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Landrule Strategy vs Risk

Landrule Strategy vs Risk for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Pixamark LLC located at 606 Post Road East, Ste 540 Westport, CT 06880 . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Liked the game. It is rather easy to win against Ai, even at harder gameplay. Ai has no strategy at all, you may find yourself having 16 cards to be turned in next turn. I did not play online as it feels boring to me to wait hours for one game; and the game does not support instant play. Better strategy games are available (like antiyoy), but with some modifications to Ai strategy this one might be a fruitful option for offline strategy.
It's a good game at it's base but single player mode is so broken - the AI get insane benefits already at medium difficulty and AI players often team up on you. Another annoying thing is not being able to go back to the attacked phase after hitting the done button by mistake.
Good risk clone! Then you realize multiplayer requires making a new account, so you just play single player. Then you realize the AI specifically targets you over doing the rational choice, resulting in king-making. I've watched AIs carve a path through an opponent to get to me, when they could have attacked the weaker AI's last territory, claimed their 4(!) cards, and bagged another country bonus to production. That killed any interest I had in playing further.
Lol. Developer set up for you to lose. The other bad reviews are spot on. This isnt a chance or risk style game. The AI targets you and makes moves that are inconsistent and focus on attacking the player as opposed to cleaning lands. Used to be a fun game. Now it's just BS.
Have played for a long time. Would give it better review but screen flickers alot. Running on pixelbook so it should not be my machines specs??
I would give it better scores but I have bought all of the maps, but since my la s t phone died and had to replace it I lost half of the maps. I sent them an email with no response. BOUT TO UNINSTALL! buyer beware don't switch devices. Do the devs not read this? Are you not willing to keep your paying customers happy?
It's simplicity is brilliant. Have been playing it with friends for years. It doesn't give notifications for iPhones all the time which can cause problems
It's one of my favorite risk versions with tons of great maps available for around a dollar. But of lately it has began to freeze up or lose connection even when I'm on Wi-Fi causing missed shot clock and dropping people from games . This is starting to ruin it and is causation for looking for a new risk like game.
I purchased a whole heaps of maps ages ago and now none of them are available. Where is the 'restore purchases' option???
Sadly, I believe the developers have abandoned this app. It has sooo much potential. No support, games are glitching, cheaters have taken over. I've been playing for 5 1/2 yrs & will be very sorry if they let it crash & burn.
Even on medium it gives a stupid unfair advantage to the AI... it will screw you over constantly... also, no maps are unlocked, trying to get your money... just give me 10 ads per hour or one per game instead...
Overall this game is fun, especially the online multiplayer; however, playing alone on anything but the easy setting is impossibly difficult. I like to think of myself as a skilled risk player (maybe I'm not) but the fact is that the player's chance of victory in a battle is severely diminished in medium and hard mode. I will give this 5 stars when I see the difficulty is more gradually scaled.
The easy setting involves no AI intelligence (redundancy seems OK here). The harder setting does not mean smarter AI, but that they all gang up on you to make up for the lack of intelligence. If you have one continent, they are MUCH more likely to all attack you than the AI that has 3 continents. And more free maps would be nice, but gots to pay the bills.
When playing the computer the medium setting is harder than the harder setting for one. Second on the medium setting If I occupy more than one continent, every computerized team, with no worry of consequence, will do everything to breach my borders. But, if A computerized team has more than one continent, the other computerized teams dont attack. Weird.
European Stronghold on medium is basically impossible. It's troll bait. Harder mode on that map is easier than Medium. There is something seriously broken about ES on medium mode. This is upsetting only because it's a paid map. I should be able to play it. Don't buy European Stronghold map.
Exceptional Risk clone. For the optimal experience get stuck into on-line mode as ai are very predictable. Would be better if you could have more than 5 open games at any one time.
This is really the only game I play to pass the time. I've been playing for over 5 years. Good game, and the extra maps are cheap.
Fun, lite time killer you can play offline. My only gripe is that I bought several maps and they have been locked since I changed phones
Great version of the Risk style of game. Clean visuals, plenty of settings to fiddle with, and a lot of content (8 maps) even without buying any of the additional maps (18 as of this review). I tried several Risk clones before deciding on this one and it's the best by far.
