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Kill Team Manager

Kill Team Manager for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Thomas Lacombe. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This app is pretty good as a list builder but has a weird bug that crashes the program if you try to make a PDF of an Adepta Sororiras list. Also despite several PDF options it seems to only make the standard.
Awesome app! Have tried others but this one by far is the best. No ads, very intuitive. So easy to create lists on the fly. Having all the tactics available is a plus. The PDF of all of your team's rules is killer. Keep up the work and let's hope for an update now that commanders is out.
so far I really like this app it's great for helping me remember abilities and tactics. the app is regularly updated with new teams and information. so far it seems to be from the base kill team and I hope that when elites come out that there is support for that. my only complaint is that sometimes the load times can be a bit too long especially if you are switching between apps
It is an extremely useful app for me to play Kill Team because it reminds you all the stats of your miniatures of your roster as well as the special rules of each one of the.
This app is amazing. It has lots of cool features. You can run a roster mode that's lets you choose the dudes for the current game. The app is very easy to learn. I still am not sure how to add multiple dudes at once. I did it once on accident. It can be tedious choosing one Chaos Cultist at a time. The app is great. I recommend it if you play Kill Team. Build a new KT on the bus, In line or while shopping with the missus.
I find it to be a very good app to build kill team lists. The only problem I've had is sometimes the app will close on me out of nowhere. This could be due to network issues or having the app open for long periods of time, but I'm not sure.
Quite like this as a new KT player, easy to put together rosters for my squads. Would like to see the "official PDF export" use the printer friendly version that's on the GW site now; it lacks the huge black borders! Another nice to have would be a name generator for each squad member. May not matter to some. Thanks for your hard work.
Pretty good in general, but it freezes or boots if I try to change weapons on certain units. I've ran into too many of these glitches to give it a 4 *.
This app does what it says but their is still info missing i find that i can't make blightlord terminators champions inyo leaders which is weird because the elite rule book say they can be. I also wish there was a way in app to tell the creators these problem. Beside these two problem it does what it says it does.
Pretty useful all around but some weapon options cause the app to crash and some factions are missing basic loadouts such as deathwatch having access to pistols but the app doesn't list it in their weapons profile which has cost me at least one victory
It mostly works, but has bugs. For example create a T'au fireteam, add a breacher and give him a pistol. Close app, and reopen, go edit his weapons, the pistols is not checked off but it shows as being equipped. Very slow loading. Should only take a second to load, and is closer to 30. Makes it look like it has crashed. Building a commander team requires more than 100 points. Allow us to choose the type of team so that the points error goes away. Need to be able to sort/change the order of models on the roster. T'au Commander specialization is missing. Also missing is model Demeanour.
This is a much better kill team app than Battle Scribe. it's way easier to read and to mess around with point values and levelling and that sort of thing. I have only one complaint: even though the commander stats and points are in the app, there's no option to say that it's a commander roster. so, my Harlequins with Death Jester at 200 points shows up with a red eye as invalid. even though that's exactsies for commander.
Easy to use and a heck of a lot faster than trying to find the stat line for individual weapons and unit in the manuals
Good app for putting together a Kill Team quickly, but definitely have a book on hand as well because some loadouts are not rules legal.
I really enjoy using this app but I have a few requests; can you make a setting that you can have 150 points(if you're playing with a comander) and instead of saying the character name and a number if you can use customized names, I used to just download the roster and fill it in with pencil, and used my characters nicknames but now i get confused which is shas'la and which is shas'la 5. please fix.
Useful app sometimes crashes when trying to edit entries. I hope they fix the vanguard veteran entry so it doesn't crash the app when you try to edit their weapons.
Can't see that you can add more than one leader, or more than two gunners. I know you can't have more than this in your kill team but you can't on your roster. This limits the usefulness of this app significantly for me, because my current roster has 4 Plague Marine gunners and 2 leaders. This app doesn't seem to allow for that? Edit, contacted the developer who enlightened me. Just switch the roster button in the app and it works perfectly. Highly recommend this, it's much easier than using paper!
