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Kitty City

Kitty City for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Jam City, Inc. located at 3562 Eastham Drive Culver City, CA 90232 . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a great game. I Love this ! Keeps me busy for hours without bordom. Adorable farm hands 😊 I would give this 10 stars if I could. Thank you
there is a problem with watching video's for jems, locks up, help.ther is still problems with videos. Where are you people? Also I'm on level 71 and it won't tell me when level72 will start, pluss I'm supposed to save another cat, but it won't say when! Can you help?
please update your game it is spring 2021 please add spring decorations please and add the ability to login to Google play for people who don't have Facebook and add the ability to add friends from your android phone contact list please thank your so much. Some people don't do social media and don't have a Facebook account ok
I loved this game and played it daily. However since reaching level 71 it won't move forward. After reading other people's comments I see that basically the game has been abandoned. This is not good enough and it would of been nice to be informed that you were wrapping it up. So I've now uninstalled it. One very dissatisfied customer 😡
There seems to a problem with the free gems of which must watch a video for the past week keeps saying there is problem please help. Thank you
Great! Everything's awesome! The only problem is the left side control. Sometimes it's difficult to press for opening the task and my screen is in perfect condition and I don't have this problem in other games, so I hope this will have better control in the future!
I invested lots of money into this game was at level 69 had over 3000 gems that I bought simply to loose everything after an update not impress with the support of the game. Play this game but don't put any money into it they will steal your money Yep! I'm freaking pissed about this game try to contact them receive no answer they only want your money invested over 300 Dollars in buying gems and now they won't even support me please don't do the same mistake keep your money
Love this game but right now the chat is making you type it twice so it's not working right so can someone please fix the problem it's having soon as you can thank you...
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. The developers have abandoned this game but will still accept in-game purchases. do not waste your time. I had a lot of fun with this game but once I got to a higher level, they legitimately leave you without any solution to finish your quests because they never updated it and now have abandoned it
After reading that the developers have abandoned this game, and that it only goes to lvl 71, I am uninstalling it!!! It would have been nice to know abandoment before I spent money! Great game to play, when you can actually play it! It takes forever to load. You try to visit neighbors and it hangs up and won't load at all. Sometimes it comes up as a white screen when it does decide to load and you have to shut it down and try to open it again.
I had this app to level 12 but my brother close the app so if you have a brother or sister you should ceep a 👁️ on them and I'm not happy about my brother and I hope that doesn't happen to you.im carmen not mary and I'm just 7 so I can't get a job because I'm to little.
Game ends in the middle of a quest at level 71. It is a "legacy" title, maintained but no longer supported according to Jam City. It is a darn shame because people love the game & it was only released about 2 years ago. This decision was abrupt & left their players hanging, but they will still happily take your money for in app purchases, apparently to support their other games. This is a disgusting, disgraceful business practice. Support & develop the game you are receiving the money from.
This was a GREAT little game and I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing it. By all means try it, but BEWARE: Jam City have abandoned it, there will be NO further updates or fixes to any problems, so def don't spend any money on it. Once you reach level 71 that's it, no more exp gained and no more progress to make. Such a sad outcome for an awesome and fun game. Goodbye Kitty City, was fun while it lasted :(
This is a great game but I'm really fed up now because every day it will not connect to play yet on a night it will connect - this is so frustrating- its definitely not my internet as my other games play with no problem - please can the makers of this wonderful game look into this issue- if this issue cant be sorted then I'm going to have to uninstall it - I hope this problem can be rectified as this is a very good game to play - but to put up constantly with this frustration really is too much
Although it's a very funny game, for several days now when entering the game after the sales add appears, it doesn't let me close the add in order to play the game...... It's really frustrating.... Please repair this bug... 10.10.2018 Tried installing again.... Still doesn't play the game. Enters the field and freezes. Doesn't move, doesn't click on anything in the game.... Pitty ..............
I have been stuck at level 71 without earning any points for several weeks now, like many other people, with ZERO response from any type of support. I have sent multiple messages several different ways with nothing....I'm very frustrated because I have enjoyed playing this game. The last update was in Feb 2018, what gives?????
Do not purchase gift packs. I bought one got charged and didn't receive rewards. Contacted the game twice and no response.
A WORD OF WARNING: I contacted the devs and they referred me to another webite that maintains their "legacy" games (Kitty City being one of them). I contacted them and they told me they will NOT be expanding the game past Level 71 and will NOT fix any problems that might occur in the game. As for me, I will uninstall this game when I reach Level 71. Thought everyone would like to know. Such a shame isn't it?
Every time I go to open my game it's frozen and I can't even play it. It worked for a couple hours and now I can't do anything bc it freezes. I think I'm gonna uninstall bc no point to have the game if I can't even play it.
I am confused. This is Jan. 6th, 2019. This game claims it's new and was updated recently. I have been stuck on level 72 since 06/2018. Don't spend your money or your time I am looking for a substitute now appears the game has been abanded... really the developer should sign on and make changes verifying that.... not cool developer!!!
I like this game slot but now I'm deleting it because it will not let me sign into Facebook, I'm on level 18 being logined into Facebook but can't sign in. I hope y'all can fix this issue because I would like to reinstall the game.
