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Kingdoms & Monsters (no-WiFi)

Kingdoms & Monsters (no-WiFi) for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Mobile Monsters GmbH located at Hopfenstr. 12 20359 Hamburg. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The concept of this game is good, but that is it. They're just money hungry,, you will be stuck for months on one level, just trying to level up to be able to buy land is ridiculous, and if you use crystals to buy land you will still have to wait 2 levels to buy any more, wth?!? I feel completely stuck on level 11, and completely bored with the game.. Oh, also, don't bother trying to contact them, they don't bother replying to anything I've sent. Very much pissed off I am...
Great game... Having issues with it now tho it won't load up did last update and been like that since I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I've signed out then back in... I really don't want to get rid of this game please help
i think its alright, well thought out, but it gets very hard to accomplish tasks and gets very expensive, i have a suggestion to help with the game: maybe there could be a mode where if you're not in the game, or playing it, buildings that produce coins or other materials could be automatically ''tapped'' on (either on 70% of coins or 100%) so you dont have to be extremely active and reduces grinding , of course it cant be on buildings that requires resources to produce, and maybe this "offline mode" can be unlocked right where it starts to take too much grinding and time, such as level 15. if its too OP, there could be a time limit for each tap. small change, but it could make this game even more enjoyable
So I just made my new gmail just to play the game from level 1 again. This is the only game I know where item storage isn't a problem. Believe me, I have built the last building, played all the events once but my phone got broken without me saving it. This is my favorite building/farming offline game ever!
Great beginning, but eventually you hit a pay wall that requires you to use real money to progress at any sort of reasonable rate. The only way to get coins is to tap in game. So you literally spend your time clicking for coins in order to build one building. If resources were collected idly, then this game would be amazing. But I've just my limit of how much time I'm willing to spend grovelling for coins and resources.
Its a fun game but ive had to restart 3 times now because the game wouldnt save..its so annoying that i cant get back to my first game..not sure i will continue to play after this...
I have run out of time on a quest and i need the dragon key to carry on building the dragon stronghold i have done all that was asked only a little bit later 😥 please give me the key and i will rate this 5 stars
Its nonsense. Every time i buy more land it has disappeared when i reload. So annoying its takes so long accumilate the money to buy the land and then have disappear. Am uninstalling. Dont have time for this nonsense. There better games out there. Dont waste your time.
Pros: Game has a nice feel to it. Nice graphics, lots of quests. Nice to kill some time. Cons: Also I got to level 16 and realized that the amount of upkeep time I had to put in was getting too high. I can't imagine what level 40 looks like. Game events require vast amounts of materials and due to limitations, you either pay $ or spend huge amounts of time clicking to collect resources. The same is true for real estate, as you don't really have room for all the buildings that you need, so you cram most of them, then you ignore quests that require items you can't produce. If you login with Google and your internet connection is dropping often, then this game is not really "no WiFi", because it closes when you reconnect to a network and you loose any changes made offline.
Quaint little game that is fun to play. However, in my opinion, the mines take an awful lot of time to produce. The tool factory must sit idle for hours between making ONE hammer. That's too long. UPDATE!:02/19/2021. Game has got bit too much [email protected]@!. Leases cost WAY too much. Also, a 25% drop in happiness is a bit too punitive for buying more land. You have to almost fill the new land with decorative items to raise it back to happy. Can't play no more. Unistalling now.
This is a fun cross between a strategy and a farming game. The graphics are refreshingly casual. You can listen to the music the whole time. I'm only level 5 but strategy fans especially need to try this. I don't have to keep checking in. The only things that make this 4.5 stars are the new plots of land need a lot of clearing and when you upgrade a building it doesn't tell you beforehand how long it will take. Also not all the quests show in the tracker, you have to click the requesters.
Must watch an ad as soon as it opens the app with no way to skip it. You must collect every 2 mins to make enough money to buy other needed items but you dont make nearly enough in comparison to the amount of time involved pplaying. Additionally, of those items you must buy to finish quests, they take days to produce enough matedial to finish the quest and i mean playing for 3 hours a day. The cost of land is astronomical but you need it to play. Needs some serious improvement.
