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Knight Age - A Magical Kingdom in Chaos

Knight Age - A Magical Kingdom in Chaos for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Silver Bat located at 38 Nguyen Thuong Hien, Go Vap. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
My internet connection is good but i keep disconnecting in this game. And i cant sell all items on inventory
there is a bug when you enable auto use of MP and HP potion it keeps using a potion but the HP or MP potion is not decreasing and my character's HP or MP is not replenishing but it's a great game keep it up!😂 sorry for the grammar.
My menu bar blocks the skill page swap button, it doesn't hide like any other games i play. Pls fix this and i'll change my rating to 5 stars.
Why there is no mid autumn event or moon event in other servers but you have in Chiến Thần server? We keep trying to understand but with so much delay, we can't afford to be wait here and be delayed again also in Halloween Event next Month and so on.....
This game is amazin...you can talk with other characters😀😀...level up...but leveling up is har when you at the level of 16 above😭😭😭😭😭
For its advantages, the game was great. The graphics and control were good. Capable of dueling with other players and has lots of quest. In contrast, the higher the level the harder it was for the player to jump up to the next level, hence, have porblems with its equipment. For instance, it locked once being used. Another, the mounts. Overall, it was good but needs a little improvement.
Stop doing an event "rate your game a 5 star to get reward" please fix disconnecting problems and dont delete my review
Game looks promising. 3rd item on menu allows you to change to english server and language. I randomly got it right before I was about to uninstall the game. I'll update my rating after I play a bit more.
It is the most winderful game i have ever play but please make world chat in english only we cannot understand because i am indain other country players also may have problem with language
Super Awesome game , Its amazing coz its a lot of event but we want a Permanent Mount except for a guild and also we want a trade option in lvl 40 and also we want unique name color if you have a Highclass lvl character and More event like 5x Gems top up Thanks Developer
Its nice game but can you add more heroes it would be nice to use new heroes. I'll rate 5 star if it would happen.
Hi im Joanna28 and my husband's name in this game was atenoreen i give you 5 star because we really love this game my husband playing this when he was 10 yrs old but has stopped when he was 16 yrs old he cant recover her old account cause he forgit the password thats why he made new account for the begginer here i know you gonna love this game so much so if i were you download now you wont regret playing this <3 For the developer Please like this or comment if you reallu read please <3 #TOPFAN
I loved the game but there's a bug when I fight monsters my HP and MP keep on getting less and then back to the way it was can you please fix that problem and gaining exp is way too low it takes forever to level up from lvl 30 I started getting bored please fix that
I've been playing this game more than 5 years. Good Graphics with unique gameplay. No game could similar to this one. But please, Improved Game Events every month is a must for not being bored whenever we wait for a long long day and month for that. Happy Gaming...
Its Pay To Play you need to buy white horse for stamina! You need to buy area 2 for leaves for enchance! You need to buy ghost protection! And its so hard to level up and the gunner is op
the game is great and it doesnt consume too much Internet data tho what i hate is Higher leveled PKers preying over weaker ones . while were just grind for exp but overall its great
Plss we players need unlock trading system not market place its waste of time just sell items then you wait hours and the trading system is super easy than market place I accept the market place and trading system is unlock both we need itt plsss update it we want the old knight age?!!!........... And also plss add server that for newbies and pros because of newbies and pros stay on 1 server I would be the harder game because other player Try to pk you just pk newbies plss updateweplayerwant it
nice game because it's easy to play, but i have a concern about the boss hunt. please make it fair for everyone. strong players are very greedy
this game is good but the bad thing here is the trader suit it favor to warrior and wizard. can you please make the game balance, add +50% deff on trader suit because gunner and assassin is defence type not life having 50% of life for them is nothing and also I think this game favored to warrior and wizard
It is fun to play.here u can chat,fight,build a grup etc.i loved that.but here so much Philippinians.they talks in their language.i can't understand them.they should talk in english.i gave 4 stars.
please fix the update in global server. update is crash only in global server.. i dont want to play in other server coz i really dont understand their language. hope u help me for this situation.. fix fix fix asap.
