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Killer Bean Unleashed

Killer Bean Unleashed for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Killer Bean Studios located at Killer Bean Studios LLC 3141 Stevens Creek Blvd #40373 San Jose, CA 95117 United States. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is very funny,see how much love it is playing but I had a common problem is that it is no longer available when playing please fixed it
The best game of all time, better than Ocarina of Time, better than Mario 64, better than The Last of Us, better than Breath of The Wild, better than Halo, better than Minecraft, absolutely jaw dropping graphics, extremely responsive and tight controls, weapons are fun to use, enemies are satisfying to kill, the writing, story, characters and their development are some of the best in gaming to ever exist. Throw out your PC, your Xbox, your PS4 or your switch, this is the only game you'll need.
I love this game a little but there should be more statistic and improve graphics. Nice game after all.
I love it , it's so good but I rated it 3 stars because I can't play it when I have internet I can only play it when I turn off my internet.how can I watch videos to get more reward bullets if there is no internet connection. Very disturbing
I have been playing this game since 2013 but this needless update has killed my appetite for this game, i suggest you revert to the original version of this game then integrate the new sophisticated levels into the game.
Just like earth worm Jim from early 90s. Old and clunky side scroller. If a kid made this good job. If an actual developer made it, yikes! Not worth time or money at all.
I love this game alot but what annoys me about this game are that i have to watch alot of ads to unlock the weapons and in addition i don't like that the weapons lasts for one level so i am giving this game 4 stars but it's a very nice game
Nice game but they won't even let you get bullets they won't let you watch the adds even if you want bullets do plus you can't beat levels without the bullets I do not recommend
โ€ขthe gameplay hasn't aged well and we haven't seen a gameplay patch in a while.so we should have less punishing knock back or be able to jump again in the air after get hit at least once. We should also have a higher first or second jump. The enemies should also have less effective aim bot or it should be easier for them to forget about seeing the player If a walls in a way. Finally the enemies fire should exist a bit beyond your line of fire My goal is we shall have an app worthy of the movie.
The game is good, but there are 3 problems. 1st, the lack of movement when you're in midair and get damage. 2nd, there's no "Next level" button. And the final one: you have upgrades, but in order to unlock them, you have to watch an ad all the time! But it's still good and challenging. = )
Very glitchy screen should be smaller and its dumb how you cant keep all the upgrades and inorder to do that you have to buy it you should add a coins feature where you earn coins for completing a level and then buy upgrades with those coins that would be nice so please add that for people to have a better expiriance
Yeah I love this game, but one thing once you get all the bullets and I remove it and put the game back and I play the same level or another level The bullets will lock up automatically.
This is obviously one of the best games ever. With the storyline,the levels,and the different, dangerous and awesome guns. I give it a 4 star because i think we don't have to watch ads before we can get weapons for only one level. I think it will be better if we are given money or coins when we kill the evil beans ,then we could use the money to buy the weapons. This will be a very good upgrade in my opinion. Apart from that, the game is perfect.
It's an amazing game, I really love it and I love challenging difficult games and that's what it is, it's really nice. 4 star because it has too much ads and we watch and ad to get a weapon for only one level it's really annoying like that.
It is a nice game but anytime you want to get a power you have to wait for the video so there should be coins or gems to buy powers
When I first started up the game I didnt expect a whole lot, but when I began the first level I felt like I had experienced true nirvana. The story is a beautiful extension of the movie while also giving me the freedom of being able to dump as many bullets into an enemy as I pleased. The game provides a solid amount of challenge while also keeping it balanced enough so at the end of each level, I'm compelled to keep playing. Overall this game, despite being a mobile game, is a work of art.
This game is one ina millions, it has great graphics experience and an outstanding control i liked it and i like it presently, to my own opinion it's ๐Ÿ’ฏ but please you guys should add more upgrades it's addictive but some changes won't hurt.
4 words. I. HATE. THIS. UPDATE. I was trying to beat the game all levels without the extra weapons and suddenly an update comes out and I can't beat mega level six without watching an ad or 2. I don't even see any ads. Seriously, I should go download the old version from google.