I like this game over all. It has the normal things that poke at you (give a mouse a cookie quests), & a few pressured things. It also lets you choose more ads if you want, but does not force you to watch ads. The map can be a but hard to manage, but nothing critical. Over all, if you like this kind of game, its fun.
This would be alot more for if it wasn't so mundane. My gosh! It all takes WAY too long to finish. Might be fun otherwise.
Very slow gameplay. Quickly you realise that you need to start aimlessly throwing money at it just to get past level 3! Wouldn't bother downloading, save the penny's for when the ruski's invade
I love this game. I do not like that room for builds is a bit irritating to come by. I am hoping as I level up I can get better decorations. Having to keep towns folk happy by having a whole lot of decoration. Ah well it is still a really great game. I would strongly suggest this wonderful gem. Just remember it is a TIME management game and things take time but having happy towns folk give me gifts makes the wait more interesting. I really enjoy the sweet sense of humor and fun this game.
I enjoy games of this type; however, this particular one is set up to require far more funds for expansion, resources and upgrades than is obtainable at the players level. It forces the purchase of in game currency to be able to play without being gated for days while slowly accumulating the currency needed to advance. Keep in mind if downloading.
the game i love its the second time now ive played it , but a BIG warning to people , i purchased a crystal pack costing £9.99 the money was taken straight away and now for over a month ive been contacting costomer services as i still not received my items , but just seems now i been blanked , this has now put me off purchasing any other items , and now it taking so long to sort i cant get refund , not good at all ,
Really nice city builder game,one of the better ones out there. Good to relax with to cut down on the craziness of other games. Two problem though. The resource gathering could be a bit more user friendly. If you say... collect the wheat and tap one of the buildings it should collect from all of them at once and straight to the kingdom storage. 2nd problem is the blue crystals the way to earn more w/o real cash is to download other games and meet certain requirements. Other than that good game.
The graphics are fantastic and the ability to play off line was really appealing but it just didn't go anywhere. Advancing the buildings only reduced the time for production not the quantity so the only way to get more items was to build more. And the quest buildings just produce gold. The only 'progress' visible was the monsters and they end up costing so much to feed the game got boring. Not worth my time.
One of the slowest progress games I have ever seen, to force you to buy in game stuff, it takes LITERALLY years of repetitive gameplay to unlock the game content, sometimes days to be able to build a single new building, strongly not recomended. Absurdly poorly balanced
I've enjoyed this game for years but lately it seems unstable. It reminds you to save before quitting but the save button is gone from the top right. For about the last week, I've been losing more than the most recent hour worth of progress. It's really annoying. Edit: reminder to save is gone and I seem to not be losing progress now. Can get back to enjoying this game again.
It's really interesting to see a traditional mobile game turned offline which let's you truly farm anywhere. The game has a ton of different resources to work on and accomplish. My only problem was that it never really engaged me with any sort of meaningful story, nor was it easy to roleplay/create a role for said character which kept it from being a 5 star game. I'd recommend you check the game out if you play any traditional mobile game.
Love the game. Hate that there not just one place to look to see how it's played, the rules and quirky things that come up. Support so far is a joke Have tried to get my issue resolved since May 2019, still waiting. July 31, 2019, issue has not been resolved. It's now November. I added my CID number months ago but removed it for security. Didn't do me any good anyway, never heard back from anyone. I give up !
Serious bug is in the game and developers are not fixing it. I wasted my money by purchasing the start up pack. When producing 'Ore' which is critical to advancing your upgrades, more than half of times production would not be applied to your inventory count. Which means you would need to wait another 2 hours and hopefully next time the bug doesn't happen. However it happens a lot and will immediately make you hate the game.
Awesome and fun game. There is always something to do. You are given many tasks to complete and they keep you busy!! I just cant wait to see what my new buildings will look like or what new tasks will come my way. Totally addicting gameplay. New events are regular. You can take your time building, upgrading, and quest completing...or you can rush thru them if u like. Great game!!!
Too messy looking. Too many buildings needed but no space. This leaves your land looking crowded and messy. Some items take entirely too long to produce. If we have the currency, we should be able to expand without having to level up. I found this game to be extremely boring and unattractive. Sorry devs, gonna have to uninstall this one.
