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King Crusher – a Roguelike Game

King Crusher – a Roguelike Game for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by ANKAMA GAMES located at 75 Bd d'armentieres 59100 Roubaix France. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Amazing concept but the game itself is pretty spotty, the sound controls don't work for half of the game sounds, the character movement feels laggy, and the game soft locks more than I would like.
+Fun game. Simple controls, easy to master. - I paid for no ads but they still show up. Unable to retrieve the bonus 250 gems daily. Closing the app and restarting may lose you progress towards gem goals. Incantations can result in opening already owned heroes, forcing an unnecessary grind. This, on top of the fact that not all menu items related to gems work (I'm looking at your +250 gems, x2 gems, x3 exp buttons.)
I like this game for what I've played so far it's a fun strategy rougelike game with pretty dope graphics, an easy to use and understand UI and the combat movement works just fine. I do wish there was more to this game in terms of content and things to do and collect but for a free to play game with in app purchases it's just a decent fun to play game you don't even need the in app purchases unless you want even quicker access to a better chance of higher units.
Could be great, stabs you in the back... You as a player make money for the developer by watching ads, ads that progress you faster towards the legendary summons that guarantee you the Epic heroes. Only problem is, the summons are duplicates of the same 3 heroes you get the first times around and even fail sometimes. taking your gems and giving you nothing. Could be a great game but abandons sense for monetary gain.
Really has been quite enjoyable so far, played about 2 hours and it asked if I'd like to rate it. As long as you are capable of paying attention to the screen in front of you, its satisfying to play.
Gotta add more heroes or other new features in next updates, this game is really great and still got a lot of room to expand and develop !!! 9/10 casual skill-based game :D
This has a amazing unique gameplay style that anyone has to try I can't find a flaw it is literally flawless
Starts off cool (like most games) but gets boring fast. Theres not enough to keep you excited. Why not make items permanent for your character.
Fun change of pace! With all of the pay-to-win games out there these days, it's really refreshing to have something that isn't necessarily that. I love the art style and the slider-puzzle game play! Truly a revolutionary take on the action rpg!
You have to try this game - it's fantastic. Every advertisement is optional and the game isn't pay to win. It's a huge, arcade-type, RPG, action packed game (which isn't turn-based). I have poured days of my time into this extremely neat and perfectly made game, it's absolutely one of the best games on the play store, everyone needs to try this out for themselves.
These are the type of games that make mobile gaming fun. The mechanics are easy to learn and use, and the art style is really nice to look at. This is one of the better games present in the app store. I do not usually give reviews, but this one is too good to pass.
Game has potential. Level and enemy design are almost all good. Too many bugs and the engine is very slow. It feels like the game wasnt even tested at all. I played for a week, discovering one bug a day. Definitely not ready for serious play, bugs completely ruin certain strategies. Devs need to learn to avoid bad uses of RNG. (Whether or not you can earn an achievement for a level should NOT rely on how lucky you are with the map generation, rain projectiles should NOT have random angles, etc.)
i liked most of the gameplay, and gems are easy enough to get. the issue i have is the same thats been viewed, in that this game likes to give you the same legendary hero over and over again. i rolled 4 legendary heroes, and all of them were arcanogists ( there are only 2, meaning somethings wrong with this games rng coding) not worth playing until thats fixed
just awsome what more I can say about it ... its just good oldschool pixel game with an original content to play and after few hours you downloaded this game you just find out that you are dependant on this game because you find your interested in it 😉 I waiting for new updates well done with this game dear developers you create game what never get bored 👍
Great game, though it's a little buggy. Soon after starting a classic game, my warrior couldn't be healed by anything other than his leaders ability to heal 10hp at the start of battle. Not even the inn worked. Also, the first time I started classic mode, my party died immediately on the map screen and I had to abandon the game. I also can't login to Google Play.