This game is great but whenever I want to watch the abs to unlock special wepons it takes time to search for the abs for me to watch and add more levels thanks
This game is really awesome!!! The controls are just perfect.๐Ÿ˜. But the mega levels are kinda impossible!๐Ÿค”
In beginning it is difficult to finish the levels.I didn't know that there is unlimited ammo and unlimited life. But after finishing mega level 4, then I came to know that unlimited ammo and unlimited life are there. It's too challenging. Mega level 3 is very much hard to play
I don't really like the ad of this game. so some one really need to watch video before getting wapon, another thing is that the store for purchase doesn't, work for what am very angry that why i give one ๐ŸŒŸ star
Killer bean has been one of the sensational games that could entice our desire for having fun.It's an incredible game and it deserve a 5 Star.All we ask is to improve the Game Mode,Story and it's levels so it doesn't become a short centered play.
This game is good but it needs to be updated on some thing like driving cars and going into different buildings
It's gameplay is excellent but to get weapons we have to spend money or watch ad but it is showing always that "there are no current video s try again later"๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿคฌ so please fix this
All kinds of Google Play Store games i saw; This1 is number1 and number 1000000. Then i like the master of this game to back up for a second kind of the game like this. Love it and give it 10*
This game is sweet. Even the graphics are cool. But how are we going to pass all the difficult levels. So I,m saying that you should make the levels more easier
This game and the movie were the best experience of my life!and also I have something to say. On level 5 when you shoot major firepower he gets pushed back into a building,which makes it harder for you to shoot him without shooting the wall. Please fix this.
It is good and great game, because it could keep one lively,but it get boring wen my 3 lifes ends,how I wish the developers could extend the lifes
I like the game it is super amazing and cool game but one thing I don't like is that you can only activate guns in each levels let them just put coins so that we can be able to buy guns for all the levels
This game is impossible but the cheating is the problem . but I now how to cheat the game . 1 go to level 2 and kill a bean if you see a love go and stand by the love and let the bean kill you if it kills you and you lie on the love kindly press the pause button and go back to your level . Bye
this app is bad , I did it once before it was working great,but now it has so many problems the buttons are hard to control please fix it.
Is a great app but what keeps me from giving it 5 it that 1, when you are in the air you can't control it and also control your landing and 2, there are too many ads, Everytime you watch an ad to get a weapon you can only use it for one level buh cool app๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž
Next! This game is terrible!!! Only 8 levels??!!!! Too short and some stupid ad shows up Everytime I leave a level. Too many ads. Plus there's an infinite health hack u can use but the game is too short. If ur downloading this trash ur wasting your time ๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ก
I love this app, but this newly updated one, there is no survival, no cheet and there are some levels that are not yet opened and it is said to be opened in april, and i have not seen them. If you can help in the aspects of buying of wepon and ammo, then it will make the game more easier or if you point out some levels that after playing it, some weapons will be opened and ammo will also be opened. that will encourage people to download it more .
Wow it's been awhile since I played this. I do enjoy the graphical face lift. However I find it very disruptive at times when my bullets sometimes don't reach as far as I want . Controls seem a lot more responsive compared to then, but considering how fast this game can be at times it needs to be instantaneous. Maybe have bullets spread a bit so it has a better chance of hitting other bullets? I could also use a joystick movement and a dodge button? This game still needs more work to be fun
The graphics are some of the most realistic ones I've seen, which is great see amazing considering that they are not humans (The main character and enemies, of course). The gameplay is also amazing with a thoughtful, yet not impossible to figure out story. lastly the controls which I got to say are pretty simple nothing from another world. Overall, 10/10. I'd sunk my life saving into this, but did I mention that it's free?
Best game ever. But one thing made me angry, after unlocking all wepon after one level they all vanished. I also unlocked unlimited amo.
Nice game thou, but how do you expect us to complete all this difficult levels with the normal amors, please unlock some of the amors for free us we progress stage by stage. I have to watch all the videos to unlock all the amors and skills at each level before I was able to complete all the available levels, even with all those amors I didn't finish it easily.
The graphics are extra supperb, background so beautiful... Weapons are on point... My main challenge is for d levels to be increase cos I've played all d levels. Pls add more levels.
I love the game, AND the movie. The only thing I hate about this game are the ads. Edit: I hope you add more maps for survival, and add custom mods like, for example, you can add a mod where you and the enemies run really fast. That'll be cool. But this game is like 5 years old, so I don't know if you guys are still working on it. Btw, please, get rid of the ads.
