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King's Blood: The Defense

King's Blood: The Defense for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by DAWINSTONE located at 1307ho, 29, Dongil-ro 203ga-gil, Nowon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Scary Content) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A very fun game, enjoyable too. Did a good job on this one, gameplay and market wise. Add more stuff if possible.
Sorry to do this to you but I can't even start the game and I just got it yesterday I'm on the S21 ultra and as soon as I open the app it crashes. I don't know if this has happened to others but if it's something technical hopefully it gets fixed
Enjoying the game, simple yet addictive.. Hopefully there will be more interesting updates in the future
Concept is really good...but auto battle , bloodstone x2 , attacks can be just activate by adds a..and those adult adds????....so bad one i faced.......fix it ...nova downloader is showning adult adds...
I love the art style and the mechanics. Although gameplay becomes repetitive, very fast . Customizeation is too few and far between. That been said this game is an interesting break from other games of genre, and the love put into the game is easily seen.
Really fun I love these type of games great work their is a slight bug if you hold the defend button it bugs your team out n they stop attacking altogether...lost a couple of battles to this but over all amazing game
Just started playing it but Game Screen is going black ....a black slide appear and cover whole screen can you fix it
Last time I played this was a year ago, I was bored with it and I deleted it. Then a year later i found this game,deciding to try it or not. I downloaded it and played it and I got to say that THIS GAME GOT WAYYY BETTER.
Boss fight pop ups come out of nowhere and most of the time when you want to click on your troops , there is no tutorial for battles which l don't mind but upgrade system needs to be explained a bit. And calling for reinforcement should be wayyy faster holding the bar for 3 troops takes way too much time once should be enough for 3 soliders to come.
This game is nice. I was able to play it for a little but now it keeps crashing every time I try to open it. I've learned that the game is only playable if you aren't connected to an internet source which is a bit of a minor inconvenience but yeah.
Solid game haven't seen a huge amount of depth in the first hour or so but hopeful it will appear soon and for it to become more challenging. The gam s art style and concept are the reasons for the 4 stars. The game play is a bit repetitive and seems like it could really use some more innovation or good Ole fashioned surprises to make the game more entertaining. Things like a surprise cavalry charge from the rear or an army of archers behind a shield wall etc.. Hope I'm just judging too early
I saw a lot of reviews about the game not running but it works perfectly for me and the game is really fun
This is a very intense game tho yes very simple in design it's a very challenging and rewarding game im very happy this was on my recommend. My only gripe is that there's not that many unit designs(That are free). It would be very cool to see samurai or Vikings based units but eh who cares... also the character you chose has one based outfit and you can only get new ones by paying which in my opinion is stupid, I personally think that it would be better getting new peices of armor through playin
There is a really annoying bug in this game spicially in battle of heroes and some conquests whenever you want to command a group of any kind of soldiers and heroes , it doesn't work ! And the game shows you a complete bar of loading !
Can't comment on the gameplay bcos I can't even launch the game without it crashing. Haven't got further than the first loading screen so far and I've tried 8 times.
Seems like a good idea, but feels like an unfinished product. Seen a few default materials on UI and game failed to contiue from after the firs tutorial. Will give it a go while later 😊
Good game. I encountered one bug that showed Chinese letters when I reached level 12/got access to using heroes, but I could close the text box and continue. The images for the game show the ad stuff very clearly, which made me think this would be another ad focused game. I've never been more wrong, I've had 0 ads while playing and I've also had no need to use the microtransactions, you get the in game currency very easily. Albeit, it's also got limited uses. Overall, good game! :)
Really good game, the action is great and the story is amazing. I love how you can defend while your other troops attack.
this game is good overall I am happy to play it however I do have a gripe with only being to call more troops when u have to send them to theire deaths, I would like it if I was able to do so whenever but it's a good game.
The game is good and learning the flow of sword < spear > cavalry > sword was easy enough. Priests just suck. They don't heal often enough and the heals are less than sufficient. (Even upgraded.) The game is constantly crashing mid-march. Other than that, the game is completely fine but managing blood would probably get you. If you aren't careful you'll run out of troops. Don't fill up on beginner troops. (They aren't viable mid-game.) Best thing is: no ads if you don't want them.
It was a pretty good game until I found out that It wouldnt let me get my character skins back that I paid for when I had to switch devices
It's alright, the controls aren't easy to use between loading new units, sending charges and boss counters.
This is fun but unclear how exactly I level up and what value to place on resources (pretty much just the bloodstone I guess). But since there is the option to buy, it would be helpful to know these things.
