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Kidomi for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by Fingerprint Digital Inc. located at 240 Stockton St. Floor 6 San Francisco, CA 94108 USA. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
With Samsung kids+ ending I was going to try this but I am unable to download the app on my kids tablets or get the website to work. If I can't have it on my kids tablets I don't see the point in paying for an app that they can't use.
I was also referred by Samsung kids, my 4 yr old enjoys some of the games here, but his favorite one does not save progress so everytime he plays he has to start the puzzles from the beginninghe has played the same levels multiple times
Downloaded it an hour ago and it just freezes immediately upon opening. Trying to open it on my new OnePlus. No special parental settings, tried clearing the cache and still isn't working.
KIDOMI is the best app for kids. My daughter has started to recognise numbers and alphabets. It has Rhymes, Identifying Animals, Tracing number's and alphabets. She also enjoys all the preschool learning activities .This app is best for kids. Worth every penny.
I love this app it is the best app I ever had it is very fun I wish that I could give you 1 billion stars thanks for reading
This app has a lot of content. It's basically one app that contains a lot of other apps that you would normally purchase and download. We do like the fact that you don't have to install each individual apps as well. It saves a lot of space on the phone.
Parents Just Get It Seriously it's worth the $$ my kid plays this a lot, and he's learning quickly because of it, he can navigate all the menus on his own, and play most of the games, he loves the little music videos he usually dances to them, it's a big help to have a distraction that's also educational for my 2 year old.
My six-year-old loves it. The games allow to adjust the difficulty level when problems are too easy or very difficult. Good tool for building a solid foundation.
This app was suggested to me when samsung kids+ was no longer available. HORRIBLE. My kid can exit the app at any time, if he even gets to play to begin with! It looks like you are playing a game through an online arcade type thing, everything is blurry and loads in live time, you can't download games or preload to play later...absolutely dissatisfied
This app is really very helpful. Great graphics. Perfect balance of education with some fun mixed in. My son is pre schooler and he has really got addicted to app and he has now started learning addition in maths. Really a perfect app for fun learning experience. I tried free version and found it very helpful so without any hesitation took an yearly subscription. It's totally worth it. Best thing ever!
Disappointed Samsung kids stopping. Was told by Samsung this is comparable its NOTHING like Samsung kids plus. You can't screen lock, or add on apps outside of their app. I wouldn't pay any money let alone 4.99 a month. Sorry
Worst ever. Same complaints as everyone else. Now that samsung kids is gone, no way to lock them into an app By the way, does anyone notice that every day or so, they create 5 star FAKE REVIEWS? I mean come on, at least make it less obvious.. Pure garbage and dishonest company! You deserve 0 stars
Terrible! Bring Back Samsung Kids+! We purchased this tablet for Christmas this year because of the Samsung Kids+ app! What a disaster to find out it was being replaced by this terrible app! Apps/games cannot be downloaded, I cannot add YouTube Kids to the app, and it only works with internet access which we don't have when we travel! Bring back Samsung Kids+...look at all these terrible reviews no one is happy!
Crashes Everytime I open the app, on my Galaxy note 9, I have no parental controls on, my phone is up to date. I have no other issues with my phone, sorry but something is wrong with the app...
We bought an annual subscription for the little ones. They love to read and play games together and show their grandmother when we visit. Such a great educational and fun resource.
Unlike Samsung Kids this app allows kids to leave the app and roam around the all other apps. And it won't let me add other apps to the dashboard. CANCELING RIGHT BEFORE THE TRIAL ENDS.
App is nicely priced but doesn't have an age setting so allows kids to see and play games for all ages which has been very frustrating for my 4 year old when he trys to play games that were designed for a 12 year old. Also the games freeze and don't allow you to continue playing you have to exit game then reopen.
Does not keep the child from exiting the app. Kids can easily exit the app and access the Playstore. Very disappointed.
Great app A++, this app is great for young readers, and it incorporates games and songs. Great overall app and keeps the kids entertained. My little sister loves this app.
