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KoGaMa for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Multiverse ApS located at Multiverse ApS Njalsgade 76 2300 Copenhagen S Denmark. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is very nice mostly like roblox but I have slow internet so I have problems to play so if they give an offline mode and better graphics and physics then I will edit and give it 5 stars
Please don't waste your time on this game. It keeps crashing and lagging and the loading screen has been loading for half an hour.
I played this game since 2018! Im haven't played this game for months so i decided to test it now. I played my games and..and the loading stops! Since im on a tablet I cannot exit so I have to restart. But then its the first load again. Pls fix this problem!
stupid ads all over the app i cant even sighn up worst app ever stuuuuupidddddd dumb bad not developed
What Is that its the worst game in the world so many ads guys don't instastall this game and there are many hackers they kick me out of the server it's bad game
This looks like a good game but I would realy appreceate if u would help me fix my problem wich is when I press on it, it tells me "Unfortantly, KoGaMa has stopped"
I like the game its nice but can you add a game of crash by the speeding wall cause i was searching the whole game for that world but i cant find it so can you please add crash by the speeding wall
Really bad it's really laggy and it takes a really long plz fix .i am never going to play this until you fix itand there is so much ads and poelpe is hacking the game and kicking people In lthe server.😟😠
It,s good and it,s okay for adults and kids to play! You can get friends,play new games,What are you looking for?Downlaod it now!
Ok this game is really cool at pc and mobile but the problem is that umm can you add some attach, like one model can attach to the 2 model.thats it.
its amazing you can find so many games and its never laggy but i seen some inappropiate ones with sοΌƒx
It looks like Roblox, but the first of all it's a kids game! And you allowed people to cuss? Aren't you a little bit crazy to do this? Are you really sure to turn it into an age restriced game? Players have cussed to others, when i was young I played it and someone cussed on me.
This game is so nice I play it with my brother and play it in my tablet and computer the build mode is so fun and the logic cubes got easier when I keep trying and reading the instructions my name is xXthe_eΞΉ[email protected]
Game's great, just aiming with guns in a game like war 4 for example, its very, very hard, making it near impossible to actually survive, let alone get a kill. Other than that its enjoyable when its not lagging.
Bad game because I have an Android tablet I can't design my character you should make an update where no matter which device you're playing on you can still design your character
I like this game and theres a problem cuz the red block is loading too long for me and it dont work for that game😀
Worst experience ever. I got 3 unskippable ads before joining the first game. It's insane. I didn't even get to enter.
I really like this game,But please make build mode and Create avatar.This game doesn't have too many copyright, They making for fun to kids or children.. I really wanna update my game named City2. Also when i wanted to change my avatar,something just suprised me! i got 400 gold. Maybe im lucky.Thanks
I enjoy this game but is there a way u can make the controllers bigger they're way to small.lags alot not smooth i have great connection to play other game accept this on please fix it.
The controls for mobile are horrible i used to love the game but controls are bad and it wont let me create anything even though i have a account on my pc and mobile no matter how much ive done it wont let me please fix the controls it makes the game very not fun at alll.
I love this game on pc! But everytime after i logged in my account it keeps crashing. Any help with this? If so i could give this 5 stars. The 2 missing stars are because i keep crashing after i logged in
This game is pretty bad, first off it has ads and in app purchases when it should be only 1 of the 2. Second off, it is pay to win, it has boosts to purchase when you die. Also the game dosent allow you to customize your avatar on mobile. Finally the selection of games is very mediocre and when I joined a parkour game I just spawned and died. You are better off playing Roblox than this game.
I would give it a 5 star but when I got into kogama once it just showed a black screen and the other problem is that you can't make games if your playing on an iPad or android you can only play it on a personal computer please fix these problems and I'll give it a 5 star review plz I begging you plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz I really want to customize my avatar I beg you
This game looks like a scammer this never works anymore I can't play any servers cause the loading take forever too finish I wait it still didn't work at all this game is the worst game I ever played. If you dont fix this some of who download this your 1 star rating will rise and rise pls fix it or your wish come true too all of your rating will be only 1 star
Awesome game it is a bit like roblox but the game is funny. You should put more update for this game so more people play
It wont let me sign in AND its telling me sign in to chat sign in to level up SIGN IN TO CUSTIMISZE YOUR CHARACTOR
Okay, everything is okay and fun, except the fact that you allow bad words in this game. This is a kids game! People have been cussing at people since I first joined. Like, can you make the chat not allow bad words?! That is all I am asking! Nothing else but that. If you don't fix that, then I may not play it as much.
