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Knights and Glory - Battle

Knights and Glory - Battle for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by FredBear Games Ltd located at FredBear Games Limited Mayland Birmingham UK. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, War Themes) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Cool strategy game that I don't see much elsewhere. You are given the role of a commander/tactician. You actually don't participate in the battle. The battle runs automatically. What you do is to choose your units to fight against the enemy units. So, it's like a scissor paper stone, but in a larger context. Underrated game.
I have been playing for a week now and this game has really drawn me in. I definitely do not feel like this is a Pay To Win! Knights and Glory allows you to not only play single player campaign but there are many other modes too which is really nice. GREAT GAME!
I love this game. I usually dump a game after a week or two. I have been playing this nonstop since 2019. I love the strategy involved. Complex, yet easy to figure out. Lots of free challenges. It is a really good game.
I love this game very much. It's honestly pretty fun and good for killing a little time. You can play this game at whatever leisure you want! If you don't want to use in-game purchases you can still progress at a solid/stable rate. They have daily challenges that provide you with materials to use in order grow. I definitely recommend playing this game.
The game is great I like how the enemy has talked about how I will die but I'm still playing this game Don't forget to play this game won't let you down!😁
I would like to start off by saying if I could rate this game 6 stars, I would. The casual war games battle are very fun, the heroes are balanced, and it’s overall a great game.
I started playing this game, and checked that the reviews are saying it’s good. But when I played it, it was one of the best games in the world! I don’ have any suggestions because I don’ even know how to make this game even better. This game deserves 5.0!!!!!!!
Welp this game is amazing how you can upgrade troops and all that and the diversity but you should increase the troop limit in custom to 80 or 100 (out of the current 64 max). I love this game. I highly recommend it!
Chests don't open. Especially when I saved for fire chest and claimed it. It shows the chest but doesn't open and then the screen freezes and have to go back. And it takes a long time to save the points for one. Good game until this bug. I have deleted this games as a consequence. I don't have time to waste to save up for a chest to have it only disappear on me. Edit. Thanks for the the reply. My internet is fast. It's all chest types that have the glitch. About 2or3 out of 10 glitch/disappear.
this game caught my eye because of their ads, like pictures you see if the game us cool. I immediately downloaded this game once I saw them! I have high hopes for this app! 10/10 will play in my free time
Look you have to put your time in and the game makes that worth while, but you have to click on buttons to figure it out.... so what! That's why your playing it. Take your time to learn the units and how to counter them if you want to play for free. It's important to watch those battle videos! What a fun strategy game this is.
This game can be difficult if you’ve never played any strategy and tactical games but even then it’s a different feel to the game. I don’t think it’s possible to play to win? Thank you for the amazing game and good memories!
I’m reading these 1 star reviews complaining about the game and it’s complete nonsense. These people are playing for an hour and then saying it’s trash. They’re complaining about the battle is too hard... Understand the game and battle mechanics before writing a review of the game. If you watch the battles and understand the units, the battles are very much doable!
I downloaded this game because it has historical characters and soldiers and looked like it had relatively decent strategy. This game gets a 5 star rating from me, because I don't see any real drawbacks from downloading this, in fact, it is very addictive.
This is one of the best strategy games I've played on the Android. Not only is it free, but it's full of content not locked behind a paywall. We should all encourage this game dev that sacrifice profit over making a solid affordable game.
I really like this game it has a great concept, I like the cartoon graphics, and all the hero's. The battle has a unique mechanic which feels like a hybrid to cater to both casual and serious strategy gamers. All in all, a pretty great app game.
I rarely rate games, but this is a great strategy game compared to all the others I've played, and I've played a lot of them. Little to nothing is paywalled, it is very free to play friendly and you get optional bonuses by watching video ads, and there are NO construction timers. Just merge them and you're done.
The conquest button is intermittently unresponsive, more often than not. Edit: yes reloading the game allows me to press the button once. If i exit conquest, the button doesn't respond at all, so i have to relaunch every time i want the conquest button to work. I often exit conquest to change units.
Such a fun game. It does not drain the player of money and there is a lot pf perks to keep it fun. Great game! Adding on I realy love the game ive been playing for a week or so barley spent any money and will play for a long time. Hey folks still love the games no doubt. I have a question i cant get ahold of tou all via email habeing some issues. It says youre inbox is full. This is the only way i know how to getahold of you all. Fyi there a good game team everyone
I really love playing Knights and Glory and it's very enjoyable. The gameplay is unique and doesn't really feel cloned at all. So for any new people out here, I guess if enjoy strategy, play the game.
No skill or strategy. Its strictly who pays more wins more. UPDATE: A level 5 anything will take out a level 1 anything for example. Its also clear there's going to be a meta (min/max). This is clash royal with way less strategy and way more pay to win.
