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Kinda Heroes RPG: Rescue the Princess!

Kinda Heroes RPG: Rescue the Princess! for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Kinda Heroes located at Lyubertsy, Mitrofanova str. 22/2. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is decent. The controls are good, but I wish there was a way for the game to que an action or stop an attack to activate an ability. I would like a way to remove adds, but I haven't found one. The 5 minute wait to use an add bonus is a little annoying. It would be more convenient if the timer was automatically cooled off after a mission. It is annoying that every zone I beat gets more difficult with the same rewards as I progress.
love the game so far, like the mechanics involved with unlocking and upgrading skills , and being able to manually choose which ones to invest in..
This is a AMAZING game. The graphics are simple yet impressive and the story is really interesting. Tho I have a recommendation: maybe make it so levels you have already beat have a difficulty changer. Because currently going back and doing levels you have done before is really easy.
Please add bind account please! I lose my data 2 times because of an error and force close on this game and it doesn't have bind account, i really love this game
The controls are simple and easy to understand, the game is quite addicting. Skill buttons are hard to press and I sometimes had to press the edge of my screen to active it.
I like the concept but some aspects need more flesh. Better instructions and a way to keep track of what level you're on would be great.
I found this game quite addictive. The graphics is good and it is quite challenging if you increase the difficulty so you need more grinding. All in all i love the game.
please add this features : change class, skill tree, different in basic skill and job skill, active skill and passive skill, item rarity, magic, summon or npc companion or pet, gem to attach on gear, story, choice for different ending, alchemy, encyclopedia, pvp real time or just player avatar, thankyou for the game, its really good
Considering that this is not an early access game, it was a mostly horrible experience. Constant errors on the crafting screen. The game doesn't explain anything at all and makes it very difficult to get into. After experimentation I chose an archery path, and I started to have bit of understanding, therefor enjoyment with the game, when today I discovered that they sneaked in a massive nerf to archery. Yesterday I could charge up to 6 times, now it's 3. This sneaky nerf is not acceptable.
The game is smooth, the graphics aren't the best but good enough to enjoy. The game mechanics are simple Finished the game in about 2 days Didnt need the adds to win but watched them for support The royal arsenal is rather disappointing would expect a higher benfit for using gems then a mediocre 10% better then the trader Only 2 rarity grades common and rare Could only find 4 hero yet the game shows 8?? Also the game lacks explenation on skill effects unless you have them P.S. Bow is best choice
Really fun game, some details are wrong. Like the skills definitions for stone head say +100 HP etc when in fact it only have 50......also does the rating system go in the opposite direction? Starting off at A and finishing at F.....that's weird.
Crazy stupid. In the starting tutorial, everytime I use the "charge" feature, the program fails and closes automatically. Game is broken.
The combat system is real time similar to Sword & Soul. It's good but took some time to get used to. Overall, this is a good game. Weapon compare should be available on inventory, it kinda weird need to go to trader to compare our own weapon
Unable to enter an area in the game. I get a huge reference error code or whatever. Took a screenshot of the error and sent an email with the error code. Ill rate 5 stars if it gets fixed because I cant do anything now at the moment...
Can't play game because the update won't upload. I'm getting upset a update shouldn't be forced. Now I can't play at all. This is messed up. I'm going to delete this game if it isn't corrected.
First at all i give this bcoz skill upgred looks not clean not arranged well so it look kind hard to up with one skill point is good, so from like this hope u can arranged it pretty well so its look very clean the skill others rpg game have well arranged skill upgred
So I was finally halfway enjoying the game after trying a bow and focusing on archery. Now they have nerfed the hell out of it and everything related to it. I have no desire to play melee with it's janky frustrating mechanics. That on top of the horrible loot and gear progression and unoriginal quests.. I think I'm done. Very relieved I decided to wait a bit before making purchases. Best of luck though, just not a rewarding play experience for me. Extra star for no energy gates, thank you!
This game is too freaking difficult without ANY logic to it! The freaking 3rd mission in the game, I failed 3 or 4 times.. And mote than that, everytime you fail, you're getting less chance to pass it next time cuz all of my potions are gone now. Also there is a serious bug with quests that they dont actually give exp. It just says on the UI that you get it. But u dont. I give an F in both UI and UX.
