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Kitchen Craze: Restaurant Game

Kitchen Craze: Restaurant Game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Flowmotion Entertainment: Restaurant Cooking Games located at 1440 - 1188 West Georgia Street Vancouver BC Canada V6E 4A2. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
While this game is fun, my interest is lost when you increase in levels which increases how much things cost that make it nearly impossible to pass levels because you don't have the cooking equipment you need. That needs to change because I'm not going to play the same level 100 times to earn coins. Make things more cost friendly.
Ridiculous. I used to rate it at 4 or 5 stars but now wondering if 1 is even too much! You just deleted the entire progress and put me back to zero! Had reached level 6! And lost all the progress. Plus the new layout looks so childish! Not smart al all! See NO improvement at all!
After the first restaurant it takes lots of green diamonds and coins to upgrade a single item. It isn't tempting me to purchase more with real money. You can only watch a very limited amount of ads for gems. (I think the limit is 5 a day) Even when watching the ads you aren't always given a green gem. At this rate it will take me several days to update one item.
It was fun but the money that was collected in the first city cannot be used for the 2 nd city to upgrade items. So going to Uninstall it. In other games you can use the money collected in first location for the 2nd location to upgrade items. Rest all is fine.
I happily paid the starter pack and removed the adverts to only find out a lot of levels are engineered to be so difficult to pass you must use gems. The amount you need for everything to pass certain levels is only achievable if you pay with money. Not satisfied with people paying for the starter pack but then wants a continuous stream of income from members. I find myself more and more disgusted with these apps. I'm happy to pay for a decent game but not to be robbed!!
I really thought that updates would be AWESOME, instead the are very weak. Your coins do not transfer from one cafe level to the next. Nor did my old coins transfer to the new updates! How disappointing. But the art work is much better. The game is kind of fun. Need to allow the transfer of coins though.
I'm amazed about this game this is an easy game and a smooth game as well I read about the past that everyone posted to me I am not having any issues and plus there is no ads either so if you are looking for a game that doesn't have ads this game is the one and with no ads it's free as in you don't need to pay extra to OP ed out of ads
I've completed all the games and when I check on it daily for a new game it tells me that it's coming soon. How soon will their be more resturants????
The levels are easy to pass which is the best thing ever, and there are so many levels to play. I highly recommend this app because you just tap on the food to serve it to the customers and for the food to get on the hamburger or hot dog buns unlike cooking fever where you have to drag everything. The timing is great; it's not that fast. You actually have time to give them the food. The beginning levels are serving burgers, fries, hot dogs, Coca-Cola, the toppings are ketchup, lettuce, cheese.
There are difficult levels which you play and get absolutely tired of replaying...you are giving a limited amount of customers and also expected to reach a specific goal. I wonder how possible that is, cause no matter how fast you get,once the customer have reached that limited amount ,they stop coming.... What can be recommended for such levels? Besides this,the game and graphics are lovely.
Its so hard to earn gems and money then if you go on to next level or next restaurant you need to go back from scratch and earn money...so what about the money I earned previously?? I now dont like the game. Ive played a lot cooking game and this is so poor for me although it has very nice graphics.tsk2. 1 STAR for the graphics not the way the game is.
Good game, I do wish we could keep money earned into the the next levels seeing how upgrades are so expensive.
So far really fun. I appreciate not feeling i have to buy anything i am a chef and baker and i like some intensity but also like to just rekax a bit i find a bit of both in this game and i appreciate the generosity of the boosters and gifts. Most restaurant games i have played get so complicated and hard to beat really quickly i am really hoping that is not the case here. Thanks!
Before, that game was one of the best games ever. It used to be very unique, extra ordinary and special. Now after the last update, it became a copy of other regular games. It became a copy of a game called cooking crush. I used to enjoy playing it so much. But now it has become very boring and limited. It completely lost its glamor. It is no more extra ordinary, special or unique. I LOST ALL PREVIOUS GAME PROGRESS. WHAT A WASTE. UNINSTALLING !
