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Kick the Buddy

Kick the Buddy for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Playgendary located at Landshuter Allee 8-10, 80637 Munich, Germany. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I uninstalled this because of ads. Ads are the only thing that shows on the screen. Buying a new weapon? ADS!! Switch out another weapon? ADS!! Do literally everything else? You guessed it, ADS!! This game was so fun but now it's just a stupid waste of time. You should not download this game... well... unless you have the power to go back in time to get the old version AKA the non-ad version. But, who would even have that power anyway... Okay but seriously this game sucks now.
Very kinda satisfying, not boring, but kinda fun. Love it. But then, the ads are pretty annoying. After your done kicking the buddy, you get an award. But here's the catch, you have watch the ad to continue and get the prize. No matter where you click on your screen, it will just play the ad. Also, probably this is just the game on my device, but after a while, I couldn't here anything from the game. All the other apps are just working fine. Not good game for kids, Kill than Kick the buddy
I love the game, but WAY too many ads, seriously! I can't even click without having an ad appear! Maybe make it where there aren't as many ads, and I'll put my rating up. ( Oh by the way i experienced a glitch where i couldn't do anything but watch the buddy, i tried to punch, select a gun, and even reset the game entirely, but it still was like that, so i uninstalled it. Can you fix that? Thanks! )
I had such a great time with this game when I was little. But just like Minion Rush it has been ruined. The diamond membership is just absurd. 10 dollars a week for this!? Are you out of your mind?! Not to mention how horribly annoying the ads are and you can't even remove them without the stupid membership. You also can't get certain weapons without it either. All the creators want from this app is to siphon out your wallet. Corporate greed blossoms in this app.
I've almost had it with this game. I load it up, which takes a while, then I open the menu and sometimes an ad pops up. But then when I get a kill and I click on the continue button most of the time it doesn't work. If the developers fix this quickly I will probably not lose my sanity.
Love this game it is soooo stress relieving and so much stuff to collect and kick the buddy with!! But they have so MANY ads its so annoying I used to play this game but now its ads make me delete it so I got it again and now I'm here.
It's fun to play but definitely take some adds out. Whenever I go on the menu I just get an add every time. Edit: ok OK I started playing this game when I was like 6, I loved and now its just annoying... there's ads EVERYWHERE and I kept on installing and uninstalling it. The last time I installed it was like a few months ago, I played it for about 4 months but it just got really boring. Plz add more weapons and take out some ads! I know it gets you money but take some more out!
Please make VIP free so I can get VIP stuff w/out money and there is ads. And it is buggy, but good, too. And can you make the purchases without real money offline? That ticks me off a little. Thank you for putting those in there
I love this game! But would you be able to lower how many ads everyone has to watch to get one free gift. I have to watch 5 ads, could you please lower it to 3 or less. Would you be able to lower some of the most expensive weapons and other things. I would love if you added more guns and weapons. Can you please let us play with some of the premium weapons.I would be grateful for your corporation and thank you for your time.
I understand the want to monitize a game. A dudes gotta eat after all, but forcing the player to watch ads at every corner unless they have your membership is really bad design. This is a problem with every playgendary game Ive played. To give an example for how bad this is, the saws you get in the melee weapons tab can kill buddy in just a few seconds. Every time you kill buddy a present shows up as a reward. Its behind an ad. Try the skip button? An ad. Getting it yet?
I give 2 stars because this game is fun. But the ads there's so many ads, however its a bit annoying and when I bought a gamepass, it didn't work and I think its a scam like a gold digger and also the money you need to purchase a gamepass needs alot of money and I don't like it that's the reason that I only gave 2 stars
Its a fun way to kill a bit of time and I would have given it 4 stars but there are so many ads. The only thing I can say is that if the constant bombardment of ad's gets you angry and annoyed at least you can take it out on the doll. I'm not joking the ads are constantly being forced upon you. Great game if you can look past that
To Playgendary games- It has way too many ads and I could barley play the game because of that. I saw more ads than actual game in it. So if you would please not make 99.99% of the games ads, I would probably see what the actual game is like. And that's also why I'm deleting the game because I know your not going to change it.
