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Kill Shot Bravo: Free 3D FPS Shooting Sniper Game

Kill Shot Bravo: Free 3D FPS Shooting Sniper Game for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Hothead Games located at 1555 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC V6G 2T1 Canada. The game is suitable for Mature 17+ (Intense Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this game was awesome years ago. new weapons every other weekend? 3 and half yrs playing and spent good amount of money. oldies are goodies. no wonder less and less people are playing. most of my generation quit playing and i myself playing less. 😭
It was a great game until after last update prior to 27/5. I have spent the last 4 weeks trying to access the game & the app continues to fail. I have sent a message to helpdesk & no response. I wont be recommending this game to anyone anytime soon - Thanks for Nothing Hothead Games ! Ciao
I enjoy the game but please developer, everytime it ask me to update i lose my current progress and start over,, so you can't move to next level. Please may you look at it
Love the game very addictive been playing for some months now, but within the last month the games graphics and gameplay have been kinda wacky, maybe it needs a new update with bug fixes....
Dude your game is way to cool! I love it! Kill cam, blood, everything! You should download it now for free!
this game was fun back when I started almost 3 years ago. within last 6 months to a year the developers have figured ways to suck the fun out of it by making everything cost you real money to stay competitive. I have made good friends thru this game and recently I have lost 3 because of the cost to play. if they don't fix it soon I will be moving on also.
I really don't know what to say about this game all I know is this game owes me a lo of gold for downloading apps and watching videos and playing certain levels and I have not received none of my gold nor money but overall I just can't seem to erase the game or delete it so I think they should fix the problem and give me the gold and money that I deserve
I Command an Alliance. I have got into KSB more than any other game. The graphics are great and bounties, especially Whiteout were just brilliant. Recently HH have made Bounties cost more energy, with higher kill totals that give you fewer rewards when you finally kill it. The focus seems to be treating players like fools with a smug dismissal of legit gripes. That is a very dangerous attitude to take when it comes to respecting your customers. Most play for fun and when it ceases to be fun....
it sucks I just spent $10 thinking I'm getting weapons from a crate and got useless perks that I can't use it was showing region 42 and 43 weapons in the crate and I got useless perks that can't be used cuz I already got I will not spend another dime on this app just started a event and you're somebody already 1000 points or more and it just started it's not possible game is rigged wanting the money
Well this is good game.but interface of game is not good.graphics are waste.it is not smooth game.ads are coming so much
The gameplay is okay the graphics could be better and the game says you can play it offline but u cant it won't let me gameplay for this not too good
just played only for 3weeks but am already addicted to this game. can wait to see how far i can go on while playing it. thank to who ever create this game.
I love this game its about violence with female characters are being femenist and sexiest because they are all hot young attractive talanted woman with woman power of freedom of speeach of their woman writes and that's true and woman dont like to use their bodies just to attract boys or lets just say men just to get woman's attention
Hello dev... I don't know if it's a annoying bug or UI/UX issue, but some icons are overlapped (or they are too big?). Makes Difficult to tap. I will change the rating once it's fixed
This game REQUIRES you to upgrade yout weapon almost every mission. if you haven't eaned enough money to purchase all the required upgrades, you can't continue, unless you pay REAL money to buy what you need. I am not inclined to want to continually have to pay for upgrades in an alleged free game. uninstalled... is this game fun? yes, but not worrh the cost. Is this game customizable? yes, but it'll keep costing you.
Advertisements after literally each & every mission, even after u click on NO for bonus content. Mediocre game play
I bought a 1 million dollar sniper and it had to reconnect with the servers, the money was spent but I didn't get it. 😑😑😑
A game aimed at ripping kids off To really get anywhere this game rely upon real money & real spending in most cases ££££ not small change etc Originally this was a small part to aid in getting further within the game now its pretty much impossible due to limited weapons availability etc Would I recommend this game, not really as you'd be temped to spend alot of money for little to nothing.. to kill 5minutes maybe, for youngsters sorry it would become very expensive.
Harvey Weinstein level of harassment. I can't even get to gameplay without first having to go through as many as 4 special offers available to purchase. Offers keep popping up on as I go through other screens. I get it that these guys need to make money, but all of the harassment makes me avoid launching the game at all. The game is fun when you finally get to play, but it is not worth the annoyance to get there. Moving on...