One great game! Its face paced at times but nothing you can't handle. Graphics are nice and so is the music. There are ads but only if you want them for gems and I take all that I can. You update your kitchen and food it makes it even easier to pass level. I'll update as i play but right now recommend this game.
I was waiting for the longest time for the game to finish building the restaurant after I finished all the levels of the previous update. Came back and all my progress had been deleted and the new graphics are way too bubbly. I really used to love this game and it was the only cooking game I ever stuck with, but after this update, I don't think I can play anymore.
I love this game so much! Once you download it you can't stop playing it!! Please give it a try, you won't be sorry!
It's fun, until it isn't. My largest gripes: 1. When you fail, you're not told why (not enough money? not enough people served?) 2. You cant advance w/o upgrading, you can't upgrade w/o gems, and you cant get gems quickly. 3. When I watched ads to earn gems, I wasn't always given the gem I earned. I really liked the game, at first. Then I ran out of gems, and you really need those to advance. I'll look for another app.
Not good as where doesn't the money u have carry on to the next round u can't get enough money to upgrade
The game could really be fun, but you decided to make levels unpassable without using gems. They are hard to come by. Those of us that play these games know that it's happening. No matter how fast you serve you cannot pass these levels without gems. Shame on you for forcing players to buy gems or uninstall the game. You had a good game but messed it up.
So far so good. I don't like rating agame this early into the game as I am often disappointed after I give thama rave review, especially since a few of their games are among sucking rip off like Asian Cooking Star. A game will ever again play.
Love this game but need more levels already beat them all. Please get more updated soon then I would give a 5 star review.
fun to play but hard to get anywhere due to lack of gems. everything needs gems and you don't earn enough while playing. almost every upgrade needs gems and unless your willing to purchase them, it will take a long time to get anywhere. the ads are ridiculous. You pause your game and have to watch a 30 second ad just to play again, not to mention the 5 second ads after almost every round. Those are the cons. the game when you can play it is a really fun game
Didn't get past the first graphic. I even restarted my phone and uninstalled/reinstalled the game. Nothing worked. I have a relatively new phone, as well (Galaxy S9+). This should not be happening. I've also noticed that a large number of reviews show that this problem is not an isolated issue. It is something that has been brought up multiple times and the developer(s) are simply turning a blind eye on the situation. Very disappointing...
It's okay but I don't like the fact how the Sea food restaurant cooks the fish slow and the drinks πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ the upgrades got more expensive in the sea food restaurant πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
THIS GAME SUCKS!! You make it too hard to earn coins and you do not allow coins to roll over to the next restaurant. You have to start all over again with 0 coins. Really?! The Cook It app is so much better. I'm UNINSTALLING this one!
I LOVE THIS GAME!! it's so much fun! I originally got it because I wanted a cooking game whose customers weren't as creepy as the other one (forgot the name of it) but I really like this one! You can get gems without having to buy them, there's hundreds of levels with more coming, and it doesn't need WiFi. 10/10 great game keep it up πŸ’•
I haven't seen a game which keeps robbing people off of money.This game needs gems for every level to continue.Aren't you supposed to program games in a way where people would love to upgrade or purchase gems only if they needed. There are levels where no. Of customers will always fall short and hence need gems to buy the add on. It is acceptable if this happens once in a while not for each and every level. I am totally disappointed and upset. You guys better change. Total waste of time
good game plz update new levels.... i have already complete all the level ......and i things ....in this game some level are not improve
This game is INCREDIBLE! I've been hooked from the second I downloaded it. But it should be noted that along with many people that don't buy things in games gems are hard to obtain and cripples your progress. So more ways to get more gems would be awesome! I also had a problem with watching ads for gems. My ad would play but after the ad I wouldn't receive any gems... it sucks. I want to use the ads to get excess gems to help me continue my progress but I'm not getting.... gems are my problem with this game. Other than that, I love this game. I would rate it higher if not the gem problem
For the cooking genre, this game really delivers. It builds appropriately, including easier practice stages and super challenging stages. Some levels can't be beat without boosts or gems but it is possible to get these for free. You try all different cuisines as well!