Zero stars. Coming from samsung kids+ this app is trash. I bought my kids tablet over the summer that came with the SK+ app pre instaled. SK+ had a stay in app lock feature this app doesn't & have Family link app But this app doesnt even open and says I have to sign up for a subscription when I ALREADY DID AND TOOK IT OUT OF MY ACCOUNT! then shuts down and stops working. App is completly useless and just takes up space. The only way to "slove" is upgrading the tablet I just bought new 6mth ago.
Samsung kids referral have 3 months free trial, I don’t found it anywhere in my account. Not sure where to cancel it, if just 7 days free trial?
Runs very poorly on my Pixel 3a and suffers from frequent lag or freezing. My 3 year old doesn't even want to play it because of those problems.
Seeing a lot of we would love to resolve this issue please contact customer service. How about fix your app instead considering how trash it is, no screen lock, honestly thats incredibly basic and you cannot even pull that off, is this the first app you have developed?
I would give this zero stars if possible. I am a Samsung kids transfer and this application does not compare. It doesn't lock my child into the app so she can access my email or the internet freely. Also the transition email said there would be downloadable content and I have not seen any DLC. Plus we didn't need internet access with Samsung kids because the apps were downloaded. With kidomi she needs constant internet. Not everyone has an unlimited plan. Very Dissapointed!
I originally rates this a 1 star but they have most of the games and videos that my son liked on Samsung Kids+. My biggest complaint was that it doesn't lock. but after Kidomi responded, and playing around with it on my own, I found that it can lock if using the basic free samsung kids feature and downloading Kidomi. I do see that sometimes the picture quality isnt the best but I can live with that. I'm sad to see Samsung Kids+ go but I think this will be a nice alternative.
Same complain as everyone else, not look in the app. Impossibile to cancel the subscription. Be careful!
We got this after Samsung kids stopped their subscription service. What a terrible trade. You can't download games so you must be connected to wireless to use it so useless on car trips. All three of my kids 4, 6,9 found the app difficult to navigate and find new games that were age appropriate. Difficult to cancel subscription. So disappointing because my kids loved Samsung kids plus.
Came from Samsung Kids +. Honestly disappointed. Games are streamed. Even with a high bandwidth, gameplay is near impossible. There is no way to download content from the app. Straight garbage compared to Samsung Kids plus.
Though there are many games that are offered on Samsung Kids+, the quality and resolution of these games is horrible!! Everything is blurry and the games are slow and lag a lot. It worked soooo much better in the Samsung Kids+ app. It's very frustrating for my daughter to use now.
This is a very engaging app for young children, the read to me part is terrific, I see big value in learning how to read as well as a foreign language such as Spanish. Enjoy :-),
So I already see a lot of reviews about the ability for kids to find their way out of the app and I'm definitely here to complain about that too! I shouldn't have to use ANOTHER app to keep my child in THIS app (per the customer service suggestion). Please please PLEASE change this! This app is not worth it if it can be quit out of so easily! If you can require a pin to change users, you can require a pin to exit the app.
The app is just links to other videos and games created by and for their respective apps. If you're looking for a cohesive children's educational app, this is NOT it. There may be a plethora of pilfered content but they crash as soon as you open them.
Same as other reviewer experience, downloaded and signed up through T Mobile offer and the app freezed on the avatar screen, unable to get the app to work.
Everything looks great and fun just wish my kids didnt have access to rest of device. Plus my 3 year old keeps exiting out of the app. I would love to keep this if you guys changed that feature
If I could give this app zero stars I would. This is not a good replacement for Samsung Kids. The games on the app are blurry too. The whole reason I bought the samsung kids tablet was for the samsung kids plus subscription.
Does not work on galexy s20's 5g phones. Let's you sign up, gives you a token, then crashes. Now I just get a black screen everytime I start the app. Situation normal for a t-mobile "reward".
Was directed to this app because samsung kids+ is ending soon. the two things I needed from Samsung kids was ONLY LET CHILD ACCESS THAT APP AND OFFLINE USE! Why can I not lock it on the kidomi app and let kiddo have access to limited other apps as was the case on Samsung kids?! Kiddo also has sensory overload issues and usually plays on tablet the most when at groceries store/in car where we have no wifi. I need offline mode for games or will cancel when trial ends!!