Perhaps the next best thing to Risk. I've been playing this game for a couple of years now. I I have only played in single player game mode, but there is an option to play with others online. There have been some comments about the battles, like an army of 12 not taking an army of 2, etc. As a general rule, this doesn't happen often, but it can. That's part of the risk you take. Usually an army of 5 can take an army of one, and an army of 8 to 10 will usually take an army of 2, but not always.
would like if the developer would get back with me in regards to part purchases. i purchased several maps however they no longer show up as playable maps and that i need to purchase them again.
Cheaply made app cant see dice rolls predetermined on how many armies you can move. Plus it seems when in a game it favors one person or the other. More often than not you will lose 6 to 1.
They have ruined this game - used to play it all the time and now it is a joke. Explain how I can have a 10-1 advantage in a battle and still lose? It is not worth playing anymore
Used to be a fun game, one of the few i would play on the phone. For some reason now the AI changed and makes irrational moves only to harm you. Humans don't pay like that. It became just irritating.
Great risk emulator. Needs to show dice rolls when attacking individually to make it properly old school (apart from 'all' of course!). Also needs a league-section that automatically scores wins, losses and user-inputted points per position/shot clock penalty. Interested in which pseudorandom number generator is used and if we get assigned a seed on registration just out of interest. Good game, acceptable, price point, let's see if developers improve these two features. Cheers!
I love the new maps and bought them on my phone. But I could not unlock them on my Android box using same account as my phone. Please help! Thanks
Always been the best Risk game available. Could be an even harder setting though *New maps please! Big ones like North America
This has been my favorite time waster app for a long time. I requested the addition of a random map feature and it was added so now I'm even MORE happy with this app! I've made several map purchases as well.
A reasonable Risk clone, let down by strategically and tactically inept AI - it tends to ally with itself against you, leading to it making some bizarre decisions. It also appears to give biased dice rolls against the human player on higher skill settings - which isn't really anything to do with skill. There is also quite limited control on how many armies you can redeploy. The result is a game that quickly becomes too predictable, and rather boring.
Good game, still think the free ones are the best of the bunch. The game took a few minutes to add purchases to new device, so I gave it a bad review, I take it back.
Ugh... can't take it anymore! The dice roles are so ridiculous now, it takes all the fun out of the game. Please fix this problem. I can work around the other AI issues but game play relies on roll statistical averages being met!
Maps purchased previously are not available when reinstalling the app. You have to purchase them again. Er nope. No response to this issue from the developers hence low score. Game is enjoyable enough but AI very weak even on the hardest setting.
The AI is the same for "easy" and "harder", it rarely ever gets difficult on singleplayer unless the player has an unusually unlucky start. Lightning speed should be the default setting for moves.
Used to be a good game. But the gameplay sucks now; the AI targets you and you only. One of the the other AI players could be sitting there with very limited defenses and the other AI players leave it alone and go for you. And the way you lose armies is ridiculous, I can have 14 for example and an AI will attack with 15 and win, losing 1 in the process...and then it'll go on to take 4 or 5 more territories. I'll attack with overwhelming superiority and lose upwards of 80% of my force. It's not just one in a while, which would be expected, it's ALL the time. Uninstalling.
It's 2019, and to paraphrase Tyrion Lannister...this game has always been a ©unT. AI is rubbish. 200+ scenarios where AI outnumbered anywhere from 2:1 - 60:1, yet posted an astounding .830 batting ave - roughly 20% higher than statistical ave (including 20 scenarios, where AI outnumbered 11:1 & went a perfect 1280 for 1280). Asinine is the word that comes to mind.
Perfect system if you want to play with far away friends. Up to 24 hour timers allow us to play with hectic schedules.
Great app! Very thankful for it and having an awesome time with my buddies even though we do not have the time to get together in person. Only thing - the AIs play the game like my 8 year old.
Absolutely horrible. It keeps stopping me mid game and sending back to the start menu, there's no zoom and it's locked on this awkward uncomfortable space.
Another poor Risk clone. See the other versions on the store if you want a slightly better version. There's a ton of abuse in this game and the developer does nothing
It's the only game I play on my phone and I'm fortunate enough to play regular games with a great white wizard who happens to be the Landrule champion of the world. I also heard from a very reliable source recently that new maps are coming.
no adds, plenty of maps for free, tons for very cheap. barebones epic PVP risk. gamespeed can be set as fast as 10min per player or up to 24 hrs. have 6 games going at once
It's 2019 & this review is still paraphrasing Tyrion Lannister...this game has always been a ©unT. AI is rubbish. 200+ scenarios where AI outnumbered anywhere from 2:1 - 60:1, yet posted an astounding .830 batting ave - roughly 20% higher than statistical ave (including 20 scenarios, where AI outnumbered 11:1 & went a perfect 1280 for 1280). Asinine is the word that comes to mind.
