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King's Throne: Game of Conquest

King's Throne: Game of Conquest for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by GOAT Games located at 201, 2/Floor, Building A18, Hainan Ecological Software Park, Laocheng High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone, Hainan Province. The game is suitable for Mature 17+ (Violence, Blood, Sexual Themes, Partial Nudity) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not bad. Annoying to go back and forth to collect a bunch of times, would be awesome if there was an option to collect all at once or something. otherwise I actually really enjoy the storyline, just wish there was a bit more sexiness out of the maidens.
Game is decent, but takes time to progress through the game without any micro transactions. Which is a bit of a let down.
this game is terrible, once you make a profile on this game there is no way to delete it. you can try to delete your Google play account and it still doesn't delete this game's data
Love this game!!! So addicted!!! Finally a game you can progress without being forced to spend a ton of money! If any for that matter!! My only issue is, me and my husband can't get our social networks to connect??? But would definitely recommend to everyone!
Casual kingdom simulator minus the real time building and battles at least yet I should say. Still very low level but overall a great and easy to play game.
I love this game, and I play it all the time, the artwork is great, and there are so many different things to do. Most of the people are really nice, until you get met with one of those "I run this server and everyone listens to me or I ruin your progress" kind of jerks. I wish there was a way to report them for this kinda thing. But besides that (since its not a admin thing) I love this game to bits!
Confusing game but it's basically a timer harvest game. The commercials for it are misleading in that there really isn't much content with the maidens. The prisoners require you to restart with punishing the first prisoner and work your way up each day. I suppose it's an ok time easter so long as you don't mind the laggy servers.
YOU are the game, the developer is playing you like a grand champion! How is this game not getting flagged? Most of the mini games ("events") are literally gambling! Spin to win, card draw, etc. There are also events with materials you cannot acquire in the game except by gambling or purchase! (Such as stone in the alliance fortification challenge.) This is a masterclass in player manipulation. This game represents everything that is wrong with mobile gaming today.
I like this game, its similar to another game I've been playing for like 3 years but I'm enjoying the art work and medieval theme even better. Just wish I could skip the tutorial, its easy enough to figure out, especially if you play games similar to this.
Fun game. Too bad the app shuts off before you finish playing. Kind of sucks having to reopen it to finish playing.
fun game to pass the time. as you grow your kingdom. just wish there was more variety and freedom. instead of being led by the hand and told to do this then that. also being bombard with vip perks that you have to pay for is annoying
Just started this game .. to earn for another .. but one thing needs improvement .. when it's a female player .. she ought to have the option of MALE "playmates" .. instead .. they are ALL female 🥴 new to this sort of game, but interesting so far and the graphics are decent. Seems to be a game you can play without investing a lot of money despite the constant "push" to have you buy
It's a game for when you're at work or idle though it lacks pvp and player interaction. It is also very much a p2w game, the shops are arguably over priced. A years subscription costs 50$ which is how much triple A games go for. Its largest gem packs is a 100$. I just don't see the value. I wouldn't play this if you're weak to temptation.
"I'll die for this Kingdom, sweat blood for this Kingdom, I'll die for this Kingdom, you won't take me down." In all seriousness, the adventure and story to be a good ruler is truly fascinating...
RUN AWAY!!!! I've been playing for months. The developers do not care about the player base at all. They have had major bugs and glitches that have crashed major events. The customer support is the worst I've ever seen. No information. No empathy. If I could do it over, I'd run... Update: The game devs response below is a lie. I messaged them in game after they asked, they told me they were meeting to make a fix. They then messaged today recasting their promise. All you'll get is lies. Run.
Its been fun so far. I can see where the pay wall might get frustrating. it's an easy game to zone out on
It's an interesting take on these types of games, competitive but not bland where you're upgrading buildings. In my opinion the children system needs a rework or something, it feels a bit out of place. Otherwise overall would reccomend
Nice graphics Though I hope in the future, at the very least, the points can be accucmulated in each event even after it ended and then can be used again once we get the re-run of the event.
the animation in this game are really good and the women are super hot Wich is very cool I also like that there are no adds witch is awesome I'm guessing it runs on in game purchases and the premium membership witch is good it is pretty much what it says it is for the most part witch is refreshing
The game is relatively simple, but there are a few bugs to be worked out, one such bug is a graphical bug that appeared as I entered the Royal Chambers, the screen went black with only the names and directional links showing. Other than that the one gripe I have is that you have to pay to complete events such as the correnation event. I know you guys need the money to support the game but come on that's just low.
