it The game is cleverly set jus about the time you start to get bored there is a new cov/characters that make you continue I'm really looking forward to lapse 3 and the continue of the lapse 1 story Thank you the devs who made this, I really enjoy it
There seems to be no rhyme or reason for why a lot of the decisions make the 4 essential survival categories go up or down... I've lost so many rounds saying out loud, "What?! That makes no sense!" About 25-40% of decisions make the bars move appropriately, at least for my logic... but the game has such great reviews so I must be in the minority here. For example, using antibiotics on farms somehow raises money but lowers crops?? I'm just glad that when I fail I start from where I left off...
Played the beta version of this before, now the story is much more fleshed out and quite well written. Only complaint is that luck plays a really big part in the game in terms of the cards you are dealt and it is annoying to start all over when you die. Would be nice to allow redrawing the previous card.
Good and bad not much to say. Game is good for the way it works, the way it's organized and how it's designed. It sucks a big long dong because you can't lead a country for longer than 3 years max. It simply sabotages you when everything is okay. You have money, good military power, people satisfaction and qualitiy of environment but then, out of nowhere, there are mutants in cities, people ARE HUNGRY, reduce tax, countries attack you no matter YOU SIGNED PEACE, failed research and so on. Fix it
Therr is a lot I like about this game but it is just so repetive same concepts over and over again. Nothing all that new I get bored very quickly cause it all becomes how far you can get before you die rather making choices to better your nation. If anything your choices don't feel like they mean more than moving money or military up or down.
Well thought game, ads are politely used as well! One of the few times when I purchased the ad-free item. Great game! :)
This game caught me completely by surprise with how good it was. No glitches whatsoever. An interesting storyline and challenging gameplay requiring u to make hard decisions
I found it to be a good pass time, just don't take it so seriously as some of the negative reviews seem to do. Due to some short falls in game play it doesn't get 5 stars.
The game is very well made and the characters have interesting personalities and deep storyline, the reason I rate this 4 Stars is just because I think it's a bit long and you have to restart to the beginning, I do think because of the long story it's not worth trying it the second time but I still highly recommend this to people who just likes a deep story to enjoy.
It can be very good at times especially when you progress through the story line. However, it can get a bit boring and repetitive at times because of the basic concept of the game. The gameplay and graphics itself are simple, but I think where the game shines is the possibilities and storyline expansion
This is a good game but I find it impossible not to lose money every time. I think if there was a way to make the game more easier or harder that would be good. I also hope there will be a third Lapse game, maybe set in medieval Europe.
Its not to bad, it's simple yes but that's what makes it good in my opinion also this game is set up for consumer satisfaction giving consumers choices instead of forcing anything
The game is amazing, the strategy needed to be a good player makes this game fun and the abundance of actions makes it interesting. The storyline is really good and it mixes well with the rest of the game. 10/10
I really found this game slow and boring at first...but as I kept playing and learning which choices have a significant impact on the ending, I got very curious as to how the game would end. I achieved the first ending, which really surprised me, then I played again twice for the other two endings. It felt so good to finish the game and reach all 3 possible endings, but you have to be patient...REALLY patient.😅
A fun game. I liked the concept of survival with cards, I rarely play card games but this one was fine. Sound effects are nice, storyline is good, animations and visual are high quality.
like.. WOAH. this game is SO addictive, and i have zero complaints. it tests my mind in ways i never thought it would be tested. and ads? they're no worry! the ads aren't overbearing, only occurring a few times when you lose OR if you choose to get an ad in exchange for some gift from the creator during tea time! you're supporting the creator and getting help in exchange. i definitely recommend this game ❤
a beautiful game that does an amazing job at representing complex ideas and values in a simple and meaningful way, while also having an interesting and intriguing story and world.
I really like how this game uses the time loop as form of narrative. The choices are frustating and difficult to select because of the effects. Amazing story!
for the whole three rounds of uninstall, reinstall rounds I have done to this game. I still find it very enjoyable to play with despite knowing what effect some actions may have. truly enjoyable, hope there are more events to come.
