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King Tongue

King Tongue for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by ANKAMA GAMES located at 75 Bd d'armentieres 59100 Roubaix France. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
it is a totally cool game. the others say that this is bad but they should know that it is only hard to play
I like this game very much it is really good I really play on the go but I deleted some time because I want to play other again but I will still end in I will still end up I was still in up getting this game on the phone I gave having the dish I keep having to delete it because this phone is not mine so I keep having to delete it and keep downloading it because this is actually my mom's so I can't do that so I end up deleting it in reopening it because I actually really like this game
The game is good but it dont have any checkpoints so that once we get out we can play from the checkpoint nor any life
Its really fun for like a week or so then it gets boring because you get too good at it but, if you want a really nice, fun game this is it
VERY FUN Game! I like how you change colors after every World, graphics: for this game, great! I injoy this game so much!! gameplay: can't spoil too much, got to see for yourself, it's on point how bout a King Tongue II that would be cool. I downloaded this game afteri deleted "DATA WING" that game is something else. I probably ply dis game more than I do any game on my phoneπŸ“± reminds me of Spider-man a lil bit. awesome keep up the good work ANKAMA GAMES
Highest quality game I've played in years. Every mission is amazing and I actually went out of my way to get 3 stars on every level.
This game is great but there needs to be an option to remove the vibration (when you die) if this was a thing it would be 5 stars!
Best Of All. I advice players to turn off the internet before playing the game (chances are there for ads).
King Tongue is a nightmarishly hard arcade game that involves you playing as a cute but still very awesome monkey killing off bananas with your tongue. Though hanging off walls feels a bit gimmicky at times, it is extremely satisfying to kill bananas. The levels get really hard towards the end, and some situations will result in unfair and cheap deaths. The game modes are not very numerous but it's still awesome to play! Good job Ankama Games :) Upped the review to 4 stars 28/7/20.
this game is great but i always get mad when i die but still i really really really love this game real bad (best game ever)one more thing i love how the creator put's the diffrent characters😍😘😘 πŸ‘:-)
I really like the game it's good for doing trick shots and the graficks are great but the only reason I gave it four stars it's because when the helicopters shoot it's like it has iambot. But really grate game!!!!!πŸ‘
Dude...how is this game allowed 3+ yrs old kids to play?It is fun but this makes me cringe everytime bc it's so difficult to play.I downloaded to cure my boredom but this really annoy me with too many ads.Those ads are coming up like after finishing every level.Nice but so difficult to play and ads annoy me a lot.
this is one of the better games ive played in a while and if you are bored and need something to do this is fun and has hours of frustrating and fun levels so i definitely recommend it
The graphic quality is pretty interesting but the performance is ultra slow, it takes so much time to fly by his tongue from one place to another and the characters are really tiny that we can't even it see it while playing. So my recommendation is that you should make the characters a bit big than now
If you are board and you dont know what game to play download this its amazing. Its also very adicting and a great time killer. When u download this you will see this is what i meant
I don't generally give reviews but this game made me to write how good it is. The action and animations were amazing and at the same simple. Must say, the levels towards the end made me bite my tongue everytime I lost. Would like to see more levels added 😁.
Wonderfull game super smooth and if you are bored then this game is a good choice . The animations and characters are super cool and funny. Our player is fantastic. It's a great wonderful amazing awesome game. The graphics , controls, sounds and the gameplay of the game are awesome. Just add an option of revive. Hats off to the developer.πŸ‘πŸ‘
Best game I have ever played. The graphics are great as well as the sound track. Every few levels they introduce a new enemy which means the gamplay never gets old. The controls are very easy to use and learn. Its easy to play and hard to master.
This game is awesome I did such amazing combos on this game. Fun this game is kind of a waste of time because you got work to do but it's not waked time to have fun and if anybody says this game is a waste of time or is terrible don't listen to them be at this game is fun and it will blow your mind how fun it is and it might seem boring at the start but later on it gets harder and harder hope this helps you
Great game, i had so so much fun, if u think it's easy wait until u reach the other worlds.... Please make the SEQUEL but don't change neither the music nor the Sound effects
This is the coolest game in the world i swear you can download it....very easily.....it's a very badass game.....will it have a update in future....if it will then add some more monsters and worlds i have completed the game and now i am playing the endless mode......🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣
This a cool game you get new characters new abilities and kinda hard but you will get used to it other than that great game
Was fun, me and my little brother played it through. We have so many ideas for a sequel or update πŸ˜…
It's a quick, somewhat challenging game with a cute label. You get what you expect, there's a few fun mechanics, except the dinosaurs. They go too far. But yeah, very good indeed.
this game has brought me so much stress when the blimp is shooting at you and your not even close the bullet and you die
This game is a MASTER BLASTER!!! It's one of the greatest games in the history of world gaming! Lovely story(read in app description 😊)and great hero! Just love this game. It gives 'Super Meat Boy' a very good challenge!! Try it, IT'S HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 😍😍😍.
