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Kitchen story: Food Fever – Cooking Games

Kitchen story: Food Fever – Cooking Games for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by AppOn Innovate located at AppOn Software Pvt Ltd. C 12 Liberty, Phase 2, Northmain road Koregoan park, Pune- 411001, India. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I played this game 3 times nd wanna part 2 of this game,i love this game or wanna more features,more cities nd country also♡
This game is nice but sometimes the target will be 15 numbers but they will send only 14 members😕😕 this is difficult accept that everything is very nice and love the game❤❤
Its so hard to gain coins and gems, you cant uprade items immediately.. There are no free items you can use so that you can play faster.. I enjoy it but im sad.. That i cant upgrade items in faster way.. All items that can be useful needs gems, and money.. 😢😢
This game is my favourite. We play so many levels. More foods. We don't thought uninstall this app. Very likely game. But online is so bad. Please improve online.
I love this game very much .I love the graphics of this game.crontrols are also good not much ads is there.for time pass it is good. When ever I get free time I use to play this game
I just love this game as it is very difficult and also very intresting... it is the best game compared to all cooking games... it is very adventures and this is not like other girly games and this game cannot be played by the children as this is too hard sometimes this is even hard for adults to play.........at last I want to say that ..its the perfect game
Multiplayer mode has some lake problem so fix it and upgrades items are so expensive..game getting bored when coins are not enough that time its irritating otherwise i love this game
Its a very nice game☺you can play offline they are some ads apart from this its a very interesting game.it has limited time and it makes you work faster.I love it so much😍
It's an awesome game.... At first I thought it was very boring.... After I went through a few levels this game became addictive.... I love it
The game is nice but you need to wait for four hours before you can get a class of supplies ( 50). i still like the game
It is very good app and loved to play it when I am bored or have nothing to do And it is a offline game so it is very joyful
Played the game until I reached Terrissa the fourth chef but they said I should download some files and I don't much space left in my phone so I stopped playing and also it keeps hanging so fix this problem and five you will get.
boring buying so many stuffs with real money makes the game really boring.....it does not give the chance for those who cannot buy with real money play.....it is good though but at the same time it sucks
This is just an amazing game. But l have this only 4 stars because this game contains lots of ads. If this problem is solved this is the best game and very good time pass. I recommend everyone to download this game.
I love this game very good experience about make food and serve the customers and I really like this game but I want some changes in game such as the cook changing option with very low gems in the game
Nice cooking games for 10 yrs old kids try out the game and see how good and fast you are at cooking and serving try your best because there's a timer and keep on giving good posts 😁😁😁😁😁😁
very very nice game. this game is my fav because enough default is found in this game. I like this game. i enjoy to play it. I hope everyone enjoy this game like me. Thank you
Totally waste of time because at some levels the target counting couldn't change when we finished the orders and before time got over levels shows as failed . At these time we need more samples to play game,so our samples got finished at lower levels.
Interesting This is a good beginning for the game, the graphics are kind of basic compared to the other games like this that I play. It's very slow moving. It starts off very soon in the game asking for money for things. Most games let you get farther along before making it financial. So I'm on the 2nd level and already it's asking for money to make things easier. There should be other options for you to earn the things you need.
I love this game it is really fun but the time to serve should be little late so producer of the game should change it but this game is fantastic who will play this game will enjoy a lot tqew
It's really very nice game.I like it a lot It is my favourite of all game.If anyone play it so at first slighth they will only love it and for them I am wishing Happy adventure on the Kichen Story and please play this game .
I love this game... It's hard to find such a good game these days.. There's a little problem with the supplies.. But that's what makes it challenging..Overall💕💖😊
Its glitchy and not to mention it takes way too much time to save up your diamonds to get any upgrades. I will not be playing this again
I just love playing ths game.starting I was a bit bored by playing ths game but later on after passing few levels i have become addicted to ths!!