Is the game free-to-play friendly? In some ways, yes. In some ways, no. The gameplay loop of obtaining more resources to better your characters to get more resources holds some attention. Though character stats and their effects aren't explained. This lack of explanation issue is prevalent throughout the game, I think. The main story can be completed without payment for additional resources, though there is grinding to do. Beyond that... most events are locked behind hard to obtain items and a paywall. The way events occur also seem a bit inconsistent. When I started there would be a handful, then only one, and now there seems to be almost a half a dozen at the same time. Building up characters to do as much damage as possible is a challenge. I would consider this to be the long term draw of the game: trying to boost the attack as high as possible.
Good graphics, mediocre everything else. After about 2 days of playing, I feel stalled unless I want to make in-game purchases. The story is a bit novel, rescuing maidens and training heroes, but it isn't worth the effort. The challenges don't match the rewards. I would not recommend this game unless you're up for paying.
Game asked me to tate it, seeing how I installed it almost a month ago and this is the second time I've turned it on, I can say that it didn't leave me with an overwhelming feeling of "I must play this!". Only time will tell.... I'll update the review once I play it more.
I wish there were more options to make choices. After a couple days the game starts dragging out and you wont, make a lot of progress without spending $$$$
Still kind of one of those kingdom builder games, but at least they put a bit of a different spin on it
At the start the game is not bad, but once you get further into it everything really slows down. It takes more and more resources to do stuff and the rate at which you collect resources becomes much slower. It transforms from a hands on experience into a game where you can't play for long since you have to wait for your timers to run out. The combat system seems to be arbitrary, as you always lose the same amount of soldiers independently from your army size and the opponent's army size.
Wow great game. The waiting time isn't extremely long and it doesn't matter as items are easy to get. The game is prefect for a time killer and is free to play, I have seen alot of games like this that make it impossible to play unless you chalk up cash. All in all great game.
Sadly with the server mergers that just happened, this game has lost its appeal. Now having 50+ more pay to win players to compete against for every challenge just means you will fall further and further behind.
First 4 hours worth of gameplay you'll have plenty of things to do, then the pace becomes slower and slower. Now, I can only really do anything about twice a day. It's got very little to do with lust (if the name drew you in) and any soft core animations will take you quite a while to get to. Overall, it's an alright game that devolves into a slow over two idle check up kind of game.
Staright up pay to win, borderline pay to play. If you're not willing to spend bags of money you won't even be able to participate in the majority of events. The rewards a free player gets are meaningless, a drop compared to an ocean. The only aspect the developers ever seem to update are more ways to get your money. 90% of all characters must be bought. I've been playing for almost 6 months now and I've yet to save enough tokens for a single "extra" character. Player beware.
A good game, beautifully made but doesn't live up to the build up of what they ads would have you believe.
This game is great fun, a great tapping game. But it should have more areas to visit like our kingdom village, where you could buy food, water, jewellery and clothes. It would, in my opinion, more exciting.
its follows the premise of other harem type mobile games but with less tutorials, more dialogues, and more. the graphics are a little iffy but overall good.
It would be a much better game if it wasn't straight pay to win, been playing for about a day and I've already stalled pretty hard. If I continue to play it's just going to be grind session after grind session.
