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Knots - Line Puzzle Game

Knots - Line Puzzle Game for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Inspired Square FZE located at Business Center RAKEZ, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Needs fewer interruptions. Game play is fine, but compared to Flow Free games, this is very noisy and intrusive, even after you pay to remove adds. The game should shut up and let me play it.
You thought you gave enough time? Six seconds is all I get before it times out. This app is not the same one I downloaded and I will never play again. There are other app developers with much better games. This was just fine before your major update.
Enjoyable game but now there are 2 ads between each game which is too much, frankly. First ad is 5 seconds, second one is up to 40 seconds. Also, the latest update adds coins instead of hints and I'm at a loss as to what to use these for. Cant use them to 'buy' hints so what do I do with them? Also the 'lives' number is new but what's that function? Please introduce a screen which describes how to utilise all the above. Thanks.
Used to be fantastic, but the update killed it. Now I can only play the daily, you need lives to play the main boards which are now timed. As soon as I open a board, it says the time has run out and offers to let me buy more time. My lives also don't regenerate. It says 9:59 to next life and has been that way for days. I paid to remove ads and I loved this game, but this update has killed it.
12/2020: been playing since April. LOVE it. Nicely done! (4/2020 wrote: Glad I installed another spatial game that is mentally challenging. Next thing I knew my friend downloaded it too! Great way to pass time, alone, together!! Stay healthy. Have FUN.)
This is very unique. I like how different types of puzzles appear. So far, I've been doing good. Most importantly, it's fun! I also like the bridge feature. And the circles that more then one color connects, is something I've not seen in other puzzles. I like that slot as well.
The hints are messed up. I have all of them connected and I need a hint for the last one. I try to get a hint and it tells me to connect one I have already connected. I connect them. I try to get another hint and it just does it again to a different one that I've already connected. Its done that on several levels and I've only had this app for 10 minutes. The idea is good, but the actual game isn't. I seriously was looking forward to play it but it just isn't that good.
Hello in first level of this game I think that this game is the easiest game in the world but slowly slowly this game become so so hard only 1 thing I dont like of this game that when I complete a level you tell this people do in less seconds plz fix this problem plz.anyways this game is so much fun.i like knots very very much but I think you cheated the name knots from knots 3d plz tell me cheated or not.this game have uncountable.plz knots team reply me.you are the best.
Although I've never laid out a circuit board for an electronic device, this just /has/ to be based on single–sided layout (except for crossovers?). It's a 2–D universe, akin to A.K. Dewdney's (sp? Prob.OK) [The Planiverse] or the earlier Flatland. Circuit boards don't have the close packing that this game has, which makes this more difficult. Lots of fun! First game of this type was quite likely on Amazon(!). They have some good apps.
Easy to play, the balls are colour and letter coded so even colour blind can play. It's quite fun but I'm on lvl 72 it doesn't always gets harder as you move on to the next lvl. And it's free to play so occasional advertising.
Good. Not too many ads! Yeah! Could you just give us a few seconds to admire our handiwork once the puzzle is solved?
An addicting brain workout lol.. If you're a tradesmen, you'll fly through it! Although I finished it a long time ago, I still come back and pick a random.
Very interesting game, not easy as it look like , really good one that makes my brain work busy, thanks for the game on such boring lockdown days
It was loads of fun until they changed the game without contacting me about the upgrade. Now you have timed levels, so you can't figure them out. It just pops up, "time's up... failed". You no longer get "hints", but instead get "points". They took a neat and fun game and made it sucky.
Nice mix of puzzles ranging from very easy to very challenging. Issue #1: Users can get credit for crazy short solution times by "cheating" (repeating previously solved puzzles as fast as their dexterity allows). Issue. #2: Some puzzles have solutions that leave squares unused but these are disallowed. I suggest that you either eliminate puzzles that have "more efficient" solutions or, better yet, give such solutions a significant "efficiency bonus" for each empty square to reward minimalism.
At first, the game was fine, but now there are ads after every level I play, and its really annoying, but I definitely love the game, especially after the update. Also, can I have more useful hints rather than useless hints
Around stage 10, there start to be levels with solutions that don't fill the grid like they are supposed to, making the game frustrating. Very sloppy.
A pretty decent Flow clone. I like the addition of the leaderboards, but they don't show your position within the list. For example, if I get a time that would put me in first place it shows that my position as 1, but my name or time are not shown in the actual leaderboard. The other annoyance is the touch sensitivity. Sometimes it does not detect when I select a dot to start a line and very frequently while I'm drawing a line it will swerve into adjacent squares. It makes it hard to go fast.
