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Knife Dash

Knife Dash for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Merge Boat Games located at 花东镇金港南一路8号三区4栋1005房. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Literally the slowest way to get an 100 dollar play store gift card, its been almost 4 months and ive only got 24 play store dollars, and the price for gift cards in the store that you can buy with gems if way too high, do not download this app, the developers are just thinking about money, not how you enjoy it.
I love the game but i cant get much diamonds because the ad is not loading,ive been playing the app for almost a month now but seems useless to get rewards...pls fix it....thanks..for now 1 star ill give 5 if youll fix the problems...
Awesome Knife dash,enjoy the feeling of flippy! Hit the target! Knife Dash – flip games for knife hit, This is an exciting flippy knife game. The game is very simple, throw a knife, break The spinning wheel. You can get a lot of rewards Slash the spin and unlock new knives. Exciting boss levels will be rewarded with surprises. There is a special section here that is different from other knife games! Throw a flippy knife to get the key! The key is the key to open the treasure chest.
This is a great app but you need to update it especially the ads are just very limited please give more adds so that we can earn it more.
Can't view your ads anymore. I need it to redeem cash and points. It's sick how you won't let us redeem so you can't give us the cash we need.
Gggh that was so awesome and so I had to say it is the MOST IMPRESSIVE game I have seen since the game was so much more than a week before the season 555555555555555555555I and the game is still on a roll in a different direction but I'm sure it would 7more be good for you but if you're going through the same game you can tell them
Like the others i cannot watch ads and it always says "watch video loading, please try again". How can I complete the Google play card? When you have to suppose to get those is to watch ads. When I first played this game I thought its legit and then now. Don't disappoint your users. Our time and effort is in this game to get those rewards. Pls. developers fix that problem.
At the beginning of the game it was good but why the $ in the beginning are always show on the spinning dash and when level 200 and up the $ are never appear again on spining dash? Is this scam like other apps or what?
Even though almost everytime I play it has lots of adds. It's really amazing. I really love these app. All I can say is it's really fantastic game app where we can get load by its PayPal for free, amazing
You should change the reward for google play card because i've calculated that around level 1000 to atleast get 100$ play store so you should make it to atleast 20-50$ to make an exchange Edit : it has been 1 day and watch video is still loading. YES my connection was really good.......
Very nice game This game is very dificult but I like this game But one problem in this game is show very ads Please increase this ads
i had fan with the game but i have an issues with loading of ads. so how i can received some google play if everytime it says, ads not available and i dont received the rewards coz the only way to claim it is to watch ads. please fix this issue.
My fav game is bedwars I just want 10,000 gcubes in bedwars but it is of $99.9 but this app will help me to get gift card after I will get the gift card I will ise it and tell my friends to download this game. SOME TIMES THIS GAME IS HARD BUT SOMETIMES IT'S EASY YOU CAN GET GIFT CARD FROM DIAMONDS ALSOMY FRIEND BYUED A $100 TOY BY FREE WITH THIS APP AND MY ONE MORE FRIEND GOT FREE DIAMONDS FOR FREE FIRE FROM GIFT CARD. KEEP IT UP AND MAKE THIS APP MORE UPDATED ,THIS APP SHOULD HAVE 500 M DOWNLOA
don't install this app..worst game and not even paying you after I almost played it 4 months, tried to exchange my gift card day after it always says "refused"
good app but why i cant watch ads it is only way to double?? i cant double the prize and diamonds plsss fix.. i will add star if it fix..
Pretty good so far. Eventhough the ads are 30 to 14 minutes long. But still I've managed to earn at least $4.37 so far. Hopefully I'll might earn up to $50.00 in exchange for that gift card for google play.
funny that when your getting close to being able to cash out the ads aren't available to watch anymore hahaha waste of time forsure only If they changed that
Great game but about to uninstall it because everytime it forces me to keep watching these ads it says nothing happens with the ads ads don't work so I can't get double and I can't get any rewards you're making the money on me watching ads but giving me no Rewards
I would have rated it 2 stars but is giving some money but most of the time when you click on ad button it says no video every time I lose 0.32 dollars when it shows like that. Please fix this problem.
This app is best I can get reedem codes thankes for this app but when I am clicking on the ad to claim reedems it is telling wait loading ads, then also when i am in a good network area please resolve this
Very nice game for earning google playcard but it always tell loding ads that is the thing that disappointed me but i will never delete this game because it is good for timepass and earning money
The old update is still available, please update the game because the videos do not appear to me to get a Google card. I still do not see Google cards for 7 months. Please do an update of the application as soon as possible.