Off late the game has started to lag too much. Especially during the evening. The free gold through videos does not load at all and gets closed suddenly. Not at all a very good experience
Very fun game, I just got it, and im not disappointed, the levels and the black ops, the pvp as well were very good.
game used to be fun but recent changes to the bounties is a joke and the cost to keep up with guns and gear is insanely expensive, only for them to be obsolete in no time at all. sad to leave the game but it's just to costly for a game. stay away
This is very good game. If you want to top in this game you must have gold and bucks. You have to collect gold by tapjoy and also need some purchase. This game grafics are good. And control is also good. Gun upgrading is necessary. When you purchase a weapon you have to upgrade full. This is a good game.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I really loved the game and its awesome graphics but whenever I am playing for a while, it just glitches out and I can't play anymore unless I got in again. I hope you can fix this problem and make it great, otherwise I am rating it 4 stars.
I really love this game. Best shooting game by far I've played. Only problem i have is pop up ads during events.
I have been playing these game for 3+ years and have made some good friends but the game has gone downhill. Poor customer support, increased costs and less rewards. Developers ask for for suggestions and feedback, then ignore community suggestions. Teams are losing players daily due to the frustration with HHG.
Stay away from this app. You may think it's a cool game but you have to pay big $ to get descent weapons to progress in this game. It downloads pictures to your phone (without permission to storage). They also have additional app inside that constantly bombards you, asking you to download other apps (another way of gathering information) in leu of awards.. Just a information gathering app that's making money from you..
Wow. My old phone is logged in using my Facebook and my Google account. I got a new phone and my new phone won't allow me to sign into my existing account even when I sign in with the same Google and Facebook account. I am not starting over on this game. Very frustrating your system won't allow me to get my account back between phones!
This game is a lot of fun and there is so much to do, but it needs to be stabalized. I can't do more than 5 missions of any kind before the game crashes. I don't know what caused it but I never had this issue before. I will give it 5 stars if they managed to fix the constant crashing issue.
SUPPORT experience is horrible. The response is always like "we are not able to process this", "unfortunately we cannot help on this", "we have reviewed your case but unable to offer anything further" etc. It's very difficult to Earn Golds and majority of items in game (about 80%) requires Gold to buy while the other 2 currencies (Cash and Medals) are hardly in need but are offered plenty through various Events. Overall you have to put in lots of money and time into this game for nothing.
it is the game that I like but its graphic was not only that I wasn't expecting from it I think that there should get enough update and everything and they should make a team of them like pubg
Everything has to be re downloaded after crashes,H.H.blames not enuff space in storage but theres over 2 gb open for it & saved threw.fb & google play . .
very funn sniper game, a little pay to win but if you get into a good alliance and et good rng from free stuff you can be up there with the top players. to be honest though all the people complaining about costly upgrades your weapons are supposed to be taken into the hardest possible difficulty for said weapons, then you can upgrade more easily. plus now that critical strike is around i can do 3 missions and upgrade a r46 weapon once, which helps tremendously in most cases. overall very solid
Not deserve a single star.... Sucks i recived slow motion,money in rewards which i was excpeted but in mission it show nothings ...i spend 100 gold in buy crate but they give me stupid perk . Black ops challange complete in 12 hrs they wants to but weapons upgrade took more than 24 hrs.
This is the best game ever!!!! A lot of action is in it and you can put almost anything on your character. I also like events like bounties and critical strike. You get to go on vehicles and walk around. Alliances are cool and the chat. BUT.... I wish I could play live with other people so we can work together (but not like on assault missions or PvP).
Over 7gb in size worst customer service ever I played for 5yr spent thousands of ££ but unless you are in top 10 alliance have the best guns full upgraded and play 65 hrs every wkend nonstop don't bother. It's p2w and you can't trust anyone the top teams boot u out after 65hrs nonstop just before the prizes so you get nothing.
Awesome weapon's I should be able to buy machine gun and semi automatic sniper rifle really it gets boring wen I use my gold and still can't get this need to upgrade b4 I stop play for good
The game is really good, but it takes a lot of money to have any success in playing the events. Rewards are small, you find yourself always needing gold. You can join an alliance which is good. I have been playing this game for a long time, the game development is terrible. You play the same map over and over. Really boring after a while. I keep playing for my alliance.
Hi hothead games, I have 3 problems, 1. Every time I go on it it doesn't load 2. But when it does load the sentences end up as lines 3. It glitches so much I downloaded it on another phone it has no problems please fix It!! I will still give 4 stars thank you! Its been 7 months you idiots havent responded stupid game never gonna download it ever agains stupid hothead dumb nobody likes u im bullying you
have no experience i don't want google to have access to any thing on my device they are biased and intrusive to me personally and i don't like how they do business. I would only give game 1/4 of a star but i cant.