This game is extremely fun. The randomness with which you get characters is way off. While the more powerful characters are more rare, which is good, there are some powerful characters that I get every few days. Meanwhile, I have only ever gotten one mediocre bard, despite regularly collecting gems and trying for characters. This is ultimately turning me off to the game (and causing me to watch fewer optional ads!) since I'm losing hope of getting new characters.
Amazing game! Mixes a nice level of strategy and action :) Great for all fans of medieval fantasy. The pixel art is also super cute.
The microtransactions (that you can buy with a premium currency that can also be grinded for free) seem really fair. The chance for each items rarity is clearly stated and there's even one where you have 100% chance of getting the rarest item.
Really well made game here. The combat is engaging and non-repetative with many unique enemies, hard versions of them, and double battles. The levels are themed and all have their own special mechanics. Good music. The quests are fun and challenging. Large variety of hero builds. The only thing I dont like is getting repeat heroes from incantations. The XP boost is nice but I really wanna get them all 😅
It would be a good game, except when you unlock a legendary hero you have an extremely good chance of it being a double, therefore you wasted all the time earning it. Way more than half the legendary Heroes I unlocked were doubles, and I didn't even nearly unlock half the legendary Heroes in the game. I deleted the app when it got beyond probability and started to feel intentionally skewed towards giving you useless rewards to keep you from unlocking everything without microtransactions.
only played for an hour or so, but it's very nicely done. good presentation, good combat system that actually give you control of characters, not some idle game rubbish. great fun, and many of the adverts are optional - watch them to earth more money and xp, or ignore them and carry on normally.
Combat is great. Its challenging and force's you to think quickly. Enemies have different attacks to it doesnt get boring and repetitive. My only problem is the "loot box" style of unlocking hero's. Like at least dont allow the game to give me duplicates. Ads are extremely rare and non of them are video ads. Great time waster and overall just fun
The game looks nice! besides the art style, the movement of the characters in the game is smooth! The characters and the world all have character. The sounds and music are all well timed and nicely done. The gameplay is so simple and clever! Slay the Spire style progression, but gameplay all its own! definitely worth a try.
game is rigged. I only have 3 legendary characters out out 24 and when i spend 2500 gems to unlock a new one I get the same one 4 times on a row. The chances of this happening is very low so i assume the game rigs it so we would buy more gems
The game is pretty fun but one thing that pisses me off is I purchased "no ads" and still get ads from the main screen. Also, when sound effects and music are turned all the way down there's still some aspects of the game that have sound and music. I would rate five stars if this ad is she was fixed.
It's a solid game and I recommend it. The core game play is really addicting and fun, plus I really like that the ads are optional. My main complaint is that It's somewhat short on content, and after completing the main adventure you either have to pay or grind the same stages repeatedly in order to collect all the characters.
I rarely play mobile games because they all seem repetitive and cliche and I usually end up uninstalling them a few hours later. However, King Crusher left me playing for hours and hours and I couldn't get my hands off this game. Great game, unique and fun. I hope the developers makes more updates or games like this. Loves. ps. some items have bugs where you can't equip them tho
Really great pixel rpg stradegy tile board. totally satisfied my craving for something I could pick up for fun and not get bored with. so far only played the first few levels on adventure mode and I love the character Stat upgrade, multitude of characters, and random events across the board as I progress to keep it interesting. Best feature so far is doubling my points with videos for those times I'm just a bit short on spending cash when I come across the various shops. ♡
Decent game to play through, good mechanics. I have had my gems randomly reset to 40 from 1000+ multiple times otherwise it would be 5 star.
Unbalanced difficulty unless you pay a lot. Ten percent into the game the difficulty suddenly spikes massively and you can't really do a single scenario without dying unless you grind on the existing ones (ten out of hundred scenarios) for hundreds of hours or pay loads of money. Would be amazing game if they didn't try to scalp the users almost immediately after the tutorial.
