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Kill Shot

Kill Shot for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Hothead Games located at 1555 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC V6G 2T1 Canada. The game is suitable for Mature 17+ (Intense Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
HUD is clunky and crowded. Takes forever to find what you're looking for. Control response felt terrible.
I have completed all the Black ops and missions on level 40/ 20 but it will not unlock 21 kind of disappointed, also on the on the special ops if you select like level 20 and do not completed in a day you lose everything please could y'all try and fix this.I love this game but I am unable to advance any farther because your administration will not unlock the next level I hate to do this but I am uninstall it after having it on my phone for two years now of plan really enjoyed it if you would fix
Kill shot is my favorite game and I love killshell you get to get a lot of money and you get to kill people and you get to have a signature kill some enemies you have
This game is nuts this doesn't save any of my progress. Every day I'll have to start over from the first level it's annoying don't download this game very very BAD !!!! Game
i want to thank hothead and kill shot for a great game cant get enought i completed it 2 times with out spending a dime it took alot of time and adds.
Lots of fun love it but the developer needs to respond to people that have an issue it like you dont care telling people your mail will go unanswered not a good thing il give the game 5stars but developer contact il give 2 stars
I thought to post this review about (Accidental weapons purchasing) I'm sure it's happened to you. The developers don't give verification option before you buy a weapons. That suitcase just drops like a hammer and your stuck with a weapon that you didn't want. So be careful with your movements.
This is the best shooting game I have ever played.the graphics are great,and the controls are the best
So far game is good.until buy gold only got 50 bars but paid for 500. Then app wants you to do a reset of your phone. That mean erasing and restoring your phone back to factory. WELL I JUST UNINSTALL THE APP.
Love this game. Played off and on for years, but it's just one of those games you keep coming back to. Keep up the good work and updates HotHead:)
I love it.. been playing for a long time...except recently had to factory reset my phone. started all over on the Kill Shot...was on 11.. now "1".. thanks guys..
Fun and pretty much what's advertised.. but , gripes with crate's , power ups , upgrades , etc... It's not unlike any or all of the similar apps.. money πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ€‘.. if only we gamers could come across 1 .. just ONE. That isn't an obvious greedy cash money hungry selfish cow developer... If u devs want our money , it's easy.. step 1 : ADVERTISEMENTS ARE THE DEVIL'S SHEPARD ( beginning, during gameplay ). Not a big deal when NOT playing or in-between games.. Step 2 : QUIT UPSELLING AT RIDICULOUS RATE
so far everything spitting out the barrel just fine I love the button that you push to get a gun oil smell. hope see you downrange I'll be back to fill you in on my gameplay
I would give this game 5 stars if not for the ads, overall it is a great game and I really do recommend it if it ever crosses your path Bilbo
First time I've given any game 5 stars...it's probably closer to 4.5 stars but close enough. Has the annoying ads but all games do so can't criticize it too much for that...about .5 stars. This is the first sniper (shooter) game I've played...and that's quite a few...that gives you reasonal means to upgrade and buy weapons. There are missions that are easy enough that you can play them to build up the monies needed for upgrades or new weapons. IMO this is the best sniper game to date.
Great game!!!!, Its too expensive to have fun.Mission dont pay enough too cover cost and supplies.You need upgrade every other board.You cant afford nothing extra because its so expensive . im uninstalling this app.Mission Aborted
I've been waiting on the next level to open up for what seems like a year ,I've met all required fields, when you check on it all you get is ,it's coming soon I'm just about ready to give up, this last update ruined everything, it will not load up all it says is that Kill shot is not responding I've reported several times with NO response from yall thinking it time to uninstall
great wepon control ! it would be nice to get more energy but then i would'nt get much work done trying kill shot bravo i like this one better to much clutter on bravo but both are the top of my play list ! looking forward to more grear games from you
downloaded again in nov. updated in march and cannot open app. no reply why reported. wasted $$ on in app purchase. will need to dispute the charge.
Fun enough and passes the time. Takes a while to progress unless you buy gold, but so far it's enjoyable enough even with the ads, but it seems like I'll have to be spending real money before long. I like the daily rewards though. Little freebies help keep it interesting.
Best sniper game ever, been playing since I was 16, 20 now. But I hate the fact that it crashes during missions when I play offline and the new update requires me to download missions every time I login.