Okay game, but PVP ranges from bugged at best to outright cheating at worst. The opponents are able to fire and kill within 2 seconds of game start, and more than once, my win, and my win streak, have been outright stolen by the game mechanics. I shot the enemy long before he even saw me and yet, somehow, he magically managed to shoot me without looking my way or being anywhere near me. Update 5 17 20 Now they are shooting me after I have killed them, and stealing my 19 win streak as well.
Unfortunately this was the cain of game that you could buy a slow mode with gold bars but that is not the case anymore
I Command an Alliance. I have got into KSB more than any other game. The graphics are great and bounties, especially Whiteout are brilliant. I have spent a lot of $ but that's ok. Recently the game has become unstable on my new Samsung tablet. The rewards for Global Ops and Bounties are no longer an incentive for you or your Alliance to rank highly. HH need to offer decent rewards for putting in the hard work. To alienate your fans is just stupid, eventually people will just stop playing. Think!
Game's graphics is best I like that but here a epic guns, sniper, shot guns, assault refiles are expensive
great game, it's addictive just waiting for the next update hoping they fix the crashing that started after the last update. hope they update soon.
love this Game Im a Iraqi and veterans so I know the Warriors about so this is a good game for warrior rolls like me
This game is all messed up now,, From the steady need to download something each and every time you log in,, to having a purple game interface while trying to navigate and also the missing parts of the players you are meant to shoot or even your gun is nowhere to be found during active shooting.... This used to be better that this... HH what has happened????
this game is cool and addicting i like it so much.but everytime i want to login i must update it,what the heck.it makee feel so annoying .why is this happening to me. it could waste my time only for login.please i'm begging so much to fix this bug.
It is a very Good Game.... But unfortunately it is bombarded with Commercials..this game is overunned by money grubbing people not like Major league baseball it has no Commercials at all if they would remove this it would undoubtedly be one of the best games but you find it frustrating that you have to wait for the commercial to be over so that you can move on!!
My son, had 3 million, he's on level 100 and he got on this morning and his phone died, so he charged it then got back on the game and then had no money.
this game is good .But i can't play this game because this game shows "This game is harmeful on your device" please fix it.
This was a great game untill the last update. Like everyone else, feed back and emails go unanswered.. Way to go Hothead. Wouldn't recommend spending a lot of money or time on this game.
I like it because you actually get to shoot people and I like shooting and I hope there's a part two that's why people like it and I hope the zombie game
Guessing/memory game with shooting simulations, online. Daily missions, events world wide players. P V P fail. Weapons are good but takes gold to upgrade. You can get by uploading other ridiculous games or your bank account. Multiple levels progress slowly, but you never know, it might be your lucky day. Don't expect X-BOX experience. Cool game though.
I have been playing this game for 4+ years, Its thr longest running game I have ever played. Very Fun! Come and Join us!
'use auto spotter to instantly tag enemies' How do I get auto spotters? oh i have to pay REAL MONEY. Why do you even make power ups only available for real money?! MAKE ALL POWER UPS available for GOLD. Why do you have to be such a greedy developer? And some levels literally forces you to use power ups or buy some. Its too much of a pay to win! Stop being such a greedy developer! ugh. i wish i could give you 0 stars.
game leave in the middle of a battle and LEAVES WHEN YOU ARE OPENING CRATES!!!!!!! this game is so bad, don't get it. this game is aids in may ways...... it closed out on me 6 times day.... IN THE MIDDLE OF A FIGHT WTH
Always asks for money. Very expensive gave i have ever seen. PUBG is very best than this game. Don't wast ur money and time for this game. You need gold for upgraded weapons and gold need money. Tapjoy also giving lowest offers in India so shitttttt
Pain is a kick in the butt kind of game everyone to play it pretty simple instructions and the graphics are good
It always give me that I am offline despite there is no problem with my internet especially after an ad opens
One of the best games ive ever played. Ive been a member for a little over 1 year now and still play every day... Always something to accomplish . competitive exciting , great graphics and you play with and against players all over the world. Love KSB.. Thx Blazin 02
When game works, its awesome!!!! However, there are numerous game crashes, lockups, etc. Clearing memory, restarting, even un/re-install has little effect
I found this game and it became my number 1, then the more complex it got the more I had to spend to work within it. And the other shoe fell with the ability to win at the game came to a end. More AI will over power you to the point you can't defeat them while the system demands you buy more gold in trying to counter it. This is why for one of the best games on google gets the score I gave it. Nice effort but truly needs work to get to Call Of Duty level as fighting games go.
