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Kungfu Heroes-Guild Siege War

Kungfu Heroes-Guild Siege War for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by HUAGUAN NETWORK TECHNOLOGY LIMITED. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Please FIX! Jiange, i can't do this daily quest because of too much hard as hell, im lv 105 with 200k cp even 1st round i cant even finish it, this Jiange daily is only for Whales please fix this daily quest..
None of the buttons work on server 7 and there are a lot of bugs, I only rate low star because it gets to the devs quicker.
Couldn't get game to start, stuck on Title Screen. I downloaded the extra pack it needed, once download completed it doesn't let me start game. Uninstalled, no time for special instructions/ troubleshoot.
The storyline interesting if you like kungfu movie/anime/manwha. Have AFK mode leveling. For 1 week play, its fun.. lv 1-70. After that it become bored. People will spend most of time just in cave for leveling, move to another new server, guild mate become less active. For moderator, i hope you could increase more quest at higher level because lvl up at high lvl take longer time. People will easily become bored.
Seem like the more you update the more worse game is, more bug, hero missing from gallery, new function don't work properly, even people keep telling you to fix Jiange be more easy, you ignore them all and make it fatality harder than before. your developer team make me disappointed. I suggested developer to read others players review before rushing to argue about Jiange difficulties
update: the dev change the sword tower level by 10lvl but still die on my first attemp at lvl 113 and 208k power. but the full release with many more rewards and new stories and quest really pump me up again. i never pay ingame, but still able to compete decenly in skirmish. so this is not a p2w game. a couple hours a day is a good pace for me.
It keeps showing me: downloading basic resources 100% for a long long time, but nothing changes. I didn't even have the opportunity to play the game!
Worst game i've ever played. Totally P2W, always open a new server, and always give events $$ to spend.
After update, game stuck at main screen. I can't log in. START BUTTON doesn't work after update. Game mostly paid to win.
every time I log in still it needs to download its resources although I already downloaded it in my previous signing on the game, fix it!
Still have too many bug in gamepley, please focus on fix the problem. Also game was designed for Pay2Win only, some of function you will impossible reach if you are low hand.Thank for response, I have to said that even I paid to top 30s of server but I can't even touch Jainge tower even single stage. The game are now severe thirst for money
Great game but first i used guest login then i wanted to bind my account but there's no binding account option in the settings, i guest binding in the main page lobby but that's creating a new account rather than binding my guest account with it, please tell me how to bind my guest login with an official registered account
If you have problem with download resource or start game, the developer has fixed it so download it again and change your rating because this game is so fun dont destroy it bc the rating. In-Game player was so cosy so please download the game again or change your rating :)
The game seems cute but it's barely understandable. Tutoruak's pretty bad, near to nonexistent. Music are graphics are cute, that's the reason for 2 stars.
Hello, thank you for fixing the resourece packeage stuff hut pls fix the part when mt character is supposed to login, it loads and then the app quits on me. It could be because im usling a samsun tablet 4.4.4 lite but it shouldnt be the problem because i can download it. I can play this game on my phone but jot this device. Pls fix it cuase it seems to be optimable for my device.
Too often, to login hv to try several times, at least 2x, stuck in the opening screen. Don't blame my connection
The game is a lot of fun, but the system needs revamping. Especially the difficulty. You can get bottlenecked in some essential tasks (lile Jiange) where the difficulty goes up based on your level. At my level, i cant get the promotion resources for my units because the enemies are too hard to beat even the first stage. I can either restart or quit, and i dont feel like restarting. Please fix this.
It's not proceeding after downloading the resources. Tried closing and re opening the game and still the same
Just started playing the game pass 3 days it seem fun but now it keep on lagging and froze during game play
After downloading resource pack, the main screen stays with petals moving. Tried to uninstall n install 3 times. Doesnt work. Able to advise?
Death game, the development stop supporting this game for a long time, don't have any updates or events. Only have same quest day by day. I wasted my money for this game.
I love the game very much. But it drained my battery so that I have to uninstalled it. Because I also use my phone for work. I really do like this game (sob)
This game almost end. Many players quit day by day. The major problems are, Jiange difficulty, no events frequently & no new features for so long.