I will gave 4 star. Because this game app. Nice to play. I'm enjoy playing this. And this is legit. There are a little problem. All ads can't play. So I can receive any reward. Thank you
It never connects to server!!!!!!!!! And whenever it does it shows u ads and after u close ad , it disconnects automatically And never connects back., very bad experience and only time wastage
This app is a SCAM! I was able to get 0.18 and 0.15 cash from the chest but it was not even added to my cash. This application is a waste of time they are not adding the money you get from the chest so it will take time for you to withdraw the money and im not that stupid to not even know it. 🙄 Dont fool people!
Like the others i cannot watch ads and it always says "watch video loading, please try again". How can I complete the Google play card? When you have to suppose to get those is to watch ads. When I first played this game I thought its legit and then now. Don't disappoint your users. Our time and eff...
I have tried if this is real paying game but unfortunately I just wasted my time and effort, at first I thought it was just a delay,but it's more than a month now yet may cash out still pending
Don't install this app or game, it is useless worst app I am playing from ten monthsand I didn't get any thing.i have collected google play card up to 90 after that there is no way to collect them in anyways. adds are also not coming properly.i have complaint about this but no use then I realised I have wasted my time from ten months 🙏🙏🙏.
I like the game but no adds so how i continue..i cant play the video always said please try again later I'm stuck of level 81 and i can't passed it because no adds please fix it please or else i uninstall this game..it's a scam you will only wasting your time of playing this game..
If there would be an option to give 0 star . I would definitely give it 0 star because to collect redeem code I have to watch video . it is written watch video loading , please try again every time
I love the game knife dash it helps me get rid of my anger and get me some money i live this game so much good luck for the 5 starts ived been making.
Just another fraud app out there....I played continuously for 7 days and fulfilled the criteria to redeem $1 but now it is showing only 1 day login and I can't claim my money...they didn't even replied to my email regarding this problem....just a waste of time and data....fraud app!!!!
Good app but problem is that when ever i click on play store redeem they say that insufficient amount to excuange pls resolve that problem but this app is too interesting to playing too skins diamond and boss level is too hard i like it this app thank you for making this app
Good game but why are not giving ads to earn money please solve this problem. I can't get money because for this insufficient ads
I can get my $1 because the video cant play it. I have good internet connection please fix you adv. So it can play properly.
This app is disappointing after reaching the 83 google play rewards I can no longer play or redeem some points and there is no ads anymore..it always says no internet connection and I have a fast connection..pls. fix this 1 star for now sorry to offened you.
The game is easy and fun but in terms of rewards or getting points to earn money is a little bit challenging because of the condition in the game to unlock before earning real money 👍
Actually its a goods apps but with out the ads you cannot reach the about even how long you play its like falls i hope they fix it..
Please do not installed the app, there was a problem and this is scam, I have 1.53 $ after that the US dollar reward is stopped. I don't no what's a problem, my level to this game is 253 and the score is 183 but the dollar is so small After rich this level the US dollars is unavailable. please don't installed the app
Very nice game I really enjoyed it.😍😍😍 but I don't like ads just say watch but is not working.
I spent a lot of time to get my first 1 dollar payment. Yes you read it right. FOR MY 1 DOLLAR PAYMENT. And its already 7days and still nothing in my paypal account. Such a waste of time. Going to uninstall this app. DONT INSTALL THIS APP. ITS CONSUME YOUR DATA AND TIME AND YOU GOT NOTHING. OFCOURSE WE PLAY FOR A PRIZE. EVEN THOUGH YOUR PRIZE IS SO SMALL. THIS APP IS A SCAM!!
Very bad game everytime when i try to load ads it doesnt and every time shows rhe eror counld not please tey again later and it happens when i won google play reawrds every time ot doesnot give my rewards
Its my first miney making game I am playing but why can only see one ad per day for 1dollar. I can see that there are more ads but it only says ad loading,retry. Pls fix this
watch video loading, please try again. it can't work, worst! 😠 please fix it. the money to small when you play it every time,small diamond point. Bad app game.!!! 😠😠
Knife dash,enjoy the feeling of flippy! Hit the target! Knife Dash – flip games for knife hit, This is an exciting flippy knife game. The game is very simple, throw a knife, break The spinning wheel. You can get a lot of rewards Slash the spin and unlock new knives. Exciting boss levels will be rewarded with surprises. There is a special section here that is different from other knife games! Throw a flippy knife to get the key! The key is the key to open the treasure chest and to the peak o
I want to say that this is a good game but I am not getting my reward and they always says that "watching video failed and also says that "watch video loding" so How I will complete my Google play gift card so please this is my request please producers work on this app please producers please work on this app to complete my Google play gift card
It's impossible to cash out. and level 81 is impossible to get out. paypal style is just a clickbait. i will change my ratings if someone communicate with improving ways of this app. we deserve to get paid. no ads are playing therefore no chance to cash out. scam.
