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KingsRoad for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Rumble located at 2121 South El Camino Real Suite C100 San Mateo, CA 94403. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love this game, totally addictive, lots of fun, everything is explained, perfect brilliant all round game and so far only spent 85p and it wasn't even necessary!
I feel sorry for new players that start to play this game. Rumble has removed achievments for dungeos that would give you move speed sets or gold drop set. Also let's now forget that it has been several years since this game was updated. Tons of bugs in game. Honest rating is 0 don't try to play this game
Years of playing this game when it was on PC. Good game in the hands of a useless company. The game has been a haven for cheaters and nothing has been done to stop the cheating. The game owners refuse totally to tackle the problems such as lags, game balance, cheats and heavy loading issues. Now that Flash has ended and the game can only be played on mobile and tablets, the problems got worse than ever. Three days now unable to load the game. Oh Players support is a gimmick , zero support.
The game doesn't fit on a pixel 3 xl screen. If it doesn't even do that I'm not going to bother finding out what else hasn't been done right.
Cant play the game in my phone am using Pocophone f1 and its says always when i enter the game (KingsRoad is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.) For me and all my friends too the same problem .. please fix this asap we want play this cool game so badly 😢
I personally lobe this game. But for some reason, when I got to lvl 60 which took me 2 months to do, it reset me completely. I was back to square 1. Plz fix this or i will habe to stop playing
There is no exit button in some of game menu's. I can not go back when I click my phones own back button. For example I have to shutdown and restart game if I click the guild menu. I can not close var. Please solve it
I really enjoy this game! I like the story and the graphics are alright. I like playing with other people online and making new friends! The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I lost all my progress after I downloaded this app on my phone and everything reset! I had at least 70 levels and I had played for hours and had a lot of friends but lost all of them because my profile completely reset 😞😩 now I not only have to play from scratch but I lost all my friends....
I'm giving one star because I'm playing this on the phone and it's the wrose game I've ever played on the phone. Mind that I used to play this on the computer, but you keep asking for the flash player in order to play the game, which just ruins the computer. Since I didn't want to crush my computer for a game like this, I installed it on the phone but forget about it, on the phone is awful, too many bugs, constantly crashing, too slow, errors after errors, forget pvp because when you can finally click on a spell you have been dead for at least 15 secs, it happens too often mid quests everything freezes and no matter how many times you enter the game you are still stuck on freezing on a map and you are forced to return to town and losing every progress you made on the map. On the phone is frustrating and a waste of time. I do hate it. Would rather play on the PC but I won't kill my computer with the flash player.
Game glitchy , gotton old dont think servers have updated for a long time. Suck of all the continual buying adverts.
Its been 4 days like hell. Struggling in start up, loading screen, picking rewards, guild contribution and other everyday rewards. I dont know why? Last saturday gaming is very ok but now.... it sucks and very lagg!! I hope they can fix this. Im playing at SEA and using samsung phone for 2 years.
Initially, 5 star review. But then I realized how extremely laggy this game is when not on missions. Also, the game bombards you with stuff, like gemstones and potions, only stackable in small amounts (potions), or not at all (gemstones). In order to be able to keep the useful stuff, you'll need to dump a ridiculous amount of gems (premium currency) into expanding your inventory slots. Decent game, but throwing loads of junk at people to force them into expanding their inventory is dumb.
Great music there is the issue of requirement to pay gems past the three lives you get if you fail. If the player jinstead has the descision to travel to town not an issue.gems to increase inventory slots is another issue but again just use up your inventory and not so much an issue.
Easy gameplay tap and attack so enjoyable upgrades at the fingertips as well . Brilliant game design loads of fun !
I can't play on the phone at all because when I enter the game I can't use the full screen or normal. You can't close pages for example to give "X". Too bad the game, and on the laptop it goes and only the characters are seen otherwise it is deleted.
such a good RPG game people are saying there is hackers and glitches and loading issues there isnt hackers, lags, glitches, or loading issues and you can still play this game on pc just download bluestacks and if your game lags when ur playing on pc and mobile you just have slow internet or a bad device or pc. Really good game i could play this all day.
This game is one of the best rpg game i have ever played and i have been playing it for atleast five years. But can you guys please bring the old dungeon system back where u could get set lootboxes and such and maybe even bring the broze level of the event cuz since you guys removed these its been really hard to progress and now i need to grind thrice the amount of time just to get to 2,300 power. Hope u will bring it back
Unskippable tutorial .. WHY IS EVERYONE MAKING UNSKIPPABLE TUTORIALS? HATE IT!! and its buggy .. right after the start and also after the first real mission the tutorial is bugging the game, where it shows you what to do etc., screen is dark (but can see) and cant do anything .. only quit the game. Login to googleplay to save the game doesnt seems to work either. What is the most idiotic part of the game, tutorial is forcing you to spend more skill points on skills you dont want .. yeah no thanks .. The one who made it like this is an idiot.