Awesome game and also it is very fun to play the music is soooo good. The only problem with me is that you guys are not making another king toung game
this game is by far one of my favourite games on the play store but there's something I wish they can add in the next update it would be really cool if you are able to catch the rockets and swing them back at the enemys or use as a wrecking Ball
Amazing game I'm just disappointed so I beat the game and there was no final boss there's this cool looking banana on the loading screens and I thought it would be a final boss but overall it's a good game but I want a sequel please:)
This Is one of The best games I've ever experienced. It's like ur spider man, sonic and kung fu panda at the same time. I LOVE ITπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
I have completed the game and it's fun to play. The only thing is that I have got only 18 achievements out of 19. The achievement says that I have to obtain 90 crowns to unlock it even though I have 120 crowns right now. Please fix this
i love this game sence it's all about momentum that you just have to keep up moment the game is just great wordplay 15000 hours
The style is charming, the story is funny, the gameplay is awesome, the hits are satisfying, everything about this experience is amazing! Would definitely recommend!
i first off not knowing what was going down then i played and i think this game is pretty simple. it has alot of design and creativity and i would recomend others to play as well. thank you from this experience.
The game is so good i play it every time but the problen is that in the last world the character is so dump make a new character which is good and in blue or yellow color when you do it i will rate you five stars
Its a very good game but i wish it was longer i beat the game in just a couple hours and could you possibly make the game a little harder so that it lasts longer and add more boss's and make it multiplayer pls me and a friend of mine compete in this game after we restart to see would beat it first and that says a lot about how short the game feels.
I love this game, it makes me feel like spiderman! Do not forget, you can change your character using that button with the dots at the start of the game!
this game is a timekiller and very very best game, but the vibration make me uncomfortable when playing, if you can make a button to disable the vibration, i will rate 5 stars
I really love this game because it was my child hood and the graphics are awesome and they just blow me away
best rope swing game ever! if only it had some more variety like other modes for racing and climbing and maybe multiplayer?
Is it just me?? Somehow I get Attack On Titan vibes from playing this game. Anyway great job.. It's a nice time killer game.. I already finshed it (more levels please or an endless mode.)
it's fun and and addictive it just needs more people maybe like a yellow one that slows down time or makes all of the enemies anti gravity makes or makes the winner miss most of their shots. thanks I love this game keep up the good work I gave you a five star rating
I love the game so much, and as an anime weeb I always imagine that this is attack on titan (aot) because of the tongue that sticks to the wall and if you let go it looks like Levi is doing the spinning killing machine thingy, and with music (Apple seed) damn it's so epic. I wish this would be longer, man keep up the good work
This game is great! It has a very good sound track with awesome character design, good levels and somehow whatever your doing right then (apart from death) the game manages to make it and you look really cool however there is one drawback of how difficult some of the enimies can be. For example the robot dragon/dinosaur is extremely op as if you try to take just one out but you're close to it then within a matter of seconds you see the three homing missles fire then then attacked from all angles.
Awesome!! Controls are a little bit complicated to master in the beginning, but once learnined the game experience is incredibly funny! The best part is hear the bananas screaming "bananaaa.." while you throw them away!! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
I live this game. So many levels, characters, and options. It's full of action and creativity. I had this game for a long time and still download it every now and then for a round.
The only problems I see with this game is the one ball like enemy that grows spikes when you hit it with your tongue, it is the most annoying and frustrating enemy that should get changed or removed. Ads come by somewhat often which is annoying. Other than that its an great game to play! Very "simple but hard to master", Controls well, visualy great with lots of cool animations, lots of fun bashing and throwing enemys, and gets harder as u progress. A game you will enjoy once you start playingπŸ‘
The Prime ape of phone games! Like how Donkey Kong ruled the arcades, King Tongue rules the mobile gaming with its challenging and skillful gameplay, colorful characters and levels, neat animations, and a cool sound track. It's always fun to hear the announcer shout the ape's name as soon as you finish a wave.
Awesome app. I really love it. the animations are just awesome modern but rpg fighting. the only reason I gave it 4 stars is because the controls are a bit difficult tho I'm pretty sure I'll get used to it tho its an amazing game noice P.S can you add extra lives so we get a little bit of another chance? :) stay safe!✌
It's pretty fun, but without the ability to turn off vibration, it's out of my device after about ten minutes.
