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Kiss Marry or Kill Anime Remastered Game Quiz

Kiss Marry or Kill Anime Remastered Game Quiz for PC and MAC

Is a Trivia game developed by Panichev located at Russia Saint Petersburg Torzhkovskaya street 15 197343. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Trivia game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I would have given it 5 stars because it worked really well for the majority of the time I had. However, the second to last update as of this message caused the app to no longer connect to the internet. I hoped that the most recent update would fix the issue but to no avail. Please fix the app. Update: Yes. The problem still persists.
missing a pretty bunch of anime (no SAO but idc rlly), but the app works how it says it would. it requires wifi and sometimes the picture and name doesnt match but Fun game overall. Creative idea!
Great time waster, but the only things I think they should add, is the abilities to browse rounds, and choose to play out of the rounds you create. Other than that, I love everything about it. Great job!
Really fun. I am subtracting one star for two reasons though 1. Your supposed to be able to make your own rounds that other players can play and the results are displayed for you. It doesn't seem like anyones played mine though, save for a few which got a ton of results immediately, that I think may have been rounds someone else already made. Not sure if its a glitch causing my rounds to not to show up to others or the results to not be displayed for me 2. There are only 12 characters per series
It was fun and worked well for the first while of having it but recently it just keeps saying "preparing" then closing out the app. Please fix it as I've seen it's still an issue for a number of other users too. Thank you
I really recommend this because I learned about new animes and the pictures they have are on point so I really recommend this app it's really good just check it out 😊❀️❀️❀️
It was alright. I liked how you can pick which animes you wanted to get questions for. But it was really confusing...atleast for me. But other than that it was really good.
I like it has a decent match up and you can skip if you don't like the pairings I'm not to overly fond of the idea of kissing marrying or "killing" somebody, but I think it's well programmed it's decently put together and have a decent filter in I do however feel like there should be an option to comment on why you made your choices I feel like that would make things a little bit more interesting and maybe even more social for the community and also add the ability to make character suggestions
Best way to pass through time with friends and family.πŸ₯° If you're an anime fan I highly recommend this game.
It's a fun game, but over time it gets a little repetitive. It's still fun but that aspect can make it a bit boring.
It is fun and honestly makes you question yourself but some of the pictures aren't accurate to the characters, like Junko, her picture is of Mukuro when she was disguised as Junko
I really like this app but I can't get it to show me only the girls. Β°~Β° So I only gave it 4 star until I can figure out if I can do that or if I am just confused.
There's a bug where if I hit skip round like twice I have to go back then hit start game again for it to actually skip.
It's nice. It's a bit sad that you only have a few characters from each anime and the pictures are obviously not as good as in the adds. All in all it works fine. It's not breathtaking or fabulous but it's fair.
For some reason if I hit just girls it selects every anime and if I only want to choose specific anime it sets both genders. But it's a great app
Very fun game but there needs to be more rounds. I have gone through all of the rounds and there needs to be more. Also there is a small error in there to. Under seven deadly sins it puts gowther down as a feamale. There are often confusion about gowther gender so just a reminder to add him to the Male catagory
I really love that you can choose all of the animes that you watch that way you are not sitting and wondering who the characters are. Also this is random and unexpected. Overall I love this app
A bit difficult to scroll through all the anime, they have every single one! Except the seven deadly sins movie, prisoners of the sky, and they could use some more commandments in that category as well, but it's cool, like, really cool
I play this game whenever im bored and IT ALWAYS SEEMS TO CURE MY BOREDOM I really like the filter feature so i can just play with characters i know already.. Its a good app i recommend it if your stuck in quarentine and bored ✌✌
They should really do their research and check the original source material,before choosing the characters.because I found at least two examples of the wrong gender character but except for that it's a pretty fun app
I would like to continue playing but the image sizing is off when trying to examine characters. As I feel this is one of the most important features of the game malfunctioning I find the overall experience dragged down too deeply for my tastes. However I intend to change it to five stars with proper functions in place. Tried playing with the newer update and have no complaints now. As previously stated five stars is where I stand now. Good job!
I really really love this app! The pictures are good and what's more fun about this is you know all the anime and they are a lots of anime, I mean A LOT i think all the anime are here except 'hentai'. Also... the ads don't bother me because there are ALMOST NO ADS!!! I think this is the best game i had in my life, i couldn't even tell if there's wrong with this app because i love everything that is in this app. Sorry if my english bothers you :3
This app is SUPER fun I love playing this with my friends. There is one issue, if i get an ad there is no way for me to exit out of it. Every single time I need to exit the app all together :( other then that 10/10
This game is awesome but I only give it a 4 star because I wish their could be a option so that you can choose one gender from selected animes. Right now, you can choose one gender with all animes or some chosen animes and (for example) you choose all males from all animes. Whenever I make it so then it would be only females or males and then I go on to choose some animes, the gender part becomes 'all'. It would be awesome if you could add that!:3 thnxs(sorry if it was a bit hard to understand)
I'm sorry but I dont understand the reasoning behind making a game like this. It was fun. Yes. But... I didnt really get the same sence of enjoyment out of it like other games. It is a good time consumer though. So I'm neutral.
Great game only problem I have is that some of the characters are in the wrong gender like koko hekmatyar from jormungand, Koyuki Kazahana from naruto, and others are under male category
I personally really enjoy this game. It has a wide variety of anime to choose from, and although it was a hastle trying to filter out the animes I haven't watched (yet), it's pretty fun if you're bored and have nothing else to do
It's really fun my sister tackled because i chose the characters she liked and I play whenever I'm bored five stars
i love it tho, i don't know that much animes. btw can you add blue exercist plsssss! i love blue exercist and i love this game. when i first got on the game i loved it i got obseessed (idk how to spell lol! ) right away!. i love this game sooooooooooo much! ;) you did great on making this game. bye!