Amazing offline game! I don't review many games but I had to review this one. I love the controls! Top notch in my book.
Best game ever. Since I was playing this 4 years ago. And even the new update is a problem for me. And I want u to fix this bug and I can't even set the controls. So please fix this and I will give u 10 stars
This is one of my favorite games love it. Wish they would have other special beans other than major fire power. Like Vegan and others. It would also be nice if there were cops and the levels were longer and if there were more. It would also be great of I could use a sniper to pick beans off from a distance
Wow ! This is the best game I played in my life but please do a update all weapons should be unlocked without whatching ads and more levels levels should not be end anyway I love this game
This game is awesome i like the the cool weapons and level but i wish there were more levels and other ways of unlocking weapons pack permanently instead of always watching ads and paying money to unlock permanently
Fun and exciting, lots of action and excitement, graphics is also excellent but d problem is u can't pass some levels without watching videos that's ads which uses data and most of the times there are not any videos please work on dat there is always no video I am stucked on the level please work on the videos
No joke a good a game. It runs smoothly and has good graphics. It has the best controls I've used on a mobile platforming game that you can even customize to fit your play style. Great game, great movie, great bean
This is the best game in the world, but there is only one problem, You have to watch ads before you can get an ammo and it sounds stupid. So I think that you should make it to be that if we kill the bad beans, We will get coins that we will use to buy ammos. If you do this I will definitely put 5 ๐ŸŒŸ for you guys.
Nice game, good graphics but it is just too hard to pass some levels like level 5 where you have to take down Major Firepower
The game is very good.๐Ÿคฉ.But the worst is the ads. Everytime to unlock one weapon I want to see a ad. Sometimes it is showing "sorry no videos available" so I didn't get any of the weapons. So please fix it.. Otherwise it is a good game.
I like the game very much ,it makes me busy every time but there is one thing that made me rate four Stars, when a call comes through the game does not resume from the previous gaming,in short it cancels itself.pliz improve on that one.
This is probably the best action-game to ever exist on the play store. But, maybe you could add a multiplayer mode were you could kill other players. But anyways, the game is awesome. It's 5 stars from me!
I LOVEEE the graphics and the movement and don't even get me started on the feath animation its so good. And the animation when you complete a level killer bean looks so hot๐Ÿฅต๐Ÿฅต๐Ÿฅต. Such a variety of modes and stages and overall it's just a magnificent game. I stay up to 6am playing this game it's so good. I changed my wallpaper to some of the pictures showing the game I even named my baby after killer bean (that's a joke).its hard to even explain how great the game is 1000000/10 download it now.
The game is really good.the problem is that he can't aim. I really hate that. I watched some videos to unleash more fire power but it only lasts for one level. That really sucks. Please fix the game
I can,t unlock the super amo guns i watch a video i activated one weapon and then they say there are no videos available so i play the mission when i come to play the next level all the super weopons are gone please fix this that is why i am given you four stars
Gameplay is awesome But need to pay money for all bullets If you offer like,that we can buy bullets by completing the levels it would be awesome but you don't do that.
The game is Awesome but it as major bad thing's about it that makes it Sucks 1their are no real bullet just long and Sharp bullet with short bullet 2This game is stupid for some gilches and can someone update this Game i will give it 4stars and please increase the levels its too short
One of the best gun action games i've played, just like the movie it was awesome, it's suoer easy,those who are saying it's not are just to stingy to watch like 3 adds to unlock a weapon, you have to watch an add in candy crush to unlock powerups,so what's the difference here ๐Ÿ™„,
This is one of the best mobile games out there. But this game NEEDS to be remastered. Instead of watching ads for weapons, I think you should add a currency you get for killing enemies (please don't add micro transactions for them though) and you can spend them on weapons. The game could also be in 3D instead of the Donkey Kong Country style graphics. Also I was thinking you could put more effort into the level transitions. Overall, an amazing game and a great time killer.
The game needs an update killer bean should have a power like forcefield that you have to enter something that it makes it last. And also add more levels make the level to be from 1-16 and all those extra guns should be free. And make survival to have levels too. And make harder beans. Thanks From Ofurum Michael Chimenem From Nigeria. Rivers state. Egbelu Ogbogoro.