A game that is a must have in the strategy genre. Knights and Glory is a great game filled with tactics and puzzles. It has many things to do and it’s given me something to do with my mobile.
I'm quite fond of this game honestly probaly the best strategy game I've played on the play store so far and that's saying so. Loved many of its mechanics and even it's unique artstyle
I really enjoy this game and the unique style of battle it provides. I do not like to play games that have a pay-to-win strategy and that is one of the best features this game has. While purchasing perks does benefit you, it is not extremely overpowering. Huge Potential.
This game is really fun and has a great strategy system to it. The heroes and troops are great and the game is always somehow fresh in its own way with a lot of unlocking but fair qualities to it. This game is totally worth it.
This game immediately sucked me in. The game mechanics are easy to learn and challenging to master, which makes strategic thinking and resource planning feel more rewarding. The in app purchases do not feel at all intrusive or compulsory and you can complete the whole campaign without having to spend additional $.
This game is very fun as it requires lots of thinking and strategy to play and get through levels. A little change in your troops combination can greatly affect the outcome of a battle. So, watch, analyzye and strategize. That's my advice. Overall I think that this is a great game to spend your time on and love.
A gacha war rpg game that is different from the rest of the bunch. I like the battle system. I think it is a fresh take to the turn based genre. Watching how the battles play out and understanding strengths and weaknesses of the troops are key to winning the battles ahead. I would recommend this game to strategy nuts like me.
I casually downloaded this game after I saw an ad for it. I was not expecting much but thought I’d try. Great gameplay, cute visuals, and they’ve built a fair amount of depth to the game so you don’t feel like you’re grinding for upgrades. One of my favorites strategy game right now.
I have played all types of strategy war games, from Clan of Clans to Rise of Kings, etc-this game though? It feels so balanced and supportive of new players, without giving away the whole experience of becoming strong. I love the way the battle is played out too. It's the first of its kind that I have seen. This is the kind of game that I have been looking for.
Gameplay is awesome. I've played it for a while but i have a problem sometimes "CONQUEST" is very very hard to go. I tap it like 10 to 20 times and it still doesn't go anywhere. I don't know if it happens to me only but please, fix it.
I don't understand people's complaints about difficulty level? If you can't win change up your strategy. It can be difficult at times, but you can go back and play other modes to gain coins and xp for your units any time you want. If one team isn't working on a level try a new one. Good job on the game, dev!
I play multiple war games and this is by far the best one out there yet! The graphics are clean and cute!! The gameplay, especially the battle, is incredible!! And NO you don’t have to spend money!! This game definitely takes the cake!!
This is the single mobile war strategy game out there that works smoothly and is actually fun. I’ve beaten all the campaign levels without spending any money, and the grinding problems have been solved because of the hard levels added. Deserves more credit then it’s getting.
The very first silver chest in campaign will not open. No matter what i do our click on it just sits there. I took a couple screenshots within a few minutes of each other as proof. The first campaign battle after victory doesn't end. The screen stays on the battle view with no option to continue or end. The only option is pausing battle or retreat. So far I'm very unsatisfied with the game. I've tried closing the game & restarting/clearing cached files, etc. Nothing seems to work.
Game is much fun and a good time killer yet the camping and conquest buttons wont press most of the time.
This game, along with the first game, are quite possibly the best strategy games that I've ever played. Bought some heroes (in app purchases which are not necessary to enjoy the game progression, but increase your enjoyment) to show support for a developer worthy of patronage.
If you love tactical or turn based strategy games, then you should like this. There is a decent sized campaign to get started with. I feel like this game is like chess with medieval troops and units. Awesome addition to strategy games library on the play store.
Amazing mobile version of my favorite turn based game of all time. I just want to keep getting better and better. Has great unit selection as well once you unlock them. Leveling is key. Fantastic game.
I've been playing this hame for 2 weeks now. It's very easy going. Leveling up is easy at first and gets tougher but not hard afterwards. The developer has been very helpful. If you decide to buy in-game items, they do not cost at all expensive.
The market for strategy war games has become very saturated over the years, dominated by Clash Royale and Clash of Clans. But Knights and Glory is a welcome change to the formula. Strategy and troops selection matter in this game, and it makes you feel like you can actually be a better player than someone else by analyzing the battles. This is a very cool thing to feel.
Really fun game. However, there seems to be a lot of bugs occurring like when I can't click the conquest button or the other decks. (Edit) Yes, reloading the game does fix the issue but after one battle it happens again. It's a hassle to close and launch the game again after every battle.
This is my favorite game. It is so fun to combine my love of strategy with my fantasy of becoming an army commander. There are enough events that give resources that you don’t need to spend tons of money to enjoy the game.
I really enjoy the strategic aspect of the game, but I believe that there should be constant updates to make sure the game stays balanced. Then ur game would be SO much better!!
