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Killer Sudoku by Sudoku.com - Free Number Puzzles

Killer Sudoku by Sudoku.com - Free Number Puzzles for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Easybrain located at 3 Krinou street The Oval, 6th Floor Limassol 4103 Cyprus. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Nudity) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This was a great game, but the recent update means that there are too many ads to make it worth playing.
New update has ruined the game ! Can't leave puzzle without losing the game. Would have been 5 star if not for this!
I had reviewed this before because of an issue with the ads covering the numbers. I don't know if that was just a glitch for that one game but it didn't happen again. So here is my second review. This game is fun but sadly you have ads so there is that, but it's a fun game. The one complaint is when you change the color to the dark theme the lines are a little hard to see.
I really love sudoku and this game made it more challenging. I especially love the expert levels. However, i do not know what happened but there are no more expert levels in the daily challenge and events. I can only play expert round if i choose to start new game and play expert. I do not mind the ads that much. EDIT: i lowered the stars bcoz my game keeps on crashing even if i have the latest version. Please fix this. EDIT AGAIN: I already cleared the cache but still crashes.
Highly enjoyable game. I play it daily. I wish there was a level between hard and expert. I can solve every single hard game with no problems, but I can't get even 10% of the way through an expert game. Also, I wish they were a black/grey/white shaded color palette, like the pastel one. The pastel one gives me a headache, but I like the concept of the shading. After playing for a few months, I paid for the ad-free version. Definitely worth it.
Edit: terrible response from the developer. The app does not offer the option... If it did I wouldn't have left the note in the review. Not terrible, but I wish they would have an option to turn off scoring and time at the end of the game as well as during. I play to relax, not to beat the clock, and not to be competitive.
It's an excellent puzzle game to play, but the programming is more than a little shaky. It freezes without apparent cause, and sometimes crashes as the game loads. I often give up during an intended session.
It's sudoku and kon-kan (sorta) in one. Mixing the two gives more to consider and puzzle through. The interface is fine and it seems free from bugs. Sudoku was never going to blow us away with graphics and innovative controls, but there's nothing wrong with it to deserve a lower rating.
Lowering rating due to way too many ads. I need to sit through 3-5 ads just to get one hint or "second chance". This started three days ago and it's very frustrating. ******" 4/14 more ads!!! Now my play gets interrupted with ads! What???
Fun game! It keeps me occupied when things get slow or I'm bored. Can be very challenging or very simple depending on your difficulty level. I'm mid range, so I like to switch it up depending on how much time I have.
Overall an ok app if you just play the boards. It has two big problems though: first is that if you make 3 mistakes then you have to start over on a new board. The "2nd chance, watch an ad" button shows ads but doesn't let you play any more, even if you watch multiple ads, so it's just broken. Second, the entremely little numbers that show the totals for each cage are very hard to see, and need to be shown somewhere else in a larger font when you tap in a cage.
Great game, easy to use ui. My only issue is the ads that pop up in the middle of solving a puzzle. This only started a few weeks ago. Change it back to how it was and I'll be happy to give 5 stars.
It was fun to play initially, I don't mind having an add at the end of a game. In the past week I get 1-2 adds mid game, that's just ridiculous and greedy
I love this game! I didn't mind the ads at the end of each game, but it is extremely irritating to have them pop up in the middle of a game. Please move the ads back to the end of each game!
Used to be fun Now an pops up evert 25 moves. Plus insteaf of taking 1 ad for a second chance it takes 3 or 4. Same with the hints. Not worth it. Deleting.
Game looks great, but game over is a ridiculous concept in this kind of game, and although it is possible to disable it, shouldn't be a thing by default, since I suspect a lot of the userbase is older and isn't accustomed to tweaking the settings
SO MANY ADS. I'm okay with the occasional ad after completing a game, but they love to force them in the middle of the game. The "setting" to turn them off involves paying over $2 when there are a lot of free versions out there. Beyond that, even the hard levels are really easy if you just know how to add. On the other hand, the expert levels are literally impossible without hints (and watching more ads). Save yourself the time and find another Sudoku game.
