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Kung Fu Clicker: Idle Dojo

Kung Fu Clicker: Idle Dojo for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by PIKPOK located at Level 7 Willbank House 57 Willis Street Wellington New Zealand 6011. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a good game, but there is a bug where Ads don't load,so I can't get any bonus Only with this app
Fun game easy to play the only thing I hate on it is the match making I'm only at 6,000k and I get people from 10,000 to 100,000k please fix this asap after you do then I'll change my vote
This is a fun game. I have a few issues with it though. 1. It is more of an idle game than a clicker. 2. It keeps freezing and randomly shutting down, often when I try to watch a video from the fortune teller or pizza boy.
Is it a bug or am I being shadow banned? For some reason I cant join raid event or showdown after the update. And daily claim is also stuck. What's worse is I cant even connect to support in game. Very frustrating especially given that I had in game purchases already, such a shame. Unless an update to this is made I guess it's time to uninstall and move on...
I think this is a great idle game but the online match makings are really unfair my team is 19,749 but I get people over 100,000 and it's a very unfair match...i wish the matches were randomly selected better. If this gets fixed I'll fix my stars and rating.
Paywall The gameplay is nice. It's a clicker game but you don't always click/tap to collect gold. You need to upgrade the floors of your dojo which generates gold passively. Once in a while, you'll get raided (your dojo will be attacked by an evil clan). This is the part where you click/tap on the enemies to defeat them. You can also put masters on the floors of your dojo to passively fight the enemies. You can collect these masters through loot boxes that you get from playing or by buying them. You can watch ads to speed up your gold production or give you increased damage on raids. These effects last for 3 minutes. You can also watch ads to spin a roulette that gives you a 2X-4X multiplier. You can transcend (reset) to earn Chi. You can use this to buy items that permanently affects your game (more gold while playing/afk, increased production speed, etc.). The problem with this game is that you'll be stuck after transcending (resetting) a few times. You can subscribe to a Membership (which you pay monthly) to get more resources. You'll most likely be forced to buy loot boxes or buy the newly released characters to progress through the raids which increases in difficulty each time they appear.
The game is great. Cartoon graphics and a cool Kung Fu feel. This is a great Tap style game, not like the others that want you to break your finger from tapping so much. Keeps you wanting to play more with some strat play. The Extra boost (which requires ad watch) callout is a little annoying when you click "no thanks," but continues to spam you every second until you do (I'd give 5 star if it wasnt for that) but the boost are worth it. Overall, its worth having as a top game to keep.
Ok, so I really love this game, but after I've updated the game to it's latest version, it's not working. Whenever I go into the game it loads to 29 and then the game goes out. You guys need to fix it. Because I've reached too far to start over. Ok.
One of my biggest hatreds of mobile games are the "offer walls" to receive premium currency. I wasted several hours on a high value offer and was not rewarded the currency. Customer service outright refused to fix it, even after I provided several screengrabs proving my completion. I don't support games that scam their players like that. Uninstalled. Even without that issue, this is a seriously mediocre idle game. Wasn't impressed at all.
in some ways this is quite a nice game. however it's not really an idle. to make progress you need to constantly watch adverts. there is next to no offline progress. you kind of need to monitor the game constantly, but most of the time you aren't actually doing anything except waiting. graphics are nice and the premise is good, but after a a day or so you just don't want to prestige because you don't collect prestige points any faster than you did on the previous run.
Overall just your basic building game. Until you get into the "PvP", and this is where it got it's two stars. Multiple times now I went to do this PvP only to be put up against people not only severely more powerful than me but also many loyalty levels higher than me. Where is the balance? Saying there aren't any other players around my power and loyalty? Where I am a loyalty level 2 at 1,700 power and I get put up against a loyalty 8 with 30,000 power. There are no players to be matched with me, my loyalty, and power? Typically this wouldn't be a bother, just take the L and move on. This has happened multiple times though and the currency that you win in the PvP is used for chests. These chests give you shards for your masters that you use to increase their power and become more effective in PvP. So no currency=no chest, no chest=no upgraded masters, low level masters=less power. The cycle continues, so fix your match making.
I liked this game, specially the showdown part. But I really hate to admit that that's also the part where I'm lacking interest now, just because that's not organised. I mean you guys could have organised the showdown part by grouping players according to their ranks and as players advance, they face stronger players. Like in my case, I was somewhere near 3000 rank with 5000 power and I'm facing an opponent whose in the 700s rank and a power of 1 lakh. That's disgusting. I could have given this game a 5 if it wasn't for this.
It doesn't even open for me. I'm not writing this to hate on it. Just to explain my problem. I've downloaded it twice but both times it did not work. What happens is when the game opens it goes to the normal opening screen (or what I think is the normal opening screen) then it stays for 10-30 seconds then quits me out to the home page. Thanks for hearing me out.
The game is so nice but after playing for a while it freezes and I have to open it again from time to time . Pls fix this
Left the game cause they errored my account after purchasing for xi and shi kid dragon character. They will refund me but I cant get the special gold character now cause of their fault. So I'm done.
keep updating the game and i wont stop playing..more masters(still plenty of martial arts out there,kali,jiu jitsu,silat)..more new shops items! modes etc etc.
