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Kings Corner

Kings Corner for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by YetiGames. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game sucks! There's no rhyme or reason as to who goes first; with the computer going first multiple times in a row, and I only get to go 1st once. It would be GREAT if you could undo a play while it's still your turn
Overall good card game. The online game feature is sketchy. Many times one cannot connect to the Lobby for online play. Also, more people are needed to play online as the Lobby is somewhat empty when a connection is achieved. Please update the app folks. Thank you.
It's okay. Funny how every time the CPU wins they go first on next hand, but when you win..... CPU still goes first. Also, cards don't seem to shuffle well when you play consecutive games.
When I play the real card games with real people, it is who runs out of cards first played & they're the winner game over. I'm pretty good with card games & figuring out logic & usually win most of the time because I think like playing a game of chess. Sometimes I think the computer cheats! When I played the game with the computer, I played my last card & thought I won game over. Not. It gave me another card & we played 2 more rounds giving me one card each time & I ran out computer WON!
It was alright; Everything was fine and fun except, personally, I like to play alone casually. So the timer on each turn is annoying since I can't take my time. Other than that; loved it. I also like this app since you have to draw at every turn, which you're supposed to do. Other apps don't require it but that's how I learned to play anyway. And I like the format; It's how I play on a table top surface.
I don't like this version. I was playing the older version just about every day. I got a new phone and the app doesn't work so I had to down load it again and this version doesn't play as well. I'm going to delete it. 🙃 I might check back later and see if anything has changed.
Games works fine. You have to tap the middle to deal your card, otherwise the game won't let you win. This wasn't mentioned in the tutorial.
Definitely digging it, however, it could use some particle animations (not overdoing it like some candy crush or something; just enough to draw your attention) maybe a card fade transition effect for when moves are made so you know what moves have been made. The background table could also use some pixelation to make it seem less bland too, I think. Other than that I think it's a real solid game. I used to play this all the time and it lives up to rules I always went with. More players needed!!
Great game but nobody else seems to play it so you're always stuck playing against the computer which isn't horrible but playing against people would be better.. Should make different backs for the cards for more entertainment Should have a undo button for cpu matches..when playing i places several cards down that I wish I didn't because right after I seen a better play and when you're playing in real life with friends 9/10 times nobody cares if you pick a card up and do something else..
Doesn't show how many games you've won. It doesn't keep track of anything like it should. Please fix this!
Fails to open reliabily Android 10.0 Moto G7. All my other apps open correctly after taking the Android 10 upgrade. Have to tap the app maybe 3-4 times then it will open. Other than that, I love the game play.
The game has a serious flaw. You cannot win when playing against the computer. You will lay down your last card and it will draw you another, and keep going until computer runs out of cards and then you lose. I love this game but this app is no good.
Game was going well until I tried online play. It kept boring my fiance and I to the main menu. We were only able to get 1 full game going
The only real old-fashioned Kings in the Corner game I could find (Asparagus, apparently pulled their version). BUT, when it is time to quit & get some work done, this game holds you captive. It is hard to "back" out if it. Also, you can't sort your cards or tell how many cards are left in the deck or how many cards left in the cpu's hand. And, when a new game starts, the dealer or cpu takes the first turn. What the heck! There are other little issues that I wish were different, but....
it's just not a aesthetically pleasing game. and the ads cover half of you hand. overall it's a no from me
I have been waiting for a kings corner app!!! Every time I look I never find one. Finally! I love it! It's a great app, simple yet well made. Perfect! This is my new favorite app. I love to play it with cards and now I can be obsessed with it on my phone. Thanks to the awesome people who have made this app!!!
Love the game but tried to play with 2 other people and it wouldn't work. Wouldn't show whose turn it was and no one could make any moves. Also, can't search for a room.
Its ok you can only play against CPU won't connect with other on-line players but it is a good time waister
The only thing I dont like about this game , is when I got a new phone I couldn't get my levels to go with me . I worked hard for my levels ...a little disappointed ...can any help? It makes me not to start over
Not as challenging. I like the game but find the computer does not play to win. Its like mom letting you win a game
the game wont recognize when I have 0 cards left. what a joke and a waste of time. thanks... that 10 minutes of my life I'll never get back!