so happy to earn more but then my diamonds stucked with the same number 927. one of your requirement before you can withdraw your prizes was to reach 1000 diamonds, but how did that happened it was stucked there forever? 😅 just using us to download the app and play a lot of ads, you're the one earning, not us, like FOR REAL. 🥴
Very nice game but when we get Google play card we cannot open it directly we should watch a video but when we click on it it shows ' watch video loding please try later'
It is worst game ,I have ever seen I completed upto 90 Google gift card but now it was stopped and there is no way to collect.I have wasted my three months of period.In starting it gives more but at end it is useless and we can not with draw anything because we can not complete and there is no way to complete.
hi i reached 3498 levels and my reward was down like when the level completed reward is verry low like 0.01 $ to 0.05 $ only .i reached 85.00$ i nead 15.00 to widthdral but its too hard to earn reward ..if 100$ not reached waste of time and money for recharge ammount..so be carefull to play like this games and check payment proof .....be carefull friends if any apps cheated you compline on cunsumers affiers like websites ...hey knife dash plz help me to get my widhdrall quickley...
Why cannot watch the add. Please improve. Since I download this app. 3 or 4 times I watching add. I have 3days to play this game. And my diamond was stucked they cannot move to the next number even I got diamond
I played it for about 54 days continually but couldn't reach $100 for Google play credit to redeem and the rewards continues to decrease with increase in level..... WASTE OF TIME. ..... don't download this app it's waste of time......
This game is fake. It's was ok for 5 mins but after that every time i open this game it always say no connection but i have a fast net work
When I try look ads for google play card it always says watch video loading please try again later. Please solve this problem .
Controls are very sensitive with a lots of ads but it is easy to collect reward as Google pay balance.,😋😋🤗
Always WATCH VIDEO LOADING, PLEASE TRY AGAIN. but on my other app I have no problem watching video. Please fix this issue. Thank
This app is good but theres a problem if go to the next stage the diamonds wont add its just stop and another bug is when i go to higher i just go back where i start but this is a nice app and kindly for the bugs for some reason and become some annoying game as i said fix rthe bugs and this is a nice appppppppppp
it is nice and easy before i rate in 5 stars i try first to cashout if it is real if not i edit it into 1 star
Good game but after $1.67 the google play gift cards doesn't adds to our account and after 289 diamonds more diamonds doesn't add. Please solve this problem. And why can't we cash out pay pal cards. I like this game but some problems make it useless to play. 😞😔
See i know that this game takes alots of time it took me 5 months to reach 90$ now i think that this app would work the problem is that it takes a little bit of more time
Please help me to get Google play cards.It always says that ads are loading. I want to complete the Google play carsd. Please fix it
The app is not good when I click on the ad to collect Google Play card it does not show the add and I can't collect the reward also and it is still there after refreshing the app
It says not enough cash. I just reach the $100 redeeming. I'll give a high rating when I received my payment from this app. 😊😃
When I first heard that this game give free money by watching add I immediately play and watch ad but It only let me watch 1to 3 add and when I press to watch add it said (watch video loading.please try again) and I already tried watching it again.
I feel sad of this add. 3 days after i play this game... Its stop sending me ang doloar reward. I think this game is impossible to cash out the prices....
I was kinda enjoying the game, for about 5 minutes before it killed my battery (and it was 100% when I launched the game), I would not recommend this app, Sure it may "work", but it is dangerous to your device.
This is a good app overall but onething I didn't like is sometime when we watch ad it doesn't display the ad and shows 'watch video loading, please try again later.' please fix this and then i Will rate you 5 stars.
These apps that make you update them to continue to play them are not even worth a star. All they do is ruin a once fun game to play. QUIT UPDATING YOUR RIDICULOUS GAME!!!!! 62.71 MBs is way too much for an update. Not worth the space. I'd rather use the space for porn.
Thanks for the next few weeks. We have been a long time, the Google search engine. I have to pay for your business, we have to pay a fee. I think it is. It has been sent from a range, the Google, I have a look and let you all the latest version, the only thing
Can't watch ads since the time I downloaded the app! It's not working even though there's good internet connection.. nothing happens at all!!
It's a range and mind blowing game with a lot of knife textures and it's harder than I think but it is a fun game
Maybe it's just because of my data, but the ads barely work! It's also kinda laggy, And the fact you need 22400 GEMS!? FOR ONE DOLLAR!? WHY!? Edit: It's not because of my data, others are facing the same problem!
This game is the worst ihave ever if you have slow internet then it will say error internet connection so do not download it if we go to seen the ads then it will not work but sometimes it works