This game is good... But the chef is very slow.... When I entered the game.....it automatically exited..... I don't know why
It good but I don't why Evey time my gems reduce just now I had 171 but when I got back it 100 why that is the problem am having with it always my gems will reduce why please fix it for me I really like this game
I like the game it is nice and simple for me to play it and the can learn many things by playing it so I give the game5 stars and they can play in family and u can win by listening to the instructions🤡👨‍👩‍👦👨‍👩‍👦
Okay this is the best app in the whole world I would recommend this app to everybody I am a gamer and I am never ever played this kind of game before I mean it is really really good people who made this this message is for you thank you guys for making such an awesome game please please make an update with more features more cooking appliances and I will be very grateful to you guys thank you very much
It is really good, amazing,fantastic and nice.l gave it five good stars because it derserve it and the boss and members of the company
I gave 4 stars because after the 3rd level 4th challenge is not coming it is saying you need to download additional data in order to play this resort .it is saying like that please fix this problem
This game is awesome and you will surely enjoy it.. although it has some ads they just pops up sometimes..and it's not that hard to play
Its a very good game i like this game very much and one thing is very good in this game that is there are so many challenge because i like challenge very much i really like this game very much and there is so much fun i daily play this game
This app is wonderful but one problem that is why we cannot change her dress ? And if we want to change then we should give money ! And I don't think so that much nice game is this . So I gave only one star
Very very good game .but i wish that you could change the outfits and use less suplis like rather 2 to use not 10
The game has some glitches.. it's not accepting the enter the same game everytime we have to play other areas and again come there it's waste of supplies.. take care of this.. otherwise I love this game and I have played this completely several times..
It's too many add but anyway...i like it but there's a problem why we can't run to make fast and serve the customer pls fix it but i like it
Don't download it in your desktop ,laptop ,mobile phone and tablet . in the first time I can play it easily in two days it is showing in my screen that unfortunately kitchen story has been stopped only play 6 levels
It is an interesting game, I love it. It is easy to understand, and it is very challenging, you need to be fast
an interesting game but acquirement of supplies is very disturbing .It takes a long time to refill ,so it must be cured.
The game is so interesting . But what i do not like is that you have to wait for 4 good annoying hours before you can have supplies again . I really think the owners of the game should work on that..... As soon as possible
Challenging but really fun! On the downside, when you get about halfway thru Chocoville, it gets extremely difficult without having to pay diamonds. This needs to be changed.
Way too many ads, just WAY TOO MANY. I understand that the ads keep the games FREE to play, but come on. That's what turns some players away is the OVER ABUNDANCE of ads
Very interesting and good game...I love this game ...A very much full of excitement and fun ....Best game for time pass
I fell in love with this game a few years ago.❤️ I only played on my mom's phone cz hers was bigger. my mom moved & I lost my game cz she took it with & deleted my game.& I was looking 4it for years nw. & i found it 🙌 Can't wait to play every day.Very exciting & competitive game. 💯👌💫
It's a very good talent to learn to cook and in this game we do a very fast cook one man name Jim in this game always tell to cook many ways of cooking the poor lady have to do whatever he says so we have to do the cook and if it's right means if you do whatever he tells then we are the winner thanks download and rate the game Kitchen Story:Cooking Game ok don't forget to rate ok 😉😉
This game is the best game..and I can search so many games Like this but I had ever seen ..... this game soooo interesting but the supplies is low so I can wait 4 hours to collect the supplies .
Wow, this game is amazing now. I'm glad for the improvements that you've done. The game is finally playing without the freeze. Love it!
It's a good game. Yes, I feel angry when supplies are not enough but afterall it's a game rule. Controls is the best element of this game.
I really like this game....keeps you on your toys .....real challenging this is my second time downloading and playing....thumbs up team
It's amazing game 😍.I love this game.But there is one problem, it's so many adds.So please improve this.But it's amazing.My friends also download this game.
The begining was fun but the perfect dishes are also hard this was terible you will suffer while beating the second contestant
I am giving you a 1 star because first of all when l play the game and the button which tells me to play and l don't have the thing to allow me to play it takes alot of time to load But l love the game but if you do not stop loading that thing l will tell everyone to install it Thank you😊😊
Very good game its like learning how to cook but it is more easier .I will give it 5 stars😀😀👍 Good game
This game is a very good game😊It's very interesting.I just love it😇But the problem is the amount needed for upgrading instruments is too much expensive.Please lessen the amount needed for upgrading instruments.Exept this problem,I found the game very nice👌Adds are also less☺Addictive too.Very good for passing time.Now,I'm playing 'Special episode' level.It's fascinating!After this I will be playing 'Taj Grand' & then 'Pasto Plaza' then fiinally finished.So, I liked it very much. THANKS!❤
I'm enjoying every bit of the game. It's very challenging and fun. Please be a little bit lenient with the gems please so we can use the boosters. Aside that, the game is wonderful. Thanks a lot appon!
