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KROSMAGA - The WAKFU Card Game for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by ANKAMA GAMES located at 75 Bd d'armentieres 59100 Roubaix France. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun game. Love the Wakfu Universe. Card collecting game that makes it possible to collect all the cards without real money transactions. Battles are exciting.
fun but really hard to grow stronger. requires patience to collect cards before u catch up with majority of players.
Wonderful experience with this game, the battles are intense while strategy is rewarded! Amazing combinations for each of the gods, find myself hailing opponents
I just wanted to find my account name. But the system is very strange. I filled out my nickname and email address. And you guys sent me a mail telling me my NICKNAME AND THE SAME LINK FOR FINDING ACCOUNT NAME. I tried the link and you guys sent me MY NICK NAME AND THE SAME LINK. It's supposed to send me MY ACCOUNT NAME!
Excellent execution on the Gods, but suffers from severe balancing issues. Very fun to watch your cards' work together and dominate the field. Unsure whether I would reccommend this to those unfamiliar with the Krosmoz universe however.
this game is seriously unplayable. its a great game and all but i can not get even one match in the game without it crasing out. game freezes on my turns so then i spend about 5-10 minutes just to get game running again to see my turns been skipped three to four times, it is impossible to get through a match without this game crashing. this is the second time i have downloaded this game and the first time was the same exact issue. i enjoy this game I really do amd id love to give it a 5 stars
I got scam by this game. I am telling you guys, dont spend money on this game if you want to play it. Me personally having problems with buying karmas at some point. I already report a complain since last year and still no action taken. Their customer service also sucks.
My favorite god is Ecaflip. I love how he's just a big pink cat. It always makes the battle a little more fun and chaotic when you have a deck that relies on his luck based spells and minions. It's like roulette: you don't know what's gonna happen and it keeps things a bit more exciting. It's just too bad more people don't play this...
Can you finally fix the purchase problem . So u can purchase in app instead of having to go on the website to do it. ... also the rest of the gods would be cool.
Great game concept and design. The game also offers a lot of possible combinations and outplays during matches but the game needs to allow pvp matches with friends too without anything at stake. The matchmaking also needs some work, after reaching rank 7 you are most likely outmatched by your opponents cards.
the game play is good but there no separation of new players and experienced players with ridiculously powerful cards so you'll challenge 10 times but maybe win once if your lucky
Can't recover account. There seems to be a problem with account recover. Do better think twice spending a dime. It's a shame as I was enjoying it and was fine with spending money.
I don't like that if you get more than one infinite card of the same exact card, you can only use one... but you keep giving me the same ones in the gold packs i open .... other than that the game is pretty fun, there should be tournaments and what not but the gameplay is pretty smooth and it doesn't take too long to find an opponent of equal strength
It's an amazing card game with free access to all characters (after you win a training match with a character you get it permanently) and it uses only a little amount of data (i only used 1mb in an hour)
Honestly, a very fun and unique game! I hope you guys keep it going for years to come. When will the next update be?
Easy to learn. I think I am really going to enjoy this game. Options for cards are huge and the graphics are smooth and fun to watch! 👍👍
Changing it to 3 stars for now since It's not allowing me to buy packs on the store. I want to spend some money on the game but there seems to be a bug.
This game is unplayable on a smartphone! The UI is way too small. However, the game itself is really fun and on tablet or pc it's well worth it.
this game has potential to be the best card game in playstore. however, the developer surrender to develope and there has been no update since 2018. i hope developer read this. maybe, few add can help this game grow its popularity.
Used to play and came back. Really fun game with great mechanics! Don't worry about it being Vs other players if that bothers you, just think of every opponent as a puzzle 😊
Great game, lots of cards to make your own unique decks. Very strategy based gaming, you need to put a lot of effort in every move that you make, the game is not just an easy time killer, it's a hard and amazing turn based game. :D have fun~
A really unique combat card game. Totally surprised I had never heard of it considering I think it has as much entertainment value as hearthstone at the least. Still looks to be generally p2w card game, just waiting for my beginner money chest to run out. Can't comment on the fairness of freemium currency yet. Definitely recommend though.
