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Kenshō for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by FIFTYTWO located at Varvarskaya 32, 403 office, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, 603006. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Decent. New blocks are randonly generated so lacks challenge. No penalty on losing so you just solve it piece by piece not really caring if you mess up. Extra star for really polished look and ambient music ^^
This reminds me of candy crush, I never liked that game... Before download I thought this is more puzzle-ish.
It's good and relaxing. The only thing it's missing is cloud save. I play this game not so often, just to relax and admire the game and I don't want to keep this game forever in my phone.
I would like to give this a good review but the game is too glitchy i can't open the second door no matter what i do because the game will not register my finger swipes please fix this ASAP
Is a match three game thats actually not freemium, plus an objective involved as well with a bit different puzzle locks thrown in to break up match 3 gameplay. Theres a kind of story there for what it is which is appreciated but not the most coherent. I also appreciate the difficulty getting more challenging but not restarting completely when losing to make a more relaxing but still challenging match 3 puzzle game that looks amazing. Well worth the price as it lasts awhile and was Really fun!
Good game with a nice atmosphere, although a bit too easy to grind which I'd rather not have been able to do (when you fail a level, you start off again at exactly where you failed, rather than the level resetting).
At the beginning, you'll tolerate the heavily RNG-dependent gameplay as you marvel at the graphics. By the end, you'll be cursing as you fail over and over as the game progressively throws more arbitrary obstacles at you that not so much make the game more challenging, as increase RNG frustration.
The in between scenes, graphics and audio are very good. However the actual brick sliding game quickly becomes unenjoyable and is very limited in playability. Desr developers, pls ditch the gsme and create sonething beautiful and playable with characters, story and actual challenge. You have all the skills.
这么精美的艺术品,真的不好意思给4星。 游戏真的炒鸡唯美,无论从音乐,背景,动画,音效,音乐,作为一款手机游戏都无可挑剔。感觉开发者是用雕琢艺术品的精神开发应用。 游戏方面,一开始以为是1024😂,后来发现是“消消乐”。循序渐进令智障如我也能轻易上手。 难度玩到目前基本适中,不是很难。卡关的话多刷几遍就好了,基本最多两三遍就可以过。 限免收的。没花钱甚至感觉有点羞愧。 很精良的解密游戏!
I know i already left a review here. I just want to say thanks for creating a great quality game and music. I am excited to know what else you'se are going to create.
Now I know why it was in the editors' choice section.Absolutely love it !!!, kudos to the devs who have worked their arses off on such beautiful animations. Kudos to the sound engineers too. I didn't even expect such amazing graphics in a game that i bought for only a few bucks. I have already become a fan of this studio.
what an experience by playing this game... Amazing graphics and Music.....its an fantabulous job guys. I really appreciate the entire 52 team..... Amazing, Amazing game guys.....We are all got bored by playing same kind of games...This is a game changer.... Waiting for more games..
It's a fun puzzle game. It probably violates the ad policy, but I'm not sure because it takes you away from the game to a 3rd party website instead of making you pay in-app. Regardless, the game itself is pretty challenging and fun.
No challenge, or punishment for failure. Thus no excitement for reward. I can just do the same algorithmic pattern over and over again, and I will go on to the next level. Yes it's a puzzle, but if there arentt costs to losing, or costs in collecting "keys" when I brute force a pattern, then it becomes less of a puzzle and just a grinding game. It makes it boring. But I guess the upside- is it's therapeutic and relaxing. The game is like Tetris without losing. More of a therapy app than a game.
Played one minute then I should go through a for but it is not possible. Completely water of money!!!
I Am Playing This Game On Huawei Mate 10 Bought It When It Was On Discount.. This game has some very very cool visual effects, very relaxing and good soundtracks. this is just an underrated puzzle game, {I didn't find anything wrong with the doors, I touch them and I'm able to go to next level}, I can't ask for anything better this really gives me a peace of mind.
Very beautiful and well designed game, stunning graphics, ethereal music, puzzles are good im glad there are no punishment for not getting 5he puzzle light and having to start over, I am not very good with these types of games so it is nice to just continue without having to start over on each level
Not an improvement at all. The ad for the stuffed deer blocks the game on start-up and it won't close. Also, the lock pieces are extremely non-reactive. You have to keep swiping the pieces until they finally decide to move. In the wrong direction. Too much bother.