It is a very good game...definitely try it once...it has a lot of level...and this game can never bore anyone...thank you to the creator of the game thank you so much for this game Do try it once 😜
Very nice experience with kitchen story...... Better than kitchen tycoon...... This is very time passing game... I really loved it
i rate four star because this is my favorite game but i hope it has more improvement and thank you for publishing this game👍👍👍
This game is good but l have a problem that it have only few dishes to make only few levels to play but I like this game🎮
even If you defeat chocoville , the game doesn't proceed further. defeated chocoville twice. buggy. even after pasta town defeat, further chocoville does not open. restart game twice , then it opened chocoville(faced once)
I love this game very much so many dishes and how to prepare them it is so much interesting . thank you for making such a good and amazing game.😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
It is very very nice and good game because it is hard but it improves brain function all are install the game improves your brain function
I love this game. It has superb feature and cooking dish but is is li'll beat slow plz make sure game faster.. Thank you
Love the game the only problem is that u all takes to long with the other levels besides that. It is a great game
I want to tell that in the high level it will be very difficult.So please made easy this game for hard sides.because all are not reach end level in the game easily. If the game will easy in hard sides then i will definitely give it 5 STAR and many people will play the game with enjoy.it is my request. Update : i win the game :) so I'm happy.In some levels it's very difficult so i want please make easy this hard sides. And please do something special at when you win the game BTW like this game.
I love cooking games and played this game before it's too Amazing👍 This game is Enjoyable and I can learn cooking as well 😅it's amazing, Fabulous.
It's good but my problem is you have to wait for 4hrs for the next supplies but still it is a very good game but do something about the waiting time 4rs is way too long to wait but it is very cool.
I love the game but it hangs too much so I gave four stars improve your game then I will give you five
This is a great game but the supplies take too much time to activate,and 50 is not enough for almost four hours of wait. Apart from that,I can encourage someone to install the game👍
You pay for a boost for speed and she still moves slow. Level 23 is ridiculous! 8 perfect dishes!? No matter how you plan ahead people still are not pleased. Ratings make no sense. She stands in front of people so you can't even see them. Finding you have to press below an item or she doesn't pick it up or picks the wrong item. Now on level 25 for over a week! Again ratings make no sense. Other games I have played allow you to win eventually. Not this one. Ready to dump this game!
Wow nothing but money thats all you people want!! Make a cool game for money not for people to be hapoy playing it.
There are a lots of ads and whenever you click on a button an add appears (except play one ) . If you want to leave the game you have to watch an add I mean seriously how can we play a game with lots and lots of ads. I am tired of watching then . Plus when you want to watch an add to get coins they will say the no video us available and the other time they have a chest of video filled . This game has seriously became the worst . Only the animation is good and recipes are good I am playing.
Finally I have completed this game.. really it was a very wonderful journey... feeling happy now👌👌👌👌☺☺ You must try this game as this is the best game of cooking..
The supplies even if you have not collected it if it is six hours you should get hundreds please but great game but fix the supplies
Why the game needs personal data.why can't i play next challenge with terrsa.i truly enjoy the game.but if i cant play the next challenge i have to uninstall the game.and i am deleting the game.plz fix the problem.i am reinstalling the game.and this time i expect developers should fix the problem.thank you.
Love the game so much but I will soon delete it cos it seems Chokoville challenge 34 isn't possible. For almost 3 weeks now, No matter the speed and accuracy, I end up with 1660 popularity.. 1700 popularity looks unrealistic
It is so difficult to play it is not kids under 9 year slowly slowly its being difficult but i love that game👌👍 because im not under 10 year
Best cooking game ever I have played this three times I really hope that they put in more and more levels maybe like a world travel ( I have played the Indian version of the game but I prefer this over that)
The game isnt nice. The lady is so slow plus ads keep popping up every singke time which makes d game to hang.
