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Kropki Puzzle

Kropki Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Aliaksandr Uvarau located at 6 Clarke Crescent, Huntfield Heights, SA, 5163 Australia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great little game. Loads of puzzles at various levels and helpful number system, just like I would use of doing it on paper.
Really fun puzzles! No ads. What's not to love? I would recommend a setting where if you press and hold a button, it clears all the other selections. For example if I know a cell is a 3, but I had "1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7" penciled in, it's a little annoying to unselect all the others.
Seems good, simple, very clear rules, all good. However maybe the easiest level is still too hard? I can't seem to be able to place the first number because i can't figure out the logic behind the first number i place down. I'd like to see easier levels with pre-placed numbers to practice before going into levels with no numbers at all, or an optional tutorial level. Or maybe i'm just too dumb and i'm not realizing something obvious.
Fantastic game! Only complaint is that there's no way to disable ads. I would happily pay to remove them.
Challenging and fun. Only have run through 4x4 level and intuited some rules of thumb. Wonder if they will work on larger puzzles. Interface is great. Love the wrong move notification. Would like to have double tap on number override all possible values that have been postulated; rather than removing the wrong values one by one. I find my self hitting the value I need (which eliminates it).
This is my favorite puzzle on my phone. The interface is so simple it's great. I wish there were a dark theme, but other than that, I love this!
I can't believe that this game is addictive. Still haven't found any bugs or error. Currently satisfied. Great job, dev👍🏻
Fun and cleanly presented. Could use some quality-of-life improvements to reduce repetition. For example, a button to mark all numbers on a single square (instead of pressing 1, 2, 3, etc) would save a lot of time.
Fun and addictive game. Its really challenging to figure out the best approach as you step up in puzzle size. Perhaps by the time I get to 9x9 I'll have it really figured out.
It's a decent puzzle game - but it would benefit a lot from quality-of-life UX improvements. (Example: when I'm sure there's a 3 in a cell, I'm then sure there's not a 3 anywhere else in the same row or column, but I have to clear my pencil marks manually.) Good sudoku apps automate this process, which otherwise take up much of my time playing this game in a very uninteresting way.
Great puzzler once you've got your head around the rules. Simple, but clean interface. I have high hopes this will become a regular time waster for me.
Fun game, it is quite challenging as well. I play this late at night and I have to say it's a little rough on the eyes. Please make a dark mode for this game.
Challenging and fun twist on sudoku. Feature requests: 1 tapping a number at the bottom highlights all instances of that number on the board 2 "pencil" vs filled in: able to write guesses in a square as pencil rather than the "official" number chosen for the spot; putting in the official number clears the pencil entries in the spot 3 clear related pencil entries when a number officially entered: remove that number from all pencil marks in the row and column
Excellent idea, elegant puzzle. However, the UI is extremely inconsistent and ugly; to name a few things: too large text, too little whitespace, weird font for the numbers in puzzle (and there are two, one for the buttons and one for the puzzle). An overhaul is very necessary to make this app a good app. The controls are simple.
Enjoyable little game, and I appreciate the lack of video ads. Wish I could pay a few dollars to remove the banner ads though. The controls are a little bit awkward, but they're probably the best they can be.
really fun and there are a lot of levels. one thing, maybe i missed it, but there isn't a setting to turn off the red outline when there is an incorrect combination of numbers. i wish i could turn that off since it's kind of annoying seeing it
Love the game concept, but the number Controls really need to be updated. For example in most games, there is a separate set of numbers for "penciling" in, which is overcome whenever you put in a "pen" number. Also, it is helpful when the entering of a pen number automatically deletes conflicting pencil numbers. Finally, it would be great if numbers that Have all be been entered could be grayed out.
I like the puzxle but some of the red error boxes don't make sense to me. For instance, if there is no mark between cells, why would i get a red box around, say, a 4 and 7, if they are unique in their row and column.
Love everything about this app. Only thing missing is being able to view the solution once last cell is filled rather than it going immediately back to the list, and being able to check if your answers so far are correct.
Great game. I've played Sudoku before but never this version. It took be a bit too get the hang of it but now I'm hooked. I love having so many puzzles for each difficulty.
I think the puzzle is fun.but I could use some hints for patterns to lookout for. Also maybe make bookmarks so when you try one part you don't have to undo 20 steps
4x4 level 10 is ambiguous, and the rules dont make it easier. The rules should read that neighboring cells containing 1 and 2 *MUST* be separated by a white or black dot. In this level, 2 or 4 can alternatively make up the corners, and this rule, if clarified, can determine which goes where. The red rule may also be taken into account, but needs to be clearer, such as "all dots defining increments or doubling are shown". Would also like to see a more intuitive note taking.
Fun, simple puzzle game with nice quality of life features. Will remind you of Sudoku, though it plays differently. I like to do 4x4s when I have just a minute, but the larger ones are incredibly tough
The puzzle is a lot of fun. I've given it 4 stars because of a bug. If you tap too quickly, it doesn't always register. I'm on a Pixel 3 if it matters. The simplest way I've found to replicate the bug is to just tap quickly in a large circle. The selection can't keep up.
Absolutely recommend, but I have a request: * Make it possible to highlight more than one square (e.g. to enter clues in multiple squares)
I love this game and this is a simple app that works! As I do it by a process of elimination I wish there was the option to start a board each square containing all the numbers. It is tedious having to start each no puzzle inputting it all.
Great logic fun. My one request would be to add an option to start with all squares filled in with all the numbers, because sometimes I work by removing possibilities.