It is cool you can buy different items to beat up the Buddy that is very cool some people might not like it but that is their own opinion you don't have to spend your money on the game as long as if you choose to spend your money on the game it will still remain the same just with no ads but there's different stuff that you can hit them with as long as you make the right amount of money to get what you need to jump the Buddy
this game is pretty cool, but i dont like that about ¼ of the stuff in the notepad say "free", yet you have to watch ads 2 get it. thats not free. technically, it costs ads. same w/ the "🌟free" button. & also, buddy keeps saying "LOSER!" & "boooriiing!" & negative stuff like that. evrthng besides those 2 things (i got a free adfree glitch) is cool! now i know the devs aint gon' read this (this is the old pg studios, now they're pg limited) but im just letting the players know. -1092 Animations
the ads on this game is ridiculous. I spend basically the entire time playing watching ads instead of actually playing what I downloaded the game for. I also think it's really stupid to have to pay $5 to add blood? if anything it should be $1, and that's not ideally. I feel like you should use a code or something instead
I love the game. There are so many elements to explore. I also like the way buddy moves around like he's dancing. There are a lot of ads but it's worth it. There is one problem, he gets knocked out to quickly.
This game is great and all but everytime I try to do anything ad after ad after ad all I want to do is get a toaster and it doesn't let me because it always has an ad most of the time it doesn't even load make sure it has less ads the next time you updated or else I'm uninstalling it and never playing it again please I'm begging you cuz all I want to do is play my childhood game
I like it, but I wanted to rate it 5 but I didn't. It's because, the ads are so annoying if i get the free weapon's I watch an 5 ads but it took so long to watch it. Plus if I watch an ad I get stuck in it... there's even no 'X' button to get out of it. The Update said they fixed some bugs... but why is it it still have some bugs? Please fix this again, and if we wanna watch some ads make the number lower please. That's just all i wanna say, Thank You!!! And sorry if I had bad english.
DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THIS GAME. I purchased the $6.99/week plan and nothing different happens. They advertise 100 gold bars, 1000 cash, no ads, etc. However, the game remains the same once you make your purchase. I messaged the app a week ago and still haven't heard back from them. I deleted my card and let the week expire. Just now I tried it again (because my son loves this game). The game took my money but still no diamond benefits. This game is clearly a scam, taking money from kids.
I love the game, but the amount of ads is totally overpowering. I understand that they need them, but honestly it is just way too much. Still a great game though, and helps release stress. (Edit) Now the game is literally built just for ads. When you leave and re-enter the game all your progress is gone. The game used to be way better I am disapppinted with this.
Too. Many. Ads! This game seems like it could be fun, but the ads ruin everything. Almost every other thing you do causes an ad to go off and it annoys the friggin daylights out of me, so the stress relief the game is supposed to provide is literally non-existent. Cut back on the ads or charge a couple of bucks to buy this game. The way it is right now, it's pretty much unplayable. Uninstalled
Terrible. This game used to be a ton of fun, but they've introduced subscriptions, super expensive in app purchases, and a a stupid amount of adds. 5 dollars to turn on blood? No thanks. 7 dollars a week for a stupid mobile game subscription? No thanks. This is absolutely terrible. 0/10, won't play again.
Good game but the ads like holy and plus when I leave the game everything is gone like I have to start all over but it is still kinda of a good game. But watch out if you think that 5his game is ok or something don't download. But still good game could fix the bugs tho.
I like the Controls, and how there are so many different options on how to Kick Buddy around. I believe it could help relieve stress for many. But the ads can be annoying at times.
Wondurful game. In this game there are lots of weapons you can use to kick the buddy. There are all sorts of weapons. This game is very enjoyable. THANKS TO THE CREATER FOR CREATING SUCH A LOVELY GAME. Keep on adding as many wonderful weapons as possible. Some people have complained about the ads but I understand the fact that ads are necessary for creating a game.