Yeah its actually a very good and competitive game but there are a few flaws in the game like you can't jump up in mid air, abd there are only eight levels. Well if you've watched the movie you'll enjoy the game
This game is interesting but it can be more intresting if it had more functions like: 1)Online multiplayer events 2)Daily rewards 3)The worst thing is that if we didn't have purchased any special weapons, the fifth level of the story mode cannot be passed 4)The devolopers can extend the story mode by the last boss in those in killer bean1 5)This game can be hacked easily even without no app 6)This game has some gliches which make the game easier and not challenging. This game can be improved.
Nice game thou some levels are difficult. But I still love it from 2019. I played it every day that's why I rated it 6 stars
The game is great but I wish killer bean was able to do all those moves he did in the movie. But at level 4 on story mode there are to many black shadow beans. I would have completed level 4 by now if I was able to get the upgrades but I always don't have internet to watch ads
This game is amazing and cool, just only one week that I have been playing this game, but after there was no more levels. I enjoyed this game but I will give you five stars only if you bring more levels, but this game is epicccc.
I love this game it was my favourite until my phone developed fault the problem is the adds youhave to watch before getting improved fire power and they only last for one level and also make the game tougher and one last thing increase the number of levels if possible to infinity. Great game,great app, recommended for all to play. Thanks
It's alright. The only problem is that I always get kicked out of the game when I open mega level 5. Please fix this bug and I will give it 5 stars. :)
I admit its movie was awesome, but the game is totally awful, the levels are too hard to beat them, including Bossfight was impossible because his gun was going flash and fast, but the most annoying thing is the unskipable adds, even though it comes for no reason but still it can't be skipped.
A very good game and everything is working well not like other games. The game is virtually good and very intresting while playing the game,the graphics are good everything about this game is good and working good.or very well.
I know that it's a pretty old game, but i really like it cuz i played it before when i was like 8 or 9. Now the controls changes and it's not diffcult to use . It was pretty fun, so i gave it 5stars
Eh, it's okay. Would prefer if the characters were 3D instead of being 3D turned into low-res sprites (Also the killer bean YouTube series is great!)
I love this game all the level is so sweet If you are playing it with the unlock bullet is So sweet but the resins why am give it three Star is that my own not available to update right no bullet for me too use i love the game with the complete bullet
I can just say that this game is lit ๐Ÿ”ฅ It has amazing graphics, control,gameplay everything! I recommend you also to try this and I am sure you'll love this too...๐Ÿ˜Œ
I rate it 4 star because same ad keep pop up when I finish level and keep show ladybug and cat noir ad eyerytime it keep give me very mad and eyerytime in lvl 4 it so hard cuz all bean are in together and they won't give me chance to shoot and the amryed bean is too strong cuz it spread 4 bullet so pis fix this and I rate 5 star if u could
I have been playing this game for a while now and I found it to be a very interesting game because sometimes whenever I get bored I just have to play some games in order to entertain myself infact this game is very interesting
my friend is in this carried the cross for the house is a big thing so I can use it for a while now he's the time to know that and try again tet so you think you know so you can beat dummy something like that and now the house is a big thing so take your time and I watch TV so take care love it out wt so you have utt so you know I'm ururu my diary of a wimpy kid book so we can beat dummy something like him to watching can you say in the house is a big thing so I can use it for a while he's gon
I have to be honest.Killer Bean Is fun but the items and such are hard to get bc of ads.At least adding money 2 the game. Make a new Killer Bean game just like the movie. Example of a name :Killer Bean Ultimate
This is trash,๐Ÿ˜  the old version is more better than this new version because the old one are more selective intense of changing of gun, also the old version move more faster, please fix it!!
You guys should allow the controls to be changed. Im not used to playing with the usual control settings, the old version allowed the controls to to be set to our preferences. The new updated has nice graphics but i dnt enjoy playing the way the controls are arranged. Im used to arranging the direction keys on the left side. The jump key should be allowed to be changed in the settings
This game play is exquisite and the graphics are perfect this game is the best shooting game of all time but, it is a shame that there are only 8 levels and the story stops there. It is indeed saddening that all you have left is mega levels and survival but I want and need a good juicy story line. I will give a 5 star review once more levels are added.
