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Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power for PC and MAC

Is a Trivia game developed by PlayStation Mobile Inc. located at PlayStation Mobile Inc. 2207 Bridgepointe Parkway San Mateo, CA 94404 United States. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Trivia game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really good quiz game. Has lots of different questions for everyone in the family. A little tricky for youngsters as it requires to be able to read but we just paired them up with an adult
This game is awesome for playing with friends. I just wish the questions were a bit more relevant. Great game though.
Constant crashes. Used to run smoothly but now constant crashes, can't reconnect. Really frustrating and disappointing
Brilliant game, characters are comical and the game show host is very typical of TV game show hosts. I have both the original and decades version of the game and enjoy both very much. I find this is a great icebreaker when friends and family are round and have yet to find anyone who didn't enjoy playing it. A couple of things I would like to see are: 1. Additional questions available to purchase ie Decades 40s to 70s. 2. Online capability would love to play during COVID lock down.
Great game, but since I switched to the Samsing note 9 it wont allow me to play using the wifi, which then means I cannot play with others as they cannot play using the ps4 hotspot. This is a huge disappointment as I did not have this problem with my older phone
Console game itself is entertaining and fun and the app is both easy to use and seemingly bug-free. Loses a star as all players experienced some lag on the questions that have you performing specific tasks (as opposed to the general ones that as you to select a correct answer). Other than that, worked as intended across a range of Android & iOS devices in our group, all connected via WiFi to console.
i really like this game because you can play it with your family, my dad won't usually play games with me and my sister but he likes to play this one with us. I really reccomend this game, it's testing your knowledge in a competive way.
Such a fun game to play with friends and family members! this game is funny, interesting and actually it teaches a lot. Even thought I'm 10 year old girl, I play this game with my 20-22 years old siblings and it fun :D
I love this game. It's become a staple in our household and the perfect game to play with company. The characters make everyone laugh and there's questions for everyone
it's fun to play with your family but some questions are hard. it would also be great if there were more character options or you have the ability to costomise your character. overall, a good game, perfect for parties! 👍
Not a bad game at all but I would really like if there were more powers and if you could customize your own caracter but overall not bad and amazing graphics 4 stars amazing quality overall amazing expireance and game
Heads up!! This game is followed with a PS4 so don't waste your time realising that you don't have one when installing this app, btw this is a cool game!! Very competitive and good interactions :)
This game is perfect for family fun as all each player needs is a smart phone or tablet! I got That's You PlayLink for free with another purchase and my family and I loved it so much I bought this one. Great way to have fun together, no matter what age. What a genius idea; kudos!
Good fun game great for families your typical Christmas game. Lots of connection issues with 3 different devices. Keeps dropping out telling me I'm on a different WiFi network, even though I was in the middle of a game?!?. Too much talk between questions.
We enjoyed it so much- played with my father mother and gf with PS4. Fun game, especially the final piramide!
This game- engaging, exciting, innovative, and educational! I love playing with my grandkids... and it is FUN for all of us, ages 3+ (yes even the 3 year old has her own character)
A fun time playing trivia with family or friends. Most people have a cell phone so there's no need for anything extra other than a PS4. It would be cool if it could actually use your face during the entire game but that's me just nitpicking. Just a fun game.
Love the variety of topics. If I have one complaint, the knowledge received by the winner at the end seems to be the same few ones.
Brilliant fun to play with friends and a great social game. I'd recommend trying the other knowledge is power game over this one though as this one is a little sluggish. Still good fun though
Such a fun game and great way to pass the time while stuck in the house. I just hate that one particular ad keeps popping up and I have to close out the game and load it again.
Great game, don't get too early a lead or everyone targets you lol Super easy to understand and play with a great assortment of genres and questions, we've played many games and have never seen the same question twice (new genres keep popping up too)
This game is literally awesome I always play this with my sister plus it's good during quarntine it's basically your having fun and learning I love it!
