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Dragon World

Dragon World for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by funnymobilegames located at Ottawa. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Im so tired of playing the same board ive done it 15 times n still it says to play it 6 more times im close 2 deleting the game
Its almost identical to merge dragons and i love that game too. I wish the dragons didnt take so long to sleep tho. Overall great game so far.
It's pretty much same as merge dragons except few different dragons,but it's fun making new dragons !
While i am enjoying the game it feels a little slow going but hopefully it's only bcz i just started playing yesterday! If things improve for me I'll DEF change my rating accordingly!
I was really enjoying this game for several months now and had made a lot of progress in building things and completing tasks.The game started getting stuck on different tasks and then randomly reset to a lower level and the 30 days of 25 orbs per day that I purchased was gone. I contacted support for a refund since I had only gotten 7 days worth of the 30 days that I paid for, but I got no response.So not only is the game buggy, but the developer will not honor purchases. Complete ripoff!
I really really really want to give this game 5 stars but it's been more than 2 months and there have been no new levels. On the dragon all land is not fun. Where are the new puzzle levels? I'm gonna give you another 2 weeks and if you don't get some new puzzle levels pretty soon, to delete it. It's a waste of time if I can't actually play something new.
This is honstly a knock off of merge dragons wich is older i checked and unless you work with/for gram games limted it really sad how identical they look
Easy to progress through along with different ways, either in the base of Deltorra or on the surface. I'm giving it four stars as although graphics and sound etc are great, Buying gemstones and opening treasure chests can be expensive.
Nice little puzzle-and-achievement game that's somehow different. Very creative and cute. And it's not boring.
Tried to retrieve my cloud save and it say: Error loading cloud save data, call to support. Dunno what's goin' on here..... Won't even try to play till it's fixed. Cheers, Dravin
Great game. Really enjoy playing it but it won't let me go past Creepy Coast5 level. I've played it 5 times, without being able to go farther
Hello, I made a purchase for $3.99 for one of the lands and it wouldn't open up. I thought maybe the purchase have not gone through so I did it again and the same thing happened, but it told my that I had already purchased it. So now I have been charged three times for the same piece of land that won't open up. I even closed the game out and just tried to open it again and it's telling me to pay for it. Can you open it up for me, or refund me my 3 charges. Thank you, Felicia
Updated and Now won't open. Go to Open the app it'll look like it's loading and then it'll just close. The only way I can get it to work is by uninstalling it reinstalling it downloading all my progress again and doing that each time I close the application. Once the applications closed it will no longer open. It's ridiculous and I was really enjoying myself before the app updated.
I puschase some extra land they detucted it on my google pay but the land that i purchase still not available to open
I like the game, but I had the same issue with Merge Dragons...sure it will expand, but I've been waiting for 3 months! I've played all of the levels available 3 times. PLEASE expand soon!
I'm having trouble with getting my purchases . I've purchase the land for $3.99 three times and it won't let me open the land . Keeps saying to buy at -58%. So unless this problem is solved I won't be purchasing anything in this game.
In app purchases....game has taken two payments when it should only be one at Β£3.89 and not delivered the the extra land ?? Have emailed you guys direct but have had no response !!!
I like the game it is made well but the dragons go to sleep super quick. And it is hard to get the dragon orbs without buying them.
This has been a really fun game. The only problem I have with it is: to play a puzzle it costs chalices, of which we are given 7. But some of the puzzles cost 7 chalices to play, which means you can only do 1 puzzle, then you have to wait until the chalices refill at the rate of 1 chalice per hour. It takes 7 hrs. for the chalices to refill. It needs either a quicker refill or cheaper puzzle cost.
The amount of chalices need for some levels is crazy. You have to wait all day to get 7. Then spend 7 on a level. Who wants to sit and watch ads over and over again to keep playing.
Okay I'm revising my rating for this game due to the fact that it was never updated on the cloud, lost all of my progress and the monthly payment I just got this month. I sent a message thru customer support.