If there were fushigi yugi characters I would've given a better review but I searched every single fushigi yugi character and none show up please add fushigi yugi characters and add Nuriko or Chiriko from fushigi yugi
It's fun! Sooooooooo many anime characters to choose from! They are absolutely stunning, gorgeous, cool, sweet looking, attractive, and you can pick the gender. Genders are Female, Male, or Both witch is cool! I for one think it's great you can pick the Gender, but.. I'd say choose both if you want but other than that the other things are also awesome! And you should get the app It's VERY entertaining as a weeb like me so my advice is get the app pls:) ❀(β˜†β–½β˜†)
it's easy to use which I like that! ( cuz I'm too lazy to figured s*** out😊) you can choose what animes you like and take off the ones you dislike. it's a good app! Especially when you have nothing better to do in your life like me! So yeah if you're into anime download it!
It's a great app, the only thing that would make it better is if you included an option to view a description of a character after tapping on them - things like their personality and background - in case you don't know who they are (that way, even if you haven't seen the anime they're in or you haven't gotten to the point in the anime where they get introduced, you can still make an informed decision).
I love the picture but pls remove the ads Pretty girls are marrying the boys so Sweet love it I love to download this game when I first started intelligent person to ask if they have any Idea when we get home from the hospital I will be in touch when you have a minute can you please let me have you been up too and I love the pictures so good to see ya soon I hope I love the way it looks like I love you so so much and I'm so 😾😺😺😻😹😹 I have to be at the airport now v please find my resume
the game is very good, a large number of titles and characters, but the minus is the art: firstly, they should all be vertical, it will look better, and secondly, some of them have poor quality, you could find better, if you don’t time for this, then let the people who downloaded this app choose the avatar of any character themselves, I will be glad if you respond to this review, (translated by google translator, sorry for the errors)
Lol I just download this in order to spend my short (but it's worth it) time and to see any new anime characters to be discovered__Everything I 'judge' here is simply unique so no offense~~Haven't countered any probs anyway so I just rate it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ stars___I will play another new app of this series next time and can't wait to see the changes !!! ✨✨✨✨
Fun, simple, and it doesn't take up too much phone memory. However it requires internet connection to play.
this game is so fun and challenging at the same time! it works perfectly fine and only has a few ads of the other games the made, it doesnt bother me personally. its a really good simple game :))
It loads very slowly, crashes a lot, sometimes doesn't connect in the first place and bombards you with ads. It would also be way better if it had a resettable algorythm to narrow down choices for you instead of that complicated filter mechanic. There are just better options.
I like the variety of anime and characters but there's a bug that won't let me select "show boys" it just automatically changes it to "show both" when I exit the filter.
Exactly like it sounds it's actually really exactly what it is if you want to install it in my to tell you what to do it's actually really cool game very cool I don't know I just felt like we're writing this review solid if you want the controls are not very good and don't try to type an anime that you want cuz it doesn't work just wanted to say hi before you install this game look at the reviews
Somehow it's better and worse than before. More options is good, but it takes a long time if you want to customize your selection. I've had the same options show up multiple times, so I'm not even sure how it narrows it down to your top pick (if it even does that anymore). There are some notable bugs, such as custom for girls only and still had a few guys show up, or the results screen may show a different set of options until the correct results load in.
Though it's an amazing app, you can freely create your own choices, but there's one thing I didn't like because it's online, if only it was offline that would be appreciative enough for me to be satisfied.
Its fun but when i see 2 of my favorite characters it doesnt let me choose the same for both and that goes for my least favorite characters .when that happens i think real hard of which i would marry,or kill
I really like this game so far and its really fun to play :) so far there's nothing wrong with the game. So it's a 5 β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†
This game has changed my life. I used to be homeless, and I spent the last of my crack money on this game and then I met a cute anime catgirl and now I'm literally God. Thank you game
Good game, but there needs to be way more characters, even minor ones. Hisako from Angel Beats, Lucia from Rewrite, etc.
The filter is working fine. But the problem now is that when I try to add a round, the list is blank but when i try to tap a certain character its blank its photo is there. I tried reinstalling but didn't work out. Thank you in advance devs.
Can't play I select icons for all of them, and then what, nothing to press, also filter does not work. I am guessing you can only select 1 icon so guess what, in some rounds you get 2 or 3 boys get ready to be gay, make an update allowing all icons for the rounds.
I can't get into the game =/ As much as I really like the game itself I just can't get in TvT ( The game before was pretty fun before so I give it a 3 stars ) So I was hoping you could fix this problem please Γ’vΓ“ from : E.GLW XwX
I love to play this,I always played this with my friends. And I can finally customize my anime types. Mha is my favorite of all. I give this 5 starsπŸ˜πŸ‘
I really like this app. As a working person with little free time, I find looking at anime character pics (and occassionally discovering a new one I like) A GREAT ANTISTRESS. I appreciate that there are character & anime names, a Skip button, which allows you to move to the next 3 and a list of all Anime & characters in Filters. Just 2 suggestions - please change a few pictures which are not good enough quality and make Anime List ALPHABETICAL, or it's very hard to use. Thank you! πŸ˜ƒπŸŒΏπŸŒΈ
This is a fun game cause not only I can find ikemen characters there, it helps me find animes to watch. During the time I was editing the filter, I notice a problem in two characters. Tooru Mutsuki from Tokyo Ghoul is listed as a male when she's actually a female. Tenma Unomiya from Sousei Onmyoji is listed as a female when he's actually a male. So far, that's the problem although it's quite manageable at least...