Worst game ever. Dont ever listen to support to uninstall and reinstall the game. They made me lost all my paid gold limited character. Lost all my data which a few of my GOLD character are level 49. And they only gave me 5k gem and restart the whole thing. Email alot to them they didnt even return all my paid gold character. Not gonna play this game anymore. Player beware dont buy any limited character.
I've never actually reviewed an app before but i've played just about every idle & tap game on the app store and was impressed by many of them, but this one deserved a review. I absolutely love the goofy soundtrack and the artwork is amazing and reminds me of the fight scenes from shows like boondocks. Absolutely love the concept and effort that went into the development of this game! Great work!
This game is very fun and very addicting but after awhile I couldn't play the game because it keeps crashing, I keep trying to open it again and again but it still keeps crashing. I'll only give 1 star for now.
This is a nice game. I really enjoy playing it, but showdown matchmaking is horrible. I get players that are 3x stronger than me, to say at least, so I really struggle getting lotus flowers and ranking up. Guys, if I were you, I would fix that, because this is pretty much your only differentiator and the only thing thay keeps me playing and coming back.
Irritating! So here me and my fiancee were playing the game together and then after me trying to update it or whatever it stopped playing at all! Even after reopening the app and shutting it down completely, it was stuck at 29% for minutes to hours. Please I enjoy this game and I thought it was a keeper don't keep me hanging.
I liked this game very much but now this is the worst! It lags and crashes very frequently when I turn on my mobile data. Please fix these frequent crashes or this game will be as fun as it was before. I have a 8gb ram device with Helio mediatek p70 processor and my os is android 10.
Fun game with a hefty amount of bugs. The biggest being that ads never work for me. The little extra things you get from watching ads is pretty much non-existent for me since they never work. I'll tap the button to send me to the ad, it'll freeze up for about 10-15 seconds like it wants to, then nothing.
Gameplay was fun but matchmaking is pretty bad, it's always a dice roll whether you're gonna earn points in showdown. Not to mention the same problem others have been experiencing which is the game being stuck at 29%, with music playing even after exiting the app. When returning to the app, only a black screen is displayed while the music drones on. Please fix these issues ASAP, it literally makes the game unplayable for a lot of people right now. 2 stars as I enjoyed grinding in the game.
Game crashed mid game after weeks of use. Will not load past 29% anymore when opened, even after force closing and unistalling and reinstalling multiple times. Unplayable at this point
Love the game just when you try to get boost by pizza boy or when you log back in for double rewards game wont allow it. Other then that game is really good!!
Kept me interested for a long time now. The most common complaint I see is pvp matchmaking, you get paired up with people around your rank not your power level, this is normal. If you manage to fluke your way to the final of a tournament they aren't going to give you an easy opponent just cos you're rubbish. The only issue I have is that once you max the artifacts you literally cannot lose a showdown. Even against hackers with characters stronger than max level you still win easily.
As usual, PIK POK delivers these little entertaining and addictive games and they're all good. That is, of course, until you hit the inevitable pay wall. As with every PIK POK game I've tried, I purchased my starter pack when I played the first time. I like to give it an honest look and not be like the thousands of whining crybabies in here that expect game developers to just give us their work for free. No! No one in here is willing to work for free, so why should game developers give away their work? But, at the same time, it should be something like "watch ads if you want to play for free and just pay a one-time fee to get rid of them and enjoy your game". Even with the starter pack and a lot of patience, I have ran into the part where it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep on playing without buying another pack. As an artist and creator myself, I wouldn't give my work away for free, but I only charge once for each job and that's where it ends for me with a game. 3 stars.
Amusing Really was interesting when I played it. did not expect there to be constant attacks while I was playing. would be nice if they were optional so as to not fret too much. Also the chi orbs don't seem to be added to my total when I get them from the pizza guys or the chests. I have only been getting then through transcending. it was pretty dissapointing to see that happen. if that issue gets fixed then I don't really mind giving it a 5 star. but for now I say its a 4 star.
pretty fun game, I especially like showdown but theres a problem, showdown is not balanced at all, Someone who's ranked at 1000 will be put up against someone who's ranked under 500 or vice versa which is not a fair fight at all, the same goes for party power, someone who has around 10k could be put up against someone with 50k or more, i think this game could be way better if it's multiplayer aspect was balanced and fair.
A bug when transcend, couldn't click anything, and restarting would loop as if you hadn't transcended.
The graphics and music are amazing. Sadly, they're wasted on this gameplay, or lack thereof. Upgrades get too expensive too soon. Tapping does nothing unless there's a raid, and even then does insignificant damage compared to your masters. You wait for 12 hours, login, collect rewards, and wait for raids until your masters die. Repeat this several times and you can buy the next floor. That's it. There's nothing to do in this game, you just stare at the screen most of the time! At least in other idle games you can tap to earn gold. I appreciate the original approach to idle games but it's just a bit too idle for me.