The game is great. Solid events weekly, change about every 3 days. Some grind but not too crazy, challenges aren't too worth it but the events can be. It does help to be VIP at places, but easily playable without it. Save up about $5 on google play and that's all you'd have to spend. In game gems can be bought too, but plenty of ways to earn them. Including daily log-ins. Late game needs some work, but it's in Beta so they have time. Over all, solid game.
it's cool i guess... it's just like all the other games of this theme and it's nothing like the ad you dont get to interact with the characters anymore then you do with the others games. i mean the stories line is well planned out and the art is different but there isn't anything that really sets it apart or above the others so it mediocre at best it's best point for me is that the "battles" dont take nearly as long as the other games
one of many similar games. if you're into it, it's good, if not, then it's probably not for you. content and story are both fine, not much challenge to it, but choosing where to assign points/items will play a big part in your end game. can be expensive to aim for the top.
just started. seems a bit complicated at first, with many things to do. the art style is reminiscent of comic books; I love it.
too bad a zero star option doesn't exist. no game play at all, just farming goods and sequences and the game will randomly delete your progress, so is literally a waste of time and money.
so far starting the game its easy to understand and is incredibly fun to play. I love the art work for the game, it definitely works for the overall feel of it and makes it hard to take my eyes away the art work is so good. 5 out of 5
Moderately entertaining: it's a lot of tapping and not a lot of strategy, also like many games they're always upselling you, and that's ignoring the sexism. It's okay if I need to clear my mind.
it's interesting so far, but I don't like how purchases are basically part of the game, as in the task is to buy something... doesn't matter what.
Similar to other games out there but this one has better artwork, better story lines and is a lot more user friendly.
I am writing this for the in-game rewards to be honest, but even after writing the review, I still cannot claim the rewards. So that is problematic. Other than that it is a bit weird to learn at first. But it is a good time.
I started playing this game to get diamonds for another game I play. It's pretty straightforward and easy. The maidens crack me up and so far two of the children have grown up "feeble-minded". Lol.
So far so good. Definitely theres a P2W aspect to the game but you can manage being F2P. Will update at a later time
1 hour in and seems enjoyable so far. particularly good is its a game without constant ads, which thesedays is hard to come by.
Fun!!! Kicks me out every time I play. Restarts my tablet every 4th or 5th time I play. Love the game though...10/2/20. Tried again same problem. 1st time I played...
I like this game because you get to become a king that sits on the throne and rule to protect his people anda castle but you get to battle against other people like war, get to level up have more heroes and ladies and by you already the king that sits on the throne you get to meet other people in the neighborhood and date so many female who ever they father that let you date their daughter once you do that then you can date so many female, get them pregnant and take your children, romance date.
The game works well but when ever i leveled up the EXP, the next level is too far to reach for a starter, like lvl 1 is 2000 and after reaching 2000 the next level is level 2 and i need to reach 4500 to get to another level, and it is slow to generate EXP.
I would like to be able to tell you what is wrong with the game, but I can't even get past the loading screen... Everytime I try to play, it tells me it can't load the resources. No worse game than a game you can't play. I do hope it gets fixed though, I really like the art style of what I could see.
I mean it's a pretty good time passer, but another copy and paste game. the artwork is very eye pleasing but most of the voice acting is pretty awful. I guess it all balances out.
Takes a bit to progress if you don't spend money to get items. If you only have a couple of minutes to kill can start and stop pretty easily.
it's a nice game but you will spent some money if you want to be on top of the rankings and some quest are sometimes needed some money to complete.
Finally, a war game I don't have to lose sleep over.. lol. I don't like ptp games that makes me worry about other players stealing the stuff I pay REAL money for, it makes me want to play it more and more.... as a matter of fact, I'm gonna go play it now!😊👍 I rate it 5 stars.⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐
I wish it had more story but the characters and graphics are fun. There's a steep learning curve but figuring it out has been entertaining.
The story is compelling, and the gameplay is intriguing but not too complicated that you lose interest.
Good to dip in and out as it is not too time- consuming or in depth like similar stragegy games. Like most games you will have to pay big money to progress quickly otherwise it will take years to earn enough Gems to fulfil the quests and have relations with the maidens.
this app is brilliant!!! the only thing I would change though is the fact that you can only be a king, not a queen, but otherwise I would give this app ten out of ten!!!
it's ok the only thing I don't like is the VIP in games get rid of them... You have to make a purchase to raise your VIP.. What's the point of playing a game.. When all you can do is buy everything... At least make it hard.. but anyways I gotta go purchase some diamonds...🤣🤣😙
The campaign, building castle, sending out heros and children to gain resources, and events are solid. Being part of an Alliances and interacring with other players is great! It really is more of a stratergy game where the "of lust" and maidens are secondary. It does ask for way too many micro- transactions. Server 341 is the best!
frustrated I can't get through a whole battle anymore because I run out of heros... and there is no way to earn the things you need to refresh one, so I have to wait 24 hours til any are refreshed. This has slowed my progress significantly
I have only been playing the game for a little while, but it has so many great aspects. Sure it has its appeal for pay to play individuals, however the pacing is wonderful and the reward spread very generous for those of us who prefer a leisurely game. The game offers many things to do and for the right individual can be played rather strategically. The maidens often portrayed in the ads are a plus as they can offer a slight relief to the tactic heavy gameplay or play tacitly with them as well.