I like everything you Created.to make a custom avatar:step 1 go to shop.step2 Find popular avatars.step 3 and also create an avatar on a computer!
Its a really good online platforming game. It feels like Roblox. It's sad that it's almost dead having 20 players on each server max. And now it has ads unlike when I played it back in 2012. They're not unbearable and I don't mind them. But they're there. The current state of this game makes me sad.
This game is the worst game ever!🀬when I did an among us map and I could not move. Everything else would not work! NEVER DOWNLOAD THIS GAME.
It would be nice if you allowed people to build on tablets and phones this might make it better for those who don't have a computer, but over all good gameπŸ‘πŸ‘
I love the game reminds me of old roblox lol. But is missing some key fetures like a search bar for games/shop and the ability to creat avatars on Android.
Fun game. I dislike how there's ads everytime you want to join a game; even made me sit through a 50 second ad. Also it sometimes doesn't load; just gives me a black screen after saying Kogama from launching the app
It's good but why i have to have pc to make maps characters and models.Please make it to the mobile version too.
Well this is an awesome gameplay! But why I gave it 4 stars?? Because it sometime crashes and kicks me out of the game which it VERY annoying and the loading takes SOOOOO long! I prefer it to be good! Btw I love the app so much but plz fix these!
You know what this game has left ROBLOX behind soooooo AWESOME BRO its so fun to create your own games and play with friends keep the luck🀩🀩🀩🀩
I dont think this works on phones i try to move but i just stand there lol but i dont really like it sorry
This is scam! I bought gold for money. I font get any gold and i lost money. Please give me gold (update- i just had no money in phone, actually gold here is really cheap)
I only give three becose when i play the games it will just kick me out of the server and it keeps on saying kogama has been stoped
Before I was trying to get Roblox but it doesn't let me so I typed games like Roblox then I see kogama is like Roblox so I download kogama.but now I have Roblox but in Roblox it's more harder to get rubox so kogama is more better than Roblox
I'm sorry but I knew kogama for 7 years it was my childhood game and its now getting bored like fr I played it cause it was a cool game and I made an account in 2017 and I forgot my password so I used my other backup account in 2018 and I still have it I think I might quit- cause there are hackers and orders like roblox but I might quit kogama for roblox I am 12 so I known the game when I was 5 years old- so I will quit now lol I made a long story
KoGaMa is a great game and all but... I can't even get in the software. I wait an hour πŸ˜“.... And I just have a black screen. Please fix this.
This is the best game ever! There is PvP, parkour, racing and many more! But I hate the part that when I'm making my world it's hard to build and when I scroll it doesn't work! I can't even look around and how will I make a good world without looking around... very stupid that I can't look around. I still love the parkours, PvP, racing and everything else. πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘ The Best πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘
I haven't played this game before, but since people are complaining about lag and ads, they make money from ads, which they made the game for, also blame your device for the lag! And no, it's not a ripoff, the people are making ripoffed games not them!
This game is the best there is so much stuff and games to do there are fun obbys its the best my only complaint is the long boring adds ok so mu review whent from 5 stars to 2 beacuse when i try to play it doesn't work and i cant always find the game that i want so can you add a search bar please fix thoes thing and the 2 will come back to a 5
I like everything you Created.to make a custom avatar:step 1 go to shop.step2 Find popular avatars.step 3 and also create a avatar on a computer!
I love KoGaMa but there is one problem, if I play on mobile and try to open the app then all I get is a black screen. It was working fine yesterday but it's not anymore :( please fix this.