AWESOME! A beautiful game; challenging, but not too hard. The graphics and music are wonderful and it even has a story to tell. Definitely worth the download.
Been a while since I've made a review, but after spending a while with Kensho I had to. Beautiful presentation combines with a wonderful asthetic and excellent score! Great playability that is simple and easy to grasp yet challenging. I haven't been impressed with a 'puzzler' in a long time, but I highly recommend Kensho, what a great game! Thank you 52!👍
Maybe not the most creative puzzle game but it's interesting enough and the presentation is outstanding.
It's a pretty thing, and it plays smoothly, but it's basically shoving squares around, and the gorgeous environments don't actually mean anything. If square shoving is your thing, then this is one of the nicer ones visually.
Beautiful graphics and audio. Unfortunately, the puzzles were boring, randomized, and generally felt like a slog to get through.
The production value of this game is next level. Had a great time playing it. Looking forward to more of your next games.
This game is enjoyable, although I wished there were a variety of puzzle types. I liked the puzzles that opened the doors more than the main puzzle itself. That's just my opinion, however. I become bored with games easily. I finished the game, so that does make this worthy of a five star rating. I could tell a lot of love was put forth to create this game. I did appreciate that. Nice job to the developers!
RNG + puzzle = game for the autistic. Not my thing. I like real puzzle games. Even tetras was more predictable and manageable than this. Pretty game, emoji-kid stuff though. Not a game for real thinkers but mildly entertaining for about four doors.
Runs really slow and choppy on my lenovo tablet with 2 gb of RAM and 1.4 ghz processor. Wish it had a graphics adjustment setting so I could actually play the game I paid for. By the time I found out, it was too pate for a refund. Please add this option so people with less-good devices can play too!!! EDIT -- I put it on normal setting and it's still sluggish and choppy. Wish there were a way to make more fine tuned adjustments.
Great little gem of a game, look forward to more from the developer. Excellent very stylish graphics and ambiance. Even the OST is great.
Game animation and effects are good but puzzles are very confusing and hard. I am just feeling like moving tiles here n there without knowing what will happen next. It just move large section of area in all directions which is very unpredectable and difficult to guess. I just lost interest after playing few rounds bcoz I felt that I am just moving tiles and not playing any puzzle game.
Seems like it would be an OK game if it worked. It opened, but once I got to the doors I couldn't go any further. Touching the screen did nothing. Had to close the app and try again. Happened repeatedly. Refunded and uninstalled.
Excellent except it needs a rotation lock. I don't want the game rotating when i turn my phone sideways, For example, when in bed.
Such a primitive puzzle game. No gameplay but hundreds megabytes of wasted storage. Poor performance. Don't waste your time on this if you're not a child.
How do you describe the surreal! 😉 Puzzles aren't too daunting - to start with anyway. Nice effects, and interesting concept. Love it.
Great game but performance issues... I used to play this on S10 and it was awesome. Moved now to S21 Ultra and it just lags for some reason, like max 30 FPS. Other than that all good.
Honestly it looks really promising but the sliding mechanism is singlehandedly the worst one I have ever encountered in any game.
What a brilliantly made game! Unfortunately I am too stupid to pass the levels after a while, so I had to uninstall.
Going to agree with some of the people saying that there is something wrong with the UI in this game. Buttons won't register. Icons won't register. I've only been able to enter doors because I use the back button which seems to work, otherwise I really can't stress enough that I can't click anything. At least the game mechanics of swiping seems to work. Decently fun and cute game aside from the flaws with the UI. I'd probably rate it 4 stars if the UI actually worked for me.
A remarkable game. The puzzles are challenging and ocassionally frustrating, but the music and graphics are meditative and soothing. I encountered a couple of glitches and I found the response time a bit laggy, but on the whole an enjoyable experience.
No strategy. Often restarts because you're put in an impossible-to-win situation. Each new annoying mechanic makes it more difficult but not more fun. Don't waste 2 hours of your life completing this for "story" totalling 5 minutes of lighting-effects.
Dohráno. Celkem příjemná relaxační logická hra typu 2048 s hezkým audiovizuálem a originálními typy hracích kamenů. Sráží ji dětinské emotikony v příběhu, který se točí kolem zmoudření jakési kostičky, a zvláště ke konci nadměrná četnost slepých uliček.