No protection. I was able to easily sign out of Kidomi. I already hate this app! Samsung Kid+ was the best. My Special Needs young adult kid was not able to find a way to get out of parental controls with Samsung Kids+. With this app, it will be a cinch! Why would Samsung even recommend this app when it is soooo different and not protective for older kids! probably good for 1-2 year olds.
This app actually has quite a bit of content and variety. All the games are streamed which means it will use bandwidth but does not take up space on the device.
I was referred to this app by Samsung as the Kids+ service's replacement. Described as an app from the same partners who developed Kids+ I was expecting a very similar experience. This was not the case and I cancelled my trial. App library is a lot smaller, but biggest issues for me are: >Kids are not locked into the app and have access to the entire device >Games aren't downloaded, more like streamed from a server (think Stadia), the resolution is pixelated and just awful.
App doesnt respond once opened. I frequently have to just close out of it. A paid subscription and the app won't open. I don't recommend this service. After their customer service stopped replying without resolving the issue I decided to uninstall. I cannot recommend this service.
I want to know WHYYYYY are we being FORCED to switch to this horrible app when there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with the Samsung kids + app? I SPECIFICALLY bought my kids a Samsung tablet for Christmas because of it, now I am forced to switch to this horrid app. I am LIVID and I refuse to pay a DIME for this NONSENSE!!!! BRING BACK SAMSUNG KIDS+!!!!!!
Terrible replacement for Samsung Kids+. The app/game selection is dismal and the user interface and quality is horrible. I will be canceling, if I can figure out how, until Kidomi is up to the level of Samsung Kids+. That's pretty doubtful though. In shock that this would even be considered a replacement.
This is not running smoothly, or loading/streaming games properly. Going from Samsung kids to the kidomi app is awful.
Was given an opportunity for a trial from a friend. Within SECONDS of downloading to the phone it froze up and crashed. Tried another device only to have it do the same. Several crashes and freezes within minutes of downloading.
Zero Star. They took my credit card info and registered me for 3 months free trial as a part Samsung kids transition. after few days my account on PC shows me I am registered for monthly plan but all locked. tried to cancel subscription, tells me you are registered with google! and you should cancel it there which I am not. An absolute vicious cycle looks like a scam or hoax app. will contact bank to block any transaction with them ahead of time.
It's useful and so educational for this tiny app. So highly interactive. Cute graphic, basic lessons and games. So far so good for kids to play and learn something
It is an amazing app for kids. It's a learning app for kids with very interesting features. Kids can learn everything like Alphabets, numbers, colours, shapes, rhymes. There are very educational videos and learning games. It's a pre-schooler activities app. My daughter likes it very much.
A five-star app, shows a lot of promise and most importantly: my toddler has gotten used to it in just a couple hours. Awesome. Update: I love how you can now track your progress in the game
Very disappointed that the app doesn't lock child in app. My 4 year has no issues getting out of app. The whole point was to have parental control on content my child uses. This is not helpful if the child can get out of the app.
I don't like it. It's not lock like Samsung kids and the kids can have access to other apps on the phone...they are not so many games. I payed the year but I'm giving it the chance to see if it works for us. But I really miss the old version for safety.
I'm a Samsung kids transfer and I'm really disappointed that I just didn't have the option of getting my money back. I had paida year'ssubscription. This app is horrible. None of these games are appealing to my daughter. Will not recommend to anyone.
Starting using this App after several other Apps failed to perform. So far, I really like it. It’s giving me great updates on what my kids are playing. Very easy to use.
Unfortunately, the app is not compatible with my daughter's tablet. But judging by other reviews, I'm not missing anything good. Gonna miss Samsung kids. This is such a shame I can't even use the app
Just got tablet specifically for Samsung kids. Was directed like others to switch. Extreme downgrade, you can't even screen lock. What's the point? Defeats the entire purpose, not worth paying for.
My 3 year old daughter loves this app. Since I downloaded it, it's the only one she wants to play. She is always doing something different too. I am definitely keeping this past the free trial.