Oh it's the best I kinda can't play my favourite game roblox so instead I saw kogama I thought to try it and I saw every game in roblox it is so free all of them and I saw more different games and more.
This game is so pathetic. It's so laggy and it takes FOREVER to load. I dont recomend this game for Impatient people, actually I dont recomend this game for anyone. No offence but I didnt like it , by far the worst game ever lol.
I started playing kogama on 2017 and trust me, it was the BEST experience ever. though roblox has more options and servers, I still prefer kogama because of the community. There might be some toxic players but I've gain good friends from this game. We're planning to meet irl too :D but what makes me sad is..this game is dying. I barely see more than 20 players play in a server and most of the people that I see were newbies. :( Thanks for the short cool childhood, Kogama.
it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good i absouteloutely love it i just want to create a game on this phone not on my computor because i have created nine games on my computer on kogama but its just so much harder on a compoter thats all
The game is fun the best part that I like is you can get free gold by playing games with a yellow box on the top left and you now never have to pay for the gold the gold is like robux but golden
The game is nice but it would be beter with rcording audio mode and sending fotos mode at your friends chat
I can't sign up because it's cut of have way so I can't press the button to start with my starter character and I have adds at the barry bottom of my screen so can u guys plz fix it so I can play plz plz plz
It won't let me sign up through the phone, but I remember having great times with KoGaMa on PC as a 7 year old, which is why you don't get a 1 star TwT
i dont like this app i put 1 star because it said that it is not responding sadly i cannot sign in i press sign in and it did not work so roblox is better than this,when i press play and wait for 3 minutes i think?,and after the loading it has ads and after ads it does not respond iff your at the computer yes you can play it but not here i tried to play other games and it did not work :(
I love this app it's fun I sign in and it was cool I like this app take ur computer and type kogama ok love this up so muchhhhhπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜β€πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ˜
I can go in but it does nothing now and I will give you a 5 star if you can fix this.and get rid of bad words. and when i go in it is like when you have a plain black screen so pls fix it and it will be good oh and get rid of adds pls.
This is amazing. WAY better than the online version(s). No lag and amazing graphics. Edit: Not a lot of ads either.
Fun but a lot of ads, sign up don't work, over 3/4 of the games are broke! WHY ADVERTISE YOU CAN MAKE GAMES WHEN YOU CANT! FIX THIS OR I WILL DELETE!
Its really glichy and there is a bunch of adds and it freezes a lot and the game piggy on there i can't even under stand how to play it it is really fun just a lot of things happen😧
Awesome games. Few things tho 1. I want to create avatars and games on mobile 2. Sometimes there are unclosable ads or ads don't load 3. Uh... I don't think there is a 3. Please fix these!!!! -KentuckyFriedKoGaMa
This game is great but can you update it so mobile players can make characters? Also sometimes when i go in a world it doesn't connect!
I LOVE it 😍 but the only tiny bit of a problem is that on phone, you can't make a game I would request to making games on phone possible πŸ˜‰ *I hope you take action*
why its lagging, like everyone is stop moving. and it says *update* or whatever? please fix it and respond
Worst game. The levels are so hard. The others with you are bots. No real player. Taking ages to load
This game is super awesome I really love it and I cant play roblox and this is the right thing for me. I hope u guys can like let us build without only using a computer I play on a phone and I want to build but I cant. I WANT TO RATE THIS 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000/5. UwU lwl OwO β™‘.β™‘
It's a great game but the only thing that I hate about this game is... you cant make an avatar on android and the is alot of ads ALOT OF THEM if you can fix these I will be truly happy...... I sound bad texting this message sorry!
