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Lapse 2: Before Zero

Lapse 2: Before Zero for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Cornago Stefano located at Via Galileo Galilei 17. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, War Themes, Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I have encountered a few bugs while playing 1.) The voice acting is normally great but sometimes when I start, the voices would get mixed (It sounds like there are two or more voice actors speaking at the same time.). 2.) When I agree to watch ads, it wouldn't play and just move on with the story. 3.) My phone would freeze often while I am swiping and had crashed twice now. These bugs are annoying but since this is just the beta version I think it's great so far and will recommend to my friends.
Very superrrrrrrrrrrrrrr game. The most interesting game I played after lapse 1. Just an advice to the creators to create more cards because some people may get frustrated by seeing the same cards again and again. Everything else is excellent. Thanks for such a game.
A good game, though there is a bug where if an ad that forces the device into landscape plays it causes the scales animation to play again, triggering another ad.
I have completed Laspe and this game continues to introduce new elements to keep it fresh. Also it is simple enough to let you continue the game even if you only have 5 minutes to spare.
Just as awesome and engaging as the first game, it implements new features, a variety of endings, and many characters. Humor is implemented into the game well, although it's mostly serious. After a while of playing, the dialogue options become repetitive, but it's still an amazing game considering that advertisements are completely optional. As this game implements concepts and characters from the 1st game quite well to make it a proper sequel, you should play the 1st game before this.
The game is so interesting, so glad I found it the story is so good and neither is to hard nor to easy. Can't wait for more. Perfect game if you like something easy but still want to think with your own head.
The game and its idea is very cool hut the story is just too slow. It takes too much to progress in the story so the game becomes repetitive and boring.
The next is always better than the last... Unless the creator is our of ideas. This game plays very well, and doesn't stray from the original, and at first I thought "Oh, it's going to be the same story." And I was wrong, I thought I could play this game without unlocking all the endings in the first, and again I was incorrect. The original game taught me to not trust the chef, and his cakes. However the first cake, seems to stray so far from the last.
its a relatively good game. few ads. my biggest issue is the lack of realism in a lot of decisions. for example, explain to me how paying some of my dancers to dance for someone makes me a harsh ruler?
Used to love this game but the the gameplay is repititive and gets boring after a while when you can't come to proper ending, it rather forces you to buy in app purchases which are very expensive and doesn't give you the satisfaction
Really interesting story. Fun challenge, simple gameplay and yet very entertaining! Definitely recommend.
Cool game overall with interesting storyline. Only problem i had is that i had to leave the game during one of the endings. And when i came back it gave me a new life with no way to trigger the ending again, so i had to reset and start all over, which took a lot of time.
Love it. After the first game where you can hire a scientist to time travel research she will appear in this game and I love that, Also I'm in love with Egypt and love their history weapons and mythology and to see here is amazing the maker clearly is one of the best
Loved it. I would love a third part of the game it's just awesome. I made it to the age of machines ๐Ÿ˜. My experience with your games is just fabulous. I hope that you'll create more games like this in future. And please A THIRD PART!!!!!! PLEASE !!!!!! For players I would say that you should play the First part of the game before playing this one ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€.
It's very interesting and challenging.You have to maintain everything equal.It tells how you , how have to lead a country when it is destroyed.It would be more nice if it was a little more easy.
Very good game, the drawings are simple but I love them, I would reccomend to anyone, I just wish that it would conect to play games to save progress among devices
Great game, simple graphic, interesting storyline. However, when I was connected to Wi-Fi while playing the game, the game suddenly closed itself and a black screen came out. Then, the game started all over again. Fix this please.
I played the original lapse not long after it was created, and replayed it again recently. I was super excited to learn that another one had been made. This one has a lot more going on and is more in-depth including getting to explore inside the game which is really fun. Definitely enjoying the game, though I wish I could get some fish without buying them (haven't seen another way to get them yet.) Definitely recommend this game for those who enjoyed the first one. Hope to see more games ๐Ÿ˜Š
The design is GORGEOUS and the story is very interesting, but it gets repetitive after a while. I'm stuck near the end but idk what to do...
Wonderful game, even better than the first. An even more engaging and mysterious story- as well as it being more challenging than ever. Great games, so simple but so good. It's a shame that they're so short.