Please fix the game, I keep downloading the starter resource player pack but when it reaches a 100, it leaves the game and resets downnloading all over again, i dont think my file is corrupted but that is a glitch because ive tried for 5 times,.please fix this. ( Please make it usable for all deveices if that is the case. ) but my device can install it soni dont think that is the problem, please fix this.
Great game would have given it 5star for it game play style and overall game play but it crashes alot so much if you could work on that this game could take over other martial idle play games by far
Dead game..no one can play after resource dl...after all complains you still cant fix the issue?replace ur tech supt..expect more bug after fixing the log in issue.for sure
After update, My device (Redmi Note 4X) stuck when doing Wei Xiao Bao quest (step 6) and when see Wei Xiao Bao Hero Stat
Too many bugs especially after new update. And the latest update make this game unplayable (stuck at main screen). Don't waste your time and data for this game.
There's a problem that the game won't load nothing all it does is start up then crashes, I wonder if this game was even a game to waste time on. I don't think so... So sad.
Wish I could play So far all I get it downloading and then says loading resources and that's it and if you restart it it downloaded again it looks like a fun game but can't get past the load screen and I have 4g unlimited data and all the bars are full so it's not my internet connection and I'm in the USA
Pls fix this game....keep hang...after uninstall n install it back keep on asking to download package then the start button won't appear!!!!
Not able to login via google account after playing it for the previous day. How to have fun if not able to log in the following days? Waste my time.
After downloading basic resources it keep loading for a long time....then i reopen the game...it redownloading the basic resources for many time...please fix it
Difficult to understand this game, as the translated information from chinese to english easily mislead us to choose the wrong way, and buy a wrong item. Especially technique manual, And definetely will ruin your gameplay. Of course, if you have infinite real money to play, you can always spend to buy again. I have ruined my chracter, start again from beginning, and top up again s beginner? definitely no.
I'm having a problem with downloading the resource pack, it's also keeps taking up my data and it won't get past the loading screen.... Please fix this issue I would love to try the game out.
The game is good but it get slow sometimes and keeps freezing aside that its a great game just work on it
The game couldn't start. Just installed after downloading 130mb packages and stuck at the screen without start or server list Button only picture (Animate) and the version info. Zzzz
There are many levels. I wish i have more energy to keep playing. Still need to wait for energy to refill.
Its good when you have done download the files. But you will stuck at the loading screen. And if restart it. It will download again the file. What a waste
Fun game, learn all manuals and level them.. Im trying to figure out what to do with the needles tho.
Awesome game but there are some quests that are an issue but it's fine but it needs more depth to it that's all
pls ask customer service answer question at Facebook messenger, too slow to response. Starting is no problem, but recently very slow response
We didn't receive the Championship Quiz reward since yesterday. That's wasting our ingots & coins. Please fix it.
To many error, false advertising bundle pack, error on top up, lf i can refund, i'll refund all my previous topup
Never play this game.. Turn back before its too late.. The game is heavy reliant on cash.. In other words heavy pay to win game.. U don pay u will get wrecked heavily.. And also tournament system is stupid..its facing very old server and some whales in the game.. Don install it will make u regret it.. Im leaving and i will ask for google refund
Pretty good game my brother introduced me to it and me and my friends also got hooked if only there were more people
As of right now I would not recomend this game to anyone. I cant even get in to play it. It downloads, uncompresses and installs the files but will not move past the total screen. I close the app and reopen it 5 times with the same results. Uninstalled and reinstalled 5 times and got the same result each time. I have over 1GB of free phone space so I know its not a lack of storage. Fix and I will raise my rating. If not it stays 1 * and I uninstall.
Can't login, forever update, so how I can rate of I know nothing? Edit : 3 star for now, thank you for update so I can play this game.
it seems whatever.i do I still stuck in completion of downloading resources... ive been waiting for a long time ,but nothing's change... please do something about this issue...thank you
There's an issue to start playing. It keeps downloading the package, and nothing happens. No buttons, nothing next. Don't tell me to contact your fanpage, I won't. It takes me so much time to get to play a game. You guys should fix your game first, do the marketing stuff later. Too bad!
After downloading resource pack, the game just stuck at the main screen and unable to proceed further. Close the app and restart the whole process just loops endlessly
It's scam... Only download but after 100% nothing happens... Waiting for more than 10 minutes after reach 100%... It's still nothing happen... It's last update but the problem still same... Only waste your internet quota... So i'm not recomend...!!!