Brilliant, straightforward puzzle game. There are perpetual banner ads, but they are generally unobtrusive, and there are no ads between levels. There are thousands of levels of varying difficulty, and the puzzles require only logic and basic math to solve. My only minor complaint is that the number buttons are right at the bottom of the screen, so I tend to hit my phone's back button by mistake.
Finished lvl8-1 and lvl9-1 . No more unless there is an update to option "load all with all numbers". That is how to complete and is incredibly tedious by hand.
Great App, Great Fun! I work Theoretical Problems with High Level of Complexity every day, and the Kropki App always Deliver Theoretical Problems worth both time and effort Solving (on the 8×8 & 9×9 Level). Occasionally the 9×9 Level Puzzles Hold Complexity on an Exceptional Level, and on those occasions I am in the Theoretical Heaven of Mindfulness. I Truly Love the Kropki Application. Many Thanks to the Kropki Team, your Application will Always have My Warmest of Recommendations. ❤❤❤
Very good way to think! I like it. There are no ads and a ton of levels to rise up your IQ with, good job!
I just discovered this game. It makes an interesting and very enjoyable contrast to sudoku in that the actual number values relative to each other are what count and not just "one instance only of each in each row and column". The layout is clean and simple and the ads are not intrusive. Full marks there! A suggestion: an option to see the completed level rather than have it just disappear when done. (This should help learning to recognise patterns.)
I love this game. I started small, and worked my way up to 7 now. With each new level there's a new unique strategy.
Slowly but steadily getting into this, and moving up to bigger boards. Different enough to other puzzles to make it intetesting, and if i finish a puzzle, i always want to start another immediately.
There is quite literally, NOTHING wrong with this game. It's exactly what it says it is, and plays exactly how it's supposed to. I haven't seen a single ad, and it is definitely not short on levels.
Another totally absorbing, addicting game - I'm a big fan of the Suguru and Binary.1001 games too. 4x4 wasn't too bad once I'd got started. 5x5 took a bit more working out, but I've got a few rules now. Just starting on the 6x6 and a whole new set of complications arise. Great stuff!
Good principle. The controls work and are reliable. What is missing for 5 stars are more polished graphics and way to backtrack, either by making the backtracking point (like changing the colour of the numbers), or being able to save/restore to board state.
Good. Nice concept but the 4x4 puzzle is very easy! 6x6 seem good to me. 7 is hard... I guess there's a difficulty for everyone and the freedom to choose!
Nice tidy thought-provoking game. Would benefit from an extra button for 'select all numbers for the highlighted cell'.
it's a nice simple game. i would recommend a verify button that confirms the user has solved correctly the puzzle so far. the user could get few tries per stage, save then he could watch ads for extra checks.
It's like Sudoku with basic addition and multiplication. Once you have figured out the concepts each grid size will require, you'll see there is almost always a way to "break in" to each puzzle without wild guessing. 7×7 is becoming easier, on to 8x8!
A drawback of the interface is that there is no way to admire the final solution of a problem, as a modal dialog appears immediately, covering the solution. And later, there is no way to take a look at the solutions found earlier.
It's an interesting game, the puzzles are enjoyable and it's casual enough that you can put it down whenever you like and come back to it later. The adverts are also unintrusive, they don't distract from the controls or puzzles at all which is nice.
Goddang, I love this puzzle, and this app is good for it. The only thing is if there's some way to make sure the game knows I'm taking notes rather than putting in actual numbers/guesses, but honestly that's just a small thing.
Very good. Unobtrusive banner ads NOT full page 30 second videos. Offline play. Simple yet challenging puzzles and lots of them. Only suggestion I have is to have a way to mark "not" numbers will make it a little easier but honestly that's just nit picking. Really one of the best all round logic games in have tried.
This puzzle is beautiful in its simplicity. Very clean presentation. Very clear rules. Lots of potential for more difficult puzzles. What more could you ask for in a puzzle game?
Simple to learn, stimulates problem-solving and pattern recognition similar to Sudoku, but without having to learn a bunch of esoteric techniques. Potentially more than one correct answer to a given puzzle results in "I figured it out!" instead of "I finally got the right answer." 4 of 5 stars because the user interface could be smoother/prettier; ad banners are unobtrusive but I would be willing to pay for a version with no ads.
This has been more addicting than I expected but it needs a bit more to keep it interesting. I'd love to see this app with; -- a timer for each game while in its grid, but freezes when you leave it, resumes when you're back. -- a 'best (and worst?) time' tracker for each grid size, gives you a 'time to beat' if you want the extra challenge -- a counter for each grid size - tells you you've done x/1000 for each size. -- maybe some way to copy a pattern from one box and paste it into others. Hope I get some backing on this. Anyone?
Really cool idea. One thing I would love is the addition of like "fill all" button that would automatically make all the numbers active on all squares to make the one by one elimination of the numbers a bit faster.
Added a star because now there is an "undo" button! It would still be helpful if you could mark just one potential number in a square. That way, you could mark two squares in a row or column with the same single number, to show that that number can only belong in one of those two squares. Similar to most Sudoku apps. But it's a challenging game, and I hope updates will improve the playing experience.
I love the game and I'm hooked. The interface is simplistic. But I think I can use a redo button, and sometimes a help or check answers option. Otherwise, it's perfect.
Rules are told in an understable way, and the game has a simple design, which is good in my opinion. It serves its purpose in every way, and its abundance of levels and differing complexities makes it a must have for people who enjoy logical puzzles. Id like to recommend the rule "All possible dots are shown" to be in bold letters :)
There really needs to be an option to show you which fields are incorrect, so you can backtrack where you went wrong. As of now you have to reset a whole level if you made a single mistake somewhere, which is just frustrating