So I LOVE this game. Been playing for 3 weeks and so far it has been great. Being a top player definitely requires P2W. My ONLY concern with the game is the amount of gems needed to unlock so many features. It does not ruin the game value, but it definitely deters F2p and even dolphins from wanting to continue playing long term. Amazing game though
It's a good game, but rather shy in the area of ongoing game play support. Many times I've had to tap around at random, only to find something else puzzling. It does have its better moments though, so I'll play around with it some more.
whould be alot better if you stop holding players hands at the very start of the game!!!! ppl want to be able to choose what they do when they want and dont want to be told how everythig works
Horrible customer service. Reasonable unbalanced game concerns met with auto replies. Unplayable without spending thousands of dollars. This game is nothing but a money grab. I played for months and was top ranked in many events and spending enough money to make VIP 9. Still got horrible customer service and auto replies. GOAT games is a rip off, all they do is take your money. Super glitchy. Paragon levels randomly decrease along with other stats you poured time and money into. Stay away!
I've changed my review from 5 stars to 1 star it was enjoyable at first now it's getting ridiculous. I'm having to visit maidens 50+ times just to get a child. The events give 1 fragments unless you pay $100s each event. Game is a massive money grab I've now deleted to much time and effort to get nothing very disappointing
It's a fun game to waste away the time on but a catastrophe happened. I visited a random maiden and she didn't change behind the curtain and then suddenly neither did all the others. So I restarted the game, lost all progress and then grinded only to find the same result. If sexy is what I am advertised, then sexy is what I want. Please fix. I will rate higher once fixed.
this game was fine until the update yesterday. Now, with the change on game play, I cannot build a forge, gun workbench, repair bench, laboratory or armour workshop. I build the wood floor but the game will not allow me to build. Are there prerequisites to build these? if so it does not say. there is also no mechanism that I can find to ask questions to the game makers in the game itself. pretty disappointing.
It takes quite a while to find out all the options and dynamics. You are encouraged to make at least one little tiny purchase a lot. But it's not needed ;) Great graphics, like the style. Not bad to pass time when bored, but be ready for the progress to slow down significantly after few days. Still, playing free is possible, that matters.
Overall, a decent game. Well put-together, and can be played for free. It does incentives IAP, but it doesn't require it
While the gameplay is easy, the avatars and dynamics are awesome. The way to level up is too difficult and monotonous. Should be easier without spending money or would be 5 stars
surprisingly fun. actually fairly straightforward and easy to get into. not a serious game but it while away the time. some issues with it crashing but it seems better 2nd time round
Game play is somewhat mysterious since the help screens are very brief. More thorough help would make the game more interesting and satisfying.
Ok game, don't need to spend real money which is good. Bit messy with all the tabs and can sometimes be confusing
Well made game and no ads which is a plus. I have been playing for about 3-4 hours straight. I like that I can control the outcome of everything that happens in this game!!! 5 stars
This game, so far, is a lot of menu driven button pushes. And yet, I find myself strangely addicted to it. But it definitely wants your money. If maidens and heroes went so expensive (at least to me they are) I would probably rate this five stars. Not sure why I'm addicted to it, but I am. The music is pretty catchy and well.
Good game. Would be good if you brought the second picture of the maidens back. Also it is stupid how you have more troops and higher military level yet you lose millions of soldiers against a few hundred thousand of the enemy troops.
A fun game, can get pretty addicting especially in the beginning when it showers you with loot. I was hoping for more leniency in the campaign thus far and ways to rule the kingdom. Your decisions dont make too much difference and I was hoping for a more interactive story
Fun casual play so far. There are a few bugs, but I'm okay with that on a game I don't have to spend a bunch to enjoy.
