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Labyrinth of the Witch

Labyrinth of the Witch for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by ORANGE CUBE, Inc. located at 〒163-0412 東京都新宿区西新宿2-1-1 新宿三井ビルディング 12階. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Force closed twice in a row. Didn't get to play. How retarded. Yeah I could restart my device and all that BS. But why take the time to do all that if that's my initial and first experience of it. So nah, forget trying this.
gameplay is clean, graphics are solid. it's essentially the cave of trials from lufia. worth a run through.
Yes, Yes, Yes, This game is awesome, its just like the Pokemon Mystery Dungeons games and I loved those games, and as such I've fallen in love with this Game. After opening the app, I've played it for just about 2 hours, and so far the only thing I wish that could be changed is that you can't tame bosses, I think you should be able too. but other than that I think the game is great as is!
THIS GAME IS GREAT I RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE.It's like Pokemon mystery dungeon plus a great time time killer when you're bored. But please add more characters and make Tamed monsters come with you in dungeons.
Not a bad little rogue-lite, fairly interesting and fun from the get go. The few purchasable content seems a little much, but it's fine enough since you don't need it. I do however take issue with the one larger innovation of being able to take items back with you being hamstrung by the challenges relying on you not having any to begin with and the odds of the good gear weakening as you play. There isn't much to do besides gaining stars, some actual long term goals and growth would do it well.
I love this game. It's really fun to play with gameplay similar to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon and the art style is absolutely wonderful. My only complaint is the storage. It would be nice to buy extra storage with in-game currency - maybe not gold but at least with the "Mandalas" perhaps? Otherwise, I find this game very charming and exciting to play!
Feel like the not being able to bring old equipment along if you want a 3 star and limited storage area hampers game play alot also maybe try adding mini games with the pets to lvl them up or be able to bring them with you for extra damage or gems
I'm already loving it! Its gameplay is very similar to Mystery Dungeons, and the familiarity makes me feel at home. Most of the mechanics are intact as well, so it isn't hard to get into it My only wish are that the other characters can be unlocked in some other way aside from paying for them. Lack thereof makes the game suffer in replay value over time.
The game's pretty fun overall, but all the unlocks that require money are way too expensive for the little difference it would actually make, as the stats are minimally different, the hats buff you for so little, etc. Either drop the costs of the unlockables from the $5+ dollar range to the $1 range, or make these actually worth purchasing.
While playing this game, it reminded me of that one game I played in GBA & DS ;-) . Though it has some similarities, it was still able to show it's own uniqueness and it was enjoyable. As you progress, things goes a bit hard and felt unbalanced but it was still fun to experience. My advice to the dev team is to make the game more exciting like adding active/ passive skills to characters & mini bosses. I would like to provide more suggestions but I've reached the limit for review.
pretty cute game ... reminds me of another great game I played on my older phone which is great . the only feature I wish were included is the ability to name your protagonist. other than that , great job
Mechanics are spot-on, beautiful pixel art and cute character and enemy designs. I love how the game feels so nostalgic in a way. Some things that i didn't like is the way you utilized premium content. It seems unreasonable to buy some customization with real money. Also it feels somewhat empty inside the dungeon. Good game, has good potential and can be improved. Thanks devs!
i love this style of games. but it needs more characters, and more of them you can buy with in game currency, but good job on a great game
A very good game ruined by greed. I understand that the developers put their time and effort into the game and should be rewarded, but 5.99 to remove ads, 5.99 for each additional character unlock, plus more money to expand inventory and etc? No, I'm sorry that I'll only play what i get for free and then delete it when i get bored. Make your ingame purchases .99 to 1.99 or be banished to #498 in the rpg game list in the play store.
Look, other then being an obvious cash in on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fans, this game is great. It's entertaining, it's replayable, it's characters are only as bland as oatmeal raisin cookies, and dungeons usually require a bit more strategy then "Run."... However this game grabs at your wallet harder then a pickpocketer with a thing against people who play dungeon crawlers. The storage and bag space you get is absolutely pitiful without upgrades thus you can't prepare for later levels. Just why
Thought it would be good, downloaded it and found out half the content requires money. Even a small storage and bag. Not worth the time.
A cute pixel dungeon crawler. I love what the game offers with simple controls and complex strategies. Nothing is too cluttered or too confusing, it presents itself in the way it wants it to. Keep up the great work!
My review was erased. Cool. anyway, its really neat in theory, but you really need to make the option for a male or female character from the start. I expected to be able to choose between the male or female character after the tutorial, but you cannot. You need to buy the male for $5, which is ridiculous. Thats just greedy.