I give it four stars cuz we cannot dance in kogama and I wish u could put that pls🌟😊 and plus kogama is so much fun we can chat play different games and build games and avatars to get.... GOLD love this game wrote by little crazymaker... 😌😁
i live this game its like a more kidish game then roblox but so alike i remember playing this as a kid and it brings back so much memories
This is so much fun but I keep updating every time and even thought I still like it ill rate it 4 stars instead
It like Roblox but less laggy then Roblox but I have to say can kogama make it so we can make custom player
This game.....I don't even know what to say it's literally amazing could u do a game like this but it's roblox what's online and u don't have to sign in and make it like it u can style yourself like roblox anyways great game please do my suggestion ok goodbye
Kogamasuch a fun game just remove ads please because too many ads overalls this game better than roblox this is not pay to win
I am giving a star because this game is so bad I hate it when I sign up and save it just doesn't frigging work it just keeps and I can't play ok I just wanna say more bad reviews I don't like this game at all ok nobody should play KoGaMa I just don't like it at all at all!!!
Im 50 50 on this game u cant even create on mobile which is stupid u should be able to.. Or at least make a over screen keyboard for ur PC site so mobile users can build and such. If ur looking to build and such just dont get this app its not as good as u think -_- ill change my rateing when u can actully create on mobile -_-
It glicthes but overall it is a perfect game for children i love to play it and meet friends you guys shouuld make a game called Fire rope rap and you get to do minigames and challenges!.Also other players can friend and join you and! Always play and do dancing games together! So i love the game and you people are truly amazing i would love to see you guys some day!
Fps are good and takes low internet to play, level up gives gold, chat filter is good, parkour is a bit hard, and is better than roblox, and I just want control and graphics settings, and in controls it should be playable by keyboard and mouse and in graphics add hd mode, render distance, and partical render distance, if all these things come in new update people might rate it five stars.
It best many game in this game. But at aindroid phone,i can't to build some avatar or game. Just i hope admin care my comment.
This is so great game in the world.This game has Avatar and full of games.and please add build mode on android.I love this game πŸ˜„πŸ‘
I like the game and can you make this game compatible with every console controller Dualshock 4 Xbox One Xbox 360 wireless controller keyboard mouse PS5 controller all kinds of controllers please
I play kogma all the time but this time it wasn't fun at 3am when I was live there was weird music and banging in my room then my game glitched never play at 3am
Over all has nice people good ideas and amazing games Its probably inspired by roblox But it has better controls The only real down side is hackers.
This is a bad game beacuse it always show ads and when I play with it I always get out of the game even with WIFI😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
THIS GAME IS SO GOOD ON MOBILE. Like you can barley even play on computer because on computer it always freezes. But maybe just less ads please make no ad for begin game
This game is very nice mostly like roblox but I have slow internet so I have problems to play so if they give an offline mode and better graphics and pets and better controls then I will edit and give it 5 stars
It's really good and I had alot of fun but id really like it if they added more ways to get gold than just leveling up I'd also like it if we'd be able to interact w the furniture. Everything else is great and fun the ppl I met are nice it's a good game
This minecraft game is really good:) But when I try and enter the adopt me map than it just kicks me out!:( Pls fix this problem
i liked this game its just like roblox and millions games to play i liked the games that are so enjoyable and 1 problem everytime i join the server its takes so long to load please fixed that i would keep this game 5 stars thank you.
It's an awesome game don't get me wrong but I just wish that mobile users can make their own game on that game I'm a mobile user and I really want to make my own game but I can't
None of the games run! A blue plate and a Rotating red cube ... The loading bar at the bottom of the page fills up and stays the same and nothing happens
i love this game so much even tho it takes an hour to load all that matters is the games. i play it with my sister all the time but i want another youtube vs tick tock with no oculs or whatever the're called and a new elevator game
I love this game I can do powers not really but it's just like Roblox download it people please please please okay if you guys miss this game and it's called KOGaMa okay? πŸ‘
The sign up doesn't work.I try to sign in, but all it says is choose your avatar and no select of anything .,.
People say that it is a Roblox knock off I disagree quite a lot. I am a game builder my username is frenchnikolai. I build games it is hard to get noticed unless you spend money, or you were an O.G. I think that there needs to be scripting for like coding and there should also be more items, I suggest that you let people make items as well thank you for reading and I recommend this game.