Fun game but the endings all hinge on the last two choices of the game and are all unsatisfying. I don't know why the developer would repeatedly warn us to play the first game first when it seems you can only be satisfied if you get my ending then play the first game.
Anyone saying this doesn't get boring with the INCREDIBLE amount of repeated cards is lying or has zero imagination. Play this before lapse 1. The advice to play lapse 1 first actually makes this one way less interesting and way more predictable. If a prequel exists and you haven't played the main game yet, the prequel should be played first. Especially here... P.S. some of the "voices" are kinda racist, and annoying.
This game series is one of my favourite games, an interesting story and first game connected well with each other, your aim is to balance all option to protect your city while the story is ongoing. Graphics, digital arts, illustration etc. Are not that good, they should be improved. I had good progress but after I reset my device, all progress gone, please also add Google Play services to save our progression.
A great game continuing the story in the series. It had good simple graphics and runs on my phone where I cant cant play any good games. The controls are simple too, however five options for good areas such as (SPOILER), mazes and such. However you should play the first game to both get the story and understand the value system because in this sequel it gets more difficult. Overall a really good game that doesnt take much storage and runs smoothly while entertaining you for several hours!
it's kind of fun to play the game to be honest, but if the difficulty (the resource balancing mechanic of the game) are a bit less sentitive at some times and mote sentitive at other times, then i would give it a 5 stars, same thing with lapse 1 : the forgotten future
I love it, the graphics, the music, the new features. And it's 10x better than lapse 1. I was not expecting that. This is the first time I've rated a game 5 starts. I pray there will be a lapse 3,4,5...keep up the good work
i really love how they enhanced the experience by making the characters spoke,plus the egypt aesthetic really intrigues a history geek like me
This is actually a very good game. A little tedious because you have to spend much of your time waiting for something to change to progress to the story but other than that, it's not too bad. I would have liked for it to be more moral-based in mechanics because you end up memorizing the right responses for the characters to your advantage instead of really considering the right or wrong of it.
I loved the original lapse and I think this one is amazing too. It's really fun and enjoyable to play and pass time. Loved the graphics too.
I would like to read every single line but it consumes TOO MUCH time. As a player of Lapse series, I say that this kind of game is amazing at first, but the story takes too long to progress and then we often end bored passing cards without even reading. I got the third ending then I gave up because I don't want to waste more days in real life to read simple story lines.
Great game. Story was as good as the first game and expands a bit on how the world/characters in the first story came to be the way they were (I know thats not very clear but Im trying not to include story details of the first game here). Definately worth playing if you enjoyed the first game.
I really liked both of your games but this one is probably my favorite for a few reasons. 1. I really like how the scale was incoperated and used as a a sort of karma system. 2. Of course adding yourself in is always a nice touch. 3. The plot is really deep and you never really know when it will progress but it is always worth the wait and or death.
Amazing game. Very fun and always a mystery. I also love how watching ads are optional. Interesting plotlines and characters. Very well made.
It's a good game, very exciting and thriling. It's a game of leadership we're you have to balance good and evil but most of the time you find yourself as good leader is not all about balance the game has many secrets come find out. plss put Google play games so I can save my achievements.
This game was just as good as the first. I recommend playing the first one before the second one due to spoilers. Like the first, it may seem slow and repetitive at times, but it all leads up to another interesting story. Very well done!
I love it so Much. I know that when you see this game layout Its kinda weird but I Promise This Is So Good the story Is Amazing plus Some characters even breaks the fourth Wall. MAKE sure you Play Lapse 1 First because Lapse Two Is A Part two Prequel Of this game. The story Is Deep But The more you play the more you can uncover its mysteries and sometimes at the Endings Theres a Plot twist. I Love this game And its Mechanics You should tottaly Check this Game it has 3 Endings In Lapse 1 and 2.
I 100% love this game. The only reason I changed the review from 5 stars to 4 is because with the new update, the symbol's color changed and I can't really see without effort if they dropped or raised, so I eventually loose if I'm not paying extreme attention to the symbols. I know it's supposed to be tricky, I mean, that's the fun of it, but me personally find it uncomfortable. hope you keep it in mind, maybe make it optional? anyways, other than that, amazing gameโค๏ธ
More in depth than you would assume. Be sure to play the first, but it's not necessary, just highly advised.