There needs to be a single hero campaign mode, controlling just 1 hero sounds way more interesting, just ramp up the attacks & it'll make up for it, another add on for it is equipment upgrade & looting system. Permanent equipments of various types that can be upgraded/fused so we don't get stuck. Adding those interesting features will earn your 5th star 👍
how the HECK am i supposed to beat the scorpion when his attack covers 8/9 tiles while the 1st attack transitions to the 2nd? also the left middle tile is never targeted, seems like it might be a bug? Also ive rolled only 4 golden heroes, and out of those 4, i got 2 duplicates. 2x2 gold heroes.
Are you kidding? This was a great game, but when I completed an adventure, it asked me if I was enjoying the game and then sent me directly to the app store. When I went back to the game, it reset the entire adventure! Uninstalling. Here's the review you asked for.
Was enjoying myself in spite of massive amounts of duplicates and certain patterns that seem unfair - especially with multiple enemies. Now, though, I'm calling it quits: in the lava world, certain attacks rely solely on shadows to telegraph where they will land - and such shadows are near invisible on the tileset. And then they add STEAM, which further obscures everything to a ridiculous degree. Nope, I'm out.
This is a decent game thoroughly enjoyed playing it it's got bot a relaxing and competitive dynamic kinds reminds me of iron snout but 8 bit I love the sprites and animations and the adventure is remanicent of games like dark dungeon
A very fun game great graphics, cute sprites, pretty responsive controls haven't the only bad thing i found isn't even the games fault : i was asked if i enjoyed the game which i did so i clicked yes to rate it, but my 1gb ram phone decided to be its 1gb ram self and close the game to open playstore only to reset my progress. that's it. it wasn't a big deal since its like adventure 3, anyway really liked the game and hope to see more from the developers. good day to anyone who reads this.
I like it not really what I'm searching (rougelike shooter to be exactly) but I gave it a try it's pretty creative and unique some of the class combos are broken it can win anything instantly and the enemy has a pretty interesting attack patterns one of the greatest rougelike game I incounter 9/10 for my preference
game is nice but I dont really have any idea how it actually works. It took me ages to realize that the gems are not p2w coins but actual currency, and I still have yet to find what the gold coins do, and if the gold coins and the items you get, are retained throughout the game. I didn't realize what heroes do until I managed to use them, and some of the missions don't work (win with archer didn't give me star even though I had an archer and won)
Cool, well made technically, but don't bother. I love hard games, but this one just mocks you. Side quests like "Don't get hit", on levels with enemies that hit 8 of 9 squares, despite having 3 party members (none of which have shield or dodge ability). Or conditions like "Lose 25% health every level" on 5 straight fights with no healer. All of this would be *somewhat* playable if there was a "Retry" button (have to go back to main title and select everything again), or if it wasn't also P2W.
I already left one review earlier. Here's review 2. Noticed all the names etc and just came across the hitchhikers reference. This game has a ton of hidden gems for comedy and fun randomized gameplay.
I'll be the first to admit I may be a little biased as I already live everything Ankara has ever out out but this game is exceptionally fun for a mobile game! I hardly ever play anything on mobile but as I hesitantly tried this out I was genuinely surprised by how interactive it is! it is entirely fast to grind for gems, the battles are very fun and the ads are... well they are ads but I didn't mind paying a small fee to support my favourite ever creators! Very pleasantly surprised! 😊
This game is awesome. I like the gameplay a lot. Not very hard to learn, very enjoyable. You got to try this game and see what I mean.
A game with pretty interesting mechanics, pretty easy to understand and learn, but hard to master. Increasing the rewards for some missions could be something that could be improved, but other than that, awesome game!
i want to like it!! The design reeks of pay to play it and advance. how many duplicates are expected as rational? want a distraction, this is fine. But, not actually a game....more something to occupy yourself from productive actions. I'm old and handicapped, and see that.