I would have given 5 stars if I had not to buy the weapon packs with money . Last update was great .I could buy them with virtual gold coins . Please give it the virtual gold coin thing . But one of its glitch is awesome. So I am giving it 4 stars
This game is awesome but not like before purchasing weapons from google play is making it frustrating for mi to win all tge level like before. Am a great fan of killer bean studios let some amount of coins or money like other games
This game is interesting but the issue is that you watch ads to get weapons It wasted my time trying to get all the weapons.
I love the game i Love the graphics and so many things but in mega level I just think they should give us 200 lives because mega level is really hard love this game game game game!
Just now updated the new version of this game, background music is very slow not syncing with the game speed it's delayed by 2 to 3 seconds, graphics are also not that good now, older version graphics were good and the game was also nice for viewing and finally there are some upcoming new levels.
I love this game it is so munch fun live it i I love this game it's the best game I could ever ask for but I still use the apps of all the one that always keep showing what it is the best I give it five out of five what's the best game I ever played in all of this games
Highly Entertaining game. Enjoy every stage. My only reservation is that, no free videos available to acquire better weapons on this updated version. I've downloaded the update over a week now but with my full network alert no video could pop up for me. So I don't know what the problem is. THE OLDER VERSION IS FAR BETTER IN EVERY SENSE. Please, review the app for us to enjoy
The best shooting game in the world! I thought! Because! Best action pack game and it is best for time pass but it is disappointing that it has only 8 level you must add 30 levels above or 50 levels above the 8 level was the unbelievable level because killer bean jumps in the helicopter and shoots helicopter into pieces and when helicopter blasts the slow motion effect was marvellous! please bring more levels!
I gotta admit,. This app is fun to play, but, compared to other apps, it has adds. BUT! the adds actually mean something here! Other firearms and abilities can be unlocked, by watching Adds! And that sounds stupid, but, I gotta admit, it's one of the only apps out there that has apps for a meaning, and doesn't abruptly shove adds in your face. So, good job Killer Bean.
pistol button. wrong position, Why not allow the user to set the button of their choice? . Example. swordigo game
Amazing game this game is a nice game i love it but the only thing Is that i can't understand the situation of it because i can not bit those bullet on the game theso bullet are the things that makes Me to like it but now I can't buy anything bullet that why i can not not play it
This game is speechless awesome graphics but only one problem we must have to watch ads for weapons I don't have any problem with the ad's but there is no enough ads for taking all the weapons. The weapons are for only one levels. The 5th level is soo much tough can you make less beans for fighting and make major fire powers power low and his lives but I know KILLER BEAN IS A LEGEND ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜ŽKILLER BEAN FOREVER. BYE
This game i played some 4 or 5 year ago and today I found this game on playstore. Really I can't remember this game I am very hard work to find this game. My all experience with this game is very best ever . I am a very crazy of mobile and pc games ๐ŸŽฎ . I love this games and specially this game and GTA 5 , FREE FIRE , PUBG , CALL OF DUTY , etc . Love games but don't hate.......
This game is cool.In story mode i have completed the stages with three stars each.The only thing i think this game is not so interesting is because of the powerups which can also last for one level.๐Ÿ˜ญ
It's a nice shooting game but it could be more better if the check points could also be destroyed in mega level just like the guns which are located on check point
I gave this app two stars because it's too limited.... though it's very interesting and fun to play but it's like why is it that when u want bombs it can't display..it has made the playing of this game too arduous
I like killer bean but in mega levels can level three be complete or what ?? I was you would make some adjustments to that so that it can become a little bit more easier but all in all I โค๏ธ thus game .
I love this game the only problem is that they are no longer videos and I cannot finish level 5 because no new weapons because no videos I wish it was Money from the game they will use to unlock new weapons
Really great game, but In the next episode you should try and change the gameplay,and change the villans. I've been playing for 5 years but still same gameplay so please change it.
The reason why rated this game with one star is because the game only has 8 level story mode and mega level you should add more level and instead of watching adds to unlock the weapon find another way of unlocking the level permanent add more activities in the gamme
I really like this game. But I am only giving 4 star because the level 6,7,8 in story mode is really a challenging one. We need really special bullets for this one. We can get those bullets by watching videos. But I cant waut till the video is over. I hope the game developer would reply.
I love this game so much!! No unfairness and it's nice to know what Killer Bean feels like from defeating enemies. No problems at all but could use updates to keep it fresh.