Loved the game. It was not like the previous one which was slow and didn't have any new things but the ending but this one was just a bomb, too many mysteries to be unlocked a big story even though it's slow u won't get bored.
this is the first and probably only real review ive ever left but after the first game i needed to play this, great job to the devs, no complaints, perfectly paced for mobile, 10/10 gimmie a third
I love this style of gameplay. It's unique and really fun to play. So far both the first lapse and second lapse have been a thorough enjoyment for me. I recommend this game without question, for anyone out there whose reading this.
This game is AWESOME i mean, it doesn't take too much memory, and the story is great, btw i played the first game but this one is better๐Ÿ‘
Really Enjoyable. I really dig these kinds of games. Completed Lapse 1 and got all endings. Currently playing Lapse 2 now, and hoping to discover all the endings also. Nice chill game, good for killing time. Recommend guys!
Pretty fun, I actually found it while going back to download the old one to replay it but then I found this and it's been great so far keep up the good work.
This game is so fun, the storyline is also quite interesting! Though I laughed a little with some of the interactions and best of all this game is not bombarded with ads! I really love this game and the first one I hope you guys get more positive reviews!
This game keeps getting to my nerves! I could never be a good leader since I kept dying. But overall cute aesthetics and it's a good game ๐Ÿ‘
Great game to play with a great suspense . I literally got goosebumps when a secret got revealed . Oh man! It's a must try game I'll suggest. That's it. Thank u ๐Ÿ™‚.
I really liked the first game and the second was just as good and probably even more surprising. Very good game. Totally recommend this as long as you've played and completed the first game. Hopefully there's a third game. Hopefully.
Great game with an interesting story! The only default is that the game isn't compatible with dark mode. The symbol contrast is bad and we don't see well the indicators are almost invisible. It would be nice to have that fixed or to be able to disable dark mode for the game.
THIS is beautifully executed!!! No obnoxious upselling. There are so optional purchases, but they are NOT necessary for gameplay. No waiting for things to load and refill. The game is largely text based. Love it!
This game actually gives me goosebumps for the story line. I actually enjoy this game a lot. Probably one of the best mobile games I have played.
This game is full of interesting scenarios and the development of the factions unfolds with the choices you make. Lots of fun.
Great game, leads up to Lapse 1. Gameplay is overall repetitive but when the events pop-up it is rewarding.
I've played the original, and this game is great. Unfortunately, I do have some caveats. I've noticed this game is much longer, by several decades. This hurts realism and more importantly the gameplay. One problem I've had with the first was that; there was a point when I started to swipe left and right just to get to the next part of the story. I was bored. In the this one it's worse since it takes even more time to get to the end. Another part that was troubled me was the scales. For realism, the scales were either balanced for the purity of the heart, or imbalanced because of the evils of the heart. In Egyptian mythology, the feather was absolute and never weighed heavier than the heart. If the scales do affect gameplay; it's really hard to tell which alignment you are once you get past the menu screen where you're at on the scale. Those are my two(four) complaints, but everything else is fine. The addition of event that either lower or increase your stats is a fine edition to the game. It's good that there're events that can kill you if you swipe. It's not too obtrusive, and put you down. It's the right amount. Graphically its superb for the time and setting. The story overall exceeds the original. It give a sense of mystery with sci-fi elements. There are some bugs but nothing game breaking i.e. crashes, freezing. Great job with the game and look forward to the next game.
Just as fun as the previous game, this is a casual game that requires some strategy to play well. I'm really enjoying the Ancient Egypt theme too.
Extremely Fun and addictive game. Creators should be proud of themselves for making a phone game that makes the player feel honestly invested.
The original game was a stroke of genius that has been my wind-down game for a long time. A fresh story and ties to the first game gives Lapse 2 instant success, and I look forward to future installments.
It is an amazing game, can't even lie about that, not only is the story fluent, it's exciting and alomst impossible to predict. My only concern and while it isnt a ultimate turn off is that you can only have four perks, its a bit annoying especially if you're trying to live lol. my suggestion is either increase the ammount able to be carried or allow us to choose which one we wanna get rid of. Also allowing us to choose if we wanna use them because it can be wasted if we lost in two categories.