Was forced to Reload Numerous times (only because I appreciate the format) after the Loss of several cell units. Looking forward to This Present engagement! ThAnX Ever so much! Rune
There is a problem with the display on phones with wider than 16:9 aspect ratio. Some stuff doesn't show correctly and its impossible to play after the first skill you get since the button that closes that window is not shown and the back button on the phone doesn't work for that.
I liked this mobile game but, maybe you should add transaction setting to give gold, diamond, token and can send item. Thanks a lot Dev and Adming hope you consider this suggestions. :)
No back or cancel button? And navigating the player is troublesome you need both hands, would like to return playing but no.
After couple hours of instaling blue stack ad Noh finaly realize who cares Rumble thank you again for ruined such a good game wish you to give up and please sold francize to someone who realy want to make this game great again. PS flash is dead on PC and remember this will be dead also on Android until then hope covid will slash all of you so futher owners maybe will know to write this game in new engine
I think I would have liked this game.... if I were able to play it. I was able to play the intro, but after choosing fight style I was unable to exit the page. A blinking arrow showed me where the button was, but it was just offscreen.
Funny story about this game i used to play it before like about 10-12yrs ago on facebook i liked it played it a lot got my toon to lv 50+ and then lost my account so by the time i made a new account to play it again it was no longer active so i find it now like finally ill get to finish what i started all those years ago ==Thank you==
It's still good and maintained it's quality comparing what it is the first time I played it, but why do I feel like the game is slowly abandoned? There are still many things needed to do and improve. Would be a waste if you leave it all behind.
I trying to forge some weapons and i keep going in a dungeon with friends even though i declined, kinda annoying, so much lag when even one person is with me, just imagine when more than one person is with me. Good game just needs ajustment in quality for less lag. And an automatic join is again very annoying when trying to upgrade things for room. Not much inventory space always looking for more space when not spending hundreds of dollors here. Good game just not worth the time when paying here
Tried to find a game to take the place of Battle Arena Heroes Adventure, and this nailed it perfectly. Immersive story, beautiful graphics and best of all incredibly fun!!! You can pay to progress faster, but why rush and miss out on experiencing a well thought out game world. Aces across the board!!!
KingsRoad is not really worth the time and effort, and money especially when the devs don't care about the game that hasn't seen any development for over 4 years. There are still cash cows here willing to be milked for all their worth though, despite the deplorable condition the game is in, so all is good right, Rumble?
Good if you like to play silver level for free forever for something to do Takes years to get your gold find up to decent levels and you can not get the damage jewels the older players have now even if you spend thousands of dollars So its just something to do game to waste your time in now. Also game is constantly having log in issues and booting from game issues Used to be a much more fun game years ago and it used to work better back them years ago
When the game works it's okay. mac users you do not have any keys to control characters with. Bluestacks was notified 3 months ago and nothing has been done. Many players get locked out of the game due to connection errors. This a chronic rumble games server connectivity issue and they have never done anything about it. Rumble Games ended their browser application in Dec 2020, they failed the KingsRoad playing community. Many players have spent $$$, Rumble got rich and forgot the players
I have a few suggestions that could make this game better, but it's pretty solid for now. Like every other game it has packs you can buy but you dont have to. I did to support dev's. Fun game.
Windows don't adapt well to the device's screen (oneplus 5T) so the X to close the windows ends up being cropped out of view with just a few pixels of it visible. To close the window we have to click non stop on those few pixels until you hit it on the right spot to close each window... Ruined the game experience
BRO this game is amazing there are a few things I would fix, but besides that this game, is like, for me, the OG. Bronies remeber back in 5th grade playing on chromebooks this game with THE BOYS. GG
Used to be a good game, now it's just sold itself out. A huge money grab that won't take the time to fix it's own problems. There are optimization issues on tablets and mobile, and lag issues on tablets, mobile, and pcs. I downloaded it yesterday to get back into the game on my phone and now today the app won't even open; it just crashes before it gets into the game. This game had a lot of potential and the dev's let it fall on its face.
Non-stop action, some tough opponents, still learning game, try lowering more prices on gems and battle gear, and I would be more inclined to tell more people to play.
The Game was so Good .. But there's 1 I think got pissed me off the pvp I got 230 token on pvp and can't play even once too long for searching .. u better to fix it ..