This game is a good Risk clone. It offers custom maps and online multiplayer up to 8 players. However, it has some VERY serious flaws: 1) If one person drops out of the game (which is common) with standing armies, the match is essentially ruined. Their forces remain, and continue to amass. This makes land impassable. 2) Cannot elect an exact number of troops to maneuver. 3) Cannot undo mistakes.
It's like every other Risk clone that makes up for the lack of AI by beating you over the head with RNGesus.
Please oh please let me back up to the attack phase of my turn!! Every once in a while I go straight from reinforcing to movement and can't back up. It has cost me games. Will happily change to a 5 star rating with that particular fix.
Am I imagining things, or does the game confiscate cards when you open a turn with 5 or more cards, THEN give you the option to turn in remaining cards? Leading to a situation where you could start a turn with 5, lose two, turn in three then have only one card after your turn ends and you win a card for conquering a territory? Otherwise, still like the game.
When rotating to landscape view, it is completely useless. I sent them a picture of how it can be redesigned to work. They ignored my suggestion. Fix that, and I will definitely give it 5 stars.
Latest update will crash 'waiting for AI placement' skewing stats. Played for years, have never had this problem with previous versions. Have played well over 1k games on old version. AI better, dice roles are not random. Game knows when I'm going to lose as it removes the cards before the 'rolls.' Guess that explains alot of whacky gameplay.
The results of orders are erratic: despite looking like a simple Risk style game, the numbers don't work that way. You can order 4 units to attack a 1 unit territory and they will lose- despite that it's meant to be a simple higher numbers game. There's no dice, no stats but even basic play is pretty random
Why do I have an army of 13 attacking an army of 3 and all my units die and none of theirs then an army will have no land yet get a stupid number of reinforcements. The game is faulty and pointless when its like this it makes the strategy aspect pointless. Would be brilliant but poorly executed leaving you frustrated as sometimes no matter what you do, you can not win!
I've had Landrule for a few years now, amazing game. It's clean with no adverts ruining your gameplay. One feature I would love to see is an easy feature to private message other players in game, as well as this more multiplayer options would be nice such as whether quit players are replaced with AI. Overall it's a fantastic game, I highly recommend it to anyone!
16 vs 3, I win and am left with 2 remaining. 4 vs 1, I lose. Happens all too often, yet an AI with 12 armies can snake a path from South America through Africa and into Asia, but in doing so opens itself up to a defenseless position. This all happens way too regularly. If I wanted to watch a clueless army win by "chance" so often, I would watch a GI Joe cartoon. Even with this crap gameplay, as long as you don't throw your phone you can beat the AIs, so GFY for subjecting us to a game that is frustrating as crap but not challenging. You really hit the sweet spot on sucking right there.
Oof the AI. Makes the dumbest moves even on hard it's "easy" other than the rolls seem to be skewed to the enemy. You have a clear numeric advantage? Good luck. AI has even odds? They will win easily.
Its not that i dont like the game, its that the ai is coded poorly making single player a joke. It's actually easier to win on the hard setting then the mid? Also dont like that we cant zoom out. All in all there are a lot of "risk- like" games out there and I just cant recomend this one.
Very basic risk game, not bad, worth trying but needs to have a few extra free maps to gain more interedt
LG Stylo4. Just one suggestion, on future updates, could you have more than one map, and if you do 3, maybe make one of the OLDER PAID MAPS OR ONE OF THE NEW MAPS free? Something to think about. *** I get that you want to make a few pennies to help fund other projects, I'm all for that, and send best wishes toward you folks toward that end
What type of mobile game would charge an dollar per map? I have seen full games that aren't as expensive as that, and that are of the same quality. Alongside this, the controls are unintuaitive
Superb Risk clone that has been around Android since it's early days. Pretty good multiplayer experience. Deduct one star only due to lack of computer complexity in making strategic decisions & because it uses cooked probability to cheat outcomes at times.