This game does not seem to have any option for earning extra coins or gems unless we shell out money. And there was one game which is exactly the same as this but with a different name.Quite disappointed.
Yes this game is good to play and this game makes my bored time. Quite good as compared to other cooking games
This game already had many issues as I was playing. Almost anything I clicked a message would appear saying "unexpected error occured," but it was at least still playable. However now even though I'm logged into Facebook, it reset my progress all the way to the beginning and I can't seem to restore it. Don't play this game unless you like losing your progress. I'll update if this is fixed. *update* They seemed to have fixed it. Helpful support. Thank you.
You are very good understanding please keep up.Thanks love you all I am an old woman.make the game easy for ealders
I'm currently in the pizza parlor phase of the game...level 12, 13, 14 and 15 have a topping for the pizza that doesn't even exist! It's not pepperoni or mushrooms and that's the only two choices other than cheese. What the heck! Can't even progress! Very disappointing because I really liked the game.
The game itself is really good and addicting but the bonus gems thing is getting really annoying. Most of the time you can't get the free gems cause there are no advertisements loading. And usually the daily quests can't be done unless you spend money since it needs, let's say, buy 3 upgrades... Which is impossible since you never have enough gems
Levels are too hard. Either need more customers or more time. Both require gems which are hard to come by or cost money. Also upgrades cost too many gems. No way to proceed in the game without using gems. Been stuck on level 10 for months. Deleting this app. Warning do not download this game.
Had given it 5 stars before now deserves even a zero. Completed all levels a very long time ago. Been waiting for a new restaurant to open. The wait is just boring considering of deleting this game completely
I absolutely love this game! However I've almost finished the pizza parlour & it's now way too difficult to play.. don't get me wrong I don't like easy levels I do enjoy a challenge but it's just far too difficult! I have tried the levels over and over again trying to guess what pizza toppings are underneath the green peppers (as that's the only topping I can see whatever toppings r underneath is pure guesswork!) So ive had to quit.. I'm now searching a game I enjoy as much as I did this one..
Really enjoy playing this game. I love the amount of points, diamonds and extra ways to earn diamonds that are given.
This is the best cooking games of all the cooking games 😊. I usually play word games, but I decided this time to download cooking games😊. I downloaded a lot . But of all the games you are the best. Keep up the good work 😊 and don't listen to anything negative about your game. Be safe , take care and God bless everyone during this crucial time 😷 I really appreciate your game. Thanks for the great game.πŸ‘ŒπŸ’‹
It was a great game until you get to the taco level and the developers shouldn't charge diamonds and coins for upgrades.that's ridiculous so uninstalled again will not reinstall.hi liars how can ya'll say new 2021 was this game was developer in 2018 or 2019.stop lieing.be honest.released on 2016.nope
Delighted and grateful. Thank you so much for such a wonderful game. Amazing rewards, easy tasks, beautiful graphics, fun to play no stress at all. Best part is easy upgrades in every level. MUST PLAY GAME
Still in the first world but good so far. It gets fast paced but the upgrades make it possible to keep up.
This game is the best even if the could add more characters but I'll never stop playing it and I love games like this
Had great potential, doughnuts was great fun...THEN came the seafood...glitchy glitchy glitchy! Though I didnt lose anyone some how I could'nt make the goal and you wanted me to spend 24 diamonds for more people! WHAAAT! Sorry folks gotta uninstall. Too bad!!
Fun n challenging....... have to buy gems when you get to higher levels....please do away with ethnic costumes, seem so stereotypical
Was good, but not so good since second level because I m not making enough diamonds to purchase the appliance and food. So I think I will delete
Its an interesting game but it stucks again and again while playing it online. If played offline it does not stucks. Solve this issue
I'm on the pizza board the mushrooms & pepperoni look the same. Even I've tried both & some times it would be the right one but most of the time it's not the right one. It's confusing I've stop playing this game before so it looks like I maybe uninstalling it again.