A really challenging game i want be the good guy but sometimes you gotta do what is need, really changes my mind set on politics, and the little things about time and the creator poping in for a quick chat is very cool, 10/10 game would recommend. Also the i said sure when the creator ask me to rate the game that why I am here.
Very simple easy to understand controls and easy game play. The story can be hard to follow but that is great if you like putting together a story as it happens.
A very tricky yet compelling piece of modern gaming. It has always kept me in awr ever since I've played it on various occasions. Completing the endings, then restarting them again is always like a new experience. A must play if you are looking for something brain tackling.
The simplicity of the graphics is easy on my poor phone battery. Don't let the simple appearance dissuade you, the storyline is quite captivating and the gameplay is relatively low stress without becoming boring as a result. Bravo 👏
This app is absolutely brilliant, the occasional 5 second ads are really nice, you can watch longer ads for rewards, but not all the time. I have experienced no bugs so far, they made this game really well.
Minuses: Too long that after you reach an ending, you had to start all over to get the other. That's irritating. Once you discover all the cards, immersion gradually decreases. Most UI were 'borrowed' from Reigns. This looked more polished JUST BECAUSE you already had stepping stone beforehand. Not very impressive. Pluses: Cleverly put ads that aren't intrusive. Story inspiration came from Steins Gate and / or Terminator. If you like those, you'll probably like this.
This game is the most intelligent and well thought out one-player card game I've ever played. There's an engaging storyline working behind it and you've to strategise to unlock all the hidden bits. There's special ways you can loose (that darn health minister, the dreaded nuclear tests, lol)... If you love strategizing, then stick with this game all the way till the end of its story. You won't be disappointed!
Such a good game!! You can thank the other reviews for me checking this out. I had accidentally clicked on the game while scrolling down, and I thought the cover looked kinda cool so I read the reviews and here I am. I also enjoy all the different endings or failures, there all really creative, and the tea time with the creator is my favorite part.
I like jow this plays out and how you have to balance each party to remain in power. I like the reference of "let them eat cake", yeah that was good death haha. I'm enjoying the game so far:)
When I first tried this game I thought it was too difficult and that it was just endless. However, I've been playing it more often and it goes much farther in depth than I thought. There's events, cliffhangers, morally-challenging decisions, resource management, and Telltale game-esque choices that have an impact later on. Also, I have an important piece of advice for you, don't eat the Chef's Cake.
Amazing app little to no ads and I really hope you make more of these games. I remember when you said the app would always be ad free but honestly I'm glad you added ads. i would rather you have money then me loose this app. Thank you for this amazing game I love it.
This game's story is so full of intrigue and suspense that it has got me addicted! I would advise this game to those who love to read and interactive gameplay.
This game is amazing. It has an intriuging plot, intresting characters, and has just enough time between events to keep you playing. This game deserves a lot of praise; more than I am able to express through a simple review. All in all this simple game has entertained me more more than most others and I am more than happy to give it a 5-star rating.
I will say there is a very good plot line, same with the second game, you can't find anything else like it no matter how hard you search, plus it's hard and easy at the same time.
I took off a star because the layout is simple but it could've been better and secondly the story is seriously slow, you'll spend hours swiping making choices only to find out that choosing the people would cost all your finances. There's no explanation of what you are doing which makes it very confusing but also adds to the mystery of the game, so whether that's good or bad is up to you to decide but the story is really wonderful overall
Great game, really well made. Its good for killing time and that is why i play it when i am waiting for a bus etc. The gameplay is simple amd addicting, controls are easy to understand. The game itself can be hard and frustrating sometimes but you still want to play it more. I really enjoyed every moment i had in this game and I would highly recommend it to every player.
This game series is one of my favourite games, an interesting story and 2 game connected well with each other, your aim is to balance all option to protect your city while the story is ongoing. Graphics, digital arts, illustration etc. Are not that good, they should be improved. I had good progress but after I reset my device, all progress gone, please also add Google Play services to save our progression.
I really love it but I keep losing but it helps give me ideas and more strats if there was 10 stars I would rate it 10 since it balances the ads and there not long and u can skip them to.