I love the game but I don't really like how I die in one hit. Its kinda frustrating. I'd love it if you could please put in a life system.
I like grapple hooks so I love this game and you can hit pretty good trick shots and the best part is that they don't bombard you with ads to bad there is a timer
Too be honest its entertaining it's fun to play when you are offline or something like that but it gets boring like it's the same thing over and over can you please make more levels and more skins because the last skin just became boring
its a great game but can you add boss levels so we have something to look forward to the fortyeth level you shouldfight the banna king also a change you ahould also be able to switch it up and use the bannasso you can have different playing style alsoa storyoine i understand that youre supposed to fight the bannas but what about bosses we fight the underlinhs wirhout a story line or any side missions to do after the last level beacuse you can only do endless mode so there great game but add boss
so fun and cute controls could be better but other than that i would really recommend it to anyone else
The game is accually good. But the problem is that the controls are not responsive the lack of fluidity makes this game worthless and Impossible to finish the missions. Frustrated of it so uninstalled.
Oh my God what the game is this I have never seen a good game oh no sorry it is the best game I've ever played .The graphics and the tactics used in this is also great ....This is a fun game ....!!!!!wow
Please make levels procedurally generated I have completed all levels . Also make the endless mode map a lot bigger or if possible unlimited runner type.
Creative Fun to play. Interesting, good for kids & adults alike. Still challenging enough. Totally enjoyed it. Some achievements are tough but you can earn most of them while enjoying the game as well. When I played this 1st time about an year ago, found the game's concept cool. Deserves 5 stars at the least.
From the beloved creators of nindash and dragnboom comes this very funny game. Five stars no questions asked. But there is one thing.. Can you add in king banana? I thoght this game had him in there but i was wrong. Other than that this is five stars. I played this game (and beat it) twice and it was wonderful. I love this game I recomend this to anyone adults and kids alike.
Honestly i love this game my imagination goes wild I play this and the character starts rolling I imagine it's sonic rolling through robots or when i'm swinging around I think I'm spider Man it's so good! Also I see a lot of complaining that the game gets hard but it's supposed to be that way it's a game it's supposed to be challenging and the difficulty spike it's appropriate for the game the final level was a pain in my side but it's fair it's the final level is supposed to be hard
This game is so hard and i like the game so much it is already my best game ever in the world if u got to the new stage your gonna have another colour for ur player and the game is funny too like behind and u just catch him and finish him so this what u do in the game. So guys there is an opponoment that u need to hit him too times.
This game is the best of the best the only thing is missing is powerup,upgrades and also moves which help you to defeat enemy in style. This thing are the only thing that this game need otherwise this game is perfect
5 star gameplay but a 4 star rating because YOU CANT TURN VIBRATIONS OFF which is something i would really like to be able to do, other than that i do recommend playing the game.
it was a hell of game and it is fun and great physics mechanincs and every thing in this game is great it's super fun just download it and play because you won't understand me until you play this game
I completed the game a while ago but am re-downloading because I want to play more. The controls are fun and easy to learn and the lvls get progressively harder such that you never get bored.
It is funny and amazing game. I love it. I am playing this game only 1 week and i love it. If you can add multiplayer. if you can't no problem.
This game is great! I love the tactics you need to play it, and all the cool combos you can do. One time it was hard, the next day (On world 4), it started getting easier, mostly because of the characters getting increasingly better. The only other thing I'd like from this game is that if you die on a wave, you respawn on that wave you died on instead. I've completed the game now and I'm on endless mode! Great job! πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚
I love this game I've played it so many times and I love it. but add more amazing characters and worlds it will be great if you add a boss
Love this game just beat it an hour ago and I wish they had a boss battle nothing too much but like a banana that takes multiple hits or something like that
I love the game man, the originality is so cool, you guys blew my mind. Keep up the good work, the only thing is, a few enemies, and its kinda boring because I now know the enemy's pattern, please add more. Keep up the good work as always.
When i got to menu screen it just freezed i restarted my phone deleted and downloaded the game but still the same proble i tried evrything but it still freezes fix this and i will edut review
One of the good ones. Finally a game with no ads and good gameplay. One of the best games i have played in a while. It was the best well until it got harder, thatd the point of the game.. but for me i couldn't get past some levels and that is why i am uninstalling. The point of the game is to get harder, so not being able to play the hard levels is my fault. So this is an awesome game overall even tho it is weirdπŸ˜‚β€
The games nice but you need more levels like i spend my whole day tryin to find more levels so can you make more levels say yes if you agree or press that like button.
the new songs will also feature the hospital in a new way of mine and I will be at a while to get a while to find out if it can be done in a few weeks 5 and it will have to do so rhi will have a lot more time in it than I do it for myself but it will still make sense if you are going through this to the topic and then your own life is going well in a way you have no doubt that the hospital is a good morning jaan krte and the rest are going on the topic and I don't think it is possible that I am
It's a great game with good graphics music and is a lot of fun it is also tricky. But please add a boss battle between king tongue and the banana king.