I just wrote a review for your game townkins and had to drop one here too. Love love love!!! Editing: it's now gotten to the point that there's so much production required and such a long production time that I can only play five minutes and wait. I can't even get any balloons done cause there's so much to do. Dropping to 4 stars because it's still a lovely game however I am uninstalling.
Reached level 71 can't go any further waiting on a update. The game was fun while it lasted but the developers haven't made an update in a few years now or so it seems.
People LOVE this game. Please pick it back up & update the levels to go farther than level 70 & unlock or otherwise make new quests & characters......PLEASE. My team got so excited when we saw the sale on gems pop up, we haven't seen anything like that in a long time so we're hoping & crossing our fingers that Jam City is starting to work on it again....yes? 🤣❤❤
I used to love this game when it was first introduced and would have given it 5 stars today if it was still functioning properly. All is left of Kitty City for me now is that it just loads and loads... And loads some more. Jam City if you were not going to continue updating the game, an official announcement would have been great, as well as closing the game.
This is very nice game but some when it stops it seems not good.It should be perfect like other games...it is very big app so it's not working as it was previously working sooo plz...before using it u should first see that u have much space on your mobile,laptop,etc
well after we hit lvl 12 the game is not working. it gets to the point to open but then it freezes, you can't do anything. disappointing to kids and we also spent some bucks. it's good that reading reviews give the info of devs abandonment. game should be shut down!
The game started off interesting but its really nothing to do on it. The wait for products is horrible. Pretty much a waste of space on my device. It has a really great concept tho. Great animation and graphics ☺ But I think I'll just uninstall. It's a very cute little game tho.
This was an all time favorite game for me. I didn't have the app after I changed my phone. I have been trying to play for a few days now. First time it loaded, leveled up to 4, then said saved game is being opened, restarting, and after that it won't load. The app is supposed to keep screen on too. But that's not happening either. Very disappointed
Was a lot of fun at first then after a bit when things would happen, customer support was a tad difficult to reach. Then recently, the game refused to show my club members, and I could be helped, but could not help in return
Based on the cuteness of this app and how much fun it is to play, it deserves 5 stars. However, due to the lag and slowness when loading, I have to drop it down to 3 stars. Very annoying and disappointing waiting for load times. When loading the game, I usually just start it up and leave my phone down for a few minutes while doing something else just to give it enough time to load!
Please add the ability to login to google play for players who don't have Facebook and add the ability to add friends from your Android phone contact list and add decorations to thanks please update your game because it is almost mid August 2020 please thank you so very much
Hope the developer will see our review and pick up this game again, I think it has a lot of potential, it's a game that's worth playing .I deleted it a couple of months back after seeing review that it's abandoned.but decided to reinstall it back and try to go as far as it will bring me to.
I rated 5 before but now I'm stuck on 71. I'm angry cause there are more machines or cookware to update & we can't if we can't level up. I'm going to continue to play but stop upgrading storages. I luv this game so much before I got stuck on level 71. I just hit it to..
Can't play. The game is frozen. And there are no new tasks. It's the same over and over. Unless you can't play because it's not working
if you don't mind getting excited about a game and then find out you can't finish it cause Jam City abandoned it then this game is for you. Played this for a year and love it just to wake up one day and couldn't get pass level 70 cause that's where they abandoned it. Thanks guys for the let down.
Was fun until I try to make a payment try 4 time had to check my card so many times, thenthe game started to load
please update your game it is fall please add fall decorations please and add the ability to login to Google play for people who don't have Facebook and add the ability to add friends from your android phone contact list please thank your so much
I think the game is great but loading is the worst it takes forever especally going into friends farms.This problem needs to be fixed.
This game has gotten really boring really fast. I'm stuck on 14 because I can't expand because I can't get 1 lousy black bell. I'm making the same stuff over and over. If I send these trains one more time with same results. Bye bye
Game has been discontinued. No game progression beyond level 70. Was 5 stars, but now 1 star.... sad to see such a great game left behind...
I love this game ❤❤. Just have a question, I'm at level 71 and it says "Rescue Rama coming soon, is there more levels coming and how long? Thanks
I really love the game I was playing it like from last year to this day today I wanted to play but I just couldn't move. I don't know if this is a glitch so I boosted the game one more time and still couldn't move. My heart is broken because I used to LOVE this game now it's ruined I was on level 17 almost to level 18. Since the developers abandoned this game I might just not play it anymore. Fix this glitch I'll start playing again.
game ends at a certain level from what read from reviews so I stopped playing. I refused to play such a wonderful game if it isn't going to have any continuance. I also find it bad business to take money this app if it isn't going to the development of this app. unfortunately it has been uninstalled for a few months now and I really miss playing it.
Great game, love it. But " cant see Xp points raising at all, after level 71", on which I'm currently.. Other wise its a 5 🌟 star game.. if the team can fix the bug, it would be great.
It puts adds on to your phone and the only way to get them off is to uninstall the game. I am saddened cause I loved this game and can no longer play this game.