So this game is a mix of strategy, action, RPG and the monetization has some permanent upgrades and it feels like once I've paid a little bit I can now play consistently as much as I like. It's more involved than I thought it would be, rather than a casual laid-back game, and that's kind of nice. This is a refreshing game that I wouldn't have mine paid for some upfront. Good job developers.
it's amazing game! I was again child😘 here is very good graphics and perfect 2D, great job friends! recommend this game for all players who likes old style adventure and our childhood visual.
very unique and the idea is great love it with great graphics nice artstyle and cartoonish which I like but the storyline isn't that great as we are being bad it would be better if the king had very bad past with them and they killed and important person overall it a cool game
this game is awesome. I love how the gameplay is perfect to just pick up for a quick round anytime. keep adding more attack types! I want more content!
Great! Haven't seen any ad at all, game play is well above good. Fresh, new, innovative but you know what to do. Hard recommend!
Paid for ad free but its not true. I dont have to watch ads for bonuses but there is still a pop up ad right after i log in. This is brutal on the developers part and they should be ashamed.
Simply a lot of fun. Strategizing and mastering patterns is a challenge, but it seems to just be too easy most of the time since A lot of bosses have some sort of coyote time, where even if you didn't put something in on time you can still escape after the thing actually happened. There's simply one issue: it isn't compatible with multitouch. Using 2 fingers to move 2 adventurers at a time would be really convenient, but it simply isn't possible. 5 stars if that's fixed
Light real time roguelike, very enjoyable. Some things are very frustrating though - it made me angry to receive the same leader twice, since you work really hard to earn the gems. Also sometimes the enemy deals damage after it reached 0 HP. Suggestion - after finishing with 'unknown items', showing which items they were.
Amazing combination of action, puzzle, strategy and RPG. My one gripe is that the currency you earn without spending money is extremely little compared to watching videos/spending money, which can make the game a bit of a grind. Thankfully, currency isn't really needed to advamce, and the game itself is so polished and fun, so playing it for nothing is enough of a reward.
1.0.7 So far the game is good no pop-up ads no pay to win game just grinding The only down side is a lot of bugs so far 1. After completing daily mission it will never pop up that you finish it so you can do daily mission repeatedly (only if data is off and start the game for that game with 50/50 it will work) 2. The game can crash when attack speed of heroes go "brrrrrrrrr" 3. Incantation bug The heroes never registered ehen i received them it happened to me ones only
This is the highest praise I can give a playstore app: This is not a clone. It is creatively designed to make use of phone features and rpg elements in a way that sets it apart from your typical grind phone rpg. Rather than wanting to collect all the stuff I find that collecting the stuff is just a side bonus to the gameplay itself. Great job and keep up the good work.
This is a fantastic and unique game, but please remove the cactus fight with the crystals as that can end a hardcore run since you don't have enough space. Also, I feel that hardcore should have the option of challenges like normal mode.
Very simple game. Maybe a little too easy to start with. But brilliantly original mechanics. Active & fun. I wish there was more iventory/upgrades to play with as this game could have much more depth than a casual mobile game.
Unique and fast-paced combat style which is thankfully more than just another idler. Not sure if interesting in the long term.
On top of already being extremely grindy even for a Roguelike. This game has a bugged RNG system that results in getting the same legendary back to back. It typically takes 5 complete runs to earn enough gold just to buy one, to have it automatically be a duplicate of the last just automatically wastes hours of your time. There's a half decent game in the gameplay but it's literally unplayable since unlocking new heroes is key to the gameplay.
The game is very fun and the mechanics are simple yet strategic. My complaint is the "Randomness" of the new character incantations. I have been saving to try and get the 2500 gem cost legendary heroes. i currently have 8 of the 24 legendaries. The last 4 times I've done it though, I generated the EXACT SAME HERO. That is 10,000 gems essentially wasted because the 500 xp a repeat provides is negligible across all heroes. This last one frustrated me enough that I almost don't want to roll again..
game is fun. "gacha" system is fair, gameplay is fun, lots of replayability and a more straightforward "classic" mode. my main complaint is that the "quests" are buggy - like, doing events will fail "use no spells" missions which seems strange...