It was truly a great game. I can feel the excitement in every mission. I enjoyed playing it. Cheers to the developers, you did a grest job in making this game as realistic as possible!
Kill shot is a good and excited game to play. It have some qualities which makes the game interesting.
This game is great when you're part of a military mission, but what's with these zombie operations. There is more than enough military missions you can create, or just going to the firing range to get comfortable with a new weapon is better than daily challenges to kill zombies.
I love this game it's networkless and there is not to many adds but if you can pls update but this game is fun to play pls add multiplayer and friends and if you can't it is fine then just add friends im but im just going to say its fun to play this game thank you for making this game.
You know what, I change my mind i know this game doesent work for me but I'm going to give this game 5 stars I'm going to do it because of the good memory's I had playing this with my dad and this game i bet got even better but please can you help me play this game again I deleted it and lost all of my stuff I just want to start over already I'm sorry for the hate I had towards this game
Fun game way to many adds and trying to get you to spend real money on make believe guns and when you use there game Money you will run short on upgrade after upgrade and only gives you seconds to complete a game gets on ur nerves after a while
Every time I try to get on this app it says that it's not working I hope you can fix it thank you if you fix it
I like the game but not that much as KSB whenever I download KSB it takes forever to load which is very annoying that is y im giving this game a two star ⭐ pls fix KSB then inform me I like the game but it's getting annoying
stop trying to get me to send money on a game to buy things if you want me to play I'll buy a have but I'm not going to way money on upgrades. i don't move around when I'm pointing a weapon downrange it's not realistic at all when you aim a rifle at a Target and it just wandering around. the gave appears to be programmed with the weapon rest on am loving base. not really impressed at all.
Love this new sniper game...Graphics is much realistic which makes it even more enjoyable...A must try for sniper enthusiasts.
play the nother game for gold purchased a high-end sniper rifle and I can't find it but yet you took my gold also an assault rifle the same thing. Where is that stuff at?
Don't bother wasting your time I downloaded this game barley 10 seconds ago and its started glitching. NOw don't get me wrong the graphics are good, but it could be better though. Anyways you guys should come check out my blog, trust me you will find intresting.
Kill Shot, sounds like heaven to me. This game will let off steam for you. A short name and a long time relaxing and making headshots. I feel better just talking about it, try and you will too. Pow! Your headache is gone.
Thank you for getting the game working again. Am enjoying it now!!! When do you plan on finishing the game? Soon I hope!!! LOW rating. Keep getting a video player malfunction message. Can you fix it?
Super awesome sniper game which we can kill the army or the group of terrorists and we can go to another region and cool awesome weapons&zombies weapons and the locations were also awesome the superb game which i have played ever before
I really love the game I'm gina give it 4 stars because there's energy and the rest is really dope soo 4 stars 🀩
adds on adds on adds. expect to have your game interrupted frequently. the game itself is cool 10/10 but the adds killed it for me .
I have changed my review due to the fact that most of the bugs are fixed and I can install it also the theres no lag and no issues with this game keep up the good work and stay safe
i was looking for a shooting game in offline mode & this is what i get.just love it.no need to spend ur money u get everything in this game which u need.internet only need when u play ops.
Fun, but it's very difficult to advance without spending money, especially since the game forces upgrades.
Good game. Would be excellent if you could switch the controls to the left side, as I am left-handed.
For sniper gamers out there..this is ur game.though first missions are too short and fast..ul enjoy every inch of ur battle.HAVE FUN.headshot!
Fun to play but video's are longer than the time spent playing, game doesen't always give gold that's offered for watching video & even though it offers health points for watching video, there's never a video available to watch
I love this game so much I well save up some money , gold and I do headshot in this game wow I think I well be play this game all night then noon.
I think this is just about the best game i have ever played its so great i had to recommend it to some of my friends i think they like the game also
I will rate this better if it fixes the start-up bug.When people open the game it goes black then it kicks you out,if you wish to keep me playing this fix it please.
This game is horrible bought coins but you have to log in every day just to get whatever amount so you really cant use them until you log in for weeks. This really ridiculous I lost out on 10 bucks but will never ever download this game again. Dont do it!!!! Turn back!!!!