Shows promise in the first 5 minutes, but once you get to the harder dungeons it's evident that other critical reviewers weren't lying: the pay2win vibe is strong. As you dive deeper the enemies become so unforgiving, your equipments either wear down so fast, get rusted by every other monster, or ruined by traps, and the inventory limit is suffocating. Purchases will help a bit but they're too expensive. Better off just getting a nice, full game in switch, ds, vita, or other handhelds. Bye.
The best Mystery Dungeon-type roguelike on the Play Store. Controls are simple and intuitive, and the difficulty is in line with other games of this kind. All MTX are unobtrusive, and any timer for the side activities can be bypassed by watching an Ad. There are no timers for the dungeon delving itself. If you're a fan of the Dragon Quest Mystery Dungeon games, you'll love this game.
Pretty fun, albeit a bit easy at times, but brought down a bit by the monetisation. While the prices are fair, it doesnt really feel all that good seeing items or upgrades with no way to get them other than real money. There is already a coin/gold currency but all that seems good for is buying consumable items to take to dungeons, which is doubly pointless because your free item storage is only 20 (unless you pay), and because all the challenges to complete are about not using items at all.
i dont know what happen but i started it 2 days ago at first i loved it reminds me of mystery dungeon. next day i played everything was fine. then today i decided to play more but when i decide to grind to lv up i went back to lv 1... and when i quit the dungeon and went back i lost everything.... only things i had was in storage. i like this game but theres a lot of bugs that need fixing.
Having been disappointed by the current absence of Shiren The Wanderer (one of the original Mystery Dungeon games) on the Switch, I remembered spotting this on the eShop. Labyrinth of the Witch is an impressive miniature of similar roguelikes; it sufficiently challenges the player's resource management and decision making. I was surprised both by how good the soundtrack is, and how well the game runs on my low spec phone.
At first, I thought the looks would be deceiving, as many mobile games tend to be, but I was beyond wrong. This game reminds me of when I played 'Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky' on my DS. It is very high quality than what I've come to expect from mobile games. The art and music are great, the controls aren't messy nor hard to understand, the ads don't get in the way, and it's just plain fun. Even so, I recommend buying the 'no ads', purely to support the developers.
Like this one a lot It's a light-hearted dungeon crawler with heavy roots in Rogue/Nethack with a bit of a Japanese bend to it, but it's not overly complex or obtuse like so many other games. Give this one a try for sure! I especially like the ad structure of opting-in to watching to receive extras.
Torneko the last hope, or I mean Labrynth of the witch is an awesome dungeon rogue like with cute graphics. If you ever played any of the Dragon quests spin offs, " The Torneko series", which was Dragon Quests take on a rogue like, you'll be right at home here! Awesome game!
Played a game very similar to this and got bored because it had a basic dungeon with auto attack. Labyrinth of the Witch provides way more content with equipment, potions, maps, etc., even more characters (even though 2 are premium 1 can be obtained with gold) hopefully all can be unlocked with gold in time. The ads aren't forced unless you want to unlock stuff quicker. I'd say this game's a great time killer.
It will be more fun if you add boss battle in the last floor of the dungeon and please add landscape screen option
Amazing game, if you loved and missed playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeons games on the GBA you'll love this!
pretty happy with this, although characters to unlock definitely should NOT be almost $5 each unless they are immortal or immune to buffs. either way, this is a very nice Roguelike so far.
reminds me of my older Pokemon dungeon explorer games, it nails that vibe perfectly. The English is bad though, bad grammar and misleading info. Right before ending the first dungeon, the game says something like "similar to items, crystals cannot be taken out of the dungeon so be sure to use them" so I used the kobold crystal, both of my item and monster scan scrolls, and a health potion to see their animations and such, only to find out you CAN take items out of dungeons and I just wasted mine
It's a fun game, the very image of a mystery dungeon entry, cute graphics. I feel some of the purchases are a bit pricey, but several have cheats or help built in. I would suggest an all in one package for a better price, but this is a decent effort and I don't feel limited by what's offered for free.
I can't see any option in the setting box, i can't see any item in inventory box, what message is written in tutorial message box etc, because there are just a blank empty area. i tried to reinstall the game, but it didn't fixed it.
It reminds me of a game called chocobo dungeon 2 and the music sounds just like some certain popular games i know. Anyway, i like it really, but the challenges system is kinda useless.. I get nothing by clearing it, but to spice things up bit maybe, is the whole reason why its there to begin with
I straight-up couldn't love the visual style of this game more, and it plays really well. I would pay for the Ad-Free version if Expeditions were instant, but I don't know if "Finish with ad" is still a thing in Premium. Either way, this game is really grest.