Bravo menu system is way too confusing and difficult to navigate. Personally, I think the original kill shot is better, just a pity that the developers stopped at region 20 to make this game instead. New is not always better....
Uninstalling this game forever. I am sick and tired of their servers always being down they try to play it off like it's on my end but it's not. I have check from my ISP check my Wi-Fi everything they say to do to keep connected and it's obviously on there and the Canadians are just too goddamn stupid to figure it out
I never had a game like this is a pretty good game. Don't take my word try out for half an hour maybe you like it
Don't read the bad reviews they have either bad phones or they found a bug the the devs are fixing, the only problem I have with this game is I bought some gold I didn't get the gold, so I'm kinda mad about that.
The game is pretty nice looking for mobile, the missions have been pretty easy so im curious to see when the challenge comes!!
It says this game can be played offline single player but I cant even enter the game without internet
This was a great game up until the last few months. now due to new format it is impossible to be competitive unless you spend tons of real money. i have made great friends in this game and now i watch as 1 by 1 they drop due to these redicoules changes and honestly im not far away from deleting game myself. but hh only worried about money not the gamers expireince. avoid this game if your new to it! really disappointed it has come to this due to the makers of the game and their greed!
All games have problems, but this shooters game is worth your time playing it. I've enjoyed it for a long time.
I like the game in most of the ops but their is the sniper duel I'm not to fond of it seem that that know rite wear you are but you've got to find them by that time your sniped so it does not seem to be equal duel if you ask me and theses the thing with the cost of guns and all are way more than you make in any round or ops so to up grad for any missions is almost impossible to ucomlish without it taking forever and you don't earn a nuff gold in any round or videos to buy silencers so.do.ha.cash
Hard to get my old game backup I couldn't get the place where I left off got new phone couldn't pick up where I left off l made it to corporal spell corporal
This game used to be good. Put every new update ,more glitches. The other day I was playing,the whole screen became pink ,also couldn't see my gear.no vest nothing . It kept saying error , please fix this . For some reason bought gold , didnt received nothing just . Until they fix it I'll give more rating .
This game was good, but the last month i have unistalled the app several times bocouse of it going offline or crashing. Now it wont even launch , msg pops up an internet connection is needed. I have emailed the support channel and got a useless reply.
Its a good game but when daylight saving came around and i changed my time it glitched and i couldn't play
Fun but need money to compete. War rewards are usually not needed weapons unless you can play for 20 hours out of 24
There is no better First Person Shooter Game for Android on the market, I often hear players say "I'm just going to find another FPS Game," and I always tell them, "No, you won't and you'll be back," most always return.
They say this game is offline but no this is not offline game why don't they remove the name is offline πŸ€¨πŸ˜’
love the graphics of this game and has call all my friends and family to try it. keep up with the great work you guys have done.
gold earning so much difficult.tapjoy provide gold but in india it was very less to other countries.wasted so much money and time. worst game for me.and bounty energy legendary 2,mythic 3 energy not interest for me. please reduce energy.
Wow superB Games of my life... i played many games like. (Sniper Fury, PUBG,& other shooting, Racing Games from childhood to till now) buttttttttttt. Kill Shot Bravo HD graphics, Weapons, even everything in it. i have no words for this game. I Spent most of time in KSB. love events, critical strike, PVP. I advise gamers to download n enjoy. try must love u hothead
This was a great game untill the May 1 update. Like everyone else, feed back and emails go unanswered.. Way to go Hothead. Wouldn't recommend spending a lot of money or time on this game.
This game is bad number 1 it lags all the time and you can spend 30 20 6 dollars and the lag tales it away from you everything is overpriced and some missions FORCE you to etheir buy to win the mission or just to go away and must of the time you have to buy to win because you can upgrade your weapon so much and still your soilder reloads so slow like you had all the time in the world only thing I play this for is the ragdoll and blood physic
I think this game is great overall, there is just one problem, I can't find a way to disable aim assist when enemies get really close to my character, whenever I'm trying to shoot somebody else in missions or in the events, I die a lot because my aim is immediately diverted from the first target, please add an option
Good game overall but the graphics are ok and the way you need to download games to earn gold is dumb i cant do black ops anymore cause I have to get gold for a sniper but there is no other way to get gold so im just deleting it πŸ˜’πŸ˜ πŸ˜–πŸ˜–.
would be nice to purchase raids and event gear(bounties,Ops)through straight-out gold purchases,not everyone can win an event to claim this gear,,this gear seems inclusive to those who have it all already to win the next event,great game tho,could make it more competitive and better through offering gear for everyone in a different manner,thnx for your game
The game hangs up so many times, i keep loosing energy because it hangs and i cannot finish mission rather have to restart the game and play again. That problem needs to be fixed.