Mostly fun. The only thing that I don't like about this game is that you'll be facing a lot of experienced players (whether in ranked or unranked) when you're just a beginner.
I just played for a couple hours and it's amazing, it's hard to understand at first but is a very good card and strategic game, even me that I'm not fan cards game, i loved this game. Don't think so much, just play it.
Great amazing game even just make it so you don't have to win to get karma's because sometimes you can't always win and if you have horrible luck or a bad deck and be unable to upgrade it efficiently by getting packs with karma's your going to get stuck and have a bad experience especially with new players
This is a fantastic tcg. Beautiful card design with cool visual effects. Personally I think the game is more interesting than Hearthstone. The only issue is in game purchase system is not working. Please fix it and put more advertising.
Cool game!..only thing missing is a story mode for each god/goddess,if that happen i would give this game six stars;)
I can't even create an account... I would love to play this game tho.. No answers to be found on the support page. Tried it with 2 emails AND my steam account.
I love the game but it is hardcore pay to win or even pay to play solo... fun game but the game forces people to pay actual money to advance rather than skill.
This game is fine. However, if you have been the badluck to disconnect your account , you will not be able to reconnect to it even with passwords or their failing recovery system. So enjoy it just don't spend any one dollars on it so you don't regret.
the game is astoundingly good! i have however just started noticing a lot of connection dropping which has made the game unplayable.
It's fun to play, the card mechanics are good. You can have those infinite cards even without using real money. The only downside for me is, the board is somewhat small when using a phone you sometimes make mistakes doing a move where you select a minion or a tile for activating an effect and then failing to activate for tapping the wrong target..
Great Game But I wasn't going to create an account until I found if I love the game or not. I do love it, but when creating an account, the "OK" button doesn't work. Yes, it is blue when I try tapping it. I really love this game but I want to be a member. No longer do I want to just be a guest, for I am racking up wins worthy of a name to fear. -1 Star for broken OK button on account creation window. + -1 Till my wins are claimed by my chosen name Come get these stars please
I am really enjoying the game so far, really deep strategy driven battles. I want to buy the started pack, but a bug prevent me to do so. I click the $5 icon but nothing happens. Please fix it so I can actually support you guys financially.
Fun game but crashes a lot and makes you log in back in and you better hope you can log back in if it does. Plus I miss the infinite card system.
I can't believe how awesome this game is, completely hooked. Love the card system, would be great if there were more games like this for other anime
One of the most addictive game I played in recent time. Controls can be better though.. Still one of the best game.
still a rookie, but its fun. however i am having an issue, i cannot make an account, as once i attempt and gill out all the details nothing happens, after i click ok. it just stays thr way it is unless i click later.
poor. I can't log in. which means having to play through the entire tutorial just to start the game. it means losing all my progress. The reason? none that I can understand. I double and triple checked my log in details. I can log in on their website but when it comes to the game I get errors. this is by far the biggest turn off but not the only one. others include: poor UI/tooltip, poor optimization for mobile(understanding that this is a pc game). good potential, poor execution
I love this game, but one thing i hate when you have perfectly good connection but the game detect the connection on 299ms, i tried other games and my ping was 18-32ms, and this problem caused me that i cant validated my account
great card game with mostly balanced gameplay, really stylish visuals and interesting gameplay that catches your interest immediatly when you start thinking about more than just the current turn, but later on too. sadly it seems abandoned with small chances of ever getting new content
Very addictive. At the first time i thought this game will be lame, but i was wrong. Very cool many cards and many heroes.
This is an awesome card game! However, the card economy is awful and it's very difficult to build a collection and craft the cards you really want. Infinity cards are incredibly OP and required to build a competitive deck, but also happen to be very expensive when crafting cards. If there were more cards in card packs this might solve my feeling of a lack of cards, but as it stands even after spending money on the game I am nowhere close to building the deck I want. A deck shouldn't cost $100+.