Very good time killer if you are waiting for someone or waiting to get out of class or if youre really just bored. It's also pretty addictinh if you know what you are doing and don't be surprised because this game is veryyy long.
A solid little card game. I recall seeing a medieval equivalent a while back, so I'm quite glad to see a free version. The post apocalyptic setting is interesting, from the glimpses we get of it, and the game can be humorous when it wants to be. I'd like it if we could get more details on the world, but I think the current approach of "less is more" works fine.
Pretty great post apocalyptic scene it's hard although it's great nothing more to complain it's perfectly balanced I'm sure you would make more amazing games in the future don't let your games be filled with In app purchases
Surprisingly engaging. With very simple choice-based gameplay, the creator builds up storylines, resources, and a challenging balancing act with your nation's four stats (environment, approval, military, and budget). The game is actually quite polite about introducing the occasional ad breaks, and rewards you with an Oracle perk that lasts until your next death. It's balanced, intriguing, and really creative.
It is exhausting but it is an ok-ish game especially for casual gaming. It isnt very logical, but more so mathematical. You have to calculate the outcome of your choice which have almost no real world implication. A few problems are the gameplays, you cannot actually know the outcome unless you have already arrived at the choice. It is simply a cool game, cant say much to the developer. You need atleast 7 hrs to complete this game. Its frustrating, yes, but it also has its unsolved mysteries.
Really great game. It really makes you think about the results of your choices, and it has so much variety. Love it, keep it up developers!
One of the only two games I play even if I fail countless times. I like the fact that creator appearing in the game itself. And I also like the storyline, it is really interesting and thought provoking.
It's fun but not something you would play for hours at a time, but you could, it's not something that gets tiring like a tower defense game.
Really enjoyable! Downloaded multiple times and still sit and play it to relax at nights. Going to finish it this time to move on to the sequel!
Never thought I'd enjoy this game so much.... Very unique... One of a kind !! The choices you make lead you to a different line of story Also I love the references they made to french revolution and the last of us :)
This is a weird but cool game. The only issues I have is how long it takes to get anywhere, and the learning curve with which way to move the panels (it seemed counterintuitive to me)... But I'd definitely recommend it for the right kind of person/gamer.
really fun, adds are kinda annoying but for less than $2.00 you can get rid of it. its held my attention about an hour or two already.
The style is unique and can be further improved by improving graphics and some animations. Loving the game as of now, need some more events
It's just like a different themed version of Reigns and I like Reigns, I don't remember the creator popping up so it's pretty cool he himself pops up here. The story seems interesting I haven't finished it but I think it adds to the replay ability compared to Reigns which already for me was a bit addictive. I don't mind the ads, they don't really ruin the gameplay, they aren't too annoying at least to me. I like the Tea Time where you can get Oracle by watching a ad. But can there be a Puase?
This game has a nice flow to it, captivating interest. I would have given five stars if it was a little more forgiving but at the same time this is what keeps me interested. Great game
Really enjoying the game surprisingly brilliant but confusing when starting the game maybe a little intro at the beginning to state that the choices are at the top left/right corners of the card would help
I haven't had a single ad yet except for the times "The Creator" asked me during tea time. Its a really fun game and i think you'll enjoy it.
It has very egaging gameplay The story so far is quite interesting ( I'm at 2083 ) And I like how the game will award you for kindness. Along with the occaional interactions with the creator. Overall pretty fun!
This game is all based around the fact that the people of the country are stupid. Some people maybe but not all. This game is boring because a lot of these decisions you make are absurd. There is always more than two options. It's never black and white. Also I don't like how when you make a good decision your rewarded with evil. At least thats how it seems to me.
This is an amazing game which deserves more than 1 star but it crashes way too much at least for me so it would be good if they can tell me whether the problem is in my device or their app.
This game is so fun! It's simple and intuitive, and just frustrating enough to keep me trying again and again. Ads only pop up when you lose, and can be closed after five seconds. Optional ad opportunities are occasionally presented in exchange for a very helpful powerup. Graphics are good, gameplay is smooth, the lore is fascinating. Played for a couple of hours and haven't found any glitches yet. Highly recommended.