It's a game worthy of a sniper.. fun.. challenging and great graphics. A 9.5 out if a 9. Give it a try.. it's that simple. Can't add much more. An awesome game 🎯
Constantly crashes,then everything has to be re downloaded ....would give a 5 star but game is unfair to half the players
It's just a great and a really addictive game. I just loved it guys. The graphics are super great. Controls are so simple. The effects and all are also really awesome. Also it offers multiplayer mode and alliances. This game is just too good for this size. I loved it and i would recommend you guys to try it. :)
Reason for reducing 1 star is the storage... It occupies too much.. Fix it quickly.. Otherwise this is fantastic game!!!
Would give ya 5 however, the game crashes too much 1, not enough gold payout 2, videos are never available to obtain gold 3, fix the crate glitch 4 and don't take nobody's gold while doing it 5. Honestly, Fitfukgaming Inc scores you a 1. Give me the option to score you in the minus please and thank you
I love the game but it has been glitching to where no enemies are showing up.. not to mention the game charged my debit card on file for gold packs I didn't want!
'use auto spotter to instantly tag enemies' How do I get auto spotters? oh i have to pay REAL MONEY. Why do you even make power ups only available for real money?! MAKE ALL POWER UPS available for GOLD. Why do you have to be such a greedy developer? And some levels literally forces you to use power ups or buy some.
Never ever play this game. It may seem enjoyable but it is literally the worst game. 1st of all, customer service is dead. They will block ur support after a while. 2nd, u will need a lot of gold to keep up to the game, which means either waste money or play tens of other games to earn gold. 3rd, HH tries every possible ways to reach ur pocket. Last but not the least, playing this game will only earn u frustration ans feeling of uselessness So for god's sake, there r better games to play!
So,I just play this game today and I,m very happy bcus I been waiting it for a long time.But now I think I,m too stupid to wait it cus when I get inside the game I have to wait very long time even my freaking internet was very good.Please I just play this game okey? I wanna have fun too with that game.so I will give you a 5 star if you could make this for me please make it perfect for me so this game will be my favorite game thanksπŸ’šπŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ
Other than the dumb ads, game kicks ass. I been playing it for a couple of years now. Great way to kill time.
Every second of play is asking for money. Cant even get through a couple of levels without suggesting you spend $10 American to own fake rifles and upgrade. Could be a good game but I'm not willing to spend that kind of scratch
its real nice. I like the graphics and the kill when you give head shots the sound and the blood makes it look.real. But besides all that it's a nice game to play that's your thang feel me. Young
Hi. We have a fully upgraded level 150 alliance. In our bank is quite a lot of cash and gold. obviously we have no way to spend it for further upgrades. Could you introduce a way where we could either withdraw and split the cash and gold or maybe convert it to medals (these can be at least used for bounty warlords). Or if you could add further development paths to level 150 alliances, that might be quite interesting. Thanks.
HH is greedy. Don't fall for their trap. They will loop you in and then make you start paying real money just to be competitive.
they have horrible customer service, rip people off with errors that work in there advantage but can fix any glitches that reward players. game play is great but greedy company ruins experience
I enjoy the game but the maker is only interested in the maximum amount of real money they can screw all of us into. If you dont spend $$$ they want you to quit ksb. So if you are looking for something cheap dont play ksb. Warning HHG is huge Crooks!!!
Good game but it got a problem. Anytim I opened the game it asks for internet connection to download additional file which I have already downloaded about 2 times. Secondly, sometimes when I opened the game I got a lot of money than I can ever imagine but after leaving the game and coming back oh no all is gone leaving a Small amount Third I have to upgrade weapons before every mission which I think it isn't cool. This game has some few problems but it's cool. I have to install the new conts
I do enjoy the game but if u enter next region,it stock and i tried to uninstall and install again and the same thing nothing happened,please fix this problem.i am disappointed.
The game is good but suggesting an offer everytime you touch something kind of defeats the purpose of it all. That makes it unplayable and hardly enjoyable.
Sometimes game play is not completely loaded. Half my avatar is missing. Can't shoot at anything....lose game play and power ups...
After an update, could not get into the game. I was locked out for 2 weeks. When another update came, I was able to get in and find out that I was demoted from Commander to a member because of inactivity. Really? It's the updates that cause my inactivity, not right. Also, since the first update, after finishing the black ops missions in region 36, I can't move on to region 37. What gives? Send a fix asap.