It was a game I enjoyed playing all the time, but the ads popping up during play is just annoying, may be getting uninstalled soon. Obviously the plan is to annoy so many people they pay to remove the ads, I have now removed the game instead.
Oh dear. Adverts have just started appearing mid game, talk about off-putting. I did enjoy a game each morning but now I'll use one of the many others without adverts mid game
I used to love this game and have played everyday since beginning of Feb when I installed it but after the recent update they now have ads during the middle of a game (even under 3 minutes). I can't tell you how annoying it is to be in the middle of a game, concentrating and an ad just starts. Really ruined the whole experience. Have ads at the beginning/end of a game but during its just stupid, annoying and unnecessary.
Too many ads too often for too long and too loud. Fun game though. Edit: I understand ads are inevitable for a free version. That doesn't bother me. What does is: - most ads claim to be skippable but clicking the "x" just opens the ad anyway - ads do not respect sound or mute options and can be extremely loud and disruptive - some ads are unskippable even after 5 seconds - some ads are inappropriate or outright fraudulent and deceptive
I am happy to have pre&post game ads, but mid game ads are just ridiculous. I enjoy this game a lot, but I will uninstall it if the midgame ads are not removed, along with all other games made by this developer. EDIT: Note, when the response says that there is an "option to turn off ads" that is payed, about $3. Not exorbitant, but not what they are implying with their response. EDIT 2: They have now removed the part of the response mentioned in the earlier edit. I have now uninstalled the game
Unless you're playing on expert this is just an easier version of sudoku. The cages only serve to give you MORE information as to which numbers go where on lower difficulties as opposed to making the puzzles more difficult (as advertised). You'll probably like it if you like sudoku but just a normal version is more challenging if you're not planning on playing the expert difficulty.
I do quite enjoy this app. The majority of the puzzles are not terribly difficult with most taking only a few minutes to complete. The events and daily challenges are also fun. The biggest reason it's a 4 instead of 5 is because of how easy it is to hit the wrong number by mistake. I wish there was a way to make the numbers bigger or space them out more or something. The majority of my "mistakes" while playing is accidentally hitting the wrong number when going to put in a number.
I wouldn't download this unless you wanna spend your time just watching ads, make three mistakes, ad, pause the game and resume 2 seconds later, ad, input a few numbers correctly, ad. The worse part is that it seems to get worse and worse, in the beginning it wasn't too bad but now it's atleast 4-5 ads every game not even counting the mistake ones. Will be deleting
At least two issues: 1. Regional total numbers are very tiny and hard to read, as are the borders of the region itself. Perhaps colour-coding might help? 2. I don't see an option to select the number first and then select the cells, which I think would make it easier to use.
The game is good. The ads in play are really annoying and the normal games don't save so when you come back to a hard one the game is gone.
Interesting, but many of the rules you know from traditional Sudoku do not apply. For example, the x-wing can contain all the same pairs of numbers, which would normally not be possible because that would mean there are two solutions to the puzzle. Because of the number cages in this game as an additional clue, there's still only one solution, but you must approach this game with that in mind. Dumping this for lack of the option to fill the candidates in automatically. Should be a choice.
Looks great so far, but I've only played one game. The controls are the same as the regular Sudoku, which is good. I think this kind of Sudoku is easier than regular because you have an extra way to determine the value of a cell.
Adds are playing several times in the middle of a level! It is horrible. And it's a shame, because the game is nice. Unfortunately I can't keep playing. Hope it will be fixed. Edit after developers reply: Thank you for the suggestion to pay, only to make the game playable. I don't believe this is the way to receive payment for your work. Making the game awful to use, and then ask me to pay, just so I can actually play, is just doesn't make any sense.
Very challenging for the first time sudoku learner but fun. Has different difficulty levels and hints. Once I learned how to play, which didn't take long because the instructions are clear, I was hooked.