Its fun but i have one problem i make pies all day long but it never records that i ever made any so multiple quests i can finish cause it says i dont have any pie even though i have made hundreds
I downloaded this game earlier, even bought some crystals and made some progress and got off. Imagine my surprise when I got on a few minutes ago and everything thing reset. I want my progress or my money back😤😤😤
Crashes if you aren't in airplane mode after months of play.... Played on and off for over a year, transferring it to other devices as I upgraded phones. This games has issues! I've had to re-install and start from scratch twice, in-game purchases lost... And some things that just bug me... You HAVE to be the prince regardless of your gender preference. Featured specials such as the Dragon party requires you to grow fruits, sunflowers, etc. but you cannot grow enough without a LABORATORY to help synthesize fruits. Getting the idea here? There's a cis-normative theme where you have to woo the princess by getting gold and possessions, impossible quests without purchase, and illogical building blocks to achieve things (sunflower seeds plus blackberries = sunflower oil???). Strange messages to send to the young ones. Constantly buggy, the clouds on the lower half of the screen flutter in a seizure-like way. After purchasing in-game items numerous times, crashing and re-installing, my last purchase was completely lost and I'm out $5.99 for nothing. Nothing but a time-waster and really not that much fun. NOT A BUILDER!!! If you are looking for a game like a sim or builder, keep looking. Without purchasing "deeds" for land in this game, you'll get maybe 2 or 3 buildings a week with normal game play.
Leisurely attractive. This is exactly the kind of town building game I have been looking for. Play when you want, build your town how you like etc. I do have to completely shut down the game and restart sometimes when it gets stuck on the loading screen and some of the logic behind making items seems weird but still a good one for me.
I really adore this game. Levelling up is easy..getting the pearls is doable by selling in the market and the buildings are great. My only sadness is the Halloween experience. It took too long to collect the souls and I spent over 100 crystals to gain stock only for the time to run out when I still had 24 souls left to collect the statue. There should be longer time and the resources shouldnt cost so much in crystals. Some night features would be awesome and expand past clouds please.
Am on stage 47 and cant reset my game and my buildings keep disappearing and i haven't received a quest in a week
Earlier review was deleted.... trying to figure out how. Hmmm. Anyway, so many problems with the game. Constantly crashes. Game cheats to try to force you to buy crystals, etc. with real money. Not on your life, especially when constant crashes during game play! Prices on some things are ridiculous and outrageous. Takes too long for simple production items. 8 eggs to make a pie slice? Again, cheats about what's needed to complete some buildings. And devs.... don't delete people's reviews!
Little bit of a learning curve, but getting general gist of what the game is about and what's expected.
Needs shorter wait times on things easier way to make money .faster way to get through the buying land I wanna play not wsit all the time really needs revamping g
It is an intriguing way to waste time. I love it. I find the game draws you in. if you are impatient, like me, you will spend money to get where you want. it has the occasional ad but you can get something for watching. Been playing steadily since I downloaded it and I actually deleted other games because I'm so fascinated by this one.
I love this game, graphics are wonderful and people in land are just the right size for detail. Music is relaxing and not too repetitive. Well done on different seasons to add to make game exciting and occasions such as Easter , quests and rewards are great too.x
This few days while playing the dragon season some of my progress suddenly dissappeared and some of my crystals are gone. Currently i cant open it. Im worried that it wont open until the dragon season ends 😭😭😭😭
I used to like to play the game a lot. Many quests now require pearls to upgrade buildings. If you don't have enough pearls you can't complete some of the challenges. You can get pearls by selling goods at the market but not nearly enough to complete some of the quests. Now you can buy pearls, but I don't want to keep buying pearls to complete the challenges, so some quests won't be finished. Isn't there a better way to finish the quests without using more money?
Two stars for being completely playable offline and for supplying a way to get crystals without paying for them. Otherwise I would give no stars. Everything costs way too much, and the prices double with each level. Game play quickly slows to a crawl as you are always waiting on buildings to produce either money or needed items. Wait times are stupid long on some items, and you only one. The developers need to go back and rethink a lot of things. Can't play if you are always waiting.