Nice.. I've completed all levels..✌️..I am giving 4stars ..bcz., At the end of the game ..last level is almost copy of another level 😬..but it's amazing.
I loved this game till i updated. Once i open the app it closes by itself. Please fix this i love the game
why does it take 5 hours for a single life? No matter how long it takes its not worth spending money!
This game is so fun the only problem I have is that the waiting time for new groceries is so long 😭
It is one of the best cooking game ever... I am even addicted to it but there is one problem the game doesn't want to start again
I love this game. I love that you have to make the food yourself. But can be more generous with the gems. The challenges is a little bit too difficult sometimes but stillblove it.
Full of advertisement, After playing each game advertisement automatically appears. And We should wait for 5 secs. Please remove that advertisement part, remaining all are perfect. Keep rocking
The app is very good but i rate a three star because of the supplies the finish fast and waste time to regain
those who like cooking...this is the best game for u..u hv to defeat few chefs..and the items will change randomly, so we wil not feel bored at all...love this game...
Game is so cool...You get to battle with different chefs on different levels...cook different meals in each stages. This game is guarranted boredom free. But i rated it 4 stars because my country Nigeria wasnt listed so i could purchase more games and coins.. well apart from that it's a thumbs up people!!!... Highly recommended
It's good but there's no way to earn money as in other games and this hinders upgrading of kitchen appliances...so if you fix this by adding any other way for earning money then it's a 5 star
It is a fun game i love it thank you for putting the game love playing this game it fun and you can unlock things very fast this game is fun i dont know why i uninstalled it just when i want to play the other resturant it says download additional data but i still give it a five star thank you all for asking
Love it for now. Please how can I complete task 34 for the 4th kitchen. Getting 14 perfect dishes seems unrealistic.
Beating those arrogant jerks are really fun but it's a lil bit too easy in the beginning and the coins are a bit too small if I want to update
I love the game, it's really good the cooking story game & i love the colors including the story lines in the game!!!! That's why? I love playing this game so much because it's enjoyable to play this cooking game!!!😎😁😂💕💕☘
challenging. I gave it 4 stars ONLY because of the length of time to receive supplies. 4 hrs is way to long. On pasta plaza the items disappear during play.
It is a very good game people should play and rate 5 stars people complain but I don't really have anything to complain about in any ways the game is really good.
Super fun to play. Love it. At first I was having problem with the time of food supply but after downloading a story part,I now have tons of food supplies waiting.
It's a nice game, but you guys want me to upgrade things fast with the little coin that she makes each day Just make the game a money making game instead
Worst Aap for me... You get to enjoy it at first then it stops at level 4. You have to download contents but keeps saying no data connection even when using a strong wifi..
Stop askng for a rate every level please. Its annoying. I'm do it once I have had some experience playing. By the way its a good game, but it takes to long to earn gems for upgrades.
I like the game but I made a purchase. On August the 26th 2020 for the extra supplies +100. I did not receive the items that I paid for. I would like a refund of my 2.13 that I was charged. Due to me almost finishing the game now without. The extra supplies that I did not receive. It was paid for thru my Google account.
I really liked the game at first but towards the very end ( pasto plaza) the game started glitching a whole lot and I can't play anymore. I do have screenshots if you would to see them .
This game is very very beautiful game I like this game and food to do but this game is very beautiful game like this game like this game for 5 star game aap bhi Kale game bahut Achcha game hai
I like this game very much. It's very exciting, new area new food new chef and the dioulouges between our chef and opponent chef . Its cool. I love it !!!!!!!!!!!! but don't like the online feature I mean the feature we play with online people.
It's good to play i can say that this game is my fav but there is a little problem the other level is need to download it first to continue my play what if I don't have data to download the level it means I can't continue to play there are people wants to play game offline rather than online thats why I will rate this game a four star not bad at all couz its still my fav.
I like this game. I will had more interest on this game because in the game we compete with some characters it will makes me to play with competition.