This is amazing game because in this super levels are there u find this I think did hard work to complete that so thank ful to all u made this I went say I went more levels and bullet with out video and keep many to buy the bullets OK I say not really many OK
This game is a great game but it has a few problems but it is still a great game and it is challenging and level 4 is the most hardest part of the season because of the helicopter in that area of the season and level 5 is the best part of the game there are 3 different types of seasons and the advertisements are just disturbing. Q
THIS IS A IMPORTANT REVIEW ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡This game is nice and cool but the bad thing it only has 8 levels add more please and bullets when I watch ads for bullets am only able to get electron bullets Just make a killer Bean 2 unleashed which has coins so that u can buy bullets THX FOR THE GAME
Always when i use my bundle to watch the video for bullet and bombs,then i save and quite the game and come back again all the bullet and bombs get lost always
Why should I purchase a weapon with a bundle watching an ads then a few minutes time when I off my data then it will be written no internet connection the thing that makes me angry ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก is when u on the data then they will said again watch an ads before you unlocked the bullets what a nonsense and please after watching an ad pls let it be like you have purchased a weapon
This game is awesome if only they could include more levels.And how can I fix the bug errors?!?If you include more levels then I will give you a 5 ๐ŸŒŸ
As a killer bean fan, I really love this game, it's simple yet so fun. But I would like this game to allow us to play with other characters, like Dark Bean or Jet Bean. Or have the story like the actual movie.
This game is annoying.i got to level 7 of the mega level and I won and the y are still repeating the same thing even if I click on level 8. This is not the first time it happen to me and I deleted the game
I totally love this game. Its like you never get bored. The reason why I gave 4 stars is because sometimes the game glitches and no damage is recieved when you get hit by the enemies. But it is a very good game overall.
I like this game. It is super awesome and l will like to add one more thing, why don't you add kick legs, punch, skills, dodge and change the newest experience now to the old story mode,mega levels and survival mode and don't change the gold bullet and make the graphic more realistic and don't forget about the request that l ask and don't add any kind of cheat it will make it boring trust me pleeease do what I ask but this game is toooo nice that is why I gave it 5 stars โญ
Memes aside. You made a great movie but why do you make the game so impossible. Level 5 is impossible without watching ads for weapon upgrades. The boss at the end of level 5 is basically harder than any boss I've ever fought in any game. How about we make a boss so hard at LEVEL 5! That he shoot 2 flaming arrows a second from a long range where you cant see them coming. That it does 15 damage and has a lot of health. Oh and that platform hes on. High up at the end where it's really hard.
I love this game but it is not as fun as roblox I thought that I could tear it but it gets into my head too much so I will give it a 4 star it is fun and all but some time give problems and I get angry ๐Ÿ˜  so I beg you pls fix this game so I can play it because I like it * sights* awww boy it's so hard Jesse gosh mity I just hate this omg I am tarid of this app it so unfair ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ I am crying awwwwwswwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww this is so disgusting I litry hate it huuummm can you fix it now bye
The games graphics is great the level design is amazing, the only thing that holds me back from giving it 5 is that when you jump. You can't control where you land, you have to press the opposite button that your jumping, it should be that you let go of the directions then you stop. If this is added i might change my rating.
I like this game a lot , the problem is that I can't unlock the ammo weapons and I would be happy if I can download this game with an unlocked weapons and ammo please fix that , I will rate it five stars
Best game ever when i installed this game i was like blah blah ,but when i tapped on it and i saw the graphics i was shocked this game is marvellous people who look down on the game do not know the reason why the created the game i love the guys who creatd the game please create more execellent more developmental than this THUMBS UP
I love the game very much. But one thing not good. I think that, 'if I play a & pass it properly then i will rewarded by some coins. And by using the coins I can buy bullets & gun.' That will be right. And my suggestion is, 'Make the story mode & mega levels long. And update the game.' I will give 5 star if you update the game.
It is good because it's simple and interesting while I gave it four star was because it does not have many levels.
One of the best games I've ever played!so good. But I request you to add more levels in mega levels and story mode. I have no problems with ads.
This game is awesome. Fantastic game and also realistic. My only problem is that I cannot access the store menu. Unless you are connected to the Internet which proved futile
Fantabulous fantastic amazing game wow one of the best but I have to see along 30 sec add for any powerful weapon adds should be there 15 to 10 seconds add .This is the only problem other wise nice game
This game was free therapy Also if possible for the new levels coming out I think it would be cool if each one have a cutscene like in the first story levels.