This game is decent. And there is SO much ads. And sometimes it gets boring when you get a lot of stuff. Update: This game didn't save my progress when I signed into Google Play games now I lost everything so not the game drops to a 6/10
I like it but there's not much to do... I mean you CAN collect weapons and hit the dummy with it but I'd like it if you could invite friends and have different sides to the story , like one team of friends could be on the dummies side , protecting the dummy and the other team would try to hurt the dummy but that's just my opinion ... It's a good game but it's just not my style , you know? So anyways if you're into this sorta stuff then go ahead! Play it! But if you aren't then don't
Not gonna lie I love it but the reason I gave it 3 stars and not 5 is the ADS yes ads they ruin the fun of the game well I guess it's easy to ignore the ads WHEN YOU TURN OF YOUR INNERNET and when you want to buy somthing just turn it back on and when your done turn it back off again. Now let's talk about the Violent Violin does anyone also think it's too much bucks like it makes music and you can hit buddy with it! Make it cheaper. Now creaters please don't ban me for having an apk version Plz.
Okay so the game is great in terms of ways to kill buddy. However, the ads. Most of the time when you kill Buddy a present will appear and there is no exit button, when in fact there is. A few seconds will pass by and a blue button will suddenly appear and you don't need to watch the ads. Still, the ads are very annoying. When I'm spamming and Buddy dies I sometimes accidently click the present and I'm forced to watch the ads. I could just turn off my wifi but if I turn it off I can't buy weapon
this game is good but it throws way too many ads and sometimes I want to pay to remove ads but its a waste of money and I would rather spend my money on other games that are good and dont make me watch ads ever 1 minute.
It is so cool. I know there are so much ads, but sometimes I tap the ribbon, an ad appears. But, that's ok. Sometimes I dowload a game represented by that ad. Ads can support the game, but sometimes it is useful for: 1. Earning gold and bucks. And 2. Unlocking new elements. Anyways, it is good, but it is cool. Coolest game ever. For me. But some elements kill Buddy.
This is one of the most addicting games I've played. The weapons provided to kill Buddy with are quite fun to use. But the ads are truly repetitive and irritating. As usual, I don't mind ads that much, but only because those ads aren't being spammed while playing. I just want to access the menu without an interruption, but ads fuel the game. This game has been around for a few years, and this is still a problem that hasn't been fixed. Do you actually even care about the problem with this game?
Way too many ads! Its sickening the sheer amount of ads in this game. Every time i got to the menu 'ad' every time i hit the buddy 'ad' every time i try to buy something 'ad' i was gonna try and buy some ad free upgrade in the shop but my phone froze from all the ads and i couldnt even get to it. Im done. If i could give this "0" stars i would.
This is a good time killer and a good way to relieve stress. The only thing I don't like are the ads. Even though there won't be any ads when you turn off the internet it still bothers me. I also don't like the fact that you need cash and gold to buy the weapons. I think every weapon should be free so that we can really relieve the stress. It's still a good game, but it could use improvement as well.
I love kick the buddy and he's such a great stress reliever. There are many options of tools, items and various other things to try and use. The only thing I hate about this app is...WHY is it that you HAVE to watch an ad after EVERY SINGLE TIME he dies or ever time you go to choose another option for buddy?!?! Not to mention...you have to watch it most of them don't give the option to skip it
This game is really fun. I use to play it all the time when I was younger. But its now disappointing how many ads their are. After you defeat buddy. You get an ad. Unlocking at specific weapon. You get an ad. Even when you click on the ribbon you get an ad and it honestly doesn't even make me want to spend that much time on the game.
OK, I love this game to bits, but I have 2 problems, number 1 there is way to many ads, number two, its too expensive for money and it should just be an option in settings for blood, but still I love this game
Used to be an awesome game until they decided to put ads in LITERALLY every ten seconds. Makes the game unenjoyable and stressful, I spend more time closing out ads then actually playing. It wasn't like this a year ago, they should just go the full mile and charge people $5 to play the game at all instead of just to remove ads.