Good game. I would like to finish up the game but it ended at level 20 when is level 21 going to start
Really fun and not a game that you have to spend lots of "real" money, as a matte of fact i havent spent a dime and its still very entertaining. The one thing id like is when you fire and the bullet goes 'slo-mo you coukd stop it and control the camera as it goes thats the only reason why i didnt give it 5*
Love this game played all the time the only problem I have with it is when you get to the special ops and everything when you get all into it in about 5 Mars and it restarts it but other than that it's a good game
This game was great when I started playing, but now after a week it seems like the only way to advance is to start purchasing. That really bites. I'm going to open 1 more time, if I need to buy some package to have what I need to do anything, I will redo my 3 star rating to a 1 star and removing it, if it lets me play I will I'll change for a higher rating. It's a bad practice to force people to do anything that they don't want to do. P. S. If it's going to be this way, don't say it's free.....
Really hooked on this game, only thing is it gets expensive buying gold. I get that you need to make money off the game but why not reward some of the missions with gold. Not all, just some.
i download. i touch game on homescreen it sends me back to homescreen without loadng game. i have to pay for my mega bits. 58 mega bits just gone.
I find myself returning to this game all the time excellent game excellent graphics and this other you progressed the harder it gets very intriguing
Way to expensive bought a Google play card for 30 bucks and spent all most all if it, bought a rifle never got it, unless u spend more money to upgrade it won't let you play i will buy more music and uninstall
It was good but I kinda wished that you could get free stuff like the starter pack but you can't really move much overall it's a 3
I like this game I've been playing it for a while I'm fully advanced in the game with almost every gun unlocked but I keep having internet connection issues when I'm on the game the game keeps kicking me out for no internet connection when I'm in the middle of a mission fix this problem ASAP
One problem must be noticed that we received weapons in any way free but where they go, can't find them, please clear the weapon πŸ”« position clearly so we use the same with out purchasing new ones. Energy recovery is unexpectedly very slowly & lessπŸ™Stop πŸ›‘ unwanted Ads that irritating
It's good game but only few things sucks 1the friendlies too are soldiers but they are not shooting instead they are running 2 update costs are too much 3 there is only one type of scope 4 there is no different mission like shooting a target in moving vechile
I think that this game is okay. I have 3 reasons. My first reason is that I hate how you have to wait so long to receive upgrades. 2 hours of waiting is unnecessary. My second reason is that the energy concept is really stupid to me. My third reason is how long it takes to receive money. Most of us can't be spending real money just to receive in-game money.
[5th reEdit] @ AI DRIFT...& windage clues SUCK! .... HERE'S YOUR HEADSHOT!] The more I interact w ur poc app, the more I want 2 kill shot... Ewe - eye no ewe half @ lest won donkey their hoo kan reed txt rote buy sum won smarter thin yore dam donkey! Sew, hears thee thang - ur app lyes too you ess citizens & cheetah πŸ† him... Won weigh ore either ewe well loose inn thee final Chapter - knot mi amigo... Pizza on gourd body... Hope you lose your donkeys over this behavior!!!
Ok great game so far if your willing to spend a little. I like to compete so I pay. Up grades will be great keep it up
I love this game! It's one of the best one's there is!! And I love the slow motion when your killing the main guy!!
Where is the Black Eye? He is not to be found in landscape..PLEASE FIX this!!! THANK YOU...I do like your game a lot. You cannot complete te Regions without this fix!!!
Pretty good missions that make the storyline somewhat plausible. I'm just a novice still getting into the gist of the game. As far as I can tell the game has a lot of levels which should and I hope occupy a lot of iodine thanks for the opportunity to kill some time ;-)
I thought it was great. No commercials. No interruptions left and right trying to pressure you into buying something. I honestly thought it was a true delight to be able to off a couple of ex roommates and not go to prison for it. Might I suggest a capture and torture chapter for one of the missions. Haven't seen anybody come out with that yet guys. Thank you for the experience. And keep up the exceptional creative simplicity approach. That helps to keep us old school guys in the game.
I really Appreciate playing this game. It's not complicated and preplexing to play, just a "shoot 'em up" nice way to spend some time.