What has happened to this game? The pause setting doesn't last and I'm constantly having to restart games, really not impressed. Also the new colour scheme is too confusing to play with
I love killer sudokus, but this app isn't really a challenge. A higher difficulty is would be nice, but it's an overall good app. As, previous reviews have mentioned, there's a lot of ads. The ads don't affect me, so it doesn't affect my rating. 5 stars if there was a more difficult setting!
First sudoku game I've played. Even bought it to get rid of the ads - cheap deal. Really enjoy this, not too hard and the difficulty levels are great. Putting it to 3 stars because I'd like a dark / night mode implemented... It's pretty bright to play during the night, even with a blue light filter and night mode on my phone.
I used to love this game, until the devs got greedy and started putting random ads mid-puzzle. I don't mind an ad after, or to replenish lives, but this is asinine.
The game is nice and there is a daily challenge to beat everyday. But, the ads that shown during the middle of play is a bit annoying. It's better to show the ads before the game start and after the game end.
This game has a good interface and a very engaging puzzle. The ability to cleanly work with notes and values is well implemented. Notes that contradict a newly entered value are removed. The addition of another dimension to the standard sudoku puzzle provides an additional level for the puzzle builder. I found it both challenging and entertaining.
This is a nice game to make your math better and you can play this game when ever you want and I love the daily puzzles but the one thing that I don't like is that some times when I am calculating to do a puzzle I sometimes accidentally touch the numbers but that is kind of my problem but I still go get problems like that even when it's not my mistake like when I use the notes option I have to turn it off to write the answer and it's annoying..
Update: seems to be working again, rating adjusted to reflect that. Ads no longer let me continue. Instead I'm shown an ad and nothing happens after it ends. Response to your response: No. I won't go through the hassle of going to your support when every recent bad rating is for the same reason. Fix it
The game is actually pretty good... But interrupting a puzzle (which already ha a banner at the bottom) for a 15s ad. Sorry, that's way too much. Uninstalled.
Decent game. The math aspect for it allows for some entertaining logic and reasoning. However the only downside is the frequency of ads. I could understand at the end of every game and whenever you want to use a hint. But when im on a roll entering numbers and an add pops up in the middle of it. It really turns me off and kills my momentum. 5 stars if the ads stop popping up in the middle of the game for the free version. Or make the pay to remove the adds cheaper.
Edit: I have downloaded and played many games for my phone. Several of these games have had the option to pay real money through the Play store, either for in-game perks or ad removal. I haven't done this for all games, but I have for many. I choose to pay for ad removal when I find the game fun and deserving of payment. The amount of ads in this game is so stupidly high that you'll likely spend twice the time watching ads as playing the game. Paying for ad removal is just plain extortion.
Way too many ads. This game used to be so much fun. I didn't mind an ad in between games. Now, during the course of one game, I had to watch 3 ads, plus one in between games again. 4 ads per sudoku game is way too excessive.
Love the twist on my all time favorite puzzle game it adds a cool new layer without taking away from the classic feel. 4 difficulties to keep it fun for all players from noobs to vets. The timer is pretty dope too so u can compete with your best times and prove yourself worthy among all the nerds in puzzle book land and claim your rightful place on the throne as an absolute sudoku god. And so let it be written that the peasants shall avert their eyes in passing and bow before the almighty one.
It's a nice game that makes you sharp, improves your adding skills and tests your logical reasoning. Great way to pass time if you like numbers. It does however have a lot of ads, even mid game. But if you enjoy playing sudoku it's bearable, especially considering that it's free.
I am enjoying the game but i somehow turned on the dark theme and now it is so dark the lines that separate the 3x3 grids get confusing with all the other smaller boxes. I can not find the setting to switch back to the lighter theme. Ive looked seemingly everywhere. Can someone help?
This is a great sudoku game. Minimal ads, though they sometimes like to pop up in the middle of the game. However, the main draw in (the "more difficult" boxes where you can determine the numbers by math) is wonky. Every so often, doing it "properly" doesn't work. 9 and 2 don't make 7, but that might make this puzzle work. Not sure if I'm just completing the puzzles in a different way or if this really just doesn't work.