I’m a huge mobile game player. Knights and Glory is well developed in terms of using strategy to win. Many cards can be used together and it’s more about combinations of cards to counter the enemy. The graphics are amazing and they already have clans, chat, ranking system and replays. There’s a high ceiling for this game. If you like strategy games check this one out. It’s fun. Excellent graphics and the gameplay is entertaining.
The design, look and feel are all so charming in this game. Plays super smooth, has multiplayer, good soundtrack and nice graphics. I wish they would work on more levels, features and maps. I would pay for them!!
This game is epic it does take time to upgrade your troops but in the end it is a nice cartoon-style game with historical units and characters. I genuinely recommend it to all the players out there searching for a strategic, challenging, enjoyable, and addictive game.
This game is great! Easy to set up, smooth game mechanics, a upgrade system that rewards players for waiting and playing, great graphics and animations, I could go on! There are so many levels, upgrades, and I can’t wait to beat it!
A relaxing strategy game but requires some strategic thinking. Playable during breaks as the battle is automated. But sometimes it pays off to watch how the battle is played out. Hope there will be more units and maps in the future.
Don’t know what some of the negative reviews are talking about. The game doesn’t force you to do buy anything. Sounds like a lot of scrub players that just don’t know how to play a well made leveling system. Anyways I love this. Almost at Master at this point.
This game is fun as you can play for free and take your time or spend a few bucks and speed it up. Is good for a quick play or all day and has a lot to it. Overall almost everything you can think of in a strategy game.
It's quick and easy to enjoy. Lots to like, and good fun. I had a good couple of weeks with this, so if you want a solid strategy gacha game that will soak up a lot of time but then even out, this could be for you.
Let me start of by clarifying that this strategy game is absolutely fantastic. I am a tremendous fan of the three kingdom series and I am glad that there are a general based on the series. I cannot emphasize how much I love this game and endorse it fully.
It's refreshing it's fun it brings out a new strategical side that is super interesting. You can get good at this game quickly if you're smart in how you select your troops to battle the enemy and I love it. Y'all did an amazing job and it's time we'll spent on a fun game :)
Been looking for a "decent" tactics game for mobile device for free. I finally found this gem and am I glad that I found it. I love the art style, the gameplay, the characters, and the level up system. Thank you developer for putting your time into making such a great game.
This is an amazing strategy game, full of things I wanted. I love the design on the troops and heroes. I would love to see more or this game in the future. Thank you, and you have yourself a nice day:
I would've give a four and a half star, because it's all great, except for the lag. I hope the story expanded with each chapter leading up to the final level of the final chapter, and do away with the lag. I hope you're listening, developer.
I insta-downloaded this game as soon as when I saw the ad. The battle mechanic looks sooo fun and true enough, I am having lots of fun playing it now. Excellent characters and level designs, interesting heroes and great art and sound effects and all the cameos of historical heroes and units. Good stuff!
Perfect casual and minimalistic strategy game. I love it very much and wish to developer the best in developing more content in the future. Perfect for offline solo play if you like a good strategy game.
I love this game because it brings a nostalgic Suikoden and Dragon Force-battle feel when I was a kid. I would love to see an update releasing new heroes and solders for all of the higher level units. The game is super smooth and never causes me problems and is great for wasting some free time!
There is a lot to this game. Much to learn and if you start, you should watch the battles carefully and analyze what's going on. Change your team if it doesn't work. It's not necessarily pay to win but it certainly helps and makes it more fun. You spend a little to get a lot. It's definitely the most fun war game app I've found yet.
Easy game to play. Throughly enjoying it so far. Would give it a 5* but recently the game would crash after winning a level. Getting annoying. Like most games if you are patient you can get far but it seems like paying is the the way to advance further. Will review after a 1 month Update. So far still some glitches. Legendary hero wouldn't upgrade. But overall easy game to play. Just need more events.
Good game, but once you get to chapter 4. The game is unbalanced. You can't progress. You're hit by a wall. Can't really get cards, can't get exp to get more men. You're left to raiding and adventures. Lame. Edit: no way, buddy. That's a blanket comment. I tried so many variants. I've hit a wall. I can't progress. Perhaps I keep getting unlucky cards, keeping me with weak units. But I can't progress, no matter the variation of units.
As a person who normally plays on console and isn’t very committed to playing mobile games I can say this: This is the only mobile game I have not quit after a few days of playing. I enjoy the gameplay, campaign and battles. The game is easy to learn and has lots of content for you at the start. I can’t force you to play but I can recommend trying this game with a rating of 10/10.
Played for 30 minutes and so far i am glued to it. It looks like it is going to be a fun game. Battle mechanic is what draws me in. Lots of combination and you can play around with your troops composition. Well done.