5 star game. hard for me to see if my save is backed up because at game start it says I'm logging in and during the game in the settings it says to login. also the starter package is confusing referring to an epic hero. I assume this is a gold hero but there is no epic hero in summon menu only a gold hero. finally to remove ads. What does it do? the ad seem to be clickable . do we get the reward without clicking? once these things are clarified there will be no flaw in this game.
This is a fun semi-roguelike without turnbase combst. You can play for as long as you want without getting interrupted by an ad. I really appreciate when ads are optional rewards rather than game-breaking annoyances. The grid-based combat is simple but the enemy attacks seem diverse enough to keep it engaging. Pay to win elements are there but it's single player so it doesn't bug me like a PvP game would. The classes also don't feel balanced, a few seem kinda useless (arcanist specifically).
In King Crusher, the player swipes to control traditional RPG classes on a tiled combat map. These maps together form "adventures" which set the theme and flavor of the challenge. Player choices are abundant, ads are optional, and the overall quality of this free game is impressive. Give King Crusher a try.
After playing a bit and feeling impressed, I came back to a push notification. I checked settings to disable it and don't see it.. If I can not manage to find it, I will uninstall until that option is added. If I find it or someone can lead me to it, I'll change the rating
far, far too easy to be entertaining. attacks are either waaayyyy too easy to dodge or deal super low damage to where it isnt a problem, often both. gold is a dumb resource as it doesnt carry over and you often get literally 8 times more gold than you can even spend buying everything on your way. also new heroes dont change the game that much, especially since you cant choose which classes to bring.
The devs that made this game clearly put a lot of love into it. Animations are wonderful, playful dialog, fighting mechanics are super rad, and unexpected extra fun of mini events. quality of gameplay was rarely sacrificed for making money, which is rare in phone games. It would break my heart to find out if it was just another reskinned phone game, because it came together so well. really fun!
I completely loved the game. It is quick, fun and even though it has no concrete storyline. You can make one up for yourself from the different quests you take. I am ABSOLUTELY in love with the music it is incredibly cheerful. The graphics I enjoy very much and the effect are very well done. Applause to the developer, can reccommend the game enough!!!
Just started playing so far seems fun there is plenty to discover and gameplay is very interactiv. I give only 4 stars for the amount of adds that you get to watch. All tho they are optional if you don't watch them you miss out on bonuses that could be crucial to win.
Maybe its because i can't get used to the controls or because my reflexes are awful but i can't get the most of this game. But the concept is great, and the graphics too. It is also fun enought to keep playing though im not great at it
Some enemies are almost impossible to dodge. "Hurry up" pop up is WAY TOO LONG. Can't watch the ads sometimes. So far that's all the complaints i have. It's quite a fun game, I enjoyed it.
Absolutely amazing game, everyone should try to play it. Don't listen to other people saying it's P2W, you can easily beat all the levels as long as you practice and learn patterns of the bosses, game is challenging, not easy.
I love it, but I've lost too many incantations because of bugs. I click the button and it removes my gems but doesn't give me the result of the incantation. It happens all the time, usually, when it does, the UI appears all in french and the prices appear different.
Excellent grid based strategy! I see an obvious opportunity to make pvp 1v1 matches here. Please add an online arena Ankama! We know u can do it!
My broomstick was not able to fly sometimes and I could solve this issue with a iap purchase. So it's your choice if you like the game and wanna play without ads. My only main suggestion for the devs is provide support in english. I know the french are nacionalist with language, but international support in french is bad for business 🙃
fun rpg. medieval themed. reminds me of dnd somehow. simple, yet increases in difficulty. fun to play with the different characters, and the references in their names are subtle yet brilliant.
I dont like mobile games but decided to download one since I was bored. This game is super fun, engages you, very simple but not boring. Microtransactions are not intrusive and ads are present but not in your face. The game is awesome.
a unique gaming experience! im a fan of the playstyle. 3x3 grid. move your characters out out of the way of the enemy before they are hit. downsides: -unfair purchases. i had 4 legendaries. spent 2500 gems another. it was a repeat. was awarded 500 exp split between other heroes. meanwhile a bronze hero is worth 50 gems and you get 75 exp for repeat. unbalanced. legendary should have been 3750 exp. -game ocassionally glitches out and enemy will freeze, making it impossible to win.