This is a fun game. I really prefer the click and tap action instead of the dragging action that a lot of these kinds of cooking games have. As with most games, the ability to advance can depend on your willingness to pay actual cash for virtual items. I did find that the starter pack was a good investment because it removed ads, but now that I am running low on gems again, I'm not sure how I feel about needing to pay to advance. We'll see.
I actually give it 0 stars. You cannot earn enough coins to up grade and i do not like that you HAVE to earn 3 stars to pass a level. I also am not impressed that you havecto use gems to make up grades to your kitchen. Uninstalling. Not worth my time May 2020 I gave the game another shot and am uninstalling. I earned 10,000 coins and they did not transfer to the new levels. Not worth it.
I still like the game however I liked the old graphics better than the new bubbled out kiddie look. I was just getting used to the last new one yall just changed to. I do think it's annoying to have to keep starting over after you get really far. But other than that good job on keeping up to speed with the other games. Love this game still......
I love love love it no problem with the game I enjoy playing it One of the best games I'd ever played My kids like playing it as well
Great game, very generous to give reward! But too many sounds...it is abit annoying but still it still a great game
The updates was a messed. All the previous level was gone. Unlike any other app that whenever there is an update they make the game better while continuing the progress of the game, but with this Kitchen Craze app the progress was all gone. Time to uninstall. Edit : thanks for the reply, if that is the case, i suggest that the update will not erased all the progress of the players. You should keep it while putting additional levels. Thanks.
I love this game but why does it let me watch videos to earn diamonds then does not give me diamonds!!! very frustrating. must have happened 30 times!!! will give 5 stars when this is fixed. ALSO, the toppings on the pizza are so small I can't tell what they are when there are multiple items on a pizza. I can't even play the game anymore. So sad because this game is great.
Play the same levels over and over and over and over just to advance. When is a developer going to get one of these cooking games right! You'd think someone would make one that is more ZEN!! Stressful is no good...when we play to relax. Not here😲πŸ˜₯
Actually love this game but my problem is it gets too hard am stock in d same level at d pizza even though I have used up all my boost all diamonds still nothing also I don't understand y only d fully updated restaurants get d money being played at the events like wat is d need when u've updated everything n u don't need to play it again or buy anything pls help us get more gems n money
It's a good game.. but i want to synchronize my saved game on cp to my new tablet, but can't seem to do so..help pls...
Sucks the money n diamonds dont transfer when u complete a resturant. Its too expensive to upgrade and this game dont give options to get money or diamonds by watching ads. You will have to use real money to upgrade. I wont be playing this game for long
I have opened and done with all the Restaurants but now I can't open another one it keeps telling me ""COMING SOON"" for the past few weeks it's annoying 😑😠 FIX IT OR I'LL DELETE IT !!
I lost a total of 114k in my total score just today! This is my second time to experience having problems in the event. Why is that when I surpass my best score it does not accumulate? But when I scored lower than my best score it accumulates! This happened twice! I sent an email already. I'm hoping for a positive feedback.
I really like this game. The graphics are awesome! I will let my friends know how great this cooking game is.
I love this game nΓ³ adds at all and so enjoyable thanks and as for other people there is no adds an I have never had any issues xxx
Unless you have alot of money to spend on Gems and Boosters it's not worth your time or energy Fun and addictive game to play not worth it You will keep paying and paying to go further Boosters are very expensive You can beat level 25 to 35 but can't beat 2 or 3 unless you pay It's amazing how this company step forward and respond to all the reviews that are BAD BUT TRUE πŸ˜‚ Everybody is claiming the same things stealing people money and I am Uninstalling like everyone else Enjoy the coins
pretty fun! i love the game, its very fast paced, challenging & fun to play. The only downfall is the diamons. If it were easier to collect diamons, it would make it more enjoyable & easier to move along in tye stages. If you don't have enough diamonds, you can't upgrade your kitchen, therefore you can't advance in levels. If this could be fixed, I'd be more than willing to put 5 stars. But other than that, a great game!!