A really fun turn based strategy game. It's easy to pick up. Extremely entertaining, has NO forced ads, and is being updated quite consistently lately. This game is definitely a hidden indie gem,
I can't open my first chapter chest,and then it freezes on me. Since it freezes, I can't continue with the story. Due to this, I can't continue with the campaign.
Not quite polished, but on its way. Dialogue boxes could use some design so as not to look so generic. Very generous with units and the battles are not hectic and stressful. Multiple devices are not linking to same account for me, but this will hopefully be fixed soon.
Rubbish, can't level up without losing many many battles and receiving nothing for losing these battles..Geared for pay to win.. Uninstalling.
I just aways have loved this game!!!, it is cool the story line is so cool!!! and can't wait to to play the glory mode!!! LOVE THIS GAME
I love this game and am totally addicted to it and I’ve only had it for about two days. Though it can be difficult non-strategy gamers, this game is still super fun and I would recommend playing. Awesome game.
Great game. Absolutely the best. Zero freemium nonesense and no forced ads. You can pretty much complete the entire single player campaign without purchasing anything. I did make a few purchases because I want to support the developer.
Definitely glad I’ve found Knights and Glory, hands down the best strategy war mobile game I’ve played in years if not ever. Polished, fun and engaging and freebies, this game does PvE campaigns like it should be done. Don’t want to spend anything? You’ll still be able to rock most if not all content thru strategy and troops combination.
Chill strategy game that can be played at work, during commute or just anytime you have pockets of time. Help me relax and, at the same time, keep my mind active from choosing the right troops and hero combination to counter the enemy.
I play it for the fist time and it was fun until I couldn't open a chest in chapter 2 and then when I reloaded the game it was stuck on the loading screen and I sat there for 10 minutes and it didnt let play please fix it I really like this game but there annoying bugs that make it not so fun
Easily one of my favorite games, and I don't just mean favorite mobile games. This is a fantastic strategy game. No pay to win tactics that usually plague mobile games.
I've encountered one issue:I barely can get into the conquest thing.I press the button and nothing happens.Barely after numerous attempts it finally works,but sometimes not even then. Besides that ,the game is nice.Reminds me of good ol' days :)
This is one of the only things I wrote a review for on my own because the game is so great and the support is super fast friendly and helpful too. I love this game. It satisfies a perfect craving for strategy war games. Thank you game developers and thank you for reforming the puzzle / strategy / war genre.
I've been playing Knights and Glory since mid April, and let me tell ya, never before have I enjoyed playing a mobile game in my life. The gameplay is amazing, well balanced and easy to use in game. The diversity in enemies in the game also keeps levels interesting and fun to play. I cant wait to see how far this game goes, and how much better it gets.
First off I love the game it’s really good I see nothing wrong with the game. I literally play this game everyday nice work. Love the strategy and hero collecting aspect. They are fair and balance.
So far very fun to play. Easy to learn and easy to upgrade characters. I really like the theme and the graphics. The battles are easy to follow and easy to understand. I think I am going to keep this game on my phone and play it till I'm bored to death with it.😀
Battles are strategic, fast and fun, and the daily/weekly challenges keep the grind fresh. Good battle pass with lots of rewards, including in-game currency. Currently a solid stable of characters, with good balance. Keep the lights on and grow from here!
I am in love with this game. It’s a great game that makes you really have to think about your army before engaging the enemy. If you are a fan of strategy war games and want to pay to pass the time, you should check this out!
Great Casual Tactical Game In Your Pocket. I was definitely late to the party on this one but after cautious reviews I decided to give this game a try and boy do I not regret it. Also ignore the ignorant reviews, unfortunately for the developers, some people just like to complain.
You definitely need to nerf the musketeers because when people use only musketeers and nothing else, it gets a little annoying and hard to beat. EDIT: After some nerfing, the game gets a lot more balanced. I love it! Thanks for listening to our feedback.
Thanks now it works fine, but please introduce some new events and bonus coz at level 15 i have finished all normal mode campaigns and half hard level, to keep it interesting please add something more. Also there are still few bugs as chest doesn't openes at 1 click and some time screen freezes.
This game is amazing... it’s very addicting and a big feature is that it isn’t really pay to win. If you love strategy games this is the place to come because their is a bunch of different combination that you can play around in battles.
Knights and Glory is FANtastic! I just started playing a few weeks ago and now I'm hooked. User play is easy, commercials/advertising is/are nominal, and purchases, if done carefully, can allow the player to enjoy the game and grow their player level to feel a sense of accomplishment for their time.
When I first started playing, I immediately understood how all the mechanics worked as I was shown. Not much was left out, and what was was extremely simple. It's really fun to build your team and find the combination who work best for you to fight against the enemy's army. I really recommend at least trying out this strategy war game!