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King Rivals Premium

King Rivals Premium for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by TOPEBOX located at 53, Street No.3, Cityland Center Hills, Ward 7, Go Vap District, HCMC, Vietnam. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
One of the most poorly laid out and horribly explained games I've come across. There is no way explaining how to get different tier rewards other than paying for them meaning that only those putting money in get the major units and you just get run through. Combined with the EXTREMELY slow acquisition of gold and gems makes for a boring and frustrating game.
I'm a fan of the gameplay. It's fun and takes stratedgy. What I'm NOT a fan of is how ridiculously pay to win this game is. I mean seriously, been playing for a week and I'm silver rank 2 and if I match up with anyone with a p2w unit my team gets demolished because they are so OP. You give free players the tiniest insignificant amount of gems and lock every good class behind paywalled chests. And then the p2w player will use their little $8 sticker at you to rub in how they won? P2w trash.
Game seems like a direct copy of clash royale with minor changes to gameplay and charges money to buy it, the game is choppy at best and the devs dont even care enough to answer and sort out reviews and problems, but instead they just get an answering machine to act like they care. Would not recamend
Why would I even play a Clash Royale clone with even worse predatory mechanics? Such as waiting for chests to open with the same amount of time as Clash but with a maximum daily chest limit? The game has absolutely nothing going for it over Clash Royale. Just a simple cash grab in an oversaturated market with worse monetization schemes. You don't even have as big of a player base to be so greedy to begin with.
I enjoyed the game then now i cant even load it on my phone. Its a copy,of clash royal with some new things that are original. please issue a bug fix then i will give a better review .
It was an okay game. It's just that the design some of it choppy and some are not. The animation somehow is not very entertaining. Music on the Main Menu not very catchy, it sound like it's stuck. I know we use phone "back" button but prefer to have in-game "back" button. UI looks way out of the place. Anyway , dev make pretty good job. Need to work more on the Game Design and Sound Design. This game got potential.
Another game with out story and pay to win ,with crazy micro transactions . Thanks but no thanks. Will pass and uninstall ,this is definitely not for me.
no skill. boring. nothing to do with strategy. just sit around and wait to finally get winning cards.
First of all I do not like the tower upgrades and the special card after specific amount of accumulated souls it favors players that are stronger. Second the game keeps crashing.. either in the game or on the menu screen doesn't matter both situations are bad
Breakdown, gold income needs to double or cost of upgrades needs to half. More game modes are needed. Random battlefield terrain which could possibly damage a unit or two wouldnt be bad. Either more chests or less timer would make the game playable for more than an hour. You have something here, unfortunately its a premium game with iap, this needs to be less prominent.
Pay 2 win. Don't bother playing unless you want to pay. After you hit bronze 3, everybody is using money, 3 of your unit can't even kill 1 of the enemy
Not So Good. I Think My Mobile is Not Addaptable For it. So Hanging Problems I Face. So I Uninstall it, Donot Enjoy it Properly. I Play Bigger Games than it like Castle Crush, Power Rangers, etc. But I Don't Face This Problem. So, I Give it 3🌟.
an offline clash royale? sweet! edit: it does NOT work offline as originally thought yet same time doesnt feel like you are playing real time, makes phone get super hot/battery drain, and difficulty is uncontrollable, shifts midplay, and sometimes you win/lose when you normally shouldnt
This game is super fun. It's not super hard and it's not a pay to win game. I hope this game could be as famous as PUBG.
fun game but mob spawners are op in the early game, too much health, spawns to frequently. really hard to go against, you can be winning by 1000 health then the mob spawners come along and ruin everything.
Gotta love the pay to win model. Immortal rarity troops are nigh impossible to get but at a price you can get them as easily as is. They aren't even balanced for fairness!
After you buy this game you have to spend more money just to have more fun/be competitive. If you dont want that its just useless and you cant win.