Screen resolution bug right from the start can't see the close button as its above the screen when on inventory and skill page ultimately leaving me stuck on those pages making the game unplayable, game needs a option in the settings to change screen resolution in the settings until this changes 0 stars from me.
this game is bugged with "warning there ars too many log ins'. it kicks you out of the game randomly most of the day & there are no maintenance from the app developers. this game would have been a fantastic experience if it it were not for all the bugs. very disappointing. and the sad thing is, the app developer is aware of this but has done nothing to resolve it. do not risk losing all your money on a game like this that is filled with bugs.
Had to stop playing due to connectivity issues. No one else had this problem ? Played for 6 months, really enjoy the game with no intention of quitting. Then some weeks ago game wifi icon showed 'poor/slow connection', happening ever since to the point it's become unplayable. Tried installing on my PC / different phone, same thing. Tried on wifi at work rather than home, same again. Then using 4G, still the same. Asked a friend to try on their phone / network, same issues, So after suffering permanent latency for 2 weeks I've given up. Quite sad as I really enjoyed this app.
Can't get past tutorial spot where it forces you to go to inventory and close it (with a button, I assume). Can't leave inventory screen. Close button doesn't show in my curved edge to screen phone :/ wish it detected screen size/ratio better. I also can't use the back button on my phone to get inventory screen to close or have it close by clicking anywhere else. Sucks, seems like a good game.
Rpg with unique experience. Love it. Good customization with an array of skills and equipments at your disposal.
I have this issue I don't know if it's a bug or not cause I can still play the game in normal way but this issue is about the guild I'd just join a guild then they kick me but still in my plate I'm still at the guild and after I look at the guild members I'm already removed but still I can contribute I try to leave the guild a thousand times but it says "error to leave the guild try again later"
This game has a lot of bugs when its teaching me to put the turnip to my action slot and when i did it it said tap here to close this panel but there's nothing to tap so i can't even play the damn game and i have screenshot to prove it.
Having trouble loging in and it won't let me collect my daily reward. Love this game but I'd rather play it on a PC.
I really enjoy this game, like all games these days its a business therefore relys on players spending some money for gems etc. I can live with that as we all do! Very good graphics, story and plot is simple and just to play it and relax from the seriousness of life is great! For a free game its really super and my hat is off to the developers. Maybe not for all tastes but, it will do me mate!! Note that a map one can see as one wends ones weary way through the route could be of interest ?!
The game was infested by hackers and cheaters plus matching on pvp and dragon raids is out of this world. Plus the layout or placement/positioning of left and right bottoms is overlapping us friends that Lavin also overlaps on top of those bottoms very bad. This is for mobile setup.
Menu dose not have a close button tutorial tells you to click here to close this screen and the button is missing in fact if you try to open any menu including your inventory there is no way to close it without closing the entire app
I can't play. I download the game, 3 times now, and click it to play, it gets to the second loading screen (the 2 swords) then comes up and says Client Error, a general error has occurred. Why isn't it working? I played this game for a long time on another device and would love to start playing again. Please help
Very boring game with constant money needed to do anything of value. And its still not guaranteed. Is VERY slow, and laggy on pc and mobile. And not worth getting into since it's limited by a cash wall.
Probably along the worst type of game, absolutely predatory inventory restrictions while RPGs style floods your inventory with items they force you to delete that renders a pay to progress theme, plus lootbox gambling. Just disgusting that this is even a choice for kids, let alone anyone. Deplorable. Not to even mention that the app will randomly reset your account off the app so sign In is constant. Trash at best.
Use to play this game and absolutely loved it. Wanted to come back to play it again however for some reason they have removed to Australia/Oceana server now it's completely unplayable in my region. Questionable and extremely annoying decision from the devs...
Easily one of the best mmorpgs available on pc and smartphone/tablet. If your a new player and plan to cash shop, i suggest beating the first few maps until a $0.99 cents bundle is offered to you, youll get $10 worth of gems for $1. And if you wait a little longer a few other nice bundles will popup. Also check the shops daily discounts. With gems i suggest you buy inventory and storage space, as well as skill points. Good luck have fun. Love the game. 5/5*
Lags and delay issues are just normal to me becoz for having a non decent phone for gaming. But this morning the app is always crashing and I cant log in the game. And always says "Kingsroad is not available now".... I dont know what is the problem but Ill looking forward until the game proceeds. SEA user here...
controls its terrible commands are losing 2 frames when at attacking, but graphics at same thing at version of PC actually we need a mini-client for your version
Great game! I was looking for something engaging with strong storyline and replayability, but not too complex.
Good game with lots of mechanics to tinker with across the various classes. To bad there microtransctions integrated into it at every level. Far too much focus on monetisation of a game that hasn't seen any new content in 4 years. Player support from the developers is trash. But the same developers bottleneck players into spending money for progression. So its a total loss to play this game in the long run. Glitches are rarely fixed, hackers are all over the player base (unsurprisingly) and developers are not in direct communication with the players Casual gamers : dont bother playing this game. Theres more fun ones out there... Hardcore gamers: this game can be worth your while if you like the grinding it brings. You can choose what objectived you want to achieve per day/ event/ festival. Don't EVER spend money on it though. Its definitely not worth your time, there's plenty of people who regret that decision.