Where's the zero star at? I just downloaded it and it took forever to load one game and wouldn't work at all
So when I first come in and it shows that video of have you watched the last video yet I can't exit out can you please get rid of that so I can just play the game I even watch the whole thing and I still can't exit out of the video part I tried exiting out of the app and coming back in and it still sent me to that video can you please get rid that video part so I can just play the game I'll give you five Stars if you do
This game suck really it does i open the app i can only see the logo and it just stays there and like you dont listen to the complaining and thats why this game is garbage you dont respond to nothing like come on there is problems to be fixed and yet you dont listen fix your game i cant even play it its just stuck at the kogama letters fix it then i will make this a 4 or 5 star review
Its a great game, but for the love of god snd all that's holy add a search bar for both the games, models and avatars
I love this game its the best i got hacked tho i lost all my current progress im so sad i have to install again...i feel a little sad but its nothing \(' '3)/
The fact that there are ads on the bottom of the screen is so not cool. I can't even play a game because the ad is blocking it and when its done I don't know how to exit the ad it just exits the game itself. I am so confused with this app. The reviews are right I shouldn't have bothered installing this. What a waste of time.
I love this game i have friends, I love playing parkour with friends and other games but its saying to update but I can find the button to update it. So I cant play the games but its an awesome game!
I give it a 2 star because it doesn't let's me play my game and plays advertisments multiples times without me playing a single game
Its good but theres no search bar to games or avatars and you guys delete way too much avatars that we created for no reason.???
Its good not geart pls make this problem disappear im a princess so make this problem disappear from kicking me out
I like this game but there is one problem when I was going to play it it just only showing a black screen and there's nothing to do I reset the app and play It again and it still show Black screen pls fix the game and thank you
This is just like Roblox I like it it has piggy in it but it loads soooooooooooooooooooooo slow😭😭😭
I rate it 3 star becaues if you join a game there's a ad im tired of a ad if i turn off my wi-fi it will say your offline
I like to have avatars, right? Well i am a bit disappointed that i cannot build because i am on android, that means i cannot make avatars and instead have to wait till i am level like a hundred so that i can purchase the avatars that cost, oh lets see... all the avatars cost 140 gold and i am not willing to pay, i would have to build something and sell it for 140gold but i cannot because i am on android. FIX AND I WILL RATE FIVE STARS I LIKE THIS GAMEβ˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†
I want to play kogama but i have a problem my sister and I want to play this game the screen is still black when it want to do loading and if you want to play roblox so my sisters name in roblox xxnarnourxx and i dont have roblox so fix this problem.
Best game but kogama 1. i want to create my caracter rainbow. Grlly like 2. need's legendary clothes rainbow and rest silver drees massive. 3. needs more exicting ways to play hid and seek. its wont let me sign in fix this bug pls. byw and i cant chat cos bug sign in
Fun game but i want to start out as something else besides a dumb boy so i choose not to play it alot
This game is out of the world I only charge my phone to play this and in one day the new game come and the most favourite game in kogama is earth war and the elevator keep it up guys.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
I love this game but i feel it is unfare that you can not build games or build avatars on android. All my friends are always building games but I CANT JOIN THEM BECAUSE I AM ON ANDROID so thats why i give 2 stars if you fix that then the 2 will turn into 5 stars
Its so laggy and when i enter the space or elevator is loding when 100 its not letting me in i will give you 3 star ok pls fix it plz
Cant even login! It just wont! I have tryed millions of times. Gone down to me as one of the worst apps with gaming controls. Almost as bad as roblox. I only downloaded this app as most of my friends said that it was horrendous wo I wanted to check out the whole situation.... I do not reccomend that u download this app. -maisie 11yrs old
It's a very great game you can level up you earn gold when you play games but one bad thing it doesn't have a search bar yo search a avatars games or users u can only do it on pc but you need to search it so u can search but in phone u cant.
This is Exactly like Blockstar planet! It's the best game in my whole entire games list! I love it so much, you should also add more minigames, overall, love it! :D
It's a nice game, but work on the graphics why can't we chat with people it's an online game πŸ˜­πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ na pls improve but still good
This game is awesome!.u can play create and make friends.the controlling is easy to use plus,the graphics are quite better.i recommend this app to download!.what are u waiting for?,try this app right now