So incredibly tedious. The cutscenes take longer than the actual quiz does, the questions are far too easy and there's just one question in each category. I'd expect a good quiz to do maybe five questions in a category pretty quickly one after the other but the game focuses more on your avatar running around and on the in-game power-up gimmicks. Not worth it.
Great game fun with the family you can connect to the ps4 hotspot if you are having trouble with connection. The characters are really cool and have great personalities.
Fun quiz, never got the same question twice, works on PS4 and ps5, (ps5 connection help and enter ps5 IP address) we have a lot of fun with this game!
Our whole family loves to play this game but at least once a game, one random player will be disconnected for no reason. They then must sit out for one round. Other than that, the game is great.
I love this game and play with my family, I have a suggestion, just to make it easier to take good photos, maybe make it so it doesn't turn around the other way when you take it? Thanks baii
The standalone app is actually more fun than the PlayStation game, which is really slow-paced. The trivia questions are well-designed so that knowledgeable people can guess what they don't know. If they PlayStation game had less pauses, animations, and talking between questions, it would be really fun. As is, though, everyone gets bored and antsy waiting for the next question.
It only works if you have a playstation with good connection. It's fun for all of the family and the stuff in between the questions is amazing the quick play uses no connection to you which is two player which I think it's a good addition as well I gave it 5 Stars because it's probably one of the best games for all of the family that you can play even the questions for all ages 5 year olds can get some of them I like the idea of using your phone or tablet to use as a controller. Ps Finn & Mill.
Quite possibly the greatest achievement in game design history. The challenge of getting all your drunk friends to pay attention to the same screen at the same time is almost half the fun. From the loading screen, to the righteous indignation ANY time ANYONE uses ANY power play against you, this game is unforgettable.
A brillant family game and you can also play with your friends when they come around to your house. The controls are very simple to use and to understand. It is also cool that you can use your tablet or phone as a controller to play the game.
Quivk quiz doesn't work anymore, I used this as a reward for kids I worked with. Emailed costume service over a month ago and haven't heard back.
Great game and concept. Hoping for upgrades to have a SKIP button between questions to skip max talking and skip the PowerPlays if we dont want to use them (maybe a button to allow to turn off these). Will keep playing if this comes out, otherwise takes too long between questions to really be fun
The only app/ps4 tie-in that I've seen actually working. great fun for all the family. My friends who visit love the game. Latest update apparently fixes some bugs? I've yet to encounter any bugs! People who want to cut out the commentator don't get that the idea is that you're on a quiz show on TV. You can't ask the host to 'shut up and get on with it'. What's the rush? Enjoy the cut scenes even if they are repetitive (just like a real quiz show!). The developers are collectively geniuses!
The game is really fun and playing from your phone is a cool twist. It runs on my 7 year old phone with no issues. Plus the app can use the wifi hotspot on the ps4 to connect if you're having issues. I didn't even know the ps4 had a wifi hotspot.
It randomly rotates upside down, usually also cutting side of screen. Multiple rotations can lead to a quite big cut, forcing a restart.
such a nifty app for the ps console , easy to use, easy to connect.. i have this both on andriod software and apple software, works fantastic on both! got all the family playing this game along with other games!
Nice quiz game, but it would be better to have the option to remove the "troubles" to make it less boring. Also it would be good to be able to skip the commentator and get straight to the questions. That would make it a lot more entertaining.
Good game but why on earth can't you play this online? Also, doesn't really matter how many questions you get right because the end relies on luck. Would be great if you could get rid of the power plays.
great game. full family love it. if I had to say something negative it would be that I would add the ability to skip the cut scenes because they become very boring after you've played it once.
Amazing! This is game is so fun and challenging, the characters are adorable! The only thing that I would ask for this game is if you could create your own character and add more power plays. Overall, this game is amazing! 5 stars from me and the family.
A very good game to play with friends and family. I don't have any problems with this game but people can think differently than me. I'm just reating it 4 stars because the game may be perfect at what it does but it's not a perfect game in general.