Nice graphics, quick to get started. Was very fun for the first ten or so levels, it's a really cool device how each enemy has different attack patterns. After that, it gets too difficult too quick. Not quite balanced yet, maybe I'll check back in a year or so.
It may look simple on appearance but it gets really challenging as you progress, speed getting faster and faster requiring some crazy reflexes. Ads serve the gameplay since you have the choice to watch them and get a bonus or ignore them and go for a way more difficult playthrough. I recommend for players that want a quick playing game that doesn't restore logging in every 2 minutes. My only fear is that it may get a little dull after a while not having many game modes or awards
The game is great and fun. There is just one very anoyng thing about the gameplay. And this is the random way to obtain a new hero and the posybility to get one that you already have. I wold be much better at least to give you a characters that you dont have. I am playng this game for months, incanting every day and never get a particular character that I want. It alwas gives me the ones that I already have and this is very frostrating. I will give 5 stars when this is fixed.
This game is neat! it's like arcade with rpg theme and I love it. The pixel art is awesome, the gameplay is smooth and interactive. But I get a problem where sometimes the game bugged, I can't move or even touch to activate the skills, even though I can still interact with the menu. Other than that everything is awesome!
Very fun, very challenging, great 8-bit graphics with 80's rpg feel, doesnt get boring as updates always make huge changes, pay to remove ads and you get double everything! only complaint is that I have spent 1000's of gems and keep getting the same characters over and over.... it shouldn't be this hard to collect all characters! This might eventually get old and frustrating, causing players to quit after awhile. Maybe set mechanics to award characters before duplicates? Idk. Great game though!
So the simple test is, if I continue to buy the 50 gem random bronze hero, what happens. Well, becuase gems are a common currency in the game, the least surprising thing happens, I can obtain the same hero, which turns it into exp. This just turned me off. Asides from this, game seems dorky fun but too repetitive for myself.
despite having the settings in the game set 2 no sound and no music there are numerous things that ignore the setting and have Sound and music. Mage fire balls are one example, the ice wolf howl is another example, and the music that plays either after the level 3 Daily Phoenix boss or when you abandon because I can't beat the level 3 Phoenix boss. I shouldn't have to turn my media all the way off in order to not have sound. it is worse since it works for most things and is an unwelcome surprise
Good idea on combat system. I enjoyed it at short burst. Not sure when I will be back to play it. Getting new heroes are just too expensive for me and I'm lazy to grind.
Have to bump off a star for causing me to have to restart my adventure after clicking yes on if I was enjoying the game or not. The dialogue showed up after beating adventure 3's boss, and after I finished posting the review, when I used the native Android function to bring the game back (square on the right instead of the back button on the left), the app acted like I had swiped the app out of memory and restarted completely. Please fix this behavior.
Great gameplay. Great mechanics. Not pay to win/enjoy. Ine of the greatest mobile game I have ever played.
Daily chest should NOT require you to watch an ad, and the crystal amount is pitiful. Crystal rewards also feel unfair for clearing, im playing for fun guys not a part time job. Also, NOT ROGUELIKE! Would be great but devs seem scared of being generous, and impede on my fun
gotta fix rgn... i have 5heroes, 2 gold merchants and 1 silver one and a silver and bronze knight... that's it. you can only use one per class. I'm 3 heroes deep useless. already too much grind ahead of me. you guys gotta fix that... prioritize classes you don't have in rgn?
I finding this game to be quite a ride with it's simple yet challenging square shuffling mechanic. However the most fun part is seeing the creative twists in many of the monsters for King Crusher: from Wolves on ice lollies to killer chess pieces. Truly an off-the-wall experience if I ever played such a game.