Every time I'm in the middle of a mission the game closes out and I lose my energy and money and I lose what I earned and I have to start over I was demoted from squad leader because of it.
Stay away from this game!!!!The guys with the top weapons and gear are people with massive disposable incomes...dodgy customers, who don't mind throwing money around. Thousands getting spend here !!!You are as well up against Code sharers which play 24/7... Pointless !!! Not a real game.... it's fixed from the start!!!! Brown after that !!! Don't even get me started on customer help line..they don't give a ....
Be fully prepared to spend a fair amount if money to play. Guns are always becoming obsolete. Forcing you to purchase the next better one. Bounties are a joke. Again, it now forces the user to spend money to accomplish anything. Challenges are only accomplished with boosts, which run out quick. Again, forcing the end user to spend a lot of money to succeed. To play for free, is to play 10% of the game. Be forewarned before downloading.
Too much ads disturbing the game play i recommend whose who hate ads in between don't Download this. .. and if u are sniper addict this is a great game nice graphics too
costs a hefty amount of $$$ to play and keep up with the updates. but if you can spare 500month it pretty good.
this game overloads my phone with every update, now yet again I can't get in, and I've moved so I can't find my password. every Time I try to get in with Facebook or Google I cant, funny how when I made a puchase there was no problem looks like you ve gotten all the money you are going to get from me since I can't get back in and I sure as he'll am not starting over.
This game uses all the DATA you have and more...can't save game to SD card...its costs too much to really enjoy, but I have been playing this game for 3 years...something must be good
Very glitchy game. Crashes frequently. Used to love playing it before Hothead got greedy and started charging extra energy bolts to shoot bounties. If you want to progress through the game, better get your wallet out. I barely play anymore because it's just too expensive.
I can't finish any of the levels when you get to a high enough level cuz you need to get better guns and I don't want to spend the money so you better fix that
Hothead changed the way bounties are played. You use alot more bounty energy, which makes you buy more gold. And you get less rewards. It's getting way too expensive. They need to change back to the old way. They are losing players.
I'm disappointed as it's such a fun game but it's only fun for a few quick games witch is about 30 mins worth of shooting untill it becomes impossible to continue without paying money to buy upgrades for the guns witch have required or you cannot play misiions the further you go into the game the more real money they expect you to pay and it's really pathetic that they made the game like this man
have to wait for videos so the gold should be more than one gold bar because u have to wait for it to load upand what happen to the alliance points should be more not lease points
Just like all the others, I used to love this game until it stopped launching after the early May update. Just like all the others, I got no response from support. I never spent a dime on this game so it's not that big a deal to me but it does say something about hot head.
This game is straight up garbage and making me rage in anger. Stay away from this garbage game. It's laggy, annoying bug glitches and it makes your screen so sweaty. This game is trash and the only reason why people play this because they must've played ever since release so that means they have EVERYTHING in game. Not only this game is trash but when playing a Battle Hardened mission, I rage in anger that I threw my phone and it's impossible to complete. Just don't play this time wasting game.
half decent game, impossible at parts. adverts constantly crash the game and you have to wait ages for it to reset!! not a game to play if on a break at work
Game was Good but in pvp while using mobile network if the game is no winner it gets hung at the same screen no response at all still closing the game, if the player exit the game the win streak will be getting loss, please make changes of it or else it is gona be a major drawback to the game.
This game is great, honestly in my opinion (oh no i am sharing my opinion) I think this game is better than the old one because the graphics and the guns are a lot easier to get.
Game play used to be good. It sucks now. They have revamped gameplay to force users to spend real life money. It is no longer enjoyable. And no point in doing any Tapjoy offers, you'll be lucky to get your reward. Stick to the free videos. But even those aren't perfect. 20-30% of the time the app freezes after the video is complete, forcing you to restart the app and not recieve your reward.
Game is decent but the in game offers from Tapjoy when the reward is more than a few hundred gold are a fraud. Tapjoy will ask for evidence that is above and beyond what is described in the original offer and when you cant provide evidence (that you've never had) they close the case. Tapjoy are a dreadful company who are not to be trusted.