Got free trial with T-Mobile tuesday- downloaded and subscribed. Freezes and closes when I open it within 20 seconds. Crappy. Uninstalled and unsubscribed.
I signed up maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago after providing my credit card information and my child hasn't been able to play one game and every time I go to inquire about my subscription, the servers are never available 😑. If I'm charged one dime I assure you there will be problems.
This is a great app! My daughter is going into 1st grade and she likes learning with electronics . This is an all in one learning game and it makes learning fun with games
Can't lock the screen to prevent kids from accessing other side on tablet. Big no go.......and no fingerprint digital inc, I'm not emailing you to "help resolve this issue" just disable the home\back\recent apps buttons or I'm not using your product
Great fun. Really helps enhance the process of learning to read. My grandson and I love it. ( Even when he wants to read and sing the dinosaur song for the 5th time! :-D )
Kidomi helps with key skills like math, role play, and creativity. It has parental control and keeps track of kids activities via parental progress reports. It is perfect to help my baby Amaan learn being super creating & inviting with characters animation, it provides focus on activites that children can both enjoy and educate themselves. They even have aresponsive support team.
This app is done really well. Great graphics, clear and easy to understand speech, not over the top but engaging sound effects and a range of educational activities.
Graphics and interface are a definite downgrade from Samsung Kids, which we switched over from after Samsung canceled the service. Fewer games. Overall, disappointing, but could get better if the graphics improved. Interface is also too dark.
Kidomi is really amazing app for toddlers.. I was not giving screen time to my baby who is 3years old.. But, after heard about Kidomi , I’m now allowing screen time for 40-50 minutes in a day with this app.. He is learning with fun .. I’m surprised he learnt how to count numbers in just one day of use of this app .. I’m so happy that he is learning so many things now... This is an amazing app i must say..
I signed up for a trial and I received a welcome email. I try to sign in to use the app and it keeps going to the sign up page. The app is messed up. Please fix this problem so kids can actually use the app.
This app is ridiculous. All of the games are blurry, and it keeps saying our connection is bad which isn't true at all. Every other app works perfectly, and we have very fast internet due to having to work at home. I bought a Samsung tablet specifically to be able to have kids games on it, and this is an incredibly poor substitute for the Samsung kids app. If it doesn't get better I won't be paying for it.
Safety, is very very very poor my 3 years old son can exit out at anytime. You can't put this app in a kid friendly mode. I just don't understand why they ask for an adult to create a pin.
Horrible replacement for the Samsung Kids+ app. Every single game my son has tried to open is SUPER glitchy, he might get to roughly play it for a minute or 2 before it says he doesn't have service. He loved the other app, not really sure why they discontinued it but I hope they reverse the decision and get rid of this great value version.
Very horrible customer service. I can not cancel my subscription and the answers on these reviews say to go to *link* but it doesn't solve my problem as it doesn't show I have a sub in that as I followed the Samsung link. Plus it states to email but I have gotten no reply.
Force closes galaxy 10+. After the app working to let me sign up, it started force closing every time after I opened app. Glad it was a free trial froM T MOBILE. This group won't be seeing any of my money.
Image quality is noticeably less due to streaming feature. Selection of games compared to Kids+ is also less. Disappointed some key games did not make it over, and we're locked out so no longer have a record of progress. Will give this a try and hope the kids enjoy as much as before. 2/2 Edit: Updating review since the these games are playable on the web and it is a bit easier to manage profiles and play time.
My review is related to the premium subscription. I loved the trial period to see if I liked the app. I also like being able to control time spent by my kids in the app.
I love this app, is a very useful tool to keep track of what my kids are playing, you can manage time they are playing, if they are responsible you can give them screen time or shut off, it’s wonderful
This app makes it very difficult to cancel and very underhanded in how they get your credit card info. You have to jump through hoops to cancel this app. When you go into the parent portal on the app and try to cancel the subscription it wolnt let you cancel and redirect you to visit their website that has no straightforward sign in button or menu tab you have to sift through their promotional adds and click on try the online version for free then it takes you to a page where you can sign in.
