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Knife Strike - Knife Game to Hit

Knife Strike - Knife Game to Hit for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by HEXAPE GAME. The game is suitable for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a cool timing game throwing knives but the ads you force us to sit through are far more trouble than it's worth :/ they need to be fewer and farther between or they need to give us the option to close out an ad immediately! Deleted.
If you don't want to see all the ads but don't want to pay or don't have the loot to have them removed then just turn your data off... That should take care of it... Some games you can turn your data off then right back on and that will stip ads on some games as well...
Great, addictive game, BUT, I didn't want the ads, and it said no ads 1.99. Well, I paid for the game, AND STILL HAVE ADS?? wth? Could someone please tell me if I'm doing something wrong! Also, Google play games service won't authenticate, no matter what fix I try. Developer, can you help me out here?
It is impossible to tell what is a power up and what will hurt you. The game has a delay on the knife throw and every time you lose, which is frequent because this is a difficult game, you have to watch an ad. I understand the need for ads and all, as this is a free game, but there could be some code in the game to say something like, don't play an ad if one has been played less than 1 minute ago
Too many ads. Game seemed to force you to lose to watch ads. Grenade would explode but my last heart was taken? Decent game but really the ads are just too much. Watched as many ads as time i played.
Its a fun game but it's very glitchy.. I'll have all 3 hearts in challenge mode and then they will just disappear next round and end my game. In my opinion as well the in game content is over priced.
oh man! this game is super good. just like the ad on Facebook said it was. i remember the day i downloaded it. a cool fall night on a day off from work. i dont normally download silly ojone games as im a hardcore Nintenbro and play Pokemon like a boss. my ds was dead and i left my charger at my buddy's house. all i had was this game. thank you. thank you to the devs and everyone who supports this group.
absolute garbage. ads every 30 seconds, and if you skip the ad it resets your progress. I'd give negative stars if I could.
I honestly loved this game and have been playing it for the last couple of weeks. Until today. The ads are overly invasive to the point that they are now lagging the game. I will literally be in the middle of a game and suddenly I get a full screen ad WHILE I WAS PLAYING. I had no problems with ads triggering once I lost and having to sit through them. It's a free game so I get it, but I'm not going to continue playing when your ads force me to lose before I even get to level 20 with the lagging and interruptions. I'm done.
Too many ads. And the subscription model to remove ads. The developer has to be realistic. What happened to games you could buy for 1.99$??
Eh. Ads are entirely too invasive, though I find this as fun and entertaining as fruit ninja was back in it's prime. Not convinced the VIP membership is legitimately worth it, seeing as there's a 3 say free trial and then it's $4.99 a week. I might consider it if there was a pay once and VIP for life option. Idk what the cost would look like for something like that and I'm sure the Dev has their reasons.
Game was fun... But ads are very very invasive and you spend more time watching ads than actually playing game. I'm not exaggerating at all.
really enjoy this game as a casual game. great to play for a little while. Then, when it frustrates you, have a break and come back to it.... should be 4 stars.I dont know what happened but ran the game today and I've lost all the knives, coins and progress I had made. gutted.
I do like this game. I would like to see it with a save after x levels. Maybe each 5 levels or even 10 levels until you get higher then every 5 levels automatically. But other than that its not bad.
So it took about two dozen times to actually open the game. Then the knives didn't shoot when I clicked it, and then it crapped out in the middle of the game. Deleted it not even minutes after downloading because it wouldn't stay open long enough. Do not bother getting this game.
Used to enjoy this game, but the constant barrage of ads makes it unplayable. $5 a week to remove ads? Not worth it at all. You can't lose more than twice without an ad; you can't continue without an ad. Everything has ads. It used to be great, and I had made a lot of progress. Lost everything when it updated and now it's just...a pathetic money grab. Stay away.
Ads up the ass. You can't even finish a level and it forces you to watch the whole ad. Even if I liked the graphics. I rated it all as hated it.
Lagging causes you to throw two knives at once. I know it's not my phone when I'm connected to my wifi. An I'm sitting right next to it. Your game has a lot bugs that need to be fixed.
I don't want to play a game to watch ads to continue. Fail a level, watch an ad, fail a boss, start from scratch, and watch an ad
I can't really give you a rating on game play as it kept crashing on the menu screen, before I even got to press play. Looks like a good game, just wish I could play it.
Fun but too many ads. If you die just play the ad otherwise it'll play it for you. $4.99 a week for no ads (11-7-2018) isn't worth it. It's fun but the developer needs to be realistic.
You deleted my progress. I deleted the game. I had beaten every challenge (which wasn't easy) only to have my progress erased by an update. Not gonna make that mistake again!
My son loves to play this game (he's 5) but he gets extremely aggravated with the exsecive pop up adds, could at least make the game available for purchase so the ads can be turned off.
Like the premise, execution sucks. It tends to stutter and then you lose a life and it almost seems like the last laughs you have the further away than I have to be away from each other
Fun way to waste a few minutes. Collecting different knives doesn't offer any novelty, they all behave the same. I don't mind that there is no tutorial - mechanics are easy and you learn from mistakes. Would be more engaging if progressing through levels offered different strategies/challenges.
Bad first impression, lives do not reset when passing a boss fight. The point of not making mistakes is to be rewarded by not watching ads. Idk what is the point of the next level or stage button. Also when you decide to go through the manly rout and alway reset if you die, you still get ads. Bad design
Do you like ads? Because this app has what you are looking for. There is some occasional throwing of knives. But don't worry... Mostly ads!
this game is absolute trash. it forces you to watch ads to even continue if you fail. there are no way around the ads they litter your phone with it's toxic and the only goal is to not have to click continue because you have to watch a 30 second ad.
Ads make this game unplayable. Every time you fail, you have to watch a 30+ second add before continuing, which wouldn't be too bad if lag wasn't a constant issue.
The game is luck based. Some hotboxes change. Random movements have no pattern or no warning so all this game is, is frustrating. Don't listen to the addictive comments they are lies.