Amazing game. This is great for learning how to make decisions and very educational, highly recommend it for those who want to train their decision making ability.
Builds slowly, an air of mystery, snippets of info that keep you strung along almost infuriatingly as you struggle to maintain a balance of resources and politics, and yet.. I don't want to put it down
A great game, at first I was expecting it to be boring, but once I realized that there was a much deeper lore to this game, I was hooked. 10/10 would -and have- recommend.
Really funny to pass free time and the expansions given by the choices are a really cool mechanics. The games are a bit too short if you make the wrong decisions but that's not much of a problem.
The game can be pretty difficult at times, and your fate can be sealed at just one swipe of whatever choice you do. But when you do well, the game is really good. I love the mysterious tone of "infinite loops", urging the player to keep on playing to learn more about the game, and how you can meet other people and get even more unique scenarios to overcome. One of the coolest games I've ever played.
The pros outway the cons as they say :P this game is so much fun its a bit hard but theres so much to explore and you dont get tiered of it the adds dont happen much and when theey do there like 3 seconds long i recommend this its a great game!
Wow way better than i expected the game to be. The story progresses according to your decision. The game is almost balanced because spending money makes you better but if you know how to make the right choice it's not oay to win
It's pretty good for a Reigns-clone. It has a nice Modern/Future Dystopia style which is refreshing. It has a very similar style and gameplay loop to Reigns. It has somewhat fine background ambience, but I'd recommend maybe some music to add to it. This music could be Fallout style with slow note rises. I suggest making the food, population, military and money icons twice as large for better visability. I also suggest adding extra sound effects and/or minor voice acting to make it more engaging.
This game is weirdly simple but impossible, yet addictive and still enjoyable. I do wish there were a teeny bit more leeway in the choices, but I think that may be the whole point of the game, lol. Figure it out.
Fun at first. But the amount of time you have to put into this game to get to the major plot lines is simply ridiculous. There are 1 of 3 endings. If you make a mistake later in the game, it will end the entire game and set you back to the beginning. I found this to be extremely frustrating to see all my time wasted and nothing in the story resolved. Way too punishing.
Really love this game. I love the mystery and the unique playstyle a lot. However, i think it does lack some replayability as it can really get repetitive and boring after a while. I don't really feel the drive to go on for another run after unlocking one of the 3 endings, so i hope u guys can work on that. Hope that there will be a Lapse 3 or similiar game in the future.
its ok i guess? i don't really see the charm in it as it gets boring over time, but it is a simple clean and good game, rather than making consious decisions a person is able to spam yes yes yes and clear many levels in a go quite frankly, its like an excellent idea but lack of imagination in terms of exexution, the game is still a good one.
Really good game, its hard and you need to make hard decisions to survive i havent finished it yet so i dont know the ending but what i do know is it has 3 this game dosnt have lots of ads and it isnt annoying to play like other games an it dosnt take 3000 years to load. I love this game
This is great. Super simple, just balance the resources. Yet it gets more in depth with perks and plots. The storyline is great too. There are a few ads, but they never get in the way. 5/5 from me.
Very smooth and addicting game! Its a little tricky to play at first because of how you have to balance it out, but thats the aspect that made me keep playing! The storyline is interesting and you slowly learn more information about what is going on! One of my favourite games by far.
Really enjoy the game, although I keep getting my head sent to foreign countries! Very challenging but you can still set it aside for a while....if you have to do actual work.
Hey "Creator" you asked me if I liked your game IN THE GAME, which I'm here to say yeah. This game is great. It's a nice time sinker and has pretty nice endings depending on if one of the stats are too low or high. You really got the reigns formula down pretty well I must say. 5 Stars from me. Ps: that let them eat cake ending was pretty funny.
Absolutely phenomenal. The integration of the creator is an amazing idea. Its the first time in a few where I thought the add blend is perfect. The game has more playtime then adds and the adds are very rare. It's enjoyable and a great idea to build in the reigns game a while back.
This game is a wonderful and composed game that has detail everywhere. Each action impacts everything else, and there are rarely any ads that pop up. For this, I'd give it five stars.