App crashed after trying to edit one of my units. Dosent have complete weapons data for the Crisis Suit and no way to edit. Not useful.
One thing got better since I've started using this app... load time. Nowdays the roster does not show specialisms at all and reordering models is not working. There is a lot of incorrect data which makes this app unreliable, so I have to check everything in the rulebook as well, then this app is pointless I guess?
Puts the tactics right on the sheet with your team. All the information is put right in front of you! The only option I would like to see is the ability to filter tactics based on the expansion that they come from. PDF generation crashes app everytime.
Needs a lot of work, almost nothing here. App is critical to an enjoyable kill team match so I'm very glad they did anything,but this is maybe a couple hours of work so everyone push for something serious!
It gives more versatility for Kill Team than BattleScribe in that it gives you a full tactical list (including those from the expansions), full faction data (including Commanders and Blackstone Fortress), Fire Team skills and the ability to track wounds and XP. Amazing to use in game. It can be a bit slow and sometimes a little unstable but overall amazing!
Now don't let this rating fool you, i absolutely love this app. My friends and i have been using this to easily track individuals and abilities during larger games of killteam and when it works, it's fantastic. But, at the time of writing this review it has some major flaws that need to be addressed. most notably, the app has, on three separate occasions, deleted all of my lists with no way of retrieving them. Second, attempting to change loadouts of certain units causes crashing, mostly elites.
Can't export lists to print. App crashes everytime, could be 5 stars, but if I can't print it it's useless to me.
this app is super useful. obviously could be a little more polished but really helpful anyway as is. if I can make a suggestion it would be to add the ability to take pictures of your units to add to your team's profile. that can help keep track of who has what flesh wounds if you're not using physical counters.
Dump the rulebook scouring per phase and get gaming quick! This app is frankly amazing! I can build a kill team in minutes and have all the team specific rules in one place! Once you get used to the interface it has everything you need per miniature, phase etc laid out for you so no need to panic on your turn! No idea if the developer is anything to do with GW but if not then they need to employ them in the future! Only criticism is that I'd prefer a dark theme to save battery
Have to appreciate the work going into this application. Really makes putting a lineup together much easier. I downgrade only because I can't get PDF to work to print sheets for the table.
So far so good. The rules are up to date and the lists are good. Not much flexibility for weapon loadouts when using codex rules. Otherwise a great resource.
Awesome app! I enjoy this far more for kill team than battlescribe, it's easy to use, it looks nice, the interface is really user friendly. There are a few errors, but the one that really earns the 3 star instead of a 5 star is that the app occasionally just wipes all of your data for no reason. It is quite frusterating, while it is very helpful while playing, i don't like having to remake my teams every other time i play. I have no idea why it does this.
Good for what it does but a lot of the information listed is wrong and it's also missing lots of the newer units. Which is weird because it has things like the Master of Executions which is a newer model, but they didn't update the stats of models like the Dark Apostle. Use at your risk. It's great for playing with friends where you're not going to care as much. Don't rely on this for professional play if you do that.
A overall very good and easy to use app. I've only had one problem with it, that you can't change weapon load out on the berserker champion without the app crashing.
Very useful for getting a coherent list of what you can bring but I'm not entirely convinced all the rules are accurate as I'm seeing differences in the psyker abilities my units get on the app vs in their codex. Possible that my codex is just out of date though
Mostly good, definitely better for keeping a roster than Battlescribe, but is missing a few units (like Gotfret)
great for what it's capable of, but still no elites added. would be a 5 star app if they could get the update done for elite models. Edit: Developers moved quickly. Less than a week since my prior rating and elites were added to the game. Appreciate the quick turnaround and reply. Hopefully the Chaos Daemon rules can be added in soon with the new White Dwarf release. 5 Stars for update and quick reply from development.
KTM is awesome. It has all the info necessary to create a Kill Team for all the factions. You can output your kill team in the official data card style or with a equally complete KTM style. It also has a "in game" view to use as an alternate to printing. I am very impressed by the quality of the app and it's completeness. I prefer it for KT over Battlescribe which I was using before.