Just keeps crashing. I'm using a pixel 5. I uninstalled and reinstalled this twice and nope just a broken game not work the stress. Cool story guys.
It would be 5 stars if you could permanently get rid of the ads. The x2 buffs and auto not lasting very long and being locked behind watching ads really puts a dampener on the gameplay, otherwise it's a nice game with a very cool art style similar to Darkest Dungeon.
I cant start the game as soon as i do it crashes i dont know if im the only one experiencing it please fix this as its a major problem
The gameplay is easy to learn but fun to master. (personal reference) i do love the art style, gameplay and story line to the game and i think you guys have done a fantastic job of the game and I'd recommend it to anyone who asks for a good time killer game.
decent graphics but slow, boring and undynamic gameplay. u can sleep between waves and even during a wave. hero should have ability to control movement and attack at least as additional option. spending crystals currency in battle hearts because u cant know if u really need to do it or better save it for upgrades. in battle units must be free of charge even if they balanced by time delay between summoning new one.
EDIT: It seems to be working properly again. Don't really know why, but it is. Solid game. ORIGINAL: Fun game, but it broke for me. Worked fine until I did my second Survival match. The screen turned into a mess of buttons and static once I clicked the Survival button. So I closed the game, and now two phone restarts later the game still crashes when opening. GG, probably a one off freak glitch, but it hasn't recovered for me yet.
Downloaded this game yesterday and I've been so addicted, it such a simple but great game to play to pass time and enjoy keep up the good work devs, also gotta say love the music ( I don't know if the devs see the reviews or not but what the soundtrack for the March Battle so good and catchy) thaaaank you
Wish I could try this game, but like several other users game doesn't even open: just crashes upon loading screen. Get it together, users having these issues are not using old or random phones. Pixel 4 XL
Pros: Its something... new. Visuals reminds me of Darkest Dungeon. Cons: Keeps crashing. Details could use some work. Game kinda feels half assed. Overall, pretty decent for a strategy game.
Instantly satisfying with no add spam or in game pay requirements subtracting from the experiance. Quickly becomes more difficult, keeping my attention. It gets a little repetitious so maybe change up the battle grounds or add some form of unexpected enviromental disaster. All and all a fun game.
Great game but either the balance is totally off or the devs have put in a pay wall. All my troops are level 10 and I've figured out the weaknesses of enemies but I can't win. I send my fukly reinforced soldiers against spearmen but even though they're at an advantage, they're cut down in seconds. The enemy configuration also screws me. Two soldiers at the front, weak to cavalry, but spearmen behind them. So my cavalry cut through the soldiers but get killed by the spearmen instantly.
Sometimes, when i tap, the effect become purple box instead. It's happen every 4-5 tap. But sometimes it didn't happen even if i tap a lot. Not sure if it going to happen again or not. But, Pls look into this bug..
Probably the single most boring game that I have ever played and I am old enough to remember when games came on cassette tapes. The loading time for my old Acorn Electron was more interesting than this. Avoid this game like venereal disease.
I haven't encountered any technical issue yet and the gameplay, plus the graphic, is wonderful so far.
5 stars. Absolutely the best game in this field. play it and see for yourself. Developer build on this please. want more of these type of games. like if you can bring in second world war era in something like this. I have to add this That this team has created a awesome game here. Please add to it though.
Attention, People who got my money aka Dawinstone! I bought the Inquisition legion and other things that didn't transfer over on my new phone when I synced, loaded and whatever else I could to try to regain my purchase with no luck, please restore my purchases or refund me. Entertaining storyline, fresh visuals, deft gameplay... Overall, a nice little surprise hiding in the Play Store. --It's been nearly a year and still no reply about my missing $20 or so worth of dlc. Very disappointing!!
The upgrade system is a little slow, that's the only thing I dont like about it. This is a pretty good game.
Love this game! The graphics are brilliant. The story is epic and I cant wait to see what else these devs have got
Barely played and I immediately noticed that 2 of the 7 unit groups cost actual money. That's all fine and dandy, I wouldn't mind spending if it wasnt for the fact that 1 of them costs an absurd 18$ and the other costs an absolutely laughable 27$. Plus another 7$ for a main character armor. It would cost over 50$ to get access to everything, and its an offline game. You also have to re-buy any units that die so you start losing gems. 2nd star is for the nice artwork, the only redeeming quality.
The game is pretty fun and the art style is unique, but I wish there was a bit more balance to the game, e.g the basic infantry wouldent lose moste of there health on the first charge, and if there was a way to control your hero instead of the just running in and getting slaughtered, but otherwise , a nice game:-)