Great artwork but it's a carbon copy of every other conquest game. Some of characters don't have animation at all so it feels a but incomplete at the moment. It's not a bad game, decent game but it is far from unique though.
Nothing depicted ingame is 18+. There is not enough to do ingame cooperatively or otherwise even as P2P. It's even more frustrating as a F2P player. It drags on without access to basic features like clans because most content is hidden behind kingdom levels. There's barely anyone on my server (274). I want to recommend it but there's not enough to reasonably draw people in and keep them invested without paying. P2P players will always have the advantage, the game's systems revolve around this.
Game is a little over explanatory. Very easy to get the hang of and progresses very fast. Game is very fun though, I wish I could gain affection faster besides spending Crystals. A ok in my book!
Good game, but know that it is definitely pay to win. So long as you can resist dipping into your wallet, you'll still be able to play - just at a much slower pace. Definitely not R18 though.
It ok at the start but gets boring really fast! its just tap tap tap and as you get futher in less happens some of the main things like having a kid and raiseing looses its touch as you realize it does bot really achieve anything. Then the consent tapping just becomes dull. Will be deleting this due to being so dull!
decent so far. I really enjoy punishing prisoners in the dungeon. would really like to see torture devices added. I'd pay 100 diamonds to stab them with a fire poker, or other miscellaneous devices
Definitely pay to win setup. It's not bad for passing time though for free play. Definitely not for kids though! Quite a bit adult themed stuff and I haven't seen much on parental controls to limit those aspects.
for some reason I lost all progress . I was a good way into the game , came online to play and the game was reset and starting at the beginning . I was enjoying it but definitely not going to start over , especially if I can only get so far and then have to start again... very disappointed
I really like the game so far but I chose to be a queen and they keep saying long live the king or addressing me as king as if I'm a male so can you maybe fix this issue because it kind of bothers me
I''m not normally one for period games, but this one is okay. In fact, if it wasn't so repetitive it would be more fun. There was a lot of trial error because there were so many functions, alzo be warned there is a lot of narrative, but at least leveling up was easy in the beginning.
This game is a complete laggy ripoff of game of sultans. I have played both games and the glaring similarities are everywhere. From levies to the 3 exact some main resources of soldiers, gold, and food ripping the cavilrey against main AI bots aspect at the end of 5 castles. You should probably get another game if bad battles and a ripoff of games before it doesn't suit you.
after a few months of game play it became very repetitive. The game itself Is about a 3 star however I had an extremely unsatisfactory experience with customer support. When Thier event game crashed during a major 2 day event that you spend money on for the top rewards you would expect a resonable compensation. However they just gave me back game items that I had spend and refused to refund me the gems I had spent $ on. unsatisfactory experience with customer service earned them a 1 star.
This game is fun. There is a lot to do. There are also events all of the time and rewards ard accessible even when you are low-level.
Starts off good but then suddenly realize you have to pour hundreds of dollars if not thousands to progress at any competitive rate. So I spent 50 bucks and with in 2 days they had an event. The event was compete on how much you can spend. All in order to get a special character. People was easily spending 99 dollars to compete. The event ended and another one started to compete for characters. Again buy more to be able to compete. Need less to say those that bought have advanced way beyond me.
Definitely a pay to win game. Some parts of it seem overly complicated and some parts are unusable without purchasing premium content.
If you like Game of Sultans this is just that but not as advanced or good. Glitchy but simple, this is an easy play to win game. Worth playing however really depends on your opinion of an enjoyable game. Click game more than anything else. At least the character art isn't too bad.
its pretty good so far! the voice acting is amazing on top of it. are you going to install a hero summoning system soon? the prizes from puzzles and discord are also nice, to me its a nice sign that you do care about how your game is going and that you want your players to enjoy themselves as well. i cant wait to see how this game keeps improving! the only issues ive had was lag on loading but other than that its fine!
Good looking game with enough to do to keep interest, enjoyable content and challenge level. I would like to see a gender option at thw start of the game, however.. it is one-sided in that respect. Not a complaint, just an observation.