Works quite well, some missing units from expansions but overall has a large amount of usable info and builds lists well. The warnings for points and specialisations is great. I'd prefer if it didn't scroll to the top after any unit is added; it's a bit annoying to always have to scroll back down to change gear. Seems to be some issues with reordering units in lists: they seem to reset if you move more than one or when you change to a different page.
I think it would be an amazing app because when it works its very nice. However it is super glitchy, buggy, freezes, and crashes often.
I think this app has a ton of potential, but as it stands, it is too unstable to be of much use. I had constant crashes when trying to do something as innocuous as remove a member from a kill team
The app is great and allows me to level up specialists for campaigns... only issue is, the app crashes or freezes up when modifying Berzerker Champion gear
Pretty good for beginners, it's very user friendly in it's design. Had a few issues with crashes as previously stated by other users but a reboot usually resolves it. The biggest problem I've had is I had to chance phones unexpectedly recently. Downloaded the app to new phone and all my teams are deleted. I hadn't transferred them to paper yet so that was a big disappointment. Otherwise would have given more stars.
I really adore this app, it has everything you need to build and play a kill team. The only issues are the crashing and battery consumption. While its running, the app burns through battery at around 1-2% per minute, even with battery saver on, as well as crashing regularly during the listbuilding process. It seems to have trouble with editing older lists, as well as dealing with models with lots of weapon options. Its not impossible to use in its current state, just incredibly frustrating.
they removed the lines of text indicating specialism and weapon choices in the overall scrolling section. I used the app daily now I use it bi monthly just to see if they fixed it
Great app. I love how it works. It just needs to be updated. Some costs and options are incorrect or not available. Only found one bug that shuts down the app. However it hasn't been addressed in months.
It is very good for my kill team campaign, just wish The send to print/pdf worked it auto closes the app
great app for easily building and managing your roster on your mobile device. I'm a huge fan of the PDF exporter and having faction specific abilities consolidated in one place was immensely useful as a new player or when diving into new factions. Some points costs are incorrect (Grey Knights, melee weapons are assigned elites points only???).
I love it. Simple and easy to use. You guys have made this hobby even more enjoyable for me. Although I think there was a mistake in one of the equipment costs for the Primaris Captain. In the app it says that the Primaris Captain's power sword cost 2 if you field him in Deathwatch. Shouldn't it be 7 though? Edit: keeps Crashing. Its probably my phone but it eventually deletes my lists. What's up with that?
Great app, it has everything you might possibly need to create a command roster, or just a simple kill team for pick up play. Experience, skill levels and wound/convalescence tracking are the icing on the cake! All the skills & tactics are included and can be filtered by a bunch of different criteria, which is incredibly handy! The only downside is the in game UI; I get that you can't do much with a phone display, but it feels really squished into the screen. But it's a small price to pay!
Relaly good roster manager, keeps all the important aspects of your kill team in view, only problem I would like to address is that when you add XP to one of your units they don't automatically level up, you have to tick that yourself, wish that could be changed and made automatic once you reach the level threshold, other than that this app is great, especially for campaign play.
This has an initial appeal on being an amazing app, but it lacks stability as well as a team to constantly updating info on the app. There are great features such as having a tactics page with filters which is amazing IMO, in-game function is also great, and listing each specialist levels makes this such a good tool for kill team. BUT! The fact that this app doesn't get updated in a table top wargaming community, you're going to find yourself losing potential players/customers. Also fix the app.
Useful, but it won't let me change the order of my minis on the list, and crashes when I press change weapons on the Berzerker Champion.
Really think this is a solid app. Maybe a tutorial on how to read some things and a little bit more clear instructions to make a proper kill team, but a great start for anybody that is relatively familiar with the game.
Previously, I would have given 5 stars, hands down. However, after recent updates the rosters I had created for mine and the kids' teams were wiped with no way of retrieving. To make matters worse, specific equipments cause crashes, and removing a unit may cause a crash as well. Currently the app is nothing more than wasted space, unfortunately. This app brought features not seen in other apps like Battlescribe, so it's with hesitation that I write this.