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Kingdom Chronicles. Free Strategy Game

Kingdom Chronicles. Free Strategy Game for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Deltamedia located at Rokossovskogo 71-77, 220094, Belarus, Minsk. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good fun, took me a while to figure out that I needed to create additional types of men. Everything is so small and I'm on a 10.1 tablet, good fun though! 4 stars because the game move youth watch not 1 but 3 ads
I like this game,but i have a problem.it won't let me play more than 13 levels.I bought the game,but still the same problem:13 levels....can't play further.so,it is not fair....you took my money and i want the game.Game admin,fix this!!
I paid for this to un locked but keeps going over the same level to be played again. Very annoying otherwise good
Bought the game... And got stucked with 2 same episodes one after another!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You finish them, but the game doesn't move on. You start with these episodes again
Love it! A great time management/strategy game. I wish it was a little bigger but it's fine on my tablet (to much detail for my phone). Wonderful story, logically placed ads. Can't wait for more! starts out very easy, gets progressively more difficult to get Gold star (but you can continue with the adventure)
I enjoy this game, and the secquel, #2. These games are fun, they offer a bit of a challenge, and some cute hard working characters. Oh, and ogres...evil little fellows that are addicted to gold. I highly recommend these games if your looking for a delightful pass time. mds
I hate this game loop, I made it to part 4 it asked me to rate it and here it is now it's time to delete it.
Love this game one of the best of it's kind but come on! I've purchased the game and I still get ads (not between levels like the free version) but randomly popping up if I switch tabs and come back to it. How much money do you want to make the ads completely dissappear? I look forward to your generic answer. Really want to give it 5stars but when purchasing an "ad free" version isn't ad free then I'm sorry.
I tried the sequel to this along with this one. This game is a lot more fun and you don't have to pay.
Got to Level 30 & the game had a glitch- made impossible to pass. Glad I didnt pay for it. I finished the "objective" but then the game required that I destroy 12 enemy barricades- There were only 10. I counted the second time I played the level- yes I played it twice. If Im missing something- because i looked for secretly placed barricades and couldnt find any. So I gave this 3 stars for a game I enjoyed but stopped.. in the middle.
Addictive. The ONLY PROBLEM is that you have to watch THREE (3)! videos before you can play the next level.
it's different and a game thats not a clone of another is hard to find recently. didn't wow me but not bad.
I watched 3....3 videos to play each level up to about level 30-35 then watching a video wasn't an option anymore you had to buy it and I did because I needed to finish it, well, if I would have known there was a point I couldn't finish without buying it i would have bought it sooner and would not have watched all your ads!!! BONUS... AFTER OU BUY IT THERE ARE STILL ADS. Not as many, but if I pay $4.99 for a game I expect NO ADS!!
At last a game like this you can carry on playing just by watching a video so you can play so much longer. Which is so good. There are lot of these games you have to buy to play on. Good job.
It's not free..they ask for you to pay for the whole game in the first 5sec. Don't bother. Much better games out there.
Shame that my phone doesn't fit thr whole screen and I have to move it around, i tend to miss some stuff til i remember theres stuff i need to scroll to, otherwise, it's a great game, you gotta be quick.
Nice story line through an evenly smooth and challenging strategy game with cute graphics. Part II is also similar and just as fun as the
only just found these games but oh boy am I enjoying them. At 72 I'm having so much fun watching the little workers run so fast. You certainly need to concentrate. I recommend to everyone.
Still no zooming option in May 2020. Real shame as characters are so small you can t play on a tablet.
Very enjoyable fast moving game. Could be a bit bigger in the graphics for us older persons. But managed to get all bad 3 trophies. Not bad for an Oldie.
This game is so much fun. Its fast , it looks good and I can't stop playing. Do not put it on your phone!!! It over road my phone calls, phone log and texts. That can't be right, hence three stars
Fun game, get to solve each level, usually not too difficult but trying to get gold on each one is a little more challenging. You can watch ads instead of paying, which I appreciate, sometimes get no ads available, but as soon as I go back in and have a good internet connection, I usually have ads to watch. Thanks!
I like the short adventures on each level. I washed I could get a game that dont want me to buy it after I get hooked....