I am old player. Pls update this game. I have resolution problem ,i cannot solve it and add new characters.❤️🇬🇪
I play this game since 2015 its really cool i really like it just the only problem is the texture only that the gameplay is amazing love it
This game is a mess, insert an auction house, a market system, a crafting system and so on. The graphics are from 1998
It's alright but really got to update the game and expand the story been over 4 years and no new progress has been made on make the story longer like more depth after the last final boss make another region or more
Game is fun an all. BUT you need a lot of stuff to have in your inventory (that is really small). Enchanteing is imposble you need a lot of stuff THAT YOU DONT HAVE SPACE FOR.
This has a good story and several fun modes though it has gotten hard to advance without paying to advance quicker and some modes like the colosseum are almost impossible to get into due to there never being anyone to be paired up with. In waiting for it to find the opponents for me then it disconnected me due to inactivity. Other then those issues then this is a good game.
I've played this before mobile ... when it first started. Over the years, Rumble slowly nerfed the game over time, as it was always a money grab from the beginning. Rumble doesn't care about the players, only money. What took me years to invest into a top player with top stats was eventually killed by Rumble as they nerfed the game with zero warning. Don't be fooled...save your time and your money ... Vash!
I love this game. But horrible lag when playing. Shop doesn't load properly all the time. Have a hard time trying to get into a party with friends. The game is great but so many issues make it really hard to keep playing. Plus can never access p2p sat for 4hours searching for party before giving up
An mmorpg with awesome classes some skills,a small openworld and an awesome story with good graphics and gameplay? What more can I ask for! This is BEST online RPG I've played. Plus its only 50mb! With no additional downloads oh Its also Like Torchlight and Diablo III and can be easily accessed and doesn't require long and frustrating account making,verification and all that kind of stuff. This is literally a game I can play everyday I got hooked right from the start. Great job devs!
I finally find a party and the game freezes. After restarting the game i get a message telling me that too many login atempts were made, forcing me to not play the game for several minutes. It s almost imposible to find a team and when you find one, stuff like this happen
i still remember playing this game on facebook lol ,it was great old days . Now i see this game avilable on ps im so excited to play this game again ,but sadly it not as good as the pc version tho. It is because of the extreme lagging and poor control . i don't mind clicking to move on pc but tap on mobile? nah it would be hard to control ur heroes when u in a hard situations . If u add a freakin JOYSTICK the control s would be much better btw. Also about the lagg pls fix it i cant barely moves
It was a good game, but now I even can't play it on my device, the UI is to small, please bring this game back
why the game implementing to cp THEN WHY NOT FIX ALL BUGS..!!! theres a lot of bug i cant play normaly ...
played this for years on fb after a while it was too much the same thing over and over. now i tried to play it on my phone and the ratio is off and i cant escape the guild room or even the daily prize collection page. also too much lag. i cant even play it on my laptop anymore.
It is a great game, but still have some issues with the server lag and the "search for party" feature !
The issue for me is the controls. I dont like pressing the screen very often. Its better if it has analog pad controls.
its better to play in computer than cellphone to slow in cell, great game ever but rumble is getting worst .
I used to Play this before back in Facebook on pc version decade ago. The excitement is so good to pay this again but sad to say much better this if we play on pc version, this mobile version not compatible with every devices of phone. And this app is not updated anymore, hopefully developers will see our comments about this game and improve more than ever, this will be guaranteed old players play this game again.
Game is kind of a scam. While you have 30 days of daily rewards, calendar ALWAYS RESTARTS on day 29. Day 30 is day with biggest Gem reward, I dont skip any day and reward always restarts on day 29.
Everything is amazing, other than the fact the game crashes to see being unresponsive. I know that has to do with my device, but there needs to be; 'Spec' sheets for all app major app games. I've already sent feedback to Blizzard. Not blaming any one, not the devs just a suggestion, put with your releases the Specs. Like: CPU?: 1.5GHz or higher. RAM?: 1GB of RAM. GPU?: Mali450MPX2 or something. It'd be extremely easy, just have the 'SPECS' in the (read more) area. That way if someone knows their specs, of their device, they can choose to get the app or not. But I guess that's the issue there isn't it. An app maker, or app makers, plural, would lose downloads to the availability of specs, guess that's why in the "mobile" device gaming making industry there hasn't been a standard presented. Which is what I am saying, and trying to change. It needs to.
Great game, Control is very responsive only problem is the buttons to close windows are off the screen and the one to reduce the full screen can't be found once you use it.