Veryyyy intersting game...once you leart it really enjoy playing this game..honestly I am a experr at it..u will have lot of opponents u can also talk to them which is really interesting..but this game has one problem after so many places there comes a time when u will see coming soon coming soon but it never comes but still i am giving this game 5 stars coz there are lottttttt of levels and places so that u can never be bored...graphics are also good..very nice game😊
Game is good but it should be move fast and machines also should cook fast without bying with coins, improve it then it will the super superb game, do fast what I said improve it
Nice game😍😍😍,would have given it five stars,but the ads stuff,always coming up after each level😑
This game is super I'm in love with this game.This game sometimes addictive also.I have suggested this game to many of my friends and they also loved this one thank you.
I WAS enjoying game... But I'm losing even when I serve the customers before the times up??????? Very ANNOYING..... I'm DELETING
I enjoyed playing because this game is so beautiful, amazing,and awesome, before start the game the volume is so loud because the music is so beautiful, I'll give 5 stars
Very challenging chefs...but i was able to play all the selected areas...Like i am done playing with the game oo😂😂😍😍 I loveeeeee t
I like this game very much and this is very helpful for us because we learnt about some receipe that we can make I am enjoying this game very much😉😊
Good game but my coins and gems automatically reduce by number not allowing me to play properly anymore..Huh
Its a great game but freezes alot even during the game. Should give more coins as it costs alot to upgrade appliances
I truly like this game. Its challenging, doesn't ask for cash,few ads,its a lot of fun..I think you'll enjoy, give it a try esp.if ya like cooking games
This game sucks. You have to set the temp for corn and the dang waitress moves like molasses. Plus you have to PAY to PLAY each LEVEL. Ads after every level too. Uninstalling. This is after 3 levels of play and they ASK FOR A REVIEW. WAISTE OF TIME.
Don't download data is waste on population reason it will pause the game in 14th level 2 part 3 level they well say a dish is target 4 people is target of dish 6 people are there but 2 people came but 2 people not came if same reason if you face you be were angry you will delete the game.... Ice please part 19 is population reason
I love this game really . We can play this game offline also.There are many levels in this game .so I want it to be the 5🌟 game
I really like this game, it has alot og adverts on it , but devs have to make money some how, I appreciate that its NOT pay to win , I havwnt had to spe d any money on this ga.e and im on the 3rd story
This game is soooo fun and addictive.... The only problem I have is the supplies being reduced from 250 to 50 after waiting for 4 hours.
Very occupying games... plenty of chances to try each level. Got stuck at Pasto Plaza.... images not displaying
This app is tts cool my phone was 63%when I downloaded it and when I started playing it was still the same what I mean is that I played Tim's whole challenges and the phone was just 60% like it does not eat up battery percentage .Thanks for such an awesome game
I love this game I never got bored by playing this game because there are several places and levels awaiting.
I have come here to give you five stars, this game is SUPERB, so interesting. I just love the fact that you'll have to work very hard to get some tasks done like making perfect, this game is challenging and I love it. It teaches me to persevere until end, teaches me that I am an overcomer... I'm short of words I give a shout out to producers of this game, kudos to you This is the only game that has impressed me so far. Thank you so much for making my sad, annoying and happy moments. Thank you.
Very addictive and nice game but you have to wait 4 hours for lives to be refilled that just insane😟 I was going to rate it 5* but eish😕
I just love it. Very challenging at times and we don't have to spend anything so it's really really cool. I just have to rate ut at 5 and if there's ever a six star I'd still go for a 7 stars if there were any💝💝💝💝💝💝💝
optionally this is fantastic game for the kids to play and therefore I will not to be uninstalling the app
The game is nice. Takes too long to win enough diamonds, which is required to upgrade the food. Why do you need permission to my photos? Uninstalled because thus game doesn't need permission to my photos or any of the other things for me to play!