This is a great game, it challenges your morality and resource management. It's also very generous in rewarding you for your choices, the oracle is a great part of the game, sometimes there is an opportunity to watch ads to get it, and also sometimes to get it for free.
I've only been playing this game for a little while but it's been really good so far. Interesting story, good gameplay, and unlike most "free games" it's actually free to play! So far, it's been a solid five stars. Would definitely recommend.
This is an entertaining game. It takes a long time to progress the story. You do earn free power ups for making good choices which helps. Looking forward to the 2nd installment.
Even though it can seem to get repetitive at first, you keep unlocking new cards and characters. I personally really enjoy this game and I'd recommend giving it a shot. Keep up the good work devs!
Nice interface, intriguing gameplay with the feeling of being in command and taking action. The perfect mobile game for those who enjoy strategy games. Almost no ads, only 2 in 10-15 mins. I can't appreciate this game enough. Thanks, Creator!
Its super cool im really loving it. I've pretty much gone through the endings. The oracle helps alot. I never write reviews but for this game, its a must lol. Loved the game, thank you!
Can't seem to get that far but I can see that there is a few things moving even as the game ends(to be clear I'm new so not getting that far is my skills not the game). I can definitely see the appeal of these kind of games.
I have no words to describe,but one thing the Creator of the Game also appears in the story that's a nice touch.IDK it's so Fantastic game I ever thought of....Nice work and i need it desperately a new series of stories.
Liked it so much that even thou i havent played in a while i got some google play credits went in and bought some stuff with it because i apreciate the time i had spent on it. simple to learn but a challange to master. theres a deeper story that seems very intresting.
It's actually a great game. It made me realize that I may not have the capability to run a country. Lol. However it is interesting how decisions affect the country. I wish I could figure out how to keep everything balanced and rule for longer but I guess that takes practice and playing.. thank you for creating a decent Game
I LOVE this game!!!! I only wish I was smarter so I understood more of it but I suppose being confused is sort of the point. It's genius. I think a version that is similar to the cold war would be really interesting, or the manorial system with lords, peasants, monarchy etc. The mob? Endless possibilities. Can't wait to play the Egyptian one!
This was a very interesting game. It might seem pointless, boring and unbeatable at first, but it really isn't. Yes, some of it is repetitive, but it has a point to it. If you have the patience to play to the end, then you'll be rewarded with an interesting story.
Great concept with a brilliant storyline. I think this game deserves more attention. Other than the recurring panels making it a bit easy to read, it's a dope game. Truly, an execution done right.
Hey Creator, Loved this game so much! The first thing that I learned that even though this is just a game, the role of the govt. (Of any state or country) is not that easy as we think, and 2nd thing.. Omg I love Kumiyo😂 Best character of all The game is very Interesting, though one might find it difficult to understand or repetitive but when you get the whole story, things automatically start to make sense! All in all, an awesome game that depends on your decision making skills
really cool game, no ads (they're optional and it's only in a certain conversation), you can play it offline and it looks like it has a really advanced story, but i didn't get to that yet. 10/10, recommended.
Really good, but you loose money fast, so you really gotta try to keep everything balanced even if the decision is morally wrong. Just a tip for new players.
I liked the game but everytime i died i had to do it all over again it's probably just the purpose but it would be even better if you could go back to where you were to start again instead of going all back. Overall it's a rly interesting game
Wonderful game! The story line is clearly written with multiple plot twists and turns. Theres a wide range of characters to interact with and many achivements to be earned during play. The controls are simple and adverts are rarely shown, most of the time at your choice. This game will keep you entertained for hours at a time without getting boring and theres no such thing as pay to win. Highly reconmend you download this.
Long Hard Need you to think 10/10 i played it for a long time finished 2 out of 3 endings but fr mate it's one of the best games in the google play. And most importantly the game have a plot which most games here are endless, another thing is it's need you to use your brain and make sacrifices to play more
I really like this game. The story is great and there are so many characters with backstories. It gives you moral dilemmas you have to figure out and if you make too many wrong choices, you die. It's a really fun way to pass the time and I would definitely recommend people play.