These fraudsters effectively stole my money. The cancellation process is purposely convoluted, I had to write them to complain in order for my subscription to be terminated (at that point my credit card was charged). The app is also terrible. Very disappointed in Samsung for discontinuing their app in exchange for this poor product.
I was referred by Samsung Kids+ but this application is not compatible with my child's device, which Samsung Kids+ is on. What's the point of signing up when we can't even use it? I don't want the app on my phone; that's the point of my child having a tablet of their own...
Kidomi is my 5 year old's favourite app. He loves topretend to be the junior chef, the painter, the doctor and the fireman when playing all the games. The best part is that they aren't just games but acting as teaching aids too as educational concepts are ingrained in those activities. Just love the way the activities are curated for kids in play & learn method with a super friendly and an attractive interface for kids. Sometimes, me and my child, we both are on the app together and learning different things.
This app was suggested by Samsung Kids+ when they stopped their service. It's terrible! The games are choppy and there's no lock in the app to keep the kids in it like there was with SK+. Very disappointed!
It flat out doesn't work. I have a Pixel 4XL and the app freezes EVERY TIME. I'm so happy I canceled my subscription.
The best app for kids overall learning and development available on play store. Highly recommended from my side. Keep up the good work and do coming up with more interesting things. Good Luck.
Moved from Samsung Kids+. This app does not prevent the kids from leaving. There are games that have advertisements. I thought paying for the service would mean my children would not need to watch advertisements. This is a major downgrade and I am going to remove it from the tablet. This is not a viable option for children. Very sad that samsung is no longer offering Kids+.
I bought this app for my grandkids and they absolutely loved it. They seem to be glued to each story they read, even with numerous repetitions. I strongly recommend it because it's educational and entertaining.
UPDATE: I sent an email and got very quick and helpful feedback from kidomi, however after using this app for a while now I still will be canceling when the free trial ends. No offline support on games, games keep freezing/lagging every single time she tries to play, and frankly very few games compared to the videos available to watch. I already have YouTube and streaming what I wanted was the games/ebooks that samsung kids+ offered.
This is the best app for kids! It has a lot of fun and educational contents like alphabets tracing, colouring, mathematics, spelling, baking and a lot more. I am happy that my kids are having a constructive device time and learning new things.
To easy to get out of, not happy with it. Not as good as the Samsung kids app. I got it all set up and after playing with it for an hour and a half my daughter very easily got out of the app but also uninstalled it from her tablet. Kidomi needs a LOT of work to make it okay. After a couple hours we're very unimpressed.
I love this app; it is an excellent source for games and reading activities. It's great to read and with your children, or for the kiddos to play alone! Two thumbs up!
I would give it no stars if I could. I haven't been able to open the app without freezing on us. Made countless of feedback while trying to close the app. It has now been more than a week and we have not been able to use, update, or unsuscribe due to it freezing on us. This app has been Useless for us.
Samsung kids + was awesome kidomi is terrible game data doesn't save and kids lose all save data. Games start from beginning emailed company no reply. Graphics look like its from the 90s this is the company that made samsung kids +.... whats going on. My kids love the games but get upset he loses all his guys in the plants game.. Its supposed to help my kid learn and give me some peace but its caused headaches instead.
This is a very useful app for children it really keeps the child amused and attentive all the time Also its innovative ways help the child learn a lot of things in a very simple way It leave an impact on the child's mind in such a great way I highly recommend this app for every child who cannot sit in one place
They've updated it, and now I can add games/content same as samsung kids+ and can use regular samsung kids to lock it so, no biggie
Does not work. I redeemed my tmobile tuesday gift and registered and set it up and it gets to a screen with titles and just freezes up. I habe uninstalled and reinstalled and it soes the same thing. Looks interesting and would like to try it but im canceling the subscription and uninstalling it unless otherwise.
Poor Substitute for Samsung Kids. No way to keep kids in app. No Netflix or YouTube Kids apps inside this app. No downloaded games. Samsung did us dirty with closing down their kids app and suggesting this garbage
I like the time limit options in the parents area and being able to keep tabs on what's being watched and played.