A fun and amazing game, so much to do, its challenging, and you are against other people in ranks to get rewards with events, would recommend giving it a go, you will probably get hooked to it.
Great game, but hoped for more of an interaction with characters. It feels more limited than I expected. other than that, good fun
It's alright. It does not hide the fact that it is completely pay to win. You can click forever and get somewhere but most things are not going to be available to you ever. You will never win any of the contests. Older whales have that completely locked up. Really look at the mechanics of the campaign. You can walk up to a group containing 13000 troops and the leader has ten times less value than you. It tells you losses will be low. You lose half a million soldiers. Really guys ?!?
Massive pay2win game, while enjoyable to play unless you are dropping $1000 a week into the game you will never get a chance to win challenges or do events. The devs cater to the pay whales of the game and will do nothing for free to play players. Your only chance at winning anything is getting into a guild that has several pay whales to win alliance challenges, other than that challenges are won by the same 3-4 people.
I do enjoy the game. However if you want to use gems everything costs way too much. It takes along time to go through the storyline.
Not a bad game, but I honestly hate being ignored... I sent your team a request to delete my account and no one got back to me. Moreover, it appears that there is no real way to delete my account which worries me greatly. Update: I am going to report you to Google, I don't believe that you cannot delete my email from your server
It is getting boring after you reach 40 Million Kingdom Power because there are no quests left to finish after 2000 repeating missions... You have to collect every 30min 13 EP to reach the next higher level which needs 84000 EP.... That is the only thing you can do to play the game
Pretty boring, nothing much to do. Extremely misleading, especially with the title. This game is more of a poorly constructed midevil simulator. Uninstalling the game, not worth the space on your device and not worth your time.
Developers make changes to the game and do not test these changes before deploying them. I have had 2 different bugs in the system and 1 was fixed right away and the other they keep telling me to be patient, patience is gone, about ready to ask for all the money back that I have spent on this game.
Actually not too bad, I think a few things could be added, and more ways to gain exp for your castle. Still fun though, liking it more than I thought I would.
I fixed it hopefully. To better explain, I have 3 and half month old account on server S329. I bound it. Then for 2 days it kept forcing me to creat a new one. Rating is not changing, do to other issues im having with the game. Mysterious island is one. Even your Discord server isnt happy about what happened last time it was taken down early. Some people had the same complaint about being unable to spend points and/or receive items purchased from the event. Thank you for reading
Its an ok game,different than what i normally play on the phone. A bit too much collecting though. Like replenishment every one minute of little gold and wheat and army for tiny amounts is a weird mechanic that should be revised. Same for maiden and processions.
Is an entertaining game, doesn't keep you connected, there are several "dead times" and the instructions are not clear all the time. But overall the game is good.
So far it's a fairly fun game. Straightforward and one of those to play every now and then if you don't get hooked.
The game has been enjoyable for the most part with a lot of events to engage you. I have had to downgrade this rating because the events can be extremely buggy with whole events not finishing. The developer has a poor response to these bugs even if you have invested a lot of time/money. If you want to play for free then it is a great game. Would recommend to avoid if a big spender. Developer commented below but have already had multiple tickets with them and they refuse to rectify the issues.
This is going to be a fun game ^_^ So far I like how it's set up and the story behind it all. Personally, as an artist, I love the character designs and the texture of every detail. Great job y'all! Keep it up! You're doing great ^_^
It's the same as all the other games the ads where completely false about the dating system and I found it very disappointing, seeing that that was the only part of the game advertised. I did like the art style though.
This game is ok, the harem concept is odd. But what I don't like it how many soldiers you lose when you go thru the campaigns. If I have 5-10x the power and soldiers the enemy has, I shouldn't be looking 60,000 soldiers in the fight.
Its a mobile game dont expect much.After playing for a fue months can say servers become baren no new players, events unbalaced. Most of them are made only playng with real money or if they give a possibility to do it with only playng and being active you wont get even 10% of event and agan pay money.
Entertaining game in the most part. After a couple of days though, it becomes a pay to win game, and those player who are prepared to buy a subscription, or buy hundreds of gems, have a clear and insurmountable advantage.