Nice game but... When I was trying to unlock some ammo and clicked on the ad, everything turned black and the screen was flickering. I will rate this game 5 stars once this issue is resolved. It happened to me multiple times. Please fix!
This is the best game i have ever played i have never seen a game with so much action all those types of bullets there are so awesome I really achieved something out of all the data i wasted so download this game and you will be amazed the only thing I didn't like was that too many ads and also you can only use the new weapons for one level but I still love this game ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘โ˜บ
I had installed 3-4 times and obviously i has complete all levels.3 years i am playing this game. This update was better than last one . I notice two change first costumize is not there and when playing time it get stop when we release forward arrow in between jump. Before this was not their. Overall updates is good and still april update is coming.
This development is the worse! Very slow, childish and Unentertaining! Sometimes too much editing can cause this! There should be an option to download the previous or latest version because I will ever prefer the last version before this classless edition.
I like this game so much i have been playing this game for a long time, but after the update its not more fun, I don't like the way updated this game the update is not fun,the way the updated this game would not be easy for a child to play this game, i am just going to give three reasons why i don't like the update of this game 1 the way the game controls is updated I don't like.2 if you want to shoot it won't go that perfect.3.the bad beans power is increased.just fix the game
Nice game.The game has become more challenging than the former version. But i can only shoot in straight direction. It would be better if it had controls to shoot upward and downward.(as in mini militia). Another suggestion is to add some fight controls using arm and legs. This would make the game more and more interesting.
Gameplay is very solid and neat for an old game. However that doesn't mean there is that 1 glitch that is really annoying.... I was in level 1 and I was going to get the heart in the secret place. But then I got hit so I went to jump kill them because that's how you get 16+ health. He kept shooting me very fast and I didn't have time to react. Please fix this glitch Jeff if you can.
This game is great but there are some things that aren't go good about it. One is the ads, they are way too much of them, whenever you finish a level, you hav to watch an ad. Another is the weaponry thing, you have to watch an ad to get different weapons but there aren't always enough ads to get you what you want. And the last is just that the weapons only work for one level. With an exception of these flaws, the game is great, would recommend ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…
I luv this game very much . Because it gave me a experience once I watched killerbean anime movie . Good graphics and action.But my small request is to increase levels.I had finished all levels.But still enjoying this game by survival mode.luv this game very much.
The game is dope asf, and I would reccommend for anylne but I still feel like there should be a new updated version. Maybe they can add more bullets and other guns and new suits, etc......
The game is very good.๐Ÿคฉ.But the worst is the ads. Everytime to unlock one weapon I want to see an ad. Sometimes it is showing "sorry no videos available" so I didn't get any of the weapons. So please fix it.. Otherwise it is a good game.
Really like d game tho create more games like dis gave it 4 stars because u need to watch add every time to get a good power up pls make changes
I have been playing this game for years and I only just now beat the game 100% by finally beating all of the mega levels without losing any health. This game is the best platformer out there. Just as good, if not better, than the movie. Awesome graphics, smooth controls, and a variety of awesome weapons and upgrades. 10 stars. Edit: They recently did an update and all of the 100% progress that I have just referred to above is gone. Also, they got rid of the custom button layout option.
I like the game, but it would make more sense if you put each fire power with deferent weapons, that means you edit more guns and better ways to get them than watching ads.ps change it to 3rd person view and parkor stunts and levels ,I'm sure it will be one of the best games
I love the game ,it is the best . but there is a problem the ads,it is too much,it is wasting our data if u want to play it buy like 2000 data .that is the problem.but it is a cool game.live it love it.aka itzprincessfaith lawal.love the game
I remember when you play you get money over each level and use the money to unlock the weapons perminet and we now have to watch ads every time that is just a stupid feature that's why I have decided to deleted the game and play a copyright version of it without the new update
The game has Great graphics and very impossible levels to finish, I love the previous version as compared to this present one
the gameplay is amazing but when i tried playing with my ps3 controller all i could do was change weapons and shoot the analogs did not work if you can fix that it would be very helpful.
Good graphic, sensitivity, control and every thing is amazing.There is no game like this with low mp high quality.I appreciate the developer to develop more games.Thank you.