I love this game my only problem is every time I open the game i have to turn on the oprion of 5 merge prefer.in other merge games you have to do this once
If u don't download this game there's something wrong with u its the best thing I have found I play it daily
The games is ok. Just slow going. I really wish it didn't cost money to play. This game would be alot better. FREE
It's a good game, but I purchased 2 extra pieces of land for 399 and 699 and the game won't let me get them unless I buy them again so I tried to troubleshoot the problem and it didn't work so what do I do now?
This is just like every other dragon merge game, but it takes three times as long to do anything. 20 minutes for a dragon to wake, then it only does ONE thing before it goes back to sleep???? ONE HOUR to earn a chalice???? Are you kidding me?? Response: why would I want to torture myself trying to get to higher levels when it is no fun to begin with?
Been playing fine for 3 weeks now says error. Not enough space to install resources. I have 20 on internal and 117gb on the external! I like this game a lot. HELP! . Tried twhat was written. Will not open at all now.
There is something you need to fix. When I check the coin or stone capacity, a little box opens and you see what you can store. Fine. BUT...when I click the X to close it, whatever is under that X in the game will be used. Its how I lost my 4000 heart on a piece of land that needed less than 100. That's infuriating! That's one thing to be fixed. It would also be great if things were used or stored after double tapping, and not after only one tap.
Game is very fun, but the friends list is very outdated. Very few names clear off my list for friend request and names stay on list who I've sent gifts to. Right now I have 45 names still on the list and that's after I've gone through the entire list and deleted all friend request names.
I'm really enjoy playing these games as well as the levels. However I wish that you would put down special events. I haven't seen one yet and I've had this game about a month or two. But otherwise the game is so much fun. Way to go guys! πŸ˜€
Ok so I like the game. But don't like that the dragons sleep ALL the time. And I have to wait for ever for them all to be awake to do anything. But I like the side games.
I had to change devices because my other one quit, yet when I try to load my game on the new one I get "Loading data error. Call support".
I love this game. It is fairly generous with rewards so that you don't have to spend real money. That's for a top class merge game.
Ripoff I've purchased both islands, and they won't open. I tried to contact support and it kept scrambling up the words.
This game is great, it's a great way to pass the time. I start playing & just can't quit. My only complaint is that I wish the challenges would be separate from the levels. That way, if you got stuck on a challenge, you could still play.
Twice purchases have been made but not applied to game. I can only assume this is as the game tells me I'm not connected to "the Internet" when it means server, it also won't allow me to contact support through the app for the same reason. Rather annoyed now.
The new event won't down load all I keep seeing is the one saying the strawberry moon event is ove please fix i would like to play the events
Very much like the Merge Dragons and Merge Magic, and has difficulty connecting to the internet and probably the same save option. I will play it until I'm bored or need to uninstall it because I know I will start all over if I uninstall.
Was enjoying the game up to now. The problem is that whenever I close the game now all progress stops. Trees would drop seeds, ponds would produce weeds, etc., now nothing. I'll give it a few days, if nothing is resolved, then I'll uninstall.
Okay I'm revising my rating for this game due to the fact that it was never updated on the cloud, lost all of my progress and the monthly payment I just got this month. I sent a message thru customer support. In addition to my earlier post, I haven't seen an event in a while, !Ike almost a year. There's a glitch in the game too.
I liked it i was getting far along in the game then it just slowed down to dragging . I get bored if things aren't move
😳 WTH happened to this game. I've played it before and it was so cute now it's so stupid looking. I'm already uninstalling
Cute and fun.... no difference so far from other dragon merge games.... little things here and there. Only time will tell
If you enjoy playing Merge Dragons, you'll love this game! - Because this game is literally the Great Value version of it. The only thing different is the animations. It's a cool game but definitely not original. At least come up with your own ideas!
Was enjoying this game until I made a purchase. Money was taken out of my account twice but the island didn't clear!!!! Very disappointed .