I'm in love with this boardgame/cardgame style. It's cool! The game has so many different styles and ways to do deck building which is a blast, you can think of some really nutty combos/things you've never thought of. The art and animations are nice and clean. It's challenging due to the rules and the 45 card limit means you really need to think about what you're doing. The games can go on a while which I like since it feels more fulfilling and rewarding wether you win or lose. I love it! <3
Loved wakfu on netflix. This game provides a bit more lore, fleshing out the series. Reminds me of heavenstrike the rivals. I miss that game.
Fun, but occasionally a game is ruined because of a bug where I can't select cards anymore. No idea what causes it, but it sucks.
Best card game. This is not pay to win card game but you need to have a brain to play it, the character and animation are great also cute. The developer really work hard to create this game .
I don't think this app has ever been updated since its 2017 release. It's sad because I love the Dofus and Wakfu universe so much but the game is so horribly blurry on my Huawei P30 Pro. It's practically impossible to play due to being so blurry. I can't even read any text.
So far I'm rank 6 and haven't spent a dime of real money.. the game is fun and the graphics are really well done. I hope for more God's and cards later down the line. I would love for them to soft cap the prices I think the highest price should be 15 bucks for card bundle packs. honestly lower prices would encourage more people to buy packs and which in return would increase sales and support for the game. I wish also I could get a little closer o think the camera is a little to far away.
It's a fresh take on the CCG genre. However like any CCG there will be a point in time where it will be P2P if you what to compete.
Interface is horrible, when you try to place cards on board 90% of the time it wont find a snap point and it wont play card. Cards that bestow benfits on other cards can be played without bestowing benefit. But the worst thing is that when an opponant plays a card you can not tap on it to see what it does or in anyway see what it does, unforgivable in a strategy game. Also received card packs i can not find. Horrible interface. Played 10 min and am uninstalling.
it now keeps saying that my connection to the server is refused i will rate 5 stars when fixed other than that there isnt anything bad about this game and i would recommend this game to anyone who likes games like hearthstone because they may prefer this game
Pretty fun game, but it MURDERS your eyes. It has major flaws; the UI is tiny, and very difficult to read on mobile. Seems like they 1:1 ported their PC version to mobile without resizing any of the elements or increasing the size of buttons. It's very difficult to read. Quite baffling. It also uses almost the exact same business model as HS, card design is similar too. Seems like just another clone. Pity coz I found the gameplay quite fun, albeit way too long to finish a match 20-35mins.
can't pass the login screen, with confirmed email/nickname. tried also with steam and Facebook.als didn't work.
Really nothing to fault, keep the content coming! Been disappointed with ankama over the years but Krosmaga seems quite well designed in all aspects, a pleasant surprise. Its very tactical with well balanced cards and you being able to farm up all cards at a fair pace, so its not p2w either, which is great for a mobile game :)
So far so good. I think they should improve Spanish translation and some buggy actions when you select a minion on the field.
Good day amanka and players Firstly I'd like to say that apart from wakfu and dofus brilliance, this game is very well designed and structured. My over all experience thus far with krosmaga is generally a positive one. Reason why I'm only rating it at 3 stars is based on the amount of issues I've had around game crashes, connection and seriously poor match making. Could match making not pair one with someone who has a similar win/loss percentage?... Anyway thank you amanka.
Playing for a few days now and must say I enjoy it. Would give 5 stars if I could get the shop too work and if there was a click and select option not drag to place cards, that being said all other mechanics are great, animations are fun and bright. No pay to play or compete, and that what makes me not mind spending a few $$ here and there. Well done devs fix that shop 👏 👍
Unique card game, true to it's roots, awesome visual and sound design, lot's of fun, can highly recommend!
It's like a mix between a RPG card game and Plants vs Zombies. Absolutely a delight to play and the pay content is minimal making for very balanced game play. Five Stars!!!