This game is ADDICTING! The graphics are awesome, the gameplay is exciting, the mission scenery can sometimes be repetitive but it's never a dull moment because it is very challenging! There are COUNTLESS numbers of gear combinations and selections to choose from and the same for the weapons and upgrades. Yes, this game requires you to pay for Gold and other needed items to progress in the game, but I promise you that you will not be complaining once you start playing it πŸ’―
I really love the game but could you please make the NBC gas mask is a face idem so we can wear helmets like the ai do. could you please make the welcome gifts last forever
This game is awesome i haven't had any glitches and thats surprising because my phone is ancient. I liked the first game already but this is epic
start play this game 2016..used to be a great game but not anymore..greedy company..it all about money..no skill are required..just MONEY..got MONEY can compete..no more kill shoot bravo..thats enough for me..stop buy gold n stop play...for new player,can play but dont ever buy gold..if you buy gold,u cant stop play n buy more and more and more gold..
It's a game worthy of a sniper.. fun.. challenging and great graphics. A 9.5 out if a 9. Give it a try.. it's that simple.
I give this 5 stars this is so awesome! Is like an edit or something but it's Soo cool thanks for the game! It's really fun
Are you guys serious? I just had to click through 7 "buy me" screens just to get to the main game screen. I don't care for the one or two that constantly pop up, but this was just too much. I almost uninstalled the game immediately.
If you like first person shooters, it's one of the best there is, but don't take my word for it, try it for yourself
I love this game so much. There's always something to do. The only thing I would ask for is more options for what our player looks like face and hair wise. Other than that this game is just always exciting.
It"s a good app . I will give it good rating based on my devise . But sad to say , it can no longer download as much data . Maybe an updated can compensate . Good Job !
its a really good game but it can get much better if tapjoy,etc would give more and change the timming on giving rewards,etc that would benefit th shooter,player more then the game has actually started. Give bigger gold rewards,gear,fast gun upgrade,every gun has the same upgrade when it is maxed out, give better gear perks for kill bouns,if weapons have a different color then that should hav a separate upgrade for it and earn better reward,rewards.stop holding back and coming up with weak idea
Changed the game with latest update. Geared towards pay to play now. With this update you get fewer rewards while using up more resourses.
The worst customer support they ripped people off without them knowing it. And wont refund their screw up.. Dont download this game or any game of theirs. Total scammers from over seas!!!!
Love this game. Been playing this game off and on for years never get tired of it. Fun game, great graphics.
Best game eva!! Everyday new missions to get rewards. .. Get it you'll love it if you're interested in shoot'em up games!!!!!
This would be a great game, if it didn't freeze mid-mission. Not only that but it leaves the app suddenly when I'm in a mission. It just wastes my time, tools (power-ups), and the energy I need to try missions.
Fun game when you can get to a game screen. The nags are out of control! You cannot log in or navigate the game without nag screens asking you to use in-game or real currency. That has gotten old for me. Deleting game after 1+ year of it being my go to.
Its the best game ever played it should be rated for 13+ because I am 13 and I have completed the campaign mode
It's a good game don't get me won't but, two things that bother me are hackers in pvp and Simi atamatis. So just don't last people with Simi wepons play pvp cause it's unfair for me to try to find them. Know on to hackers. So a person in one round killed me in 1.1 seconds. How, let me tell you. I notist that he was acting strange. So yea just put normal snipers and no hackers so basically just add a report butten. Know if anyone wants to get a different game by hothead. I recemend killshotvirus
It's fun because of the sniping and the shooting I wish this game could have like more weapons thanks for this fun game!!!
Have been playing for 2.5 years, used to love it but recently the designers are even more money grabbing, double energy for bounties which used to be 1, new weapons every 2 seconds making old ones useless, unless you have loads of money give this a miss Would give this zero if I could
game is osm but some problems appered last three days iwatch video for free gold but app or game was closed if any help and one year i playing this game but any free gifts from the game i never received like gold
Great game but DONT get sucked into paying to get the best guns because what is the top gun now becomes not good enuf to play the nxt updated missions and u will have to dig deep to try and gain them all AGAIN. in short. Could of been 5* but just a greedy cash cow. Beware!!!
Very Good game. I like the concept how you save the world by killing many enemies and traveling around the globe. But listen. I wanna see a sequel of this game named "Kill Shot Battlefield" and you put all the maps in Kill Shot Bravo like all region maps and you can be a sniper, assault, medic, heavy, etc, and the mechanics should be fast paced. All the character customization should be all put in that game. And there should be gamemodes like Conquest, CTF, FFA, etc, and the game wll be Great!
I love this game, but after you get to a certain level, it starts to get boring because it is the same thing over and over again
Hi I played this and I been playing this for a year now and there's a problem it's not working. I also have invested time and money on this game. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times to no avail. Fix this problem!