This game is bad, the only reason i bought it was because it was for free at the molment. Unlike clash royal u r way too rewarded for spamming, and as soon as u break the gate u basically win because u can place units at the king. The gold production goes way too fast at the end game and there is no time limit which makes the macthes too long because all u r doing is spamming units. Last but not least legandary units and these r too op, they have too much health and they do too much damage.
Good Clash Royale clone. doesn't seem as laden with boring meta. Seems to play longer and feels less clunky.
First if all this is not an offline game. Then the free chests are a joke, I'm at arena 3 (highest arena is 4) and i only have 1 epic card which you get when you start the game not to mention immortal cards which are much better than epic cards. The game forces you to buy if want to be competitive, don't fall for that trap.
Not a fan. The matchmaking it's super unbalanced, the soul based upgrade system means whichever side starts winning will very likely win and you can't compete with someone that simply stronger. It also has pay to win mechanics where people that can spend money on gems can continue to play where if you don't, you have to wait several hours for chests to open. You can also buy special chests outright. Don't recommend.
Fun game to play but horribly unbalanced. The best players are the ones who've played the longest and have 1 unit that can steamroll you and only costs them 4 energy to do so..
Desent game, I do believe that a game like this but more main stream exists. "Clash Royal" I like the game, but I don't like that it's exactly like Clash but horizontal.
excellent game addictive fun really a great game only thing is sometimes when u put a unit or a spell at a certain spot it misplaced it in a different area which I lost because of it, plz fix other than that awesome game
while i like the game, it runs smoothly, it lacks content, more battle styles would be cool. furthermore the game puts forth a lot of effort via timers and limitations to prevent you from playing and is constantly trying to scrape you for a couple bucks. game could be good if it werent for these factors
Fun until you get trapped in pay to win games. Thankfully these are short as the opponent can just put down one overpowered mob and nothing you throw at it will suffice. I thought for awhile maybe I just needed to grind more but I don't think so. Certain cards are just massively overpowered. Also upgrading your own troops cost so much "gold" that you almost definitely need to use "gems" to do so. Gems = money. I like games that make supporting them financially non essential to gameplay.
Gold shud be more from chests and battles, gems can be kept the same to encourage P2P, also packs are too expensive for a game which is new, not yet famous, and has limited gameplay. Also we shud be able to view the abilities of locked heros also. And there NO daily login rewards!
closes on launch on pixel xl 2. originally had it installed on a samsung tablet for my son and it worked until after i spent about $10 on in game purchases then froze on last $3 purchase and crashes on launch every time now. Tried to install it on my phone to see if the purchases where tied to my google account or just his tablet before uninstalling and reinstalling only to find it crashes immediately on my pixel XL 2. So do i risk uninstalling and loosing the in-game purchases?
Even better than I thought! Amazing game. I love that each chest timer runs down while the other ones are if u have a full slot of chests. I also want that the chests that u can buy in the store cost less gems or make gems easier to get/increase the amount u get. Overall, the game has really cool mechanics and gameplay. Looking forward to the future if this game! XD
one of the worst pay to win games I've ever played. No wonder it's free now!!! What's the point in playing a game where everyone you battle has units you won't get unless you buy them. Don't waste your time unless you plan on dropping major cash on this BS
worst game ever no suggestions for starting and totally worst game. it's better to play other games but not this one.
Overall good, but the pairing with other players is very unfair. If you are on the first, you get paired with people almost 5 ranks higher than you. Thus means that they obviously have higher and better cards. Also the difference between a wood and king box should be increased. You get almost the same things, and barely any new cards
Another Game with pay to win mechanism. With crazy micro transactions loot box. Regular player wont stand a chance to premium player . It just crazy . I like tactic and rpg games where you need the will and effort to accomplish things. In here you wont see that . As for me this game is going to the trash . Uninstalled! Thanks god!