I like this game, the tongue swinging is so funny, the gameplay is cool, and the hit skins are awesome.
It's a great game loved playing it but it would be awesome if this game had some kind of pvp where 2 players have to hit each other while swinging to make it more awesome
Surprisingly fun physics-based platformer, easy to play and just difficult enough to master to give it replay value
It's so fun yet such a hard game the only thing I would change about it would be how every time you lose there's ads but it's still a fun game
i like it, but ive tried to get 3 stars on world 3-10, and im getting ready to shatter my phone to hundreds of pieces because of how frustrating it is.
Amazing game!!! I play it almost every day. So addictive, cool graphics and smooth gameplay. 10/10 would recommend
Please make it that if you die you respawn on the same round you died on. Every time I'm doing good I die and then I have to restart the level. I frankly think it's dumb and stupid that you have to do this. So please make a update to fix this.
really fun but you know them ones when they're on like a fish and they shoot like a ball,this happened to me once but i ran into one and bounced right off.During gamplay and you travel with your tongue ,theres always a trail behind you and when you turn the trail turns.When i bounced off "the trail" went towards the circle and hit it and bounce and kept following me
Amazing game it can get pretty hard but over all A really good mobile game and actuly one of a favrote mobile games of all time but there are some thing about it that i dont like it needs to be waay longer and it should be co op but other than that amazing game
Some levels are just too difficult. Great concept but some things need to be fixed. Vibration when you die is annoying when you are trying to play the game silently. Missiles that are too far off screen should vanish. You cant see them coming and it sucks being on stage 4/5 and getting hit by a missile you cant even avoid. "1 hit death" in a game with projectiles everywhere is pretty dumb as well. Make it a "2 hit death" at least.
An awesome game, but after a few levels it get real difficult and also you get only one life per level. It's really irritating and it made me loose interest in this game.
This song sbone of the best games i have ever played. But it is short. I finished it like in 5 days. I want you guys to get more levels. Please
This game is just amazing keep up the good work and add more characters and levels , everything is perfect controls animations everything is good about this game
It's great I thought my enemies are potatoes and when I read the description it's bananas the chaotic fun and chaotic action is cool the...I can't say anything what I can only say is great game!!! ΰΌΌ ぀ β—•β€Ώβ—• ༽぀Good Work!!!
I love this game if you update this again please add multiplayer mode so you can play it online and offline. Must download this game:-);-) TRUST ME THIS GAME IS SO AMAZING
I love this game but in infinite mode I get 1 in global Ranking and I beat my score but all of a sudden it says unavailable, This game is awesome 4 stars
Would rate 5 stars, its a pretty good game, but theres no way to turn off the really loud vibration that happens when you die, which is very annoying
The game is really fun cool awesome but when you play and you only have one life it is okay. I love the game and you got five stars
It's a fun game, but the controls are sucky at times. Also, I hate how when you've hit an enemy but at the last second it's bullet\black hole\bomb hits you (note: It's okay for the the bomb throwing enemy to do that) please fix this. Aside from that, the game's great!
whenever the helicopter comes I try to get away and the dom wall is in my way like get away then I try to grapple it takes forever like 2 seconds if your near the wall
One of the best games I've ever played. It was sooooo much fun. Plz do update the game or add part 2 because I would love to play more
Its awesome! But at the end of the game there's a endless mode instead of a boss level they need to make A KING Tongue2 that would be Awesome!
Great Time waster reasonable skipable ads nice music great graphics a couple of flaws here and there but I can't give half stars so 5 stars it is
With my new patience and old chaos nothing can make me lose my temper. Instead the AI will be rolling in its grave...anyways the point is this game is entertaining and hope whoever sees this is entertained as well. Keep patient yet chaotic and you'll be a God! TL;DR chaos, chaos, fun, good time for some people. Maybe even you.
I would of rated it a 5 star but if you get hit once you have to restart, that is VERY annoying when you are one the last wave. Please please make it so you can take 3 hits. The game is still good tho
This is the best game ever!!! Not to my ads, offline so there is no ads and when there is an ad you can skip it!!!!!! I love king tongue! But, can you make it to where you restart at the wave you're on if you die? plz fix this!😒😒