I enjoyed the game a lot, I think if there's a lot of fun mysteries to uncover and the plot is compelling all the way through the play. However, the ending isn't really a choice now is it? You might have made things somewhat less linear, and the answers a little less obvious. That's the only reason why it's not five stars.
Great game but highly recommend you play the first one before this. This is far better than the first game but you need the first game to appreciate this one.
All the things I said about the first game and more apply with this game. It balances the task of sustaining your rule while every now and then throwing in story elements that always, without fail, surprise me and interest me. I also appreciate the little things like the music and voice lines. all in all, a lot more polished than ths first, with a just as interesting story.
Brilliant concept and engaging storylines! Be sure to play the original first though, or it won't make as much sense (also myriad spoilers!)
Lapse 2 is a fantastic continuation of the first installment! It's incredibly simple to learn the mechanics. As for entertainment value: if you've got an imagination once you start, the story will take you on a wild, cheeky, timey-wimey sci-fi ride. I highly recommend this game. Start with Lapse (the original) if you haven't yet!
The game is excellent with stylish graphics. The story based concept is both engaging and fun. But I think this game lack something a feature for the gamer to save game progress as the game proceeds and to come back later to resume where he left not to start all over again. Yes, a feature for saving progress will be benefitting. Other than that, EXCELLENT game. Thanks very much to the developers.
Bro... both of the Lapse games are absolutely incredible. It stuns me that it isn't more popular. Beautiful, wonderful, with some of the most memorable characters I have ever seen. I can't wait to see what more yall have in store!
This is such a good game, and I'm so glad I started playing it again. To fully understand some of the story, it's important you go back and play the first one, but the way things evolve as you play and make certain choices is So much fun! Definitely recommend.
Well written and fun, but can be time consuming to try and read all the cards. Good way to pass the time, and replayable
Three stars because the original is still the best IMO. I hope on lapse 3, there will be incognito mode; you wont know what sector impacts your decision until it goes up/down. More sectors, religion, environment, government, technology, art and innovation, other species, time, and so on. Butnas I write this, why do I feel deja vu?
The game is very good. I played a lot. The only bad thing that I can think of is that it sometimes it can become confusing on what to do with the story. But that could be just me. Overall solid game.
Best mobile game I have ever seen, The story of it is so gripping and The gameplay is very chalenging , Recomended.
Love this game and loved the last one! The last one was too short a story but this one seems like it might be longer so im loving it!!!
Played the first game and now for the sequel.. or is it prequel? ;). Just as well written and suspenseful as the first game. Simular complaint being luck plays a huge part in how often you die and second to third playthroughs can be tedious. Overall a wonderful game. Hope there will be a third!
Once you get so far, all the early dialogue becomes repetitive, so eventually, dying becomes more annoying than the game is fun. Good game, but too annoying to get to the ending.
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING GAMEPLAY!! The puzzles are challenging and the storyline keeps you on your toes when you progress ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ
Very nice. Though the story and same slides appear quite a lot of times, it is fun to play. Nice work!
This is a continuation of the story and I have not finished it yet. I keep playing. After I finish, I will write a long review. Before saying common issues, I only found one problem in this game which is not in the first game. The problem is the graphics. Some illustrations have low quality, so hope you will fix them. For common problems, there are some same problems with the first game, โ€œLapse: A Forgotten Futureโ€ These common problems are: There are some optimization problems that should be avoided! Lastly, you cannot save your game progress to Google Games, so if I delete the game or lose its data, I have to play from the beginning. As a result, I think that it is one of the games that should get an award from Google Play. For me, it is a very underrated game. Few people have done a lot of work in this game, I would like to congratulate everyone who has worked, I will buy โ€œNo ADSโ€ to support you all! I expect your work and updates to continue! Please respond to this comment, thanks! Device: HUAWEI Mate 20 lite (SNE-LX1) Version: Android 10/EMUI 10 Language: English, German, Turkish (Turkish has translation problems, if it is needed, I can help you, I do not expect anything, just to help!)
Very much a sequel. Obviously there's not much change in the mechanics of the game but I appreciate the look at the oft-forgotten time period of the Bronze Age. There seems to be more plot behind it as well, which I appreciate.
It IS basically the same as the first one with cool new features and a new storyline. Nice Game for in between, eben sitting at the Toilette XD.
Needs more of a pace to progress but great game also should do different versions story lines or continuations