I have same problem as one other person. I love to play every day, but now I am on 71 the game will not show the star points I have gotten. I can not get to game help. It takes me to another game support team. I have to take this game off pad.
Kitty city is fun and addicting but it takes patience to cause some of the levels are hard and require more things to do
The game very interesting but the worst part it has only 70 levels .if the is updated with best features .then it will be the best game
Stuck on level 71 come on been that way for a long time are you people dead who created this game and can't finish it.
I dropped my rating from a 5 to a 1 for several reasons. 1.) Absolutely no tech support any longer for what ever reason. 2.) issues with the app we cannot get resolved. 3.) Lack of new levels after a certain point. 4.) Lack of tech support for game issues. 5.) Lack of any technical support team!!! If you didn't get it, there is a TOTAL LACK OF TECHNICAL SUPPORT!!!I have deleted the game... I apologise to my team mates, but I am over it totally... I used to absolutely love this game...
there is a problem with watching video's for jems, locks up, help.ther is still problems with videos. Where are you people? Also I'm on level 71 and it won't tell me when level72 will start, pluss I'm supposed to save another cat, but it won't say when! Can you help? Is there a way to start the game over?
It was a very nice game at 1st but then the special event got stuck on St Patrick's day and all of my progress froze. I had to re-install it and it was still on St Patrick's day so I got rid of it all. It was fun to play for as long as I did have it. Nice graphics, lovely story line, funny antics as far as the cats go And I got as far as the chocolatier before I had to get rid of the game.
The game won't work 😒 it will not show my friends list and it says start game again I did and it still won't work
I've played this game before and its really cute. I'd never think up this unique and fun game. The reason i give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it takes up too much storage on my device so i cant really update my other games. Other than that kitty city is cute.
Fun, Great graphics, cute puns, little side stories in the quests, but it glitched on me and I CANNOT progress any farther. Not sure if this has happened with anyone else, but I emailed customer support. I got an email back, they no longer provide live support and directed me to an FAQ. That page didnt answer my question. I looked online. I tried to go to in game settings to sign out and go into a diff email but it wont let me. I cant reset game data.. This was a favorite game and I cant play!
0 stars! Don't download and waste your time!! I don't appreciate being called a LIAR! I completed an offer for free gems and I sent in proof as well but still got nothing for all my time and trouble don't download!!!
Amazeing wonderful relaxing game to play.I love your game.Only thing it loads to slow.Other than that I rate your game more than five stars.I love cats.I have one of my own.His name is Nikkah.I recommened this game for everyone who loves cats.Thanks!Keep up the good work.
I cant get on my game its saying you r experiencing some tech. Difficulty. I'm on level 71 and it seems like it frozen my blue star awards. It hasn't moved all day. And I have been playing alot like always.
This is a really fun game in your spare time me and my sister play it I think it really is for everyone and I also love all the animations that all the characters do its just fun all around
Kitty City is the best game! I've been playing it for many years. It has awesome graphics! The kitties all have their own space and they actually do something! Cute! They even say cool stuff! Have fun!
Really like the graphic on this game and is very cute. Unfortunately there are downsides that make me close to deleting. 1. There are no adds to watch to reduce crafting time.(Nice adds though) 2. Crafting time is very long for some items and to be honest stop you playing as there is nothing to do. 3. Getting gems to increase extra crafting space are severely lacking. I understand you want people to buy so that you can make some money but there isn't enough game play to even want to buy them.
Had a good run for the last 2+ years. However I'm officially uninstalling since there's issues that can't be fixed without tech support. The game makers gave up over a year ago. Very disappointing as I enjoyed this game for so long.
Perfect! Some of the challenges seem impassable, but they are doable. And the amount of time you need to wait for food or other stuff to be ready is a pain sometims. Overall a pawesome game about kitties running their own little community, & then getting ready to take over the world, mwahahahaa... LOL!(No, not really, but I wouldn't care if the world was run by CATS!)Please Help my game won't load! I just uninstalled & reinstalled hope, I don't lose everything!
I play Jam City's Genie & Gems, so I thought of giving this game a try. I'm not into cat games, but I have been eyeing this one, hehe. Simple visuals, casual gameplay, cute kitties with cute little scenes and actions, and nice background music. I've been playing this for some days already and I'm Level 8. App has no crashes, so far; and is light, so this is good. -- My only problem is that it's always a bit slow to save my progress. Example: The push notification says my Diner goods are ready (it was the last thing I did before exiting), but when I load the game, it is one step behind my current play and my Diner's empty. Even my crops weren't the same (I planted Corns but it was Wheat, which was the thing I planted before the corns). Worse, sometimes a completed sub-quest returns! So... I think I have to idle (do/craft absolutely nothing) for 1-2min, just so it can save (but there is no indication, so I'll just have to hope it saves).
I love this game. The only reason I haven't given it 5 stars is that just recently I've not been able to see the other club members. They've just disappeared, I'm still in the club. I can only see my scores in the races. I do know the other members are active on the races. I can't fault anything else with the game.
I love this game but now it won't open on my laptop. I have reinstalled and have plenty of memory but it still will not open. Please help. I really don't want to stop playing.