Like others have said and I will repeat it is a game that's simple, frustrating, and entertaining. A lot of questions still have to be answered but I like where it's going so far...will edit after more gameplay...
I like the fact that there are hundreds of different cards to change how the game is played. At some times I do wish I had different cards though. Ive gotten a few cards 2 or 3 times in separate games. 4 stars ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ . Ill change it to 5 if more cards are added. I have no problems with this game. I just want more veriety
It's a good game, very exciting and thriling. It's a game of leadership we're you have to balance good and evil but most of the time you find yourself as good leader is not all about balance the game has many secrets come find out.
amazing game. i'm not super into games, but this one is just too good, and it has a great story. i admit, at first i didn't really know what was going on, but when you get the idea it's super fun to play. the design is also fabulous. i love it!
Amazing game, I love to play it. It has.a very good story/plot that never gets boring. Overall just an amazing game I truly recommend it to everyone.
Pretty darn fun to play for an hour or two at a time. Some very interesting twists too! A bit frustrating at first when you die a lot because you can't balance out your resources, but otherwise very cool (especially for a free game).
Honestly, This Game is AWESOME, I love it. If you like a game with twists decision-making and storyline, this game is for you. I have Finished it once, and it feels good to be back. Easily 5 stars
This game is a masterpiece. They make you sit there for hours. Like everything is your choice. And by playing this game you'll think twice before you do something. Because that's what this game does. Just one swipe, if you do it without thinking the game just ends there and you would play again. And you'll also avoid the same mistake again. It is really good as a game and as a life lesson thingy 😂. So that's it. Thank you for reading and thx for this amazing game developers ☺️☺️.
It is a long, very long game, it has potential in its story and unsolved mysteries but it just drags for hours, the decisions are the same, again, again and again. It's hard to continue playing for much time, it's just the same choices over and over again. Yes there are more choices added as you unlock them via decisions but it's still the same, wich part of the nation will downgrade and wich upgrade.
Does this game use the same graphics and mechanics as reigns? Yes. However, the story is vastly different, both in setting and in plot. This game is also free with short 5sec ads after deaths and optional ads for resources occasionally. Personally, I quite like this spin-off of the original reigns series, and don't consider being a spin-off to be an actual critique considering how different the story is. The creator took inspiration from reigns and improved upon it with a (imo) greater story.
These are the kind of mobile games I really enjoy. Simplistic, but with a really cool concept. The story is interesting, The characters are interesting, the minimalistic artstyle is just perfect, and overall it's a very enjoyable way to spend your time.
By far my favourite mobile game, amazing story that continues to keep me interested. Unlike most games it keeps ads to a non intrusive minimum. Keep the good work up!
This game is hard to understand at the beginning, but once you get what this is about, this is a brilliant masterpiece. I love this, there no intrusive ads and no bugs, which is great. No pay to win, completely depends on the players mind. The Developer really did a good job, I have yet to play a little more of this before the next one. If you enjoy choice RPGs then this is a good one.
This is a fun, looping game and I don't really have any complaints except for one. Whenever I get the Oracle item it doesn't show what the consequences of each card does. I don't know if this is a bug or something but I hope the devs clear this up.
This is a pretty good game, but it felt repetative at times. It would be nice if there were difficulty levels to choose from though, for people who just play to pass the time or for fun. If you're smart and pick up the small hints littered everywhere you could probably play it better, unlike me.