Fun game, but it's pretty dang irritating paying 6 bucks for game, and I'm still getting commercials.
Had lots of fun playing this game. It was challenging enough to keep me engaged but not so much that it stessed me out. Would've given 5 stars but there were way too many ads. I get that's the "price" you "pay" to keep it "free" but sheesh. In these cases, just show me all the ads at once then let me play uninterrupted.
Brilliantcarnt wait for the next one to come out I keep playing it over and over again I would give it one hundred stars if I could 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Good game but greedy developer requiring not 1, not 2, but 3 adverts to unlock each stage + 1 more at level completion as one advance.They need to make money sure but This is counter productive for him too because many people would uninstall when asked to view for so many adverts to unlock a level! At a certain point no more adverts provided to watch which force you to buy to continue. Greedy tactics
I have given this app a 3 star rating because it wants you to purchase the full game. It tries to deter you by having to watch videos to unlock next level. The graphics are good and game play could be addictive.
This is such a cute little game. My son downloaded this game for me as I recovered from having my kidney removed and needed something to keep me occupied for several weeks and I have a soft spot for this little game!
Too many ads. Even during pause/resume. While I understand the need for these. Other studio with similar gameplay have balanced the ads vs gameplay.
Poor, the screen doesn't seem to match up with where you're clicking so you have to aim slightly below what you're aiming for! Also hate having to watch an ad between every level. I'll keep playing the PC version only!
Love the game. In most games you have to pay to continue stages. Here you have options to buy the full game or to watch videos to continue the game. Lots of fun!
Only just started this game an hour ago and so far I love it. I will play it for a while before I purchase to see how it goes. Thanks for a game that is relaxing and easy to play.
Uninstalled because i had trouble clicking on EVERYTHING! i couldnt directly click on anything i had to click a certain distance away from the objects to get the workers to pick them up and couldnt click on help tools at all. Very unsatisfied.
Interesting...I recommend y'all try this game. It's a fun lil caper. Only that it's too short. But then I can always go back to replay the other chapters. Wish there'll be more of this kind of games. A dozen stars, if it could've been possible. 😁
The game is good but the I am getting advertisement even after buying it. That's really irritating and false marketing
I was really enjoying playing this until lvl 30. Although I have completed every goal, it says "destroy enemy structures 10/12", there are only 10 in total though!! I have retried over and again, watched youtube videos and read walkthroughs online, so I am 100% sure this is a glitch and not something I am overlooking. Shame as I can't go any further now and have no choice but to uninstall :'(
Fun and free totally. You have to watch commercials but nothing too bad. You can go back and play it again and not have to watch commercials everytime you want to get a better score. I gave them 5 stars for the game which is a lot of fun to play.
Loaded the game, really want to play, but it wont even let me in. Window pops up immediately saying it has quit working - report or ok. Help please!
I really enjoyed this game. It kept my attention and well worth the buy. You dont have to pay to play the game. At a certain point, you're prompted to watch a couple videos prior to playing a puzzle, but that's how developers can keep the game free.
The game won't even load the home screen. It's just a black screen then the message " unfortunately this game has stopped working". I played this game a while ago so I am incredibly disappointed that I can't play it now
This game is so funny but on some levels you do get caught out and have to think what your doing ibought the full game and love it up to now, i myself keep starting again, THATS NOT A FAULT WITH GAME I HAVE STARTED IT AGAIN BY MY CHOICE, but its a good game and will keep kids amused aswell.
I really like this tyte of games a lot, nead more of theam. a lot more.why cant i play 1&2! it is only let me play one or the other,i have both down loaded???????
Not happy. I bought the game to get rid of the ads. And yet, I still get ads. 15 second ads that I can't escape. Avoid.
This is one of the best games I've ever played, no joke. Everything about it is amazing! I love the graphics, the music, the characters.......Everything about it is truly perfect. I like This game so much, I've finished it several times. Then I start all over again.
Love the game so far, not ready to purchase yet as only downloaded 30 mins ago and haven't reached levels that are testing me yet. Typical time management game that's got good graphics and an easy flow, you can't ask for much more and the ads aren't that intrusive for free play.