I really really like this game. It reminds me alot of pokemon mystery dungeon, and I love it for that. I love the art style and the music as well. Though it has its flaws, it's a pretty good pass time. I feel like this game has a bit more work before I consider 4 or 5 stars, but you're doing good so far. Keep up the good work!
Was loving it until I got screwed over buying items from the store... you can't see the strength (or defense) of items until you buy them. For example I saw a Mithril Shield and bought it thinking well it is probably way better than the gold+2 shield I have... nope. way worse. Spent a lot of gold on it, and only get a fraction of the cost back when I sell it back to the store... Not worth it.
just finished EX difficulty. king and mother goop easily dead with magic wand. all in all very good game = randomized dungeon, nice retro graphic, pleasing music in each dungeon themed(jungle,mine,castle,etc), f2p friendly(finished EX difficulty with only Claire). i hope there will be new update for example: limited time dungeon event. good job Devs keep it up :)
Interesting game and mechanics, but in all levels after the first area make not having a permanent level up and having to pay $5.00 for a stronger character make this game aggravating at best. Not even worth trying to get better equipment either as traps called "Underwear Traps" permanently removes all equipped items from the inventory and are not returned after completing the level. Do not play this game, stick to Pixel Dungeon as it is basically the same design concept.
The visual looks nice and it's what got me to download the game. But the gameplay and control are unbearable: Moving, attacking, collecting and using items are chores in this game, Items spawn too much with rhyme or reason. Gameplay is lackluster, I fall asleep after 3 floors. Probably gonna pick it up later when it's majorly updated. Shattered Pixel Dungeon is fun,free and it is what a rogue-dungeon game should be!
The game reeks of pay to play. Want more characters? Pay us. Want more than 20 backpack and storage space? Pay us. You start to really enjoy the game just to realize how limited you are. Buy a Mystery Dungeon game for 3ds...will be cheaper and far more enjoyable in the long run.
Decent little game but it needs more, much more. Characters are not diverse enough and there's no real reason to swap between them. They need at least a unique active ability to stand out, something that significantly changes their gameplay. eg Yuto could have an attack that hits 2 squares by default, Ayame could have one that cleaves 3 squares around her by default, etc. As it stands right now they're just barely more than a palette swap... not worth the effort OR money to obtain. When you're asking people to pay money for characters, they need to have a very significant functional difference and not just be 'slightly more' than a base sprite swap. Backpack item management is also horrible. Devs need to realize that NOBODY likes item management, EVER. Its just NOT FUN and forcing it just because its a roguelike and 'forces you to decide what you want to keep or discard' is NOT FUN. At the VERY LEAST, items of the same type should be allowed to stack. The monster essence bit is also weak. Having them work like consumables is pretty poor design and does not differentiate them from normal consumables. At least have essences on a skill bar with MP for fuel.
i dont like the level reset mechanic nor the going in without extra help. i expect it to me more like the pokemon mystery dungeons. nonetheless, phenominal start
Mystery Chocobo Izumi Dungeon Well, I'm impressed. This game gave me nostalgia just by playing it. It reminds me of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Izumi and Chocobo Dungeon. Keep up the nice work and P.S. the dungeon theme is quite similar to Kingdom Hearts'main screen xD
i absolutely love this type of game, but locking characters behind paywall is BAD. i thought i could grind for the other characters. turns out i can only grind for the first locked character, and the rest can ONLY be unlocked w/ USD. then there are also ads and a payment option to remove ads, only being able to expand storage with cash, special hats you can (as far as i know) only obtain with cash, etc.and everything is pricey too. Just how much of the game is actually playable without paying?
A watered down, highly monetized, mystery Dungeon game. Take any mystery dungeon game, remove all skills, remove all variety except linear equipment upgrades, increase the grind by adding a level reset with linear growth and a exp boost with pay2unlock, add p2w chars that take forever to get free or pay2unlock, and now finally add huge difficulty spikes which can be overcome with ads or a wallet, and you get this game. Tldr; poor mystery Dungeon game on mobile, better off buying a DS version
plays a lot like another series i know and love and that's okay for me. there doesn't seem to be any grand story one you get in (at least not at the time it asks for a rating). however, the game has a lot of it's own charm and it's own ideas artistically. as of now, it's very easy to pick up and play multiple runs. to anyone reading this before downloading, I'd say give it an honest try. it's much better than a lot of other games on the app store a of late
Great game so far. bout 30 minutes in and its very faithful to the mystery dungeon series! very little ads. if it stays like this I'll throw a few bucks their way!