This game is very interesting game. I like it. But the supplies is low. So I can't wait 4 hours to collect the supplies. But I love this game 😊😊
It is the best game i have ever played ☺️☺️. It has many levels and dishes. 🥰🥰And I really appreciate this game😘😘👍🍭🍭. That's why I gave it five stars⭐⭐. I recommend every girl to play this game because girls love 😘 cooking and I too keep it up 🤩🤩🥳🥰
This app is incredibly awesome Firstly I thought it is a waste of data but now I can't do without playing it
Hey, My coins and diamonds keeps getting reduced all by itself and please don't tell me that you will look into it and I should contact you through email as I already did that and even u got this kind of reviews earlier too kindly help me out
This app was great until i reachef the fourth location where it tells me to download the additional data but i am having problems with downloading it even though my internet connection is great
The Best game ever in the world. It's awesome easy to play and it keeps your mind busy. Its fun and enjoying to play. I Love it no problems. Its worth downloading guys 😍
Seems fun, but, having a little trouble with the right amount of ketchup to put on fries and baked potatoes.
Any time I enter to play it doesn't responds . That is the the reason of just one star . Improve this .
The game is cool buh am having problem with the supply or whatever🙄 and thats really annoying😏 and u will need a lot of money to buy avatar😔 Buh apart from that,💁the game is great💪
This is great game and this is best forever ever the world this is the best forever the play store i like it this all of you series this is best am momkey Topic character Doll is best and i like it Topic dolls .... Doll is beautiful and this , ..........hczzzxc viscosity
I really enjoy the game a lot, excessive ads, BUT that is to keep the game free to play, ok, now, why does this app have to have access to my files and why is it necessary to have to reload a level and it's competitor character after the 3rd character
I love this game One thing only you should add junk food area also where you can keep: Coke Burger French fries Hot dog Chilli paneer And others You can also open ice cream parlour And sea food restaurant also where you can make: Crab Fish Fish pakora Fish fry Shrimp And other I hope you will make it otherwise the game is sooooooo good that I can't tell Thanks for making such a game
I like this app. It is a good cooking app ever, more best then other cooking apps. I liked to defeat all my competitors and complete all the awesome levels too. But, the thing I rated it 4/5 stars was because there comes lots of ads in between while I play. I hope u better fix it. But be it what, this app is the best cooking app ever I'have installed.
These game is not so good it's really boring And sometimes it gets stuck even though my net work is so good
It is a fun game i love it thank you for putting the game love playing this game it fun and you can unlock things very fast
this game is very good but sometimes it hangs my mobile I redownload it many times in my previous mobile also the same thing happens and in my new mobile also
I really love this game but the only problem that i face is the level pizzorella is not open in my game.., Why? Plz tell me how i can open this level (pizzorella)?
I love this game but please increase the waiting time of customers and let there be another source of money(e.g mini games) because its very hard to get and mqny things are expensive.
Its level is very intersting i like this game very much i give 4 stars to the game👌🏻👌🏻👍👍
Woww....thiz game was really nice....we have to play fast to defeat the chef..it's really interesting....it has more more levels...I really enjoyed it....
It is very very nice and good game because it is hard but it improves brain function all are install the game
I really like this game it was amazing but some times it gets too many ads. Other than that i like this game .
i love the game, there is just something wrong, every single time i press the play button it doesn't want to play! then i have to go out of the game completely and go back in, it is a bit frustrating because i have to go out the whole game just to play one game at a time.... really iterating
it's a good game except the life issue why 10 groceriee thats rediculious i runbout of life to fast then it takes so long to restore life
Absolutely love this type of cooking game. So far I am really enjoying it! The only thing is that the amount of cash/gems earned in proportion to the cost of upgrades for appliances/food is a little off.
Very interesting and mind relaxing game but in population 34 chocoville 34 th one is very difficult. However we give the food fast I can't over come that step.
I press play but nothing is happening. Everytime I have to go out of the game and come back. I think I'm gonna quit this game🤨
I love this game so much! I would recommend this game to everyone I know.... any possibility that there will be a Kitchen Story part 2?!
i think your game is having issue. i will soon unistall it. anytime i check in ,all my diamond are gone just remaining one. some times i might have up to 100 diamond,but once i check in later,the thing is no longer there. making one to stay playing again just to get it back and it getting me tired. the time in which one gets supplies is too long.
Supplies are not always ready making me sick and tired. Also, u always fail while competiting with stupid Jim and Christie and it is too long. You see, I haven't even exceeded Christie but I know there is Lena ahead.