Loved it till the storyline suddenly stopped. This is a great foundation to build on, continue the story please add in the rest of the characters. Maybe be able to make your own since they all have a set of unique abilities. Make crafting have a purpose the weapons and shield available don't follow the characters level, there isn't a small or medium potion to craft just large maybe add in super large potions or adjust the difference between the 3. Take out dodge-counter skill or add in a timing
its a nice system but i like to be able to stack my food so i can use health items instead of a booster
This is one of the better games I've played on here j think just about ever. Everything is nicely balanced and pay to win isn't even close to nesseccary. Everything is attainable and the gameplay is really entertaining. 5/5 10/10 would and will reccomend to everybody I know! Keep up the good work c:
i love this game but please take off the bots because there's no cooperation in bot and have a level req of job per stage i always get a party of lvl 6 job in 2nd star in boss in 2nd map plus sometime in start and end of the dungeon it will stop but still i like the game i will give it 4 star
So a nice little game combat isnt overly hard and you can advance well past your gears grade if you get how and when each enemy attacks/combos the patterns are easy enough to see. I do wish the item grading was a bit diffrent ( as is its just alphabetical a b c d e ect ) the shop screens tend to close out if you click outside the menue ( or miss hitting an item grade to filter by love that when looking for items in the shop the filter i mean ) over all good game keep up the good work
Pretty good game. A little bit grindy but it's fine. Would be nicer if the ad cooldown is shorter. Maybe two to three minutes is alright instead of five minutes.
Great game. Ive played quite a bit of rpg games. And i can say that this one is on my top 5. The gameplay is pretty simple and easy to understand. Theres quite a bit of bugs here and there. But its updated quite often. The only thing i might suggest is being able to bring the unused exp to other characters. Coz being able to not do that kinda sucks. Or atleast you can redo the quests you've done to one character to the other one.
An ok game with surprisingly high rating. Despite being an "RPG", the game consists of battles only: you watch an ad (no option to pay once for a permanent xp bonus!), then for 2-3 minutes you keep defeating lesser enemies (often harmless) to finally meet a boss group that in 10 seconds either destroys you or gets destoyed. Repeat. Only 2-3 useful skill buttons for each character. Monster power is adjusted to the caracter's skills/items: feels balanced, but repetitive. Unfinished (2 chapters).
I have idea to become more addictive this game add more boss,equipment rarity & level,heroes,map and missions,and events I'm already have an 4-5 heroes but I use only the begginer hero because he have strong body and high damage for newbie I hoped Devz read my review.
This game is great.. can't stop playing it.. but there is some bug you guys can fix... Btw really liking this game
Your latest update is the same as the last one something is suspiciously out of place here, also wondering how come your game has been out for 4 months but you have had no substantial update on the story/new area and the other 4 characters as of yet? And what does it mean on discord when it asks if you've brought pizza? PS I've mostly lvl'd up all my characters theres nothing left to do till you develop the the next story/area map and the other 4 characters.
Fun little RPG, loving the experience so far, but also encountered a visual bug, I had more than enough experience to level the hunter skill, but it says "not enough experience", so I suspected the hunter helm I was wearing that gives the skill a boost might be the cause, turns out it was? and I was able to level up the hunter skill only after the hunter helm off. I suspect other skill boosting equipment might also treat the experience requirement for leveling to be higher than they should be.
its fun game, nice graphic, but monster power adjusted according to character skill lv up? Grinding exp hardly, lvl up the skill for wishing more easy grind, but balancing between player and moster still making hard to grinding exp... Cannot pass stage for early chapter 2, ok, goes back chapter 1 grind and farm. then go back chap2, monster also power up. how should we pass the chapter?
The game stopped at grand cave. I managed to beat all the stages but stuck there, with no story or direction or new map. Shame.. It could be a good challenging game.
Love the new update, guns are much economical to load! Good luck with making the rest of the main story, developer
In my opinion One of the best game in Android, you can have multiple ways on how to deal with enemies and many different kinds of weapons and does not just limit the player in one kind of weapon or skill set. Right now I'm done in area 2 and waiting for the area 3 to come out I am expecting new enemies and new features nice game keep it on development I loved it. And I would like to suggest of a skill that increases your attack power when you activate it for a short while like the defense Aura.
A waste of time and effort for this game. The moment you upgrade your hero the enemy on the same stage will upgrade too... Even if you buy a high grade equipment the enemy will still be strong as you. I dont recomend this game.
The update is awesome. I'm still hoping for online tournament and limited time event and can you please add powerful weapon recipe in trader ? Like grade f blunt weapon that cost 8k COIN and needs plenty of iron, brass or even gold bar same powerful like an royal arsenal weapon. So that we don't almost rely on gems to get powerful weapon
It's a cool RPG, with the (obvious) twist the fighting mechanics are a bit resembling to an arcade fighting game. My only problem and suggestion is that there is no clear indicator for when a melee enemy is about to attack, you see their animation and it's already too late. Maybe you can make it so they actually move to you when they are about to attack.
listen i thought this game was going to be another trash side scroller fighter with energy limits. Turns out it's actually an original game with excellent art and play.