WHAT THE HECK?! I won that game fair and square but it gave me a card unnecessary and the dam computer won! plus that music it plays is totally unnerving. I'd be willing to try again if that improved the game. also, an ad was blocking the view of HALF of my cards. please consider this factors be for installation.
You can't even see your cards with the ads on there! Super disappointed since I've had this game on my phone for years! Fix this now please!!!
Its easy after u learn the game but directions dont come up automatically so u have to find them.That is the only thing i dont like about it.
Ok it only took me about 45 seconds to see the CPU cheat. In the middle of my turn it cut me off and took its turn with 3/4 of my time left on the bar. You folks are right Unity is running a SHADDY McFlounder game here.
game was fine when I first installed it. now they have Google ads that cover your cards so you can't see what you have to play, and you can't even click on your own cards. the ads make the game unplayable.
It leaves moves on the table which is weird. I also cant connect to playing in other rooms. Otherwise its good.
First off ... the music is horrible and scary... and you have a amount of time to place your card and last the graphics are HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!
This game does not work, I love this game in real life but when playing with the computers I would lay down my last card 5 turns in a row and it kept making me draw another until the computer ran out and they won. It is legitimately impossible to win.
I had a previous version of this game which I lost when I reset my phone. I liked it better. Thus one stinks-- not as fun. The game also cheats, several times I have moved all my cards wirh none left..I should win but Ihit done and it givesme a card and the game continues. In every version Ihave played if you use all your cards moved unto the board with no cards left, -- thats a win. What gives?
Fun game, but hardly ever catch anyone else playing. There is the option to play the CPU and pass n play, but that's not why I downloaded it. Hopefully more people become active in the app.
This game is ok. Thank you for making a kings corner game but I wish the quality was better. But I guess that's what you get for free. the music on that endless loop is so annoying. This could be greatly improved with better art and some animations and better music. But you get what you pay for or not pay for
If you play against CPU, and you have no cards left and nothing can be changed on table, you never win. I had no cards for 3 rounds I never won. But CPU won when they had no cards left. It also does the same thing when you play the other way too. Please fix or change the verbiage in the directions to you will never win.
Fun to play solo and with others. Great for learning the game. Play sometimes while waiting on wait staff to bring food. Now when I say lets play 'Kings in the Corner' they might just know what I'm referring to. Thnx
I would give it a 5 star but it's having difficulties with playing 3 or more players when setting a private game. please fix this problem.
Super fun!! Played this game many years ago with actual cards at my grandma and grandpas house!! Brings back great memories!! Remember grandpa would have us knock on the table when we were done with our turn..lol.. So.. Love this game!!
App has trouble connecting sometimes and there's no way to exit or go back when it cant connect. needs more players. playing solo on the computer gets boring after a while
I love 4 kings in a corner, this is the only version available. It's a good version but could use a little more graphics.. TO EVERYONE WHO NEEDS AN ONLINE PARTNER, I PLAY ALOT AND HAVE NO PROBLEM PLAYING ONLINE.. SO LETS PLAY
I like the game, my only problem is trying to get the game to connect with others online. The app only lets me play the CPU. Not sure what to do?
I like the game but I hate the add placement. You cant see your cards. It would be more fun without adds.
I LOVE THIS GAME!! Ihave challenges with friends when work is slow or no "production" then another friend told of it being on my mobile phone & I love this!!! Thank you so much dev's you really ROCK!!!!!
The game is fun. There is no way to exit the game. Also, when I play the CPU, The CPU wins in one or two moves. Lucky deal I guess, but not for me. Unrealistic luck for the CPU on card distribution as well. I guess if you can't beat me, cheat em.
Fun but there is no way to actually win. I ran out of cards many times but the damn computer kept winning. At first I assumed it was because we needed to run through the deck, but sure enough the computer was able to win once it used up its cards.
I went out twice in my first game. No cards left in my hand. The game made me keep drawing cards, anyway, until one of the computer players won. Additionally, the game is very picky about to where you drag your cards, and the ads partially obscure the player's hand.
It's okay, I much prefer if it can be one player game like spider solitaire, so I can see all the corners finished.