Mostly fine, a fun spin on sudoku that adds an interesting wrinkle, but that ad in the middle of the game, especially when you're on a roll is so annoying and disruptive it runs the game. Can't we do the ads in between games? You still get your money, this becomes a much better ap.
It's actually not even the amount of ads, the amount of ads are pretty typical for any app now. It's that the ads are malicious. They're easy to force pop ups or installs of the apps the ads are advertising. I've accidentally had the woodoku app installed twice it's so awful to click out of. Otherwise, the game is addicting. The interface is pretty smooth. I like the twist on normal sudoku. I will be paying to remove the ads, as I do think it's worth it, but yea those ads are rough.
I really like the twist that they add to the regular Sudoku. I played the original game so many times, I was starting to get bored with it. It was still challenging to solve it, even at the expert level, but killer Sudoku adds that little added fun (with the twist of addition) to help you get some answers!
On the whole I enjoy this. My problems are that the game crashes frequently (which may be the fault of my tablet) and that, because my eyes are nearly 70 years old, I cannot easily see the lines sirrounding the numbers that need to be added. Would it be possible to give those lines color, say red or yellow, so they could be seen more easily?
This was a lot of fun. Ads were between game play. Then today, all of sudden ads appear in the middle of a game. They ruin the game. Don't bother with this app.
Used to save games so you could come back to a part completed one, but with recent update it no longer lets you return to one you've had to put down if interrupted. Affects your stats too.
It's a good game but when you open the app, strangely, your battery starts draining, like if it was a demanding app. Even when you close the app, it still keeps draining the battery and the phone becomes slow. You have to restart the phone to fix it. I'm uninstalling it because I'm guessing that it mines crypto in the background.
Love this game, but the only issue I have is that it is the only game to have to indecency of having an ad the moment the game loads. Ads between games is fine as the developers want paying, but immediately upon loading the game, come on, a bit overkill don't you think.
If I play in airplane mode it not bad. I did not mind ads after each game but ads pop up now mid game now, I am unstalling it because of that. I get that Developers need to make a profit but mid game ads.
Well I do like it but I think the ads during the game are a bit too much when the normal sudoku app doesn't have those. I do understand why there are ads but there are already ads between every game. Also if you have an old phone (for example from 2016) the app might lag. With newer phones it works perfectly.
Was good before the last update but now if you pause a game for more than a few minutes to switch apps it resets and the game is lost.
I love it. It's harder than other killer sudoku puzzles that I tried. Update: I had to remove two stars coz I'm not satisfied with the new update that once I pause the game removes the paused game and starts a new one. Update: Thank you so much for your swift response problem solved and you'll get back your 5 stars 😊
Was a 5 star rating but too many ads. Makes me want to uninstall this game. There should not be ads in the middle of a game. I got 3 ads in the middle of the game. I understand in the beginning and end. Even ads for hints is understandable. Not this many though.
Enjoy the game, but having every single game interrupted by at LEAST one ad in the middle of the game takes away any enjoyment. I understand needing ad revenue, but ads at the end of each game AND in the middle of each game is too much. To be honest, I'm seriously considering uninstalling the game because of the aggravation of constant game interruption.
The app is generally good and i enjoy the different way to play sudoku and kakuro. The negative for this app is that many of the ads make noise and there's no way to turn off this sound as a default for the app. eg., You can't play this game without risking waking people up. As a parent, that makes this app less usable.
Absolutely brilliant app until someone decided to slap an advertisement into the middle of a puzzle. Adverts at the beginning and at the end are acceptable but in the middle??? No. I will be looking for a different app to play. Revised....just completed one puzzle which had 2 adverts popping up in the middle of doing the puzzle. Ridiculous. Uninstalling.
Three ads in 1 game us ridiculous. This was my daily game but will be deleting... and no, removing ads mean you have to pay which I'm not prepared to do. Happy to put up with an ad at the beginning and end, but 3 ads throughout the game is just greedy! Don't bother downloading if this will bother you. Never used to be like this. THIS ISSUE HAS NOW BEEN FIXED. Thank you very much. Love this game.