Great, except I can't tell what account I'm logged in as so now I've got two different accounts and never know which one I'm logged in to. Frustrating. Especially since it auto connects to what account? I don't know. No way to find out since there's no option to enter login info. 5 stars if I didn't have to deal with this issue. PS. I'm sure I caused the initial problem by not knowing I had logged in or saved from a different account. *Edit: When I said accounts, I meant Facebook and Google.*
Debited my Goggle Play for dragon orbs but never got them 8/13. But never got them and attempts to reach out to their site; stated "not connect to server" GOOD LUCK IF YOU SPEND MONEY WITH THEM AND DON'T GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR. NO WAY TO REACH THEM TO RESOLVE ISSUE.
Was loving this game until it suddenly erased all my progress and started me back at nothing. All that work gone.
I got this game, and paid to get gems every day. I ended up getting a new phone and now it will not let me connect to the cloud. I contacted customer service and haven't heard ANYTHING back! Do NOT buy anything and then get the game on a different phone.
I can't log in it goes to where I can log in and I put my information and it loads but then nothing happens it says contact customer service
I want to give it 5 stars ⭐ badly but I can't at the moment. I have been looking for a game that's close to Merge Magic/Dragons and I've finally found it. This is becoming a favorite just like the other two Merge games but it needs a little work. Can you send me your email address so I can send you a short list of things that need changed or improved on? There's never enough room on here to tell everything. I'll definitely come bk and change it to 5 stars⭐... 1. Remove the TAP HERE a above items
Same issue as Tasha. I purchased the extra islands- money taken with tax from my card but game still acts as iij f I did not. Either give me access or refund.
Ran out of land due to to many chest to open rare to come across orbs to get to open for free. Have to pay otherwise. Unstalling game
Its good but I think it could improve rewards for play per puzzle rewards like get some energy rewards.
I like the game but getting ripped off by them and Google refusing to help you get your money back means they are both Scammers and rip off Artists. Still have not gotten refund plus they restarted my game and now I am back to the beginning.
Great merge game. The only downside is the dragons harvest random things unless specifically directed.
Beautiful game but I passed a timed level over 3 weeks ago but the game wont go any further. Ive written customer service for weeks now and no one there so don't bother with game which is a shame because until then it was nice. Much better the the original "Dragon Island"
Been playing fine for 3 weeks now says error. Not enough space to install resources. I have 20 on internal and 117gb on the external! I like this game a lot. HELP!
2 nights ago I purchased one of the extra islands for $3.99. The money was taken out of my account, but I still can't access that land. I contacted support several times. They have done nothing to fix the situation. I will be filing fraud charges.
There are entirely too many chest that you've earned that have to be opened with gems, and very few ways to earn the gems. Otherwise it's a pretty fun game and you can play for long periods of time.
This game is a copy of merge dragons. I liked it untill they took my money and didn't deliver their goods. They are impossible to contact, I tried ingame support but that kept saying my email wasn't valid. I tried the email they give in the game info, but I got a delivery status notification failure saying that group doens't exist??? To me it's clear they are only in it to earn as much money as possible with no way people can contact them. I'm deleting this game.
Enjoyable when you need to break your mind away from the real world for a bit. I recommend this app. It is a lot of fun. And you can still advance without having to dump a ton of money. You will just need time to clear the lands πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I've played a month or 2 or so and never once had a friend list pop up. My bf played just a few days longer and had one. I cannot find any place in the game or game settings to sync to email, Google, or Facebook. I had one game that synced only to Cloud and it never saved anything past level 9 and I lost all levels that I gained over level 9... I'm deleting DL before it does the same thing and makes me throw my phone.
This is just Merge Dragons, uh, merged with Merge Magic. The layout of camp is Merge Dragons and the levels (up through at least the first 10) are Merge Magic. Like, literally the same.
I made a purchase and have messaged every support, developer, contact available and have recieved nothing in return. I've sent proof of my purchase thinking I would get a response but nope.
I also made a purchase on the premium lands at $6.99 and tried several times and each time the transaction cleared but I was never granted use of the lands so now I'm out 30+ dollars and still can't use what I paid for and I emailed you through the support thing yesterday and got absolutely no response.....I'm very upset that this game just does nothing but take your money and no one bothers to fix the problems....BEWARE!!!
Just downloaded this game got past the first level no problem 2 nd one even tho I did what the quest was it does nothing but sit there disappointed for sure I love these dragon games