I like this game but like others have mentioned, it's hard to get enough jems to upgrade. and if you don't upgrade its hard to beat a level. Also, I've had issues with some of the food items getting stuck. when i tap for it to go to a certain person it doesn't work so I end up losing that level because the person walks off with no food. (level 119 for example).not sure if it's a glitch or what.
I won't recommend this game at al(money grabbing game). Graphics r good, but very difficult to clear each level, without boosters can't clear at all. Upgrading cost is also heavy and tempting to buy diamonds using our own money (bcoz without enough boosters we can't clear the level).... Then for food rush competition they are giving only few diamonds as a prize in which we are spending lots of boosters to compete in that... Only for those reasons am giving 2 stars...
I agree, it is difficult to earn enough gems for upgrades, but if you play the levels long enough and so the daily challenges, you will eventually be able to pass them. My biggest problem and the reason I gave this so few stars is because there were 2 new levels. I had one more star to earn to play the next level and I log in today and the 2 newest levels are now gone. I spent so much time to pass the Spicy Kabob level and now it's just gone. Wasted my time.
Until I get to seafood thats when I will know if what I experienced befored it's there. If it's not there then I will give you 5 star
Best cooking game ever made fun for all πŸ˜šπŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’€πŸ’πŸ’–is every restaurant three Stars?πŸ€” playing one level over and over again pls great game and how many levels are there in seafood?
Best cooking game ever made fun for all πŸ˜šπŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’€πŸ’πŸ’–is every restaurant three Stars?πŸ€” playing one level over and over again pls great game and how many levels are there in seafood? Great thanks 😊
I made a review earlier but have to revise that here now since playing this game more and figuring out about how upgdading works. I think the game play is nice and fun. But now just find the overall experience to be just okay. The reason for this? The need for gems in order to upgrade. That is unnecessary as only coins should be needed for upgrades as making coins is based on merit and the players merit should be rewarded in kind. I don't think that gems are needed for upgrades. Coins should be enough for upgrades. Gems should not be needed. I find this irritating, as other cooking games don't require gems to upgrade, only coins made based on merit. This need for gems here in order to upgrade just makes it feel like the player is being slapped in the face and taunted. I hope you modify this unfortunate defect.
Very fun! challenging and satisfying. The updates to the game make it even better than before!!!! Love the tapping instead the sliding the dishes and ingredients!!
It was 5 stars but now I changed it 1 star. The game changed on me. It is not the same game I was playing last night. I did not change games or apps. I clicked on the app and was taken to a different game and at the beginning. Like I was new to the game, which I was because I never played it. I don't know what happened to my game where I left off. Update: I still want the old game back, but this one is ok.
I enjoyed the game for a litte while, until I get to the Seafood restaurant where you're upgrades are very pricey and you can't up grade using coins, instead it's blue chips. Not interested now.
It's a good game to play but it's a massive con. If you like spending & wasting your own money on levels you'll never pass without spending loads of gems then play, I wouldn't recommend at all & after wasting all the gems I bought, I am deleting the app.
As far as a cooking game, this is the best I have ever played. You use gems to upgrade items or buy boosts. But the game hardly provides those. The only way to get gems is buy them. I'm on the 3rd restaurant and in order to upgrade to win I'd need to spend well over 20$ just in diamonds. Fix that and I'd give 5 stars all day.
I cleared one level and it says you have not clear... In that I had to collect 300 coins and I collected 318 still it didn't approve... I have screen shot of that.... Only graphics are good... In few games we had to clear 8 thumps up and customer comes are only 7... A big lol...
Was a good game nd enjoyed playing it. But for some reason I cant get back to level 2 savory fish level. Was playing it nd got up to the the first 2 levels nd hadnt played it for a day or so. Nd now I cant get #3 on level 2 to play. I'm frustrated at this point in the game nd it's just not letting me play. I uninstalled the game nd reinstalled it
I wanted to give this game a good rating but i just started playing and things are wrong already. Playing boards that ask you to get nine likes but they only have seven people come in. This will have you spend gems very early, which means later levels will be impossible if this game had these kind of problems so early on.