It hangs a lot while playing the game...it frustrates me when I try to spin the wheel.. please fix these bugs
pros: cool kung fu theme, different enemies types and tiers, Good art and music. Cool looking fighters. good rate at earning units and gems. cons: clicker/tap not much gameplay other than earn cash and tap enemies, needs more enemies and more fighters. a nice time waster, colorful characters and the first soundtrack was good. i wish there was more units though.
This game is pretty fun for an idle clicker game. My only real issue with it is the pvp matchmaking; I (a low level player) have been pitted against high level players whom I have no way of defeating (combatants should have similar power levels so battles can be more 50/50 rather than one sided) All in all though it's a good, fun time waster.
Find out your fortuuuuuuuune! Let's play Raid: Shadow Legends! "Seeking the Stars!" Tiiiiiimes 3! 4 and a half minus 3! Learning kung fu! Uh-ohhhhh...try again! In short, a kick-ass clicker game.
If nothing else, the music and game sounds are a 5 star all by themselves! The graphics are clean and no hiccups in any loading or rendering! This is a solid time killer with a cheeky soundtrack to go with it! I'm definitely recommending this to my family and friends!!!
It's a good game, not excellent, but truly not horrible, I've seen worse and played even worse. The Zen in my opinion should have some sorta idle aspect, which it lacks immensely. The raiding is also heavily imbalanced. 2/5 times I might get people around my level and have a fair chance to win, of which I find my self losing quite often, however I enjoy your unique character's and feel I either have to pay to win to earn epics or fight the ongoing losing streak of raids.
The idea is great. PvE plays out really well. However, PvP seems incredibly broken. I understand that you're probably making the matches super-hard to keep the points balanced, but it's very demoralizing to continuously go against someone 2-4 times stronger than you. 1/10 matches, I'm going against someone slightly tougher than I. The rest of the time, I'm lucky to get a single point. Makes me just not want to participate.
This game is really one of the best idle clicker games out there. But it's really buggy. Sometimes even after completing online raid , it doesn't go to the main screen automatically. And the matchmaking in online matches really sucks. My team has power of about 2700- 3200, but I'm always put together with players having power 17000-58000. You can see the gap is really large. There should be 50-50 chance to win or lose. It takes me about 15 matches to get one fair match. Please fix this. :)
Fun idle game with enough interactiveness to keep your attention if you don't want to just sit around watching numbers go up, but I've had problems with my game closing itself and taking away a large majority of my currency when I get back on. It makes very little sense and I do not know what could be causing it. Edit: Even more frustrating that the strengths and abilities of the characters are cut in half for some reason during events
Yet another money grab with no actual point. For one who is a fan of Shadow Wars and enjoyed PikPok's college football game, this is disappointing. 5/5 for the presentation: Nice graphics give characters personality and a good setting. Sounds are fun and music is catchy. No bugs that I noticed. 1/5 for concept: what's the point of playing this game? It's like three games in one, none of which fit well together. PvP: bad. There's not much reason to participate. It's extremely repetitive, does not involve much in the way of strategy because the matching system either gives you someone way stronger or way weaker a majority of the time, and offers little by way of reward. Tower building: meh. Fun reduced by transcend mechanic, which quickly ends up making raid defense the primary way to progress. This makes upgraded tower rooms useless, and even renders ad-provided boosts useless. All you can do is wait patiently for between 1 and 5 minutes for the next raid, or spend gems to make them happen immediately. Even the raids quickly become boring. Get Rei Yumi, put her in the bottom floor and tap everything to death. Over and over and *yawn* over. Hero collection: meh. Again, what's the point? Some heroes help boost tower production, which is relevant until you unlocked all the towers. Then who cares? Even so, their actual effect on the production is rather minimal. You won't even notice your PvP defense team. You only really need one master for raid defense. They do have a use in PvP, but you quickly realize the power difference and will never use most of them. It kept me occupied for a week or so. Then it turned into barely paying attention to it while grinding raids. But the ads were, of course, flawlessly served and I'm sure - though I didn't partake - that they made sure the payment system was executed perfectly as well.
My finger is on fire and I might need a new phone... other than that this game is the one to have good luck and in the words of the> tin man and your going to need it oooiiiilllll or your shoulder is going to look like that guy's arm in that movie.( lady in the water) lol check it out you will laafff
Good game I Know U Guys Told Me How To fix The situation With The Crashing Thing On Doomsday clicker But I dont Know how to acces the ram and what to do With it Tell Me Please
the game is fun, like it's just enjoyable. it's VERY user friendly, you can get masters easily. I have all 6 for the 1st level (and am missing 1 for the 2nd so far) + 60Q and i haven't spent a dime, it doesnt shove ads in your face. They're optional. the reset feature REALLY helps when your Masters are weak and the character design is so charming Just wish the raids would happen every 5 minutes instead of minute.
The gameplay is quite novel, however it keeps crashing on my device (Vivo V9). Although I had removed it from my device because of performance issues, the overall experience was great.