Excellent!!! Graphics and tight, as well as precise, handling is key in my book! Way to go my friend.. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!! GO TRUMPπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
It is so good m just stop putting ads and that is what is going to make it better. And that is what will make this game better I hope the company that made this game reads my message and does betterment Thank youπŸ‘Œ Thanks a lot
I think its a really good game and everything is cheap and that mean that you dont have to spend money on the game and you can earn money. I also like how you can adjust the graphics to go from low to high graphics.
Enjoying very well. Good graphics. Better than many others that flick your sights off when aiming loosing time then (dead) or fail. Sighting up on this one is slow, but very sure!!!!
Gave 3 stars for 2 reasons. I may have posted this previously. 1. It costs WAY too much to buy weapons, 2. It takes WAYYYY to long to receive upgrades. What's up with having to wait almost 2 hrs for an upgrade already paid for; even if it is game coin. Some of us are on budgets and can't be spending out of pocket. I'm sure I'm not alone inthis thought. How bout making it a little easier on us players. Thanks. I'll add stars accordingly.
Issues. I had a lot of issues with the game trying to connect to the server and it would randomly reload. But the main issue came when the game glitched and purchased a weapon I didn't want. I tried contacting the developers immediately to report the problem. They basically said they couldn't help me or just wouldn't. Told me to not send anymore inquiries on the matter and if I did they will go unanswered. So yeah. Uninstalling. So sad bc I had this game for a while.
GREAT GRAPHICS BEST IN SNIPER GAMES. Easier if you buy. Free play takes time which leads to temptation to cause upgrade purchases. I play just to see how far free play allows. Competition of free player vs high dollar players difficult due to their advanced weapons bought not earned.
I started out playing kill shot virus. that game didn't go past region 8 extremely disappointed. tried kill shot bravo and that didn't work right... I'm playing this fn game now and it isn't challenging like kill shot virus..so I'm just playing just to play something. i I also noticed that Hot Head games doesn't respond to it's players concerns. So oh well...fkn disappointed
I've been playing this game for 3 years but there is one problem the graphics are that good I'm not saying they are bad but I like the game I am a YouTuber I might quit.
I have completed all the Black ops and missions on level 40/ 20 but it will not unlock 21 kind of disappointed, also on the on the special ops if you select like level 20 and do not completed in a day you lose everything please could y'all try and fix this.
fun it was fun and easy to go and play and pass some levels I really enjoyed my self playing kill shot I hope y'all make it more fun to go and play this game I might get addicted go this game its so fuuuuuuunnnn lots of people should play thus game more often I rate y'all a five star rating on this game kill shot I hope u get the most rating on this game and make a profit on this game y'all make it sooooo easy to play for beginner's and other games make it soooo hard on the first try.β™₯️
I have played this since I was 7 I love the game I got a new phone and lost everything and had to work my way back up but other than that I recomend completely try this out you will love the game
if I have to tell you how badass this game is you haven't played it long enough.... kill shot it's f****** rigging dude...
Good game, good graphics. A little frustrated by the incessant adverts but nevermind, it is still entertainment.
too many ads. weapons cost too much. energy takes too long to recharge. overall an ad a palooza. fix. uninstalling.
the reward wall nit paying out gold bars when u complete offers...Due to the fact u want buy anything when they say no purchase!
I like this game considering I'm not going to be paying actual $ to advance through it. There's too many ads like with most games now a days. But I wish it were easier to get gold. 1 or 2 gold for watching another freakin ad gets old pretty fast. But that's what they want, so you will get frustrated & want all the guns n ammo dangled in your face every time you do something. Still a fun game. Well designed compared to most sniping & shooter games. It's worth a play!
So far kills are almost predictable.The enemy doesn't shoot back,I find that a drawback as I need the adrenaline surge
this game looks real to me, I have played it several times, but only few and tough issues that I have with the developer, am trying to move to the next level, am forced back, three steps
Line up the crosshairs on the enemy. Okay, but here we go again, spend money or snail's pace to upgrade. I play just to kill time.
I had bought the gold bar which has not yet been updated in my account , the moment I try to claim it, it shows the error message
Upgrade portion is hard to understand. Scope zoom and aim control could be on the same side. Fire button should be alone on the right side of the screen.
The game needs a new way if getting gold. Its very hard to get and needs better ways to get it. It also needs more game modes. Other than that great game!!!