Ok. Not a patch on the other type of game called line puzzle pipe art. That one is so much better. These is no incentive to bother to try with this one. Ok. You get a time limit. Wow! Big deal. I got to level 30 in about 8 minutes. And I am dumber than a box of rocks. So, a real player will smash through the levels. Anyway nice try. I give you an e-.
I love games like this and sometimes a fine line between fun and I'm going to bounce the phone off the wall...lol. This is the first one in while keeping me a bit challenged.
Not very sensitive to touch so line doesn't go were you want or expect... Ridiculous number of adverts - first within 20 seconds of playing, then another straight after next level! Also can't close and reload to escape them, it'll just force you to sit through it before you can play any more. Immediately uninstalled.
I love the escape in this game. The adds are obnoxious, but not interested in paying to make them go away. Edit- I broke. Paid the $$ to toss the ads and loved it even more!
I liked this game very much. It is very addictive game. I have played many dot joining games but this one is unique. Timely the hints are also available. Thanks for providing this game.
Im impressed. The minor issue with the music was solved. I love the game and now I am loving the great response as well.
This was a wonderfully relaxing 4 star line puzzle game before the greedy developers destroyed it. If they do not restore back to the 4 star game by next week I'm uninstalling it.
I absolutely love this game, it's relaxing and satisfying. It has been my go-to activity for calming my anxious brain and unwinding during quarantine. I love visual-spatial arrangement games and this is one of the best!
Old review from early 2020: Fun and relaxing, like it a lot so far. As of March 2021 - Well, bummer. You ruined your game. You added time limits and force us to pay to stop the clock. You "fail" us. There's some snowflake thing to buy, but I don't know what it does. I can't just put down my phone, go do something, come back later and pick up where I left off. Not all that much fun anymore.
Very good game it makes you do some thinking . I am now stuck but got too keep working at it .just got to work it out. Just got to the second level. Think I may be for awhile. Give it a try.
Nice game of connecting dots, but it would be nice to see the finished picture a few seconds before you would go to the next level. I hope the developers consider it in the coming update.
Grate game very challenging but what really sucks is complete a knot then told to fill in all the squares and will not proceed even though you have completed the task and connected all the dots just not their way. Very frustrating......
I understand that the game has to make money for the developer but there are just too many ads now in the game. I mean after every level which is over in about 20 secs or less I get an ad it's annoying.is there any way to make sure that I can pay a little money to have no more ads in the game.
Lots and lots of fun.The game challenges your mine to find the connected dots.Great game.wonderful job
Great game! Two things that would make it a 5 star: an undo button for the last move, and watch a video to get free hints that you could accumulate.
It's fantastic, even at the age of 61 I am enjoying playing knots, I except to play more mind teasing games in coming days
I used to play to relax myself, since the last update I have stopped playing. They added a new countdown and a live system what makes the game frustrating, I won't play anymore unless they undo this changes --------- Solía jugar para relajarme pero, desde la nueva actualización he dejado de jugar. Han añadido un temporizador y sistema de vidas que hacen que el juego sea frustrante. No jugaré más a menos que deshagan la actualizacion.
I really loved this game, though I didn't play much because of ads. But when it finally updated, the white theme was removed, which is a downgrade.
I'm waiting from last 8 to 10 months for new levels Butt nothing happened that's too much frustrating Finally thinking to uninstall this game as I lose hope for new levels If there is no chance of new levels in update then any logic to keep this disgusting game still in m cell
Great game! Great time killer! They even lowered their coin prices and offer larger daily rewards! Now if they would just let me play level 1801 and so on! Lol
What an Wesome brain workout. I had a stroke five years ago. A double whammy so I try to give my brain a workout everyday this is addictive but I love it!!!!!!!. Great app thank you
Too easy. Hopefully more challenging as levels increase, but you can't skip to a suitable challenge, so I might find out if I get bored...
Enjoyable stress relief if not playing for time. I approve of efficiency options in other comments for leaving empty cells. Read reviews where an ad-free version is described as available but it's not showing for me. Another user comments on 2 ads between levels and it isn't about repeats. There are too many, sometime 2 in a row, and they are long. Levels are short so it's too high a ratio to game play. Unless I get directed to a link to purchase without ads, I think I'm done.
Quite challenging I will say. Just when you think it's going to be an easy level, it isn't. So far so good.
So far it is challenging and fun. Watch ad for extra hints. Enjoyable. Just wanted a fun game to relax and not be a brain killer.
