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Knights Creed: Dragon Age

Knights Creed: Dragon Age for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by GooseFly located at 中国浙江省杭州市西湖区华星路96号互联网金融大厦8楼. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Only thing i would change is allowing team mates to send and receive resources from other team mates.
A big black warning screen is preventing me play this game. If it was a screen from Google then I would understand it but not from game devs. Sure you said you won't collect my device data but I don't trust a game's dev who I recently found and the first thing they do is ask me about my device data that they need it for the character creation and that they don't collect my data for other purposes. You don't need my device data for character creation! Uninstalled!
Really great game! But.. Till today it was all working fine and from this day I can't even start the game.. When loading screen finish loading game just close and im back on my "desktop" This game deserve 5star but i can't give that if I can't even play a game, so please fix it and you will get 5 star from me. Cheers
Was a great little game before today's update! Wouldn't touch it with yours never mind mine now 😶😶😶
If you want to know how it feels to have the need to continue after being burned to the ground and retaliate, although giving up is the easier option, dowload it...
Unless they do something to make it fun again..itll be another farmville. Used to do quests for heroes now you have to pay or use items that are hardly ever pop up. Farming takes forever...and every one that I played with quit because it got boring or game changed so much that it didn't make sense. Hoping an update will bring the fun back...but the last dozen or so only made it worse
I can't get into my account..I played on server8 before merge.I managed to join server9 but once I tried to switch to my Facebook account it started new game..please help
False advertising. Just one of those carbon clone empire builders. Nothing special not worth the download
No matter what connection I use, I can never start the game. Always " unstable connection " used WiFi, 4G and even used my private vpn, always the same error. Uninstalled
Same dumb game as all other "empire building games" that call them selves MMO. The voices are all played by the same individual and is lame and corny as hell.
Well it was a good game....Until latest update where they decided to change everything with the heros so basically you have to start over leveling and trying to get the heros that you already almost had. DONT BOTHER NOW. THEY DONT EVEN BOTHER GETTING BACK TO YOU FROM CUSTOMER SERVICE ANYMORE. Countless hours and some real money for nothing now. GREAT JOB ON KILLING A GOOD APP AT ONE TIME!
Game sucks now. Most recent update destroyed hero system and will only benefit players willing to pay for success. Don't play this game if you don't want to spend money. Also almost all game functions are disabled from last update. Unable to collect resources from anything thus unable to progress any further.
in update times hapend many mistake and left many player without enter in the game i spend many time and money and right now i cant enter in this game
Game was wreaked when they merged all servers snd limited playing area. You start this game you will be farmed. One league out powers everyone because they had more time to build.
Was a good game but not anymore. They are taking lots of free features away and making it hard to play unless you pay. Support not interested at all. Avoid at all cost. Support steal your items and do nothing to fix problems. Worst game I have ever played.....
The game was fine until they started upgrading. Unless you are willing to spend real money you can not get the hero's or materials to progress now. I bought a 1 month subscription it am canceling after it's over
Edited after 2 months i quit game but came back recently after update n i must say thank u for hearing players not make this game p2w i like this game so much ty. But u must open new server its almost 2 month passed for thunder fort now
ŧɧɛ ɖɛ۷ ɖıɖ ą Şɛř۷ɛř mɛřɠɛ ąŋɖ ı ٳơŞŧ mყ Ćıŧყ. קٳɛąŞɛ ɖɛ۷. ı ɯąŋŧ mყ Ćıŧყ ცąĆҠ. ı ąm ɖąřҠŞıɖɛʝɛɖı Şɛř۷ɛř ⁴
Absolute bogus game...it loads and loads but never starts...only takes all your data...DO NOT DOWNLOAD...go download call of spartan and play that
Greed kills all that update killed knights creed bye bye............. for who wants to try it (if you don't have cash don't download it)
This game is a very good combat strategy game, it is the 1st that I have seen that incorporates terrain into the strategy equation. However.. The way in which players must acquire heroes has changed from it's original way. And then changed back. And then changed again. And then changed back.... I used to simply pay fory legendary heroes but now the game does not even allow us to do so. :/ I wish they would switch the game back to how us players with little time to be online can simply purchase our heroes from the app with a credit card..? Besides the constant changes and them dumping all accounts into one big, overpopulated server, this game has alot of potential. It is VERY fun to play and as I mentioned earlier in this review, contains some very unique elements to the strategy involved here. It's a game that is fun to both build and fight. I highly recommend Knight's Creed. But to the developer, PLEASE consider taking my advice and allow me to purchase more Lord experience AND legendary heroes, please and thank you!! 😊
حرف نداره مردونه. کوس خاره کلشه فقط راهنمای فارسیش هم بزارین حله😊
I have left several review's and they keep taking them down so there star rating stays high. bad game don't play
I have played this game for 2 months now and have 4 accounts... I like this game.. but for some reason it will not allow me to log into my best account.. I have sent emails and messages but no response.. I have tried everything else I can think of.. so I'm posting here... I need this to get resolved asap as my work at this game is now 3 resets down.. plz help..