The game has a good concept but it is glitchy. Controls are jumpy. Takes forever to load a mission and it takes 15 seconds to play it. I just recently played several missions, gained a lot of rewards and then i got a message saying Kill Shot is not responding. When it finally did reload i lost all my winnings. Incredibally frustrating! Not the first time it has happened either. Uninstalled now.
Would be a lot better if you could sell the weapons you no longer need. You have to spend a fortune to upgrade the weapons in your arsenal to advance to the next level or area; only to lose out on that cash or gold when they are no longer sufficient.
I started playing again,I downloaded I purchase something and week later i did a new update and since then game just keep on crashing
nice game though at times one gets annoyed when you are in control of the panels other than the player of the game, unnecessary hangings, and technicality problems,
Way too many ads , worst part is they will play automatically after every game i used to play earlier , due to the same non sense i stopped playing , but i wanto try one more time as it was a nice game but if this nonsense of ads continues i will very soon say goodbye to this game n will suggest my frnds group to do the same
I used to have this game on my dad's phone when I was little, I'm giving it 5 stars for the pure nostalgia of seeing the app's icon. I remember blasting some people in this game when I was 5. 10/10
Why does ur game keep on pausing so much that I can't even play a simple thing on this app I just barely downloaded it last night if it isn't shutting it self off or ur game just pauses and back to the main screen why please fix this issue I don't want to uninstall this game it's fun
I use to play this all the time. Got stuck at level 21 with a glitch. Now the app wont run.reinstalled 3 times...its bad.i wouldnt download this.its poop.
Been playing this game bought a gold pack and its still yet to give it to me every time i click on it it resets the game
Very sadden about this game of kill shot because the region 21 is not opening! And the other game like the kill shot bravo......not good for the sniper duel always interrupted the event! I hope you so admin or else the management of kill shot game....we will repair the server to make a good and very smoothly gamers
fantastic. can't afford to spend money on games so ask me again if and when frustration sets in but so far, as i said, fantastic.
Good instructions & directions which makes the game more interesting. 3D vision is makes it more better.
Guns had to upgrade in every level according to the mission specify.. cant use the same gun load in the new level... unless u purchase ... but good game thou. 😜
When i played this game i fell good but there was 1 problem that the game was saying for upgrading the weapon for kill the black opps Bye the way this game is best only areason i will give 4 stars tnks .i never played that tye of game i was very good game .
Love this game. But had to quit due to I have all the levels opened and beat and stuck waiting for the next level to open. Does anybody know when it will open?
so far so good, only been asked 5 times if I want to spend money, why is it that all this type of game requires you to spend money, I thought that what advertising is for, and do you find that you never get a positive response from the developers.
Now look. This is a great FPS game. So if if your looking for a great shooting game with realistic experience, then look no further! I garentee that you will love this game!
K now this games so cool I liked it's still the wow when I was kid it was there but graphics are worst when I was in small bet game ever I saw thanks very much
This is the Best sniper game I've played. I'm 53 yrs old and not very tech-savvy. this is a game even I can play and enjoy hours on end. would definitely recommend this to anyone.
Been playing since 2011. Stopped for a few yrs, and just re-connected to the same feeling I had of relaxation and focus. I enjoy playing and look forward to surpassing my previous successes.
Amazing game love it πŸ‘πŸ»changed my mind this game is amazing best sniper game played in a long time thank you makers you deserve a medal so here you are πŸ₯‡πŸ…πŸ†πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ»
i love the game my father taught he had to shoot so I'm like you're very good at this game thank you very much for putting it up there
This game is so rigged its pathetic. The developers have the enemy hiding behind trees so that you can't see them at all. This is an attempt to get you to buy spotters. Then you have to shoot at nothing to get the enemy to move from behind the tree. This is an attempt to get you to buy the slow motion. Because once they start running good luck trying to shoot them without the slow motion. I can go on about how the bolt action rifle also slows you down. After one shot you have to eject the spent cartridge and rack another round while the enemy is heading out of site. This is a horrible game. Uninstalled quickly!!!
It's good but there's levels u can't beat the game is to get at that point and it's not because I'm bad I'm very good
Hate it! Kicks me out every time I try to log in! Needs to be fixed!!! Now its saying that i need more storage space needs to be fixed asap!!!
The most frustrating thing about this game is that it cheats so blatantly: the weapon 'runs out' of ammunition sometimes even after just one shot, when it is meant to have a large magazine (15+). Which means, of course, that you can't complete a task. Obviously, the idea behing to get you buy an even bigger magazine...