This game does give a little sense of a mystery-dungeon, but it lacks the feature of having a partner to go with you. The game has a monster ranch keeper, but there is no way for you to domesticate enemies you defeat. Also, hats seem very underpowered in this game. If progressing through the game faster relies on hats, it will not work out well.
really bad game. I used 5 spark scrolls and 4 flame potions on floor 20 boss and he tanked them all. leveling up is a joke. If you don't have 10 mega heal potions and 5 full magic wands you cant beat the bosses. lvl 15 with 10 STR only does 6 damage to floor 20 boss. defense of 8 and everything hits you by 10 to 15 floor 14 and up. Every 20 floors is 40 to 70minutes. to much time for no reward. The game should not be 100% about the items you find.
this game had potential. its a classic rogue-like dungeon crawler with a few clever items and aspects. problem is the developers did it wrong. natural regeneration makes nearly all health potions worthless (when youd need them the cost to your hp outweighs what you would gain), and the majority if items are beast suited to puzzles, but the levels are randomly generated, or if not that dont focus on puzzles. this game would have been amazing if its was being a puzzle game
nice i like the game but can you just update this game, like put another character but pay it for coins only...Also can you put the tumbstick too? it's ok if you don't want to update...put the Day/Night cycle for ex: Day only, Night only, Day and Night only.
Music, character development and gameplay style are all interesting with nostalgia of classic game. Reminds me of Chocobo Dungeon and classic Zelda. However it is tedious to be-replaying it over with your character without retaining levels. There is no equipment/backpack upgrade feature and no item stacking. Tameable monsters are just decorative without teammate function, and the "lock" feature on your achieved challenges is useless, making it reset and impossible to complete. Its more on P2W.
reminds me of old snes rpg graphics(Illusion of Gaia) but yet again for full experience you must pay.
I appreciate the "Mystery Dungeon" mechanics, since that series is one of my favorites. It feels very much like those games, it is graphically appealing, and the music is very nice. However the fact that many of the game's features are blocked by ads/paywall brings the game down as a whole. I became disappointed due to this fact & uninstalled the game. It truly saddens me to do so.
edit: after fully experiencing the game i have to lower the score. This ripped the core game mechanics directly from "rogue hero", removed the unique features, and added micro transactions and ads for literally everything. example: you gain gold in dungeons but there's no rng shops. it's basically a clone of rogue hero but that's a good thing. hope more games like this are made.
I really like the game but agree there should be a way to upgrade storage and after a certain checkpoint you should be able to go home with everything in your backpack if you choose or know youre gonna die. Cute characters and monsters. It would be nice to also have ways to permanently upgrade your character stats.
Definitely the best roguelike around, ads not intrusive and disturbing to gameplay, cute hats can be bought by watching ads and everything is well designed.
Was skeptical about the game, but it's surprising refreshing to see a game that plays and feels like an old school rpg dungeon. The layouts are nicely set and not cluttered, only downside I see is like other comments have mentioned it would be nice to be able to unlock the other characters by using the in game currency. That being said it doesn't bring down the quality of the game and I highly recommend it :)
Oh man. This is exactly what I wanted for mobile. An actual mystery dungeon game for mobile and it's beautifully made. I'm loving every bit of it. Only thing I'd like is an option for the controls. Please add a touch to move as a control option. That would be great. Edit: Going to have to remove a star for the storage. I understand the pack being only 20 slots but the storage being only 20 AND we only have the choice to pay money to expand it is just wrong. Please change to something f2p friendly
Enjoyed the base gameplay immensely! Storage is WAY too small, with no in game way to expand. Plus challenges require no items, so storage is essential. Several systems I'm not sure why they're there, mainly challenge stars and monster taming. Is there an in-game benefit to these? No explanation is given. Overall I very much want to play further, but need a few questions answered.
When i opened the game for the second time after passing the banner it leads me to black screen with blinking white square. Please fix it!
Its honestly a very fun game that gives me heavy Pokemon Mystery Dungeon vibes, its just massively brought down by the nickle and diming they do with the microtransactions. I'd gladly pay $10-$20 for a "premium" version of this game with all characters unlocked, no ads, and extra storage space purchased with gold instead of real money. If you can tolerate being bombarded with ads and microtransactions, and want a Mystery Dungeon type experience on your phone, you'll probably enjoy this a lot!
Really good roguelike/mystery dungeon/dungeon crawling game.The control is spot on! The sprite is cute! Good job dev! If there are some feedbacks, maybe add voice to character when they attacking, hurt, etc. Take izuna (nds) for example. make the dungeon background different from each dungeon, not every floor changing. To make eqch dungeon have a character Also add some translation check or word choice for consideration. lightfoot and leadfoot always confuse me.