UPDATE The Game Isnt Loading At All Now. Its Gets Tp 50% & Stops Great Game. So Much Fun & I Like That U Don't Need Wifi To a Play It. Very Easy To Learn
Great game overall. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because there is no storage for items when moving stuff around on your land. If you don't have a lot of extra land, the only way to relocate existing buildings/items are to either demolish another item, or juggle things around like a Tetris game to create the desired space, which basically means you turn your whole Kingdom upside down. An option to store items while relocating would be fantastic!
I LOVE this game, I have played it for a couple of years. Sometimes I would get frustrated with it and I would just start over again. This last time I made it to level 34. I was getting bored w it, honestly. All I could really do I collect coins because the land and buildings became so expensive. One day I clicked too fast and accidentally hit reset. It keeps loading to level 27. I have contacted support twice to no avail. I give up. Time to find a new game to play. Grrrrr.
I really enjoy playing there's always something to do maybe you could offer us something everyday that we continue to play that would be nice like coins or something 😜🙂🙂 ilike the fact that you're not trying to get money out of me like a lot of the other games are I really like the concept of the game
Quaint little game that is fun to play. However, in my opinion, the mines take an awful lot of time to produce. The tool factory must sit idle for hours between making ONE hammer. That's too long.
I am totally hooked to this game! :-) The graphics are great, the quests are quite challenging and the characters are cute! This game would really test your patience as quests will take a lot of time to fulfill. :-) And one more thing, the staff and developers of this game are very much accomodating, yes they know my story. :-) I truly love playing this game.
i've kinda liked this medieval offline town building game. but after like total playtime of 10 hours, the game crashes more frequently for me. also google login & cloud save problem messed up my save file. edit: i've noticed the restore game button in options. but it asked for my player code. sadly i forgot my code since i've uninstalled then reinstall and i get new code. so i restart the game and play cautiously with internet always on from now. i hope it'll be ok. thx for responding.
It was a great game. Spent months on playing. I leveled up to 34 and then it wouldnt log in. Uninstalled then reinstalled and game was cleared. I'm done.
I like the game except it stops alot .and you can try for the bonus coins and it says something went wrong . But it will play up to 15% then it stops ? It takes way to long for production and the coins it takes way to many to buy the land ! I upgraded the glass blower to the wine glasses then it disappeared to the first level NOT COOL ! .If we had a place for storing buildings so we could rearrange things would be excellent ! I might give it 5 stars if you'd listen. Now it keeps stopping !
I don't care for 10 minute tutorials. What's the point of just doing only what the game insists that I am supposed to do? If you can't let me do something other than play follow the pointer, then just get the damned game to do everything.
Great, simple and captivating. Still playing after, I think, 2 years. New game similar would be great.
awesome game...keeps me occupied when I'm bored...it would be nice if you enter the homes and see people working in them...I would like to be able to change colors of the flowers and decorations...would also be cool to interact with other players...other than that thumbs up...love this game!
This game would be lovely but it's is soo expensive. The coins take forever to accumulate. The buildings take ages to be fully constructed. Production is annoying. I have to play 10 other games while waiting for this to finish up, (annoying really.). Now when it comes to the deeds, Hmmm. My buildings are all piled up together just because acquiring more land is hard. C'mon, it's a game. Reduce on the time of production, building etc; increase on the coin accumulation and make your deeds cheaper.
It's a fun and cute time waster that doesn't feel like you're wasting time. I haven't been playing for very long and already I feel as if my kingdom has grown quite a bit. It's good to see a game that doesn't constantly bug you with reminders of the quests you haven't finished. There is plenty to do and it's offline, which to me is a huge bonus.
Translation is rocky. Rotation of objects could be more varied. Story line is nonsequitor. Event time frame should be more definitive. An internal trade system with others online would be beneficial.
It's not a bad game if you have alot of time and money to spend I ignore most but would give a 5 star if building's came with the material instructions listed before buying
frustrating instead of a relaxing game.. you earn 1k on a commercial building after 2 hrs, but then costs you 3k to repair plus 1hr time. terrible! needs a city collector, needs an option where you can rearrange/redesign your kingdom. entirely. needs more ground space for buildings. everything is crowded.
Game just stopped loading for me suddenly. I would love to change this review but until I can access the app I am unimpressed.