I was never a sudoku person, but something about this game makes me enjoy it. I'd give it 5 stars if it wasn't for all the ads. An ad after i complete a puzzle is not my favorite thing but i can deal. But ads DURING the puzzle? I can't justify over 3 stars because of that nonsense.
I really only have one gripe about this game...and that is the fact that you get ads popping up mid game, which really breaks your concentration and is super frustrating. The makers of this game also have a regular sudoku app, which doesn't have the ads pop up right in the middle of game play. I'll probably just go back to playing that one. Hopefully they can work out the issue with the ads, because otherwise I would like to continue playing this game.
I like the concept, it is quite intriguing, however the sum cells really need to be color coordinated as it is very difficult on the eyes. It become quite taxing trying to make out which cells are included within a sum set. Please either shade each set of sum cells with a different color or outline the cells of particular sums with various colored outlines.
The rate is for the after update version You simply had a very proportional font size and decided to change that and make it bigger and darker and it became very annoying because i just cant seem to see the whole board clearly as before as the board now feels very crowded becase the blocks total number became very opaque in the update so at least add an option to change the size, color and font type or better option is to get the old configuration back
Game is nice, too much ads but since I cut internet I don't have any so I don't really care, the one star is because of your ad in other games, no timer to know how long the ad will be. You press anything it goes back from beginning, and then a fake "play it" screen that's only a link to DL the game...and you need to wait without any indication of how long it'll be before the cross appears. The "insert birds name here" who got this idea deserve jail.
At first it was difficult and I nearly gave up playing it until there was no more daily games and challenges and I gave it a second chance to understand the basic, and once I got it, I am hooked on it. It needed a different approach and I have to change my approach if I want to solve it. 🤕🤕🤕
Great fun. The addition of cells whose sum must equal a given number to a regular sudoku is great. I feel that it makes levels up through hard easier than normal, and expert puzzles more challenging. I've even felt like I had to use a hint which I haven't for normal sudokus in quite a long time. Only annoying part is that ads pop up in the middle of solving a puzzle, not just in between puzzles.
Fun but too many ads between plays ... You get on a roll and then an ad pops up and you lose your concentration. Not sure if there's a way to purchase no ads, but I would buy it. I like the coloured grid option.
Really like the game, however the difference between hard and expert is too great. Either bridge that gap a little bit, or allow far more mistakes so one can try to learn on their own as they go through the process of logic/trial/correction. Thank you to the developers for helping me with the "mistakes" settings!!
Puzzles wrong. If I could add a picture to show I would. Some of them do not add up so it doesn't play right. The puzzle is able to fill in all numbers but they are wrong and I have screenshots to prove it. I'm not stupid and know how to play. It was wrong. If you'd like proof on what I mean send me an email I can send feedback to and I'll attach the picture thanks.
Difficulty is lower than most would expect, there are ads indeed but that's because the app is free. But overall experience is good. So why do I put 3/5? Well the score computation is not done right, if I erase a good figure and put it back after, I sometimes get more points... Something is wrong in the maths. Also scores of same difficulty games are way too close and sometimes doesn't feel relevant.
Marvellous! Daily challenges and Adventures are very appreciated parts of the game, enliveing whole experience. It is worth to pay few coins for even better, ad-free axperience. Anyway, it would be good to have option to disable total count/sum part in the matrix, so just "ordinary" sudoku would be visible. I usually solve using classic way and only when no progress is possible I take a look at cell sum. Many thanks.
Decent game, probably best choice for sudoku, it by default makes you watch an ad after you make 3 mistakes but you can turn this off in the settings. Very clever addition with the added cages that spiral in and out of the normal 3x3 cages. All in all a very well made game and everybody that complains about too many ads and no writing down numbers by hand are overreacting.
Killer Sudoku is fun but this app is not fun. My first objection was the ads. The mid-puzzle ads are too much for me. My more serious objection is that it doesn't check solutions correctly. Any answer that meets Sudoku rules is acceptable even if it doesn't match the killer cage sums.