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Knightmare Tower

Knightmare Tower for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Juicy Beast located at 303-4529, Clark Montreal, (Quebec), Canada H2T 2T3. The game is suitable for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I used to play this and burrito bison all the time in my primary school and it was amazing. Then I discovered both of them were on the app store and I was very excited. I played burrito bison and absolutely loved it. Until I played this. I try to upgrade my items but it says I need to pay for it and I didn't remember that in school so now I'm writing this review because I want to share that if you want a game that has micro-transactions and have an amazing time playing it. This is for you.
This game was great when it was flash on armorgames. It was great when it was available on mobile too! Now it is on mobile, but became pay to play like every other game. Thanks, but its way to short for 3 bucks.
I was super invested on it, very fun game, though did not expect to actually pay just to play 70% of the game
I love this game but I can't take the tilt controls as the only option. 5 stars for good work! Please just add an option for on-screen controls so I can really get into it. Thank you!
This brings back lots of amazing memories from when I first started getting into games. The soundtrack is incredible, and extremely nostalgic. I love the game and all there is to it, but the tilt controls did take a little bit to get used to. Thank you for making this amazing game <3.
The game is amazing, don't get me wrong but the controls are tilting and no movement plus the damn fact that his version isn't even a fourth of the hwole game. The devs are damn greedy
Played this game before on Kongregate and enjoyed it a lot. I was thrilled to see this on mobile, especially during the time my computer was out of commission for over a month. I have but one suggestion for the demo version of this game, however, and that's to make the first level of potions buyable. Reason being is that you have some quests that relate to the potions and it doesn't look good to be forced to skip impossible quests because the function's behind a paywall.
Really great game great visuals great gameplay i preffered buriito bison but this is still really fun
a simple, elegant 'go fast go hard' game, with an aesthetic upgrade system and a fitting soundtrack. I played it on Ouya, and bought it here.
love this game, i played the flash version ages ago and when i saw this i had to grab it. after a few launches i immediately payed for the full version. i love that even in the free portion, there are no ads or microtransactions that have become such an annoyance in most mobile games. this is wonderful, free playable long demo, simple one time payment for the full game and it is a more than reasonable price. this is the future of mobile gaming i want to see. ❤️ Juicy Beast!
fastest uninstall of my life. Didn't take more than 2 seconds of gameplay to realize it's nothing for me.
This game is awesome but you have to pay for most of the game which holds hype in and then exposes when you see the moo and that you need the full version for that upgrade. If that's how it is, just make people pay for the whole game. D Very disappointing indeed
Pretty fun game. The tilt controls take some getting used to. No updates in a while as this was made for an older Android OS. You just start going good and hit a wall that wants you to pay a small fee to unlock the rest of the features and gear.
i have played this game on pc laptop ipad and now mobile and its the same graphics good fun and exciting experience and i love it
I remember the flash game and came to find it here but not as a full game. Just why? Reply to your reply: seems fair.
One of my favorite "learn to fly" type games, meaning you go through the course again and again getting further and further every time thanks to upgrades. Easily worth the few bucks.
The game is fun with good mechanics but you have to pay for the full game which kind of sucks I would give a better review if it was free
Compared to the 2 versions on PC (keyboard) and PC online (mouse), tilt control is not very easy to use. You tend to miss the enemy very easily. Best to add in a choice for touchscreen tap and drag the hero left and right and another button to dash (attack).
Great game, I love it very much. The final boss is really hard, but it's very satisfying when you finally beat it. Good Job
This brings me alot of nostalgia. I remember finishing this game on PC, glad it's on mobile too. thanks devs 👏 love ya'll
Hasn't been updated for newer versions of android so the game doesn't fit the screen properly anymore.
I miss when this game was completely free; I used to play it nonstop back in primary school and loved it. Now, I spent not even 15 minutes in the game and have already hit the paywall. I understand wanting to make money from something you create, I'm just disappointed the devs have changed it in this way rather than making something new and leaving this one alone. Especially since this game hasn't been updated since 2015 and isn't even optimized for the newer Samsungs.
Took me about 8 hours or more in total to beat the game. This is the best game i've played on mobile. Very good time killer, very action packed, very fun.
For the asking price you cant really go wrong. tilt controls take a while to get used to but they're smooth as silk. Plus, even if the free version is limited, no ads is a huge plus in my book.
Fair enough. I can see how its more of a demo. sorry for the rating I shouldve thought more into it. Id pay for it but my account is currently empty. Good game but I think there should be buttons instead of just tilt controls because they can be a little wonky and in certain situations my hands dont have enough room
I'm not gonna lie, I love this game, but the fact that it's paid disappoints me. And not because it's "expensive", it's the fact that I can literally play it online for free. It's not hard to find either, any flash game site features it. Your own site did too once, but that was long ago... With that out of the way, phenomenal game, can't stop recommending it. 11/10 Edit: fair enough.
I had played the flash version of the game and since this is a way to support the devs, I wanted to give it a try. But, I do not undrtstand why the game requests for Location and Caller ID as permissions and luckily, as there is no reason for such a game to ask for these permissions on install, I will not be downloading nor supporting the devs until I get a response on why this info is needed.
I played the game and initially had no issues. Then when I tried to go back it would shove me to the far left of the screen and not let me move no matter what I did. I tried to exit to the main menu and I tried resetting the app but neither of those worked so I tried to uninstall and reinstall the app but when I got back into the game it had reset all of my progress. This is probably because it never let me sign into my Google account to cloud save and would load for half a second and close.
Everything is nice except the controls. It'd be a lot nicer if you could use the left half of the screen to swipe left and right and use the right side of the screen to dash down. Its so annoying when you dash but accidently tild and just DUMP into lava :)
Hey thanks for the game its good and im trying to get other people to try it out but is it k if you can suggest any other games you have because from looking at this i think your other games will be fun to play aswell and i wish there were more games like this. :3 and that one guys right about playing this to death on kongregate and its worth paying for it
While I don't like how this version costs money for the whole thing, it IS worth the money. This is also more complete, so there's that, too.