I'm a fan of the gameplay. It's fun and takes strategy. What I'm NOT a fan of is how ridiculously pay to win this game is. I mean seriously, been playing for a week and I'm silver rank 2 and if I match up with anyone with a p2w unit my team gets demolished because they are so OP. You give free players the tiniest insignificant amount of gems and lock every good class behind paywalled chests. And then the p2w player will use their little $8 sticker at you to rub in how they won? P2w trash.
Same concept as clash royale. Nice graphics and enjoyable. Not to much complicated, simple and clean. Well done developer
A very good well rounded game and it was free (when I got it) if it is free get it but if you have to pay. I don't know your choice in the end of the day. I would give it a five but it does not have many arenas. It is quite a smooth simple game easy to get use to and there are simple buttons and you know how to get around the game menu
after i reached level 5 and purchase some credits the game just jam.. uninstall and reinstall also no use even i cleared data & cache
I enjoy it a lot. Too bad lately it keeps crashing as soon as it gets to the main screen. Please fix?
Honestly, it was way too over hyped, the game is not even mediocre, in terms of graphics or gameplay, it is a shame games like these occupy playstore.
This game is very friendly towards non pay to win players. There's lots of opportunities to earn premium currency and I like how you can unlock multiple chests at the same time. Gameplay feels a little stiff and slow, not as smooth as what you'd find in Clash Royale for example. Still, a very solid game overall.
PAYWALL @ Lvl4 or Bronze II. About 1.5 hours total gameplay until you lose, no matter the skill, to hard bought maths.
Game play is good and fun, but drop rate really suck. I made it to arena 3 but all the treasure boxes drops are filled with arena 1 troops. Been getting 95% arena 1 troops, I can't even get arena 2 normal troops after 2 days in game!
So simple while requiring such strategy, when I come back from school I always have a chest to open so that's cool too :)
You need a replay function. Being able to see your opponents card and building level is a must and is not available even in the match history. 9.5grand gold for an epic chest? This is a paid game how can you lean that far towards in app purchases aswell? Also cards like knight need a wind up time the fact they hit full speed straight away means they'll connect with a building before what you drop to counter has time to drag aggro.
Incredibly unbalanced. While with those on the same level as me, with the same cards, I win. I get leveled up to play with players that have incredibly overpowered cards compared to me... I keep getting up and down in level because I have no choice. I have to lose 2-3 matches (because of unbalanced cards), to get back to those on the same level as me where I have a chance of winning. Also, everything is expansive to push you to buy things. Avoid! Too bad the gameplay itself is good.
great game, very fun. wish there was more to do, possibly more gem drop since chest storage is only 4 slots. and you get maybe 1-2 gems out of each achievement
First few levels were fun until you got to 3 star bronze and all you see are players with epics and immortals. That's when the game expects you to pay to win by buying gacha. Not balanced at all
Sadly a pay to win. Breaking start (necromancer e.g) units based on random loot, the only way to get is purchasing lootboxes in the shop.
Starting package offer gone before the time expired. Meet a player blatantly spawning units non-stop (obviously a cheat).
Too many overpowered bots, the game forces you to keep spending money for unlocking units that are otherwise not possible to gain. I wasted my time and money. Very bad.
The match making is super bad you play with people a level or 2 higher than yours and the cards are more powerful try to fix this I keep losing trophies because of that fix the match making and I'll probably change the rating.
Played it for like 15 minutes, realized theres no much point... Lots of colors running around. it would be cute for kids, but they try n trick you to purchase expensive upgrades that throw more colors around the screen. Uninstalled.
game is unfair, some player can unlock good cards, some others only get common cards. Sever connection is poor and don't have any indication. sometime, during battle, deployment delayed for awhile.
Look it's a good enough game. But you're rewarded 5% for skills and 95% for how long you've played (unless ofc you pay $). So after a couple days of playing you might have moved up several leagues but it takes days before you have similar units and you just can't beat higher their units with first/second tier units. So it just became really boring.
it has very low quality character's and clash royal is the same thing but with better graphics and quality I cant believe anyone would pay $0.99
My game always crashed when i will play and start a match game will be stuck. Full time waste game😠😠