Good game but online video sometimes not opening so bad support please improve your kitchen story thanks.
I would have gave it 5 star but your appliances SUCKS😡👎 even when at max upgrade them better don't make any sense y they run slow for cooking other things when it's at max☹️😡👎
I love this game really guys lovely game I have rate five stars because to improve the game next time better but some ads are coming it's okay. I like it and play well guys play well this game is safe not tracked or hacked but remind that play well. Plz first see reviews then download the games you are downloading it. Well plz rate full stars to improve the game yet plz requesting you all guys. All can play this game , plz comment me what I'm rate here plz if have written good or not. bye [email protected]@
and what's even worse is that I paid 50 gems to for the hot plate and then I have to keep paying for it so that's even worse so I have to really save but I can't buy anything it's a losing battle
Wow! I love this game. My cousin first showed it to me and let me play it and I love it. I'm on the ice plaza now. I love the stories, rivals, the effects and the competition. I think I'm going to enjoy this game a let!!! Thank you producers
It is a very interesting game to play... As u proceed, the game gets tougher and you might not have enough money for the kitchen upgrade to keep up
I don't mind ads that a low me to play the game but there are too many ads when they are after every challenge. way too many ads.
the game is good but I don't like the idea how come you gave a fewcoins/gems for every level. I bet no one can upgrade their equipment with these few coins/gems; not unless they bought it.
Enjoyable and addictive. Wish the food could be prepared in advance to keep warm for future customers tho.
I really love this game to the max and will rate it 80% buh level 27 with christie ,im being cheated and its making me pissed off ....pls do something about it for me if u can cox its my ultimate favourite game thank u.
I like the game but I made a purchase. On August the 26th 2020 for the extra supplies +100. I did not receive the items that I paid for. I would like a refund of my 2.13 that I was charged. Due to me almost finishing the game now without. The extra supplies that I did not receive. It was paid for thru my Google account. Now that I finished the game. I really liked it wished it lasted longer. It is one of the best cooking games. That I've played and I play alot of them.
I love,the game, but you get to little points after each game you played. It is going to take a lot of games to upgrade your appliances. Also, the cost of each game, 50 gems?, is to much for what your getting back. Lower it down to 10gems and put up the points so that we can upgrade quicker.....please
This was fabolus .I love this game. There are many levels in this game . There is compitation between oponinets . Many dishes are there.i love it 😃😄😘😍🤗😋😎
It's a wonderful game of cooking the levels are little difficult but a nice game I like it very much🤩🤩
Game is lots of fun, but had to uninstall due to update with google locking up and lost all purchases and acheivements
I really enjoy this game and with the multiplayer challenge it's very awesome, but I dislike the ads.
Its good but igot to a certain level that was impossible to get out of even though i tried my best and my luck😒🙅
The game is so nice.I love the game very much.This game is so fun and easy.The graphic is so beautiful.
This is one of the best cooking games I've ever played... Things just keeps getting better and better.... So satisfying... But the amount of cash and gems to upgrade utensils are too much.
This game is good for me but when I got to the level 14,it was so deficult for me to go further. As at now i am still in level 14 and I need your help with this game.
very nice game .i am loving it😍.i have no words to describe my feeling towards this game.i can only say that it is the best game in the world.😇
It is a very nice game but in one of the levels, no matter how fast i served them they didn't say it was perfect which made me lose. And too many ads Now if i gain victory over a location ,i have to download additonal data in order to play the next location and it always fails to download the data.
i have enjoyed alot this beautiful game ..... when ever i m free i just used to play with my one of this favourite game..🤗🤗🤗🤗and its been so good .... i am never be bored to play ... whenever i finish my level their is always a new excitement to play next level .... thank u to the developer of this game who makes this such a wonderful game for us.......... thank u.....
Love the game!! wish you could get gems easier and didn't have to wait for the lives to refill. Too many commercials, but otherwise it's a great game. Very addictive and fun!!
This is my favourite game🤍🌈i love to play😌but I don't why I can't cross the level chocoville😞❤I'm upset
I love to play this game..but now it asked me to download additional data...when I try to download the additional data, nothing happen, not downloaded...I don't know what is the problem with this game now..i think I have to uninstall it...