This can be a fun and strategic game. I enjoy it and would give it 5 stars, but the gameplay needs a lot of work. So much of the text is so small, it's unreadable. There are many inconsistencies. No new maidens not others toward maidens in months. Events that are uneventful. Clearly, they are only after big spenders and probably losing money from casual players in the process. Basically, this game is intended to get you to spend hundreds of dollars and f... Everyone else.
I installed this game so I could comment on the ad. It goes something like "You have been caught hugging the prince's brother and will be executed". What kinda BS is that? Who gets offended by/jealous of a hug? There is nothing intimate or sexual or anything to be jealous of in a hug. A hug and even kiss on the cheek is common and no big deal for non-intimate acquaintances. Looks like someone is having self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence issues. They should execute themselves instead lol.
It's been enjoyable so far, the game is generous with giving you things but you do need a lot of things to progress. Being in a good clan helps but it's easy to get squashed by clans who have "whales" in their ranks. It would be nice if clans/servers who have a certain power level, are allowed to participate in events catered to their strength so that less affluent clans have an opportunity to win things rather than the same old clans/servers winning over and over.
i enjoy the story it really let's you get into it especially with the family bits i like that you can have children and even marry them off to other kingdoms for support similar to real kingdoms back in the old days its quite an enjoyable game and would recommend to others if they are looking for a time killer i downloaded it from an ad and it is actually fun plus none of the fake ads like some of the other games this is a click and play for those looking for fps or clash action this is not it.
The Facebook ads are a bit misleading. There isn't much animation in this game. It's mostly just still drawings that you click on to activate. I find that it's pretty repetitive, and it constantly asks you for money.
"network error" since last update. Haven't been able to log in since. OnePlus 8T 5G. Everything but this loads fine. Please address immediately
I love this game! it's awesome and has pleasant music. game is quite enjoyful to say the least and there's lots to do! great job devs, can't wait to see what else you add to this wonderful game 😎😎
This game certainly has the potential to be addictive, despite of it's somewhat steep learning curve. This is far less about battles and more about how you manage your stats but given the pace you keep at it and wonder what's next.
One thing is, at least as long s I have played, this isn't a "pay to play" game if you're okay with slightly slower progress. Fairly complicated, and I am still learning but players are very responsive on the in-app chat.
i really wanted to like this game, but it is awful.. spoiler - this is how you play the game:. Collect Collect Collect Collect Collect. change screen. Collect Collect Collect. repeat ad nauseum. The Lust bit is aimed at 12 year old boys - click 'random visit' for a picture of a busty girl, fully clothed. oh the depravity! i just dont see when this game becomes fun. 2 stars as the graphics are nice
I really enjoy this game I have it on my other ph. but it broke today hopfully I can retrive the data but had to down load it again and start over but it's okay because I now know things I didn't befor.
just meh its confusing I think when you collect the levy if you press the buttons to fast it doesn't update fully so you can't keep increasing your men, money, or grain.
Didn't like how the game was. From the ads that was thrown out, I thought it was going to be a different kind of game of love and whatnot. I think there is even a similar game with a similar name somewhere in the store! I personally hate this type of games. Sheesh, do something different people..
I like the game but I may be too old to keep all the tasks up properly. It seems very complicated. As time goes by, I have come to appreciate the game more and more. The more I play, the better I like it!
It's okay, I feel like it could improve in some areas. It would be better if the maidens had variations of body types but they're the same cookie cutter body shape over and over with different faces, hair, and clothes.
The game itself isn't bad but the people running it will cost you your currency and not compensate you. They cost me about $15 worth of thier gems and changed the cost of something from 20 gems to 500 and cost me winning a battle. Don't spend your money here, find a game with a respectable customer service. Obviously you were not trying to improve or provide a better gaming experience, when you repetitively denied me what you had directly cost me due to your own mistake.
At first the UI seemed very clutter and I felt overwhelmed. After I acclimated I started to enjoy the game, actually.
Update: Just uninstalled 2 days short of 1 year played. This game is pay to win, so have deep pockets or prepare to be spam attacked by people that blew stupid amounts of money in game. Game was going good until I realized that they were randomly removing items from my inventory. They will not return said items without proof. Unfortunately, nobody screenshots their inventory daily. Don't bother and definitely don't waste your money with these scammers.