So idiotic game. Very difficult to to upgrade the items. My 2M gold spending in upgrading my items are worthless. Super idiot so please add more chance to upgrade on wizzard.. idiot
Loving this games on teamobi! It deserves to earn 5star rating on every game that has been created. ^_^ It's fun and cool in its own way. <3 I love the essence of old school games that i found here. <3 More powers to teamobi! You did an excellent job! <3
you need to fix the language some words are not in english and after the server maintenance last night i cant sell any equipments in the shop.
I wish your game is not pay to win.... It's OK but we players need you to approve the direct trading to player to player not in the marketplace because your game will be looks funny or stupid... And don't ignore not the people who playing this game..
i used to play this back in 2007 but i stopped ever since and when i came back i cant seem to be afk anymore
Its obvious that the reason im uninstalling.. I'd never had to experience an inch of the game due to the language.. I spent 10 minutes looking at the settings for language.. help.
I have 3 things to say, first make pk system where higher levels can't attack lower levels once I got killed trying to recruit a squire, I was pissed because I wasted a gem on candy, second what's up with selling your things to the NPC's white items are 1 gold blue items are 3 gold but yellow and up items are what it's supposed to be, it's like you guys are making this a pay to win game cause it is, thirdly language put in a language setting for peaks sake, people don't understand the language
The game is great features all is great but a little bit expensive. please make some new features for the game that has less pricey.
i played this i spend in money in this and i waste time in this game, its a waste, developer dont care about how it feels being get failed upgrade in medal, thats the reason i quit, if i could only get refund in my money,
I give 5 star in this game..!! Why?? Because this is a wonderful game that you will never be boring to play.. i play this game since year 2014 and until now 2020 there is still no changes and the game is still getting better.. thank you admin and also thank you too those who create this game.. "kao" knigth age online thank you.. 😘😊🥰 @oku guild ign guns04
overall it's a good game. would also be great if there's certain level where players can PK others. lower levels like me are unable to level up since other player PK all the time
The game is almost perfect if you unlock the player to player trading system, then except for guild mount, please provide other mount then add feature for the mount which is we can upgrade that mount and please do it unequipable without getting lost and don't lock the item when it equipped to be able to unequip it. Thankyou !! Btw I love this game hehez
This game too much log and when you AFK and you will be disconnected I used converge there's no problem in my internet I also play mobile legend smoth no problem no log I think this game will be closed or shutdown too much log too much cheater I tell the truth no lies
This is a Nice game but there's some problems that i encountered...most problem is too many Scammers in the game..but i hope the game master will provide higher security to prevent them...
1st the[ pk system ]. Im grinding oh yeh. Then get killed Grinding again then get killed. 3rd time grinding get killed again. Its pay to win game. Everything is gems. Mount is gems. Pets is gems. Equipments are gems. Zonk. Uninstall
I really love this game. But I hope it will have more updates on events and hopefully new hairstyles too! :D
I can't sell my items all at once. sell all items is not working. example when I press "sell all non-magic items", it won't sell all non magic items it just sell one item. its hard to sell item one by one. please help
What happened to the game? I can't enter the global server anymore. It says the name and password does not match.
nice game so addicted . but i hope items can be unlock . thats all so far game is good .. nice work .
Mf this game i hate this game i hve been playing for long time there should be a limit of fail items upgarade i have spend more then 5m using 4clover leaf but still it does not work mf this game if this game is only for indo then dont kept in play store other country people may also like so just thibg for them too i hatw this game it suck
plsss update every month and put some event and new item and boost lvling but the game is the best after 5yrs Ill play it again keep it up dev
exp gain is too low, your efforts on killing a monster is not worth it. and normal attack have a cooldown, you can't click as much as you want to kill the monster fast
It's fun to play this game because a lot of people who play this game became my friends thankyouuuuuusomuchhh!
I just want too say that this game is nice but pls fix the upgrading system of medal and items then the inlays because we waste more gold and time for finding it for nothing! But my main points is tha medal pls dont put some failing upgrade because it is to hard to find Yellow material as you observe and see. Thanks!
What happened to the global server it's been hours.😠 and we can't enter the game please make it fast and I hope that it's use full I hope you bannd the bugger's and the cheater's and if you fix that I'll make it 5 star again. 😊
I like this game cause you can sell various items,gold etc..and can get money in return through via transact. Its helps me a lot!! And can also meet different person from different countries...the graphics is not that much but i really enjoyed playing it so that's why i'll give it a 5star rating l3rokenl3lade-global Muwahahahahahahaha😂👍