Very boring and hard game. To complete 1 level, you have to play minimum 10 times to come to next level!!!
Although it i is a old game but this game has always in my heart ❤ . When I was 9 till then I play this game. I delete it and download it again and again and now I am of 13
I has been play it ,it's been great but I got to play against terissa but it been ask me to download data while I has defeated the last opponent and when I want to enter like play the game it knocks me out for no reason.
Lags after deafiting the guy. While deafiting the lady,2nd mission of the game, we can't do with ease as compared to 1st mission. Our end lady lags too much in the gameplay.
This game is very very very nice if you finished all the levels you can play one more l can't describe this game in words that means this is a wonderfull game forever and ever for me . even l played other game but those games boring but this game wow .
The game is soooooo amazing and addictive😊😊😊No bugs,having a great time 😍😍😍😍😍😍
This is so interesting the only thing I gave 4 stars for this game because we will get too many ads in this but the levels will be going harder to harder so it will be interesting by going to New new places like rokoville etc
It's amazing.I love this app.yes one thing is there sometimes it beacmes too hard. Improve this. Well it's amazing,relaxing and a coolest app and game
I would say this game has the right amount of everything from aggravation to excitement when you win.😊
I finish all the levels with 3 stars and get perfection reward . Now I don't have any level to play . It was too boring and it's upgrade appliances are too much cost. Waste of time only less enjoyment.
I deleted this game but intalling again because i play it every morning before work...started missing it...i'm so much into the characters...it's a very interesting app..download it and you won't ever regret..
The game is nice it's just that every about 2 seconds the game of stop and exit that's the only thing that I don't like but the game is a nice game to play but unfortunately I'm deleting it but trust me it's a nice game I just don't like the fact that it does that
When I run out of ingredients and can't play the next level without paying real money, I quit the game. I would have kept playing, but now I'm frustrated. Who knows if I will come back. You also limit the about of coins received so that I'm unable to upgrade. I even watched every available commercial and still couldn't upgrade the items you recommended for a couple levels!
This game has a very bad sight bcz all dishes have same price and boost up products cost are so expensive...can't win the game bcz of slow working equipment...I hate this game for this purpose..and even the videos are not available when it is watched for earning coins and when the game is over a new video appears....worst game ever
Super game...having a lot of fun...add some extra characters and change costume colours and give a new look
I love this game I play it all the time ,only thing I am not happy about is in my other phone I had bought the container to hold extra food when I switched the game over to this phone it wants me to buy it again it's so not right
I am how to get diamonds... and ads.. Please I want ads or diamonds. I want instant supplies.. so I want diamonds and ads. Please give me guys.... Please please please please.. I like this game.. I love this game.. And addicted this game.. Please..
keeps shutting down and very slow to make any cash to buy upgrades not worth sticking with so am deleting
Fun game... except you only get 5 times to play every 4 hours! and your 5 times to play literally takes 10 min or less. So unless you want to pay to play... don't get addicted. Due to that, wanted to give it 0 stars! However gave it 2 stars for being fun. My recommendation? If you achieve a level you don't lose a "life". If you fail a level, then yes lose a "life". Also make the replenishing lives time shorter than every 4 hours.
So far I'm loving the game! My only downsides would be at every play there's an ad, having to wait 3hrs for your plays to refill or use 100 gems and that only gives you 3 plays. It shouldn't require so many gems and wait time for 5 plays shouldn't be 3hrs long that's a bit much. I love love cooking games, but may play a bit longer to see how things go.
I love kitchen story soo much buh after you've played 5 times you will have to wait for 4 solid hours before getting a chance to play again and also it really difficult to deliver an order to a costumer at the lower left corner. Why is that?
Absolutely love this type of cooking game. So far I am really enjoying it! The only thing is that the amount of cash/gems earned in proportion to the cost of upgrades for appliances/food is a little off. Edit - December 15/20 - I have taken away a star because my gems keep disappearing! I needed them for upgrades but the app keeps reverting me back to zero. Please fix. Note: Developer does not seem to answer any questions or address concerns.