They need to give us an option for desktop graphics on mobile. I've got a big phone, and the graphics are blurry due to resolution. The desktop version has more animations and higher resolution. Otherwise, superb game!
this game is very good even though I'm the mechanic level if you like strange card games even if you get frustrated for me I always come backI find the micro transactions very non-intrusive and if you do want to spend money the one-time bundles you can getare very good for your money I feel like this is one of those card gifts actually respects if you put money into it you don't even have to worry about another premium as everything is done with real money or the in-game currency
wanted to give 5 star. was enjoying until the first dungeon i played lasted about 30 min getting slow rolled by double standard trash just to run out of cards and forced to lose because of it. the opponent keeps shuffling his cards back into his deck so he never runs out so yeah it's 100% intended to troll. he also cast insta kill 20 times in a match and forces all your guys back to the starting location. DEFINITELY 100% intended to troll and piss you off. games are meant to be fun not troll.
fun potentially. it has a lot of ptw features though; its a ftp game, a tower defense board game where the cards are channeled in a chess boardish manner with "magic the gathering" backgroundish tweaks.
Fantastic free game! Tons of free cards and rewards for playing, no paywall, great animations on characters that match the anime series. If you like the Wakfu anime or the Wakfu and Dofus games then get this now!
I really couldn't find a better game if I tried. Krosmaga is uniquely imagined with it's animation and style, very well balanced with it's characters and certainly packs a punch with the replayability. I honestly can't stop playing. Try not to get too sucked in!!!
I like the game allot but it wont allow my to verify my account. Is there anyone that can help me resolve this issue.
I have played a few TCG/strategy games that I have loved. This quickly took its place at thr top of that list.
It's a good card game with good art and a twist. Fun mechanics for different classes make the game strategic and replayable. My main insight is that this game is meant for the tablet or a bigger phone. The texts and everything else is too small on a 5.2 inch screen.
Haven't been able to play because 'ACCOUNT CREATION IMPOSSIBLE' error on their website and 'Play without account' option on initial game bootup throws an error too. RIP game i guess.
definitely a solid game, a little slow jut it sporbably just my phone. that being said its like square enix's heavenstrike should have been. fun with a good way to make any deck possible for any player
*please read* I really enjoy this game. I've put money into this app not only to expand my library, but I really support this game. Since the last update, I've sat and waited for 10mins and it was in the beginning "loading screen"- haven't even made it to the main page. Please fix or all my fun for this app becomes a memory.
I tried coming back to the game (have reached legend before) but I'm locked out of my account and customer service is demanding I make a new email. I use the same password for everything, and I figured out my Ankama account name from a previous email. If you feel like returning, trust this review and the few before mine and don't. I'd highly recommend Dota Underlords, it's a fantastic card game. I'm gonna go play hearthstone since my (public) wifi doesn't like https certificates right now
Well polished card/boardgame game. I stumbled upon this game whilst looking for alternative to mobile cardgame like Stormbound or Hearthstone.. I m rather impressed with the gameplay, looks, animation and U. I. There are a lots of factions that plays uniquely to each other and quite fun to play around. The match can take a bit longer than i would like for a simple card game..but it is fun. The arts, animation, lore, and content is top notch as it is based on Wakfu anime /mmorpg.Go give it a try!
Fantastic strategy, great combination of card/skills, and deep customization of decks. Also, the animations and artwork are first class. Check it out. It's unique and engaging, and simple enough to understand, yet complicated enough to fullfill any veteran of strategy card games. It's even simple enough to be straight forward with things to allow novices to have a good time. A great card/strategy game with great potential. I feel it needs more support, so check it out!
Literally just doesn't work for me. Opens up to the title screen and nothing else happens. I can access settings and quit the game but it never actually loads.
Super solid card game. Better experienced on the desktop or ipad, but appreciate being able to play on any device. I wish the game was more popular, and received more and frequent updates, although it is still fun to play after many years
Board game and card game with nice balance and strategy, as well as a little bit of poker factor. Overall much better than Hearthstone.
Update from my previous review, I can finally connect and play the game. Thank you dev's for fixing this glitch.