I always enjoy this game and have never had problems with it before, but it is super glitchy right now. I shoot the target and then the game glitches and I have to close and restart the game a few times before I can move past that level
I installed it and than i pressed open to play than something strange and awfully annoying happened it took me off each time i try to play the game it blacked me half a second than took me out the game what the heck is this ill give more stars if you improve the glitch or bug.
I wish I could give this game zero stars. Everytime I tried to get on this game it would kick me off and say that it isn't working right now. Do not download this game!!!
Played for months. Update crashed my game. Uninstall/reinstall took everything. BEWARE/DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING. If I get my game and gold back, I will review this post.
Is a very nice game but it not easy to control and is not faster when ever you take shoot it will begin with the ads sorry to tell
Much better than most sniper.games ...but would like to see a little gilly suit action .othersiwise a very good game 😊
You have to watch a lot of ads to get what you need. Hasn't been so much to ruin the play. Looks the same as the Kill Shot I played a couple of years ago. I would give 5 stars but a couple of procedures are over complicated.
Just discovered this game and am a few missions in now. I think that it plain flat out ROCKS and KICKS SOME MAJOR ASS!!!! Kudos to you for making such an AWESOME GAME πŸ˜€
I started playing this game again after 5 years and the lack of practise showed. The only things I don't like are the energy bars so I can't spend 8 hours playing (which I happily would) and the exorbitant micro transactions. Other than that, it's a great game with a remarkable kill cam for a mobile game.
This game is very good πŸ‘,but I am worried about the global ops cos I got the HH-thumper (a type of shotgun) but I might get it again and I don't know if it will cancel all the upgrades and skins. Will it reboot? Please awnser me!!I hope this beautiful game doesn't go to waste cos of a strange mishap. Overall, it is good and everyone should try it.
Cool, very cool. If you want to learn to play this type of game it takes you with it. No rush, rewards, easy πŸ”
Well this game is very perfect and cool for gameplay but why i must download anything from this game? When and how can i play this game for offline if i must download all fiture? Man i can't play this game for just online i have saving my data
It's a very awesome game. I just lost all my contacts and a couple games I had it's too bad there's no way to recover it my previous profile on this game because I had been playing it for a couple of years and I had a lot of weapons and a lot of things that I earned and it just sucks that I have to go through all this all over again. If anybody out there can help me with some technical support I'd appreciate! I definitely still love this game. I just wish somebody from tech support would have go
It's a fun game but if you're on a road trip or something and trying to play it you have to wait to play it because you need energy
love it... haven't come across lagging at all but it's extremely overpriced! This ain't the real life people! I'm not paying those prices! They are the highest prices for equipment I've ever came across and it's starting to piss me off.
Great game. Dont have to pay to have fun and advance but when you do buy something its worth it. Plus love the graphics and the graphic end scenes. πŸ‘πŸ‘
Good game played it a couple of years ago and kept waiting for the next level that was coming soon but it never arrived. Had loads of cash etc but have lost all that now. So starting from scratch now.
6 years. It has been around 6 years since release and Region 21 is still "coming soon". I've played this game many times on other devices, and always got to Region 20. And every time it said the next one was coming soon. Other than that, this game is the same as I remember. An awesome first person sniper game
this game is so good I cannot stop playing it every time I'm coming to do something I'll be that wate I got to finish this level and the next time I'll be on like a different level every timeπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”«πŸ”«
The gun upgrades and the actual guns are expensive and it takes to long to get upgrades but good game
GREAT GAME I've downloaded it on the last three phones that I've had.now I'm just wondering when region 21 going to be updated???
The game is very good but the problem is the gun are very expensive same with the bullets and pls add a option to customize our character and pls add pistols in the game rest the games is very good the graphics is also good.Thank you
This game is an add fest add here add there adds all over the place, and why are we killing in this game with no story Now played a shooter before and this doesn't have any story as to why were killing all of the people that we are killing in fact none of the guns are not in any way related or similar to Any gun has that ever existed. Not to mention that there are even microtransactions that are not real cheap.
Please remove this game from the play store, as it is illegal. It does not provide any opportunity to not consent to the collection of personal and tracking information.