I want answers, & I want them right now! I DO NOT want to hear that you do not know. I use this game w/my 10 & 12 yro, to teach them logic & problem solving skills, & we like the game. When they can't figure out a puzzle, I draw it on the board, & teach them how to figure out the answer. We've been using it for a while, when the ads suddenly became pornographic; all of a sudden, ads popped up for pornographic sites. Take care of this immediately, or I'm sure you will lose a lot of people! 😠
Not one but two ads every time. Nothing saying you can purchase to not have ads. Very irritating ads.
I've been playing this for a long time (on level 1685) and loved it but they've just changed so you have to watch a long ad every 60 seconds. The new black layout is awful too. Don't bother, you can't get into it anymore as the ads just disrupts the game 😢 it's getting deleted off my phone!!!
I was halfway through this game when they ruined it. I emailed them but I'll also join the chorus of 1 star super unhappy people here. I loved this game and was looking forward to the accomplishment of finishing it. Now it's horrible and stressful and that won't happen. Someone said they got 5 min to finish a game. I get TWO MIN!!! AND with an added distraction of a hand hovering back and forth pointing to the hint button repeatedly. Talk about stress when this was supposed to be the opposite.
Very addicting. I enjoyed it and was unconcerned how long it took me. Then a time limit was set on games starting 624. I'm not in a hurry. Will get rid of this and find another to enjoy.
I played this game daily for many months until the recent "upgrade" made it unplayable. It is so changed for the worse that I am uninstalling it. It now times out. The easy way to gain hints has been replaced by coin collecting. The interface is not user-friendly. It is no longer fun.
At first, the game was fine, but now there are ads after every level I play, and its really annoying, but I definitely love the game, especially after the update.
I like that I can choose to view ads for hints. The ads are not interrupting my play! The game is fun and reminds me of solving mazes that I enjoyed when I was younger, but with a twist!
I've played this game for quite a while & it was amazing until the recent Mar 3 update. The changes will make me stop playing. Why is there suddenly a time limit on levels? don't enjoy being forced to watch an ad or spend coins to finish my level if I didn't finish it "in time". Earning coins instead of hints on the daily reward is frustrating, when the only thing the coins appear to be good for is getting past this new level time limit. Also can't find how to earn hints now. Very disappointed
The was good until they changed it and didn't tell me and now it is stupid. They now put a move and time limit. That is stupid. I am going to erase the app. Go back the way you were. Bye
An okay Flow Free copy. Soooo many ads. Paid for ad free and ran out of lives by just playing. When you aren't out of lives, the app crashes every 10 levels. Do yourself a favor and just download any of the Flow Free games.
Nice consept, simple and easy playing graphics. One objection, you can not solve the levels with shorter path. Need to fill all the cells
I have enjoyed this puzzle for years but there now seems to be a glitch in the Daily puzzle which means that on certain days you can't play it. My friends and I have a healthy competition going on and as they get the same glitch it has ruined things. Fix please!😡
I loved this game, but the new update ruined it.The live limit and 5 min countdown are really really bad ideas. I need to find another similar game to relax.
This was my favorite game until update changed the entire dynamic. The forced timer sucks. I had even purchased no ads... I want a refund and will probably uninstall. Thanks for nothing.
Fun game. The "high scores" or fastest times, are all people going back after they solve it, just to get a better time, lol. How much of a dork do you have to be to cheat at a phone game just to get your dumb name on the leader board. Pathetic.
This is a great game. It is not as easy as it looks. Challenging...but...fun! 👏👏👏👏👏 Definitely worth the download. Try it
The update is a step backwards I feel. The front page is trying to be too catchy, and doesn't succeed. It now looks slightly childish. The new time limit on games is also a step backward. Such a shame - it used to be my favourite game.
Previous review was 5* now down to one would be less if I could....I used to love this game and spent real money on it but the recent update has completely ruined it and it now just seems like a greedy way to improve your profits I don't think 5 minutes is enough time to solve most levels and feel like it's just a con now...I have seen other people review in exactly the same way and the developer seems suspiciously unresponsive so they don't care, I am uninstalling you've lost my custom.
This game is back up to five stars! Thank you for returning it to the way it was! It's so relaxing again. ☺️
I love this game , that's why I am rating 5 stars. Thank you for giving this game (Knots Puzzle)☺😊😇😌💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟👍✌👌👏
Updated my rating from 5 down to 1 stars. Latest update completely ruined a great game. Not due to bugs, just completely changed the game trying to make more money. I'd already bought the game but it's going in the bin now.
Wonderful game, only criticism is, the moment you win the game it instantly disappears from the screen, it doesn't allow you that gloating victory moment.