It's a good game with good graphics, BUT u can't play online with ur friends. It says u can send them a link via Text, but all that does is take them to the app store EVEN IF THEY ALREADY HAVE THE GAME! It's stupid. I want to play with my friends and can't.
Its a good game,but i wish you could replay missions because some of the daily missions say stuff like "kill 15 enemies with a shotgun" but i have already completed the breach missions and i hope that you can actually do that
🚩SIEGE WARS HAS BROKEN WHOLE GAME IT PUT TO MUCH STORAGE SO NOBODY CAN PLAY,EVERYBODY GETS CRASHED ON.. Played 4years&still have to download same missions,bountys & levels that I have been playing for years!
If you don't spend € 500 you get nowhere. They changing the game rules continuously to disadvantage of new players. Lots of long standing players are not supporting the system anymore. The help line is so indifferent to gamers enquiries that people holler constant abuse on the global chat at them. It's a disgrace how they treat their customers!!!
There's this thing where the game just randomly gives you a million bucks which you can spend and then sometime later the things you bought with the bucks and the bucks itself just dissapere and back from where you are from i don't know if it's a bug or the game is trolling me, I'm not saying i want it back i just say you need to fix this
The game's customer service is fraud like. They took$100 from my Google account and never got the purchase they said I did. Then they told me to send them proof of payment and screen shots, which I did send. When they got the transaction info they asked me if I would like a refund or keep the purchase. I told them I wanted my money back. They have not answered my emails since I told them I wanted a refund not in game services.
Its a fun game, but its very frustrating when the game freezes,or logs out and also takes very long to load. Ive uninstalled game many times still same issues as stated above. I would have given 5stars was it not for these issues.
This game is the best sniper game ever!!!!! Amazing graphics and everything smooth gameplay too. the controls are easy to use.
I do enjoy the game but then once I get into the next region it says to download the levels and maps and such, after waiting for what felt like an hour I got out if the game and went back in for it to just say "internet connection required to update the game" the game won't connect to the wifi anymore but my wifi is just fine tho, please fix
Imma be completely honest, 2-3 years ago, this game was good. But once you start getting a better phone, the game goes to hell. The missions bug out and give you a black screen, the hud disappears every so often, and all in all, the games just busted and doesnt play like it used to.
not happy with the new set up its harder to play the game. not impressed with support when you have an issuse nothing gets solved youre messages to them just disappear from them and then you have to re summit a problem just a bunch of hassle even when you send screenshots. this game use to be fun. ig you could say i lost interest in the game. not worth my time more money anymore.
I enjoyed it, till my 3,001,034 bucks vanished. I decided to contact the support and evidently to them i never had any of it. And they basically refuse to give me it back. Dont download it from people having it crash to crates and money vanishing its pretty pointless.
I played the game for 2 years and spent a lot of money in it, literally you have to buy everyhting from here even energy to play when it should be free, each target is 2 or 3 energies and it cost money too if you go to alliance war you have to shoot almost 22 hours straight non stop to get in a good place and you get rewards rhat after 3 or 4 weeks you dont anymore and you have to keep buying guns to level up. I only give this game 1 star rate because all of the money you have to spend
Main problems with game.you have to download alot if not all missions when other games do it automatically the PvP sniper game is a waist of time as there is no one there to shoot by the end time and the cost of weapons and upgrades is high and I am opting to delete the game soon as it runs slow hopefully there is an update address these issues
at first it was really interesting then I find it to be like you repeat and you're to do the same thing over and over
This is very good game. If you want to top in this game you must have gold and bucks. You have to collect gold.This game grafics are good. And control is also good. Gun upgrading is necessary. When you purchase a weapon you have to upgrade full. This is a good game.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Awesome game to play but after every mission there r ads u guys need to stop it at once will surely give 5 star's
The best part would be whe you shoot your last target you can move around to different angles. That alone deserves (5 stars).
guys this wastes lots of DATA!! IM Not gonna lie! because of this i ran out of data so fast!. and also wastes lots and lots of your storage!! aghhh i hate this im starting to delete this game. For those who have wifi can download this! offline is useless here because after 3 days it will let you update tha game and it wont let you play anymore u have to wait until you will have data again. I have load for 3 days then after it.. its still the first day of my load its 50 mb left! Already
Lots of micro transactions to go with all the ads. You need to upgrade your weapon almost every mission and they get a delay before going into effect. I saw 40 minutes with a rank 2 weapon, can't imagine what it would be with higher ranked weapons. Unless of course you use more micro transactions to skip the time. Seems like you spend more time waiting than playing