I think everybody has already praised this game enough for its artstyle and gameplay, so I would like to praise the music. It's not very often that you find games on the appstore with memorable music (let alone an actual good game), but holy heck, this is too good. It sounds like this could be straight out of Super Mario Galaxy. Wish I could listen to the soundtrack somewhere. Well done!
pretty fun so far! not sure if its going to slow down but i like the difficulty and idea of the game.
This is the best mobile game I've played in years. Love the gameplay, music and graphics. I'll review again later, just let me play a bit more. Edit 1: Is there a way to read the enemy descriptions or stats in the bestiary?
Game's really fun. You control 3 units' movement and position in game, but they attack automatically. Art is fine if you're okay with pixel, and it's quite challenging. Game's not greedy as well, can get double rewards from watching ads. But you can't pick what class you want to bring, you can only choose which team with 3 selected classes the game provides.
great, simple roguelite/puzzle gameplay. had to drop a couple stars because I have now rolled the same legend twice in 2.5k gem pulls resulting in no new leader and a small chunk of experience for my other leaders. so frustrating to save up/buy gems only to not have anyone new in your armory. enjoy the game, but I honestly regret and wouldn't suggest spending money on this game until they change the 2.5k pull to a *unique* legendary.
Wonderful art and a simple premise carry this bullet hell game quite far, but an abysmal 5th stage and middling progression hold it back. Most of the enemies design and pattern is tough but saying once you've mastered it, and the challenges provide something to strive for. But the design team dropped the ball with Works 10 & 11. Cerberus is impossible; his projectiles are much too fast, and his health is too high to finish in time. Dragon cannot be killed in time either.
Best game ever! Smooth and yeah the fountain option is the best like you can ask for support and other things and you should download it cuz it is amazing there are no problems in this game I loved it I have not completed yet but yeah I'm gonna complete the developers I have a very big thank you so keep on this nice work I need to talk more like if u dont kill the enemy soon the king gets angry😂 that is the best now I can't say much cuz my word limit is about to fill so thank u all.😊
Really great game. Can be played all the way through without spending any money or watching any ads. Unfortunately, content is limited and you run out of things to do after a few dozen hours. Amazing while it lasts though!
Fun game, easy to pick up. Ads for double rewards, very unintrusive. The mechanics are fun. The art style great. Though I would wish for one step less pixelated.
Nice one. Finished 3rd level and got a popup asking if I am enjoying the game. Yes. Takes me to play store to write a review and restarts the game losing my progress on 3rd level so now I have to redo it. Thanks...
Not a rogue-like. This is a top down real time party based fighting game.. it's a bit like a real time Final Fantasy fight sequence. If you're expecting a turn based dungeon crawler, you'll be disappointed. 3 stars for misinformation. All in all, for what it is, the graphics are amusing but its just a grind at the end of the day. Yawn.
My character sprites just have a splitsecond of "dead" animation in the first tutorial. The interface says i'm level 9-2, with a number of 3621, and an inventory that has no function. Tried giving up and retrying to see if it works. Nope it didn't. What happened?
Game play is good. I like the levels and the characters and the items. But holy hell is this a perfect example of how a gacha cash grab ruins an otherwise great game. I paid about $5 to disable ads because I liked the game play, got a few extra heroes because of it. But doing missions without a hero unlocked is tedious. Unlocking new heroes is done by a random gacha system and the best heroes require about $2.50 of gems to unlock. Not as bad as other gacha games. But ruins an otherwise good game
Awesome game, but... Still plays ads when opening reward chests even when ad-removal is bought. Also the double XP reward button is bugged and has to be pressed several times (Samsung s20). An option to always automatically get double reward without these ugly ad buttons would make this a 5 star game easily.
What this game lacks is more content, such as more units, places, enemies, and overall gameplay style. I hope the next update, if there is one, will pique my interest into downloading it again.
Bricked the game when I couldn't play the tutorial battle since it didn't let me click the adventure button. So I restarted the app but it thought I already did the tutorial. Thing is I didn't and had no gems. It did not let me summon since I had none and was thus trapped in store