A lot of cheating and breaking the TOS which for some reason is consistently ignored even when pointed out and blatantly obvious. If you play this game, don't waste your money on it because the developers completely ignore those who win through nefarious methods and do absolutely nothing to stop it. It is as rigged as it gets. Heed my words.
Terrible game and the ads are some of the most cringeworthy, God-awful aberrations I've ever had to sit through in order to continue playing another game. To the developers: stop. You're terrible & so are your games. 🤢🤮
An amazing game with a great storyline even though it's not my time of game it is still amazing and really addicting.
I dont get this game. The battles dont make sense because my army would outnumber the enemy by a drastic margin and I still lose 30k+ soldiers. My military power is 4x greater than the enemy's but I still lose so much men. Battles are boring and not very tactical. All you do is tap a screen and it does everything for you. You have a character but dont use him. No character creation so I cant control how my character and his children look. Theres more I want to talk about but reached limit.
Not a terrible game, but also not one for most people. The game play can be confusing, and it can take forever to get anything done. Also, its not super important, but sometimes the exclamation point over the heros doesn't go away, no matter what I do. I can go through all of them and none need upgrades, but its still there. May seem stupid, but it drives me crazy.
This game was great until they merged people who have been playing for years with people who have been playing for months. I was very competitive, now the game is impossible. Not good for new players.
I downloaded this just to get crystals in another game. I'd seen the commercial in other aps before and I was aggressively not interested in paying for a waifu collection scheme when I could watch Shokugeki for free lol I normally don't write reviews, even for in-game points but I feel like I have to because this game really surprised me. It's simple to play and easy to figure out and yet, it doesn't take itself too seriously, and that gives a charming quality I find myself greatly enjoying.
The amount of pop ups upon first loading is ridiculous. Stop trying to sell me stuff. And it's every single time. Apart from that Its fun. Bit slow. But fun. There's a lot of dont undertsand too, but still enjoying it.🤷🏻‍♂️
Super fun so far and the game can be VERY competitive. There are challenges within your home server and across many servers with Cross-Server challenges that are fun.
After the most recent update, my game isn't working and it says it failed to unpack resources. I would like to continue soon
I was surprised at how much fun this game actually is. The gameplay developes as you progress and I haven't felt the need to pay anything to enjoy it.
P2W. It's a great game if you want to spend €¥. It's impossible to compete with ppl with VIP, unless you are willing to spend a lot of money to become one yourself. Also pretty much everything requires real money if you do not want to do a lot of clicking and waiting. I have over 1k worth of Procession AND maiden tickets but ain't nobody got time to use all of them without automation. This game is really not worth it.
What I didn't expect from a game, but exactly the kind of game to keep me interested. The Maidens are all gorgeously detailed, the heroes are interesting to level up and upgrade, the beast are really cool and then I get to invite people to have a feast? Come on over, eat with a King and enjoy the fun. You have to find your own Maidens, mine are unavailable. Lol.
The game is quite simple and entretaining, it has a very accelerated growth at the beginning and then it shows down which can be a little annoying to some new players but it doesn't depleate your chances to play entirely until next day like other ganes.
Actually surprisingly fun. I like the quest system, the constant and numerous events (and enough rewards to constantly drown in), and the art is actually styled very nicely. Didn't expect to like this, but it's a cool time waster.
A little confusing in the beginning to figure out how the game works, a lot of prizes early in the game which is great, but I fear it will slow down considerably once you get past the initial stages, Other than that it's like other similar games, if you like this type of games you will easily kill a few hours.
great game very addicting but the ad is misrepresenting the game as well as the name the game is in no way about the women they are only there to have heirs . no sexy animations or anything youd expect from the ad. always the same dialogue.
As far as games go this one is great if you are looking for a tap type game without alot of flair, starting off you can do quite alot. There is a little bit of a learning curve and it operates well without having too much "flair". The wait times get long through the game but it is a good time passer to collect your goods.
Interesting game. A lot going on making things a bit confusing. Does not seem like you have to put a lot into the game but as always you will get better maidens and level faster if you do. Graphics are not bad and I can see me wasting some time in this game.