If you are looking for a minimalist game with a perfect story, compact, free, offline, you will not be bored for too long, and with a minimalist/basic design, this game is ideal! The title is relevant to the game and interesting in the same way that the logo design explains the game, all of them were very original and beautiful. It has simple gameplay, but it can feel a lot to the other person. I can feel like I am in a game without any 3D animation. A game with a nice theme and a new kind of gameplay that is not on Google Play. (I have never come across a game like this before.) There was also a sequel to this game, "Lapse 2: Before Zero". I think these two games are pretty well connected. Personally, it is a good series. First of all, I have to say right away that this game gets 5 stars from me. But there are some parts, which lead to some scenario/logic errors in the game's gameplay. For example, for Researcher Kumiyo, this is very common. She is like asking us for permission to use the lab all the time. For example, some things happen once. It is like asking a girl out once. The main character (Us) in the game, while we repeatedly revealing our feelings to the Researcher Kumiyo. Or this girl is always talking about how she remembers us. That kind of thing exists in almost all the characters. Some must be repeated more than once, yes, but they should repeat very rarely, and others must appear once throughout the game. It would be fine if this problem were avoided because it causes a big logic error in the game. Another problem is that the cards are aligned too randomly. For example, on the first card, the economy says bad, on the second card, they are saying that folk is rich so we must double the taxes. This again leads to oddities in the course of the game. For this reason, a serious arrangement should come to the cards. And there are serious optimization problems that should be avoided! Lastly, you cannot save your game progress to Google Games, so if I delete the game or lose its data, I have to play from the beginning. As a result, I think that it is one of the games that should get an award from Google Play. For me, it is a very underrated game. Few people have done a lot of work in this game, I would like to congratulate everyone who has worked, I will buy “No ADS” to support you all! I expect your work and updates to continue! Please respond to this comment, thanks! Device: HUAWEI Mate 20 lite (SNE-LX1) Version: Android 10/EMUI 10 Language: English, German, Turkish (Turkish has translation problems, if it is needed, I can help you, I do not expect anything, just to help!)
The game is nice and the story is even better, but you litteraly have to go though hell to get to an ending of this game. The story progression is very slow if you have no idea what youre doing(i did not) and you need to have pretty goid reacource managment skills too. I really like the style if the game and its pretty creative too.
Lapse is another fantastic kingdom management sim in the same style as Reigns and you can tell the developers have perfected their craft at this point. With fun characters, an engaging plot, and plenty of secrets to discover, this is well worth playing.
Gameplay is rich and filled with interesting twists. Some of the cards are a bit repetitive though they make the game more challenging since you wouldn't know what to expect. 10 outa 10 would play again :)
First impression for this game : even thou this is just game, governing a state is NOT as easy as differ something like black and white. And THIS GAME IS AWESOME!! I have reach one of the ending and it caught me off guard even while I'm still suspecting who the "real" antagonist is. The game itself is simple but challenging and even the choice in the game repetitive, your choice in the past really affect how long will you last in game and that's not a easy (4 me at least). Wanna play the sequel
Lovely game, Fun to play, worth playing, and the game barely has any ads and is mega enjoyable. 5 stars, definetly one of my favorite games I ever played!
You start with almost no abilities, and gain insights over time. Very minimal (but very fitting) appearance wise. The more you play, the more the game evolves. Makes for a very interesting experience. I'm excited to keep unlocking more features.
It is great for killing time, one of those "easy to learn, hard to master" deals. It is also very intuitive, with a progression system and unique storyline.
Very fun game with a great art style. Very easy to get a game over but there's virtually no consequences other than a ad and loss of a temporary bonus. It's very unique and very well made with a clear story.
Very interesting idea and quite well executed. Simple,story based card game that does make you use your brain a bit. It's not taxing or complex. I find it relaxing for 20 to 30 minutes playing.
This is a great game to play in your free time. Barely any ads, smooth gameplay, and interesting plot. You definitely should get this app or leave a good review if you already have it.
One of the best games I've played. A intriguing storyline, various characters, and lots of mystery-this game is quite addictive, as the mystery is so fascinating that it pulls you right in. Great game, and going on to play the second!
This game is really interesting, the story is pretty interesting and I like all the different choices you can make. The base gameplay can be a bit repetitive and hard,but once you get to the story lines its very entertaining. I like how there is a lot of clues and foreshadowing and when I first finished the game I barley finished any of the storylines, but after I restarted and made a few different choices, the game was way more interesting
This game is very entertaining and challenging. I'd highly recommended this game to people who like games like D&D. Your choices actually effect the game which is very entertaining to see.
It's a pretty good story, but it is agonizingly slow. If you mess up the choices needed to unlock a particular ending, it will take hours of repetitive swiping and five second ads to get back to that point. My unsolicited suggestion is that once you've cleared a certain percentage of the story goals, you could be able to restart the game from the year 2100.
It really gives a new experience into decision making and leadership. It has taught me some interesting stuff in a fun way and the story line helps peak the interest
This is a very great game but it's very hard, if you max out once that you die if you have one stat 0%, you die,
I have found it to be really hard but fun some times i feel little bit to hard but thats what makes it fun right? Its that challenge that you can make a good choice or a bad one that you need to check if you are lw on money army population or plants not for any one who not like games that make you think
Simple, clean, and even the ad version only plays them for 10-15 seconds after you die. Much better and more well-developed than most games. Pay the 1.29 to support the devs; they deserve it.
Interesting premise and design, but the story gets painfully repetitive trying to get to the benchmark years when something more significant happens, and the ads are awful. You're going to die, a lot; it's part of the gameplay. But every time you do, there will be an ad, and sometimes ads in between to earn an item. I made it to 2119, and I'm done.
Great game! Choices are challenging and beating it is tricky, but it's easy to get invested. Little repetitive though. Still good for playing during free time, between classes, or waiting for the bus. Love the game so far
This game is awesome. I couldn't find a better game to play! It's really fun to just try over and over again, and the ads are there, yes, but they aren't annoying at all! This game deserves the 5-Star rating. Sidenote: Apparently, people like selling my head.
I don't see the joy, excitement, and activity strategy in this app. First when I started this app. The story starts. There is no instructions as to answer by swiping right or left.so you do not interact with the app or anything else.
Really good game; one of the best mobile games I've played in a while. It can get a little reptitive, especially after finishing the game once (starting from 2100 may speed it up a little and help playability), but it has an incredibly compelling story. Definitely shows how some bad decisions may be necessary to rule too. My main complaint is that I bought the 4-leaf clover because I was curious and wanted to support the creator, but I have no idea how it works, when it works, or if it works.
A great in depth yet simple experience. You become the leader of a struggling country in a dying world, scrambling to manage your resources while you slowly understand more and more of the world around you.
This game is very simple yet amazing it got me involved in charecters and hate others. It made me think about what I was going to do next and how that would affect everything. It is overall a great game and I hope you get a chance to play it.
Good game and amazing idea but it takes while to get good at (Which isn't bad just warning) amd truly progress. You hit a bit of a road block after a while. Love the game.
Great game with a moderate difficulty, but 8 give 4 stars cause the game forces you to lose in a specific aspect. In moments i have economy almost maxed the game makes me lose all the funds untill the nation is in bankrupt. This is my only complain.
Simple but fun. Easy to pick up, hard to put down. I want to keep playing to see how the different scenarios and choices play out. The way the ads are seemlessly placed into game play was ingenious and not at all disruptive.
This game is sooo great! I love this game so flipping much! Its super fun, and I love post apocalypse, this game is near perfect! Thank you the creator, keep up the good work, everything in this game is 5 star! Thank you! Please keep improving it! This is the third best game I've played in Google play! I ashoka love the violent outcomes of some cards, but I am still confused about the whole time loop thing, other than that it's great. Thanks.
Fun game. It would be nice if you could watch an ad to get bonuses, but since you start off each new game without losing your progress it's okay. It is interesting to see the cards play out and new cards get added to your deck as you make choices. The consequences of your choices are often kind of opaque though--they don't always make that much sense. That's why free (advertising supported, I understand that the devs need money) bonuses would be good.
Minimalist gameplay with a slowly unfolding story. It can be frustratingly difficult and slow at times, but it's still very fun and worth playing.
Its a good game, dont get me wrong, but there are adds every time you die. Its a bit overwhelming if you are just trying to play a quick game and want to see what happens if you do one thing or another. And The game is pretty difficult, and I know thats petty, but it is really difficult to figure out what to do.
This game has actually been more fun that I thought it would. I cant seem to survive long so my goal is to survive 100 days. Oh yeah and you should play it! If you don't a goblin will wee in your fridge. No seriously! It happend to a friend...
It's absolutely amazing. I've been loving every single second of it, and the ads are at a minimum, something you